Will Giving My Cavapoo Ice Cubes In The Summer Cool Them Down?

Can you give cavapoos ice cubes?
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    Cavapoos are double-coated, fluffy dogs. They have plenty of hair and are low-shedding, so they tend to get warmer than other, shorter-haired dogs.

    And when your dog is noticeably uncomfortable due to the weather, it’s natural to look for ways to cool them down. 

    But are ice cubes the best method for this? Well, while ice cubes can be given to your Cavapoo in the summer to cool them down, this might not be the best method. 

    Today we’re looking at the best methods to cool your Cavapoo down, and much more! 

    Can You Give Cavapoos Ice Cubes?

    Before we jump right in, though, we should first find out whether you can give your Cavapoo ice cubes. 

    There has been some misinformation spread online that you should not give ice cubes to dogs.

    However, this myth has been busted by veterinarians, who agree that dogs can have small ice cubes in warm weather. 

    As long as your dog is not suffering from heatstroke and is overall healthy, they are free to enjoy ice cubes as a treat. 

    Make sure you keep the ice cubes small, breaking them into little pieces if they’re too hard or large. Smaller ice cubes shouldn’t damage your dog’s teeth, but larger ice cubes should be avoided. 

    Large ice cubes can also pose a choking hazard, particularly for smaller dogs like the Cavapoo. So, it’s best to crush the ice cubes before giving them to your dog. Just make sure there are no sharp edges.

    Are Ice Cubes An Effective Method For Cooling Your Dog Down?

    Ice cubes can offer a momentary feeling of coolness to your Cavapoo, and they might enjoy eating them in the summer.

    However, feeding your dog ice cubes is not the most effective method of keeping them cool. 

    Placing ice cubes in their water bowl is a better idea as this gives them more water to consume to keep cool.

    Let’s take a look at some other ways you can keep your Cavapoo cool in the summertime. 

    Give Them A Damp Towel To Lie On

    There are plenty of cooling pads you can buy for your Cavapoo, but an even simpler method is to lay a damp towel outside for them to lounge on.

    This will keep your dog cool for as long as the towel remains damp, so make sure you spritz it with some water often if it’s lying in the sun. 

    Make Sure They Have Access To Shade

    Cavapoos have a tendency to overheat, so ensuring that they have plenty of shade is vital. If your yard doesn’t offer much natural shade, consider buying a sunshade for them to lie under.

    Many come with beds attached, so it’ll be like an outdoor bed for them to use all year round! 

    Keep On Top Of Grooming

    Will Giving My Cavapoo Ice Cubes In The Summer Cool Them Down

    Cavapoos are low shedders which means old hair gets trapped within their double coats. This can leave them feeling even warmer than normal, leaving them susceptible to heatstroke.

    So, it is incredibly important to keep up with their grooming requirements. 

    Take your dog to the groomer for a short haircut every summer, leaving it no more than eight weeks between appointments.

    Between this time, Cavapoos will need to be brushed with a slicker brush multiple times a week. The more you can keep on top of removing the shed hair, the cooler they should remain. 

    Add A Doggy Paddling Pool To Your Garden

    Cavapoos tend to love swimming thanks to their Poodle parentage, so adding a doggy paddling pool can be a great way to keep your dog cool.

    Make sure that you don’t fill it up too much and that you never leave your dog unsupervised near a pool – no matter how shallow it is. 

    Freeze Some Healthy Snacks

    Another good option for cooling your Cavapoo down is freezing some healthy snacks.

    Apple slices and carrot sticks are healthy and cooling, and they can also clean your Cavapoo’s teeth as they’re being eaten. 

    Frozen healthy treats can be more beneficial than ice cubes as they don’t thaw as quickly, and they take longer to eat. This prolongs the cooling effect. 

    Signs Of Heatstroke In Cavapoos

    Will Giving My Cavapoo Ice Cubes In The Summer Cool Them Down

    Heatstroke is a dangerous illness that can affect humans and dogs alike. It is the term for elevated body temperature, and it can creep up on you quickly.

    If left untreated or the dog remains in the sun, their body temperature can increase even further, risking organ failure and death. 

    Dogs who suffer from heatstroke exhibit a number of telling symptoms, such as:

    • Sticky gums
    • Rapid breathing
    • Changes in gum color
    • Lethargy
    • Disorientation
    • Bruising on the gums
    • Seizures

    The most common cause of heatstroke in dogs is owners leaving them in cars without ventilation. This should never happen.

    Will Ice Cubes Treat Heat Stroke? 

    No. Heat stroke is regarded as an immediate medical emergency and should be treated as such.

    If you suspect your Cavapoo is suffering from heat stroke, the first thing you should do is call your vet and follow their advice. 

    Many vets discourage using ice for heat stroke. This is because, when ice is applied to the skin, the blood vessels contract away from the skin. The blood vessels are where heat exchanges happen at the skin’s surface, so using ice can stop your dog from cooling down when they desperately need it. 


    Ice cubes are safe to be given to Cavapoos as long as they are small and there are no sharp pieces. Your dog should be healthy and not suffering from heat stroke before you give them ice cubes.

    You can also put the ice in their water bowl to keep their drinking water cool. 

    Other ways of keeping your Cavapoo cool in the summer include making sure they have enough shade, keeping on top of their grooming needs, and using a doggy paddling pool. 

    If you think your Cavapoo is suffering from heat stroke, call your vet right away. 

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