Why Does My Cavapoo Stare At Me?

Why does my cavapoo stare at me?

Cavapoos are loving, sociable, and intelligent dogs.

They’re loved by many thanks to their teddy bear looks, but you might be getting a little uncomfortable with how much they’re staring at you. 

There are many reasons why a Cavapoo might be staring at you, from asking you for more food to trying to figure you out. The main reason why Cavapoos stare at you is that they’re trying to communicate with you, so take note of your surroundings to work out what they’re trying to say! 

10 reasons why your Cavapoo stares at you:

  1. They’re scoping you out
  2. They love you
  3. They want attention
  4. They’re waiting for a command
  5. They want to communicate
  6. They are confused
  7. They are hungry or want to play
  8. They want to be protected
  9. They’re feeling aggressive
  10. They’re experiencing cognitive dysfunction

Today we look at these reasons why your Cavapoo might be staring at you in more detail! 

1. They’re Scoping You Out

Dogs like to know everything there is to know about their owner – they’re putting their trust in you, after all.

Cavapoos are very intelligent dogs and therefore like to stare at their owners so that they can learn everything about your movements. 

Don’t worry; this isn’t for anything strange! They want to learn your facial expressions, your emotions, and your language.

The more they learn about you, the more comfortable they are in your presence. They should stop staring at you once they’re content with their knowledge of you. 

2. They’re Telling You They Love You

Sometimes, Cavapoos can’t help but stare at their owners in adoration. They use their eyes to express how much they love you, and they love you a lot!

So, if they’re staring at you with puppy dog eyes, it’s most likely a good thing. 

The loving stare from a dog has been proven to produce oxytocin (or the ‘happy hormone’) in both you and your Cavapoo, so they might be staring at you to give you both a mood boost. 

3. They Want More Attention

Cavapoos can be clingy as they love social interaction. If they want more attention from someone in the house, they might stare them down until they get their head rubbed.

To avoid this, make sure you give your Cavapoo plenty of attention and love throughout the day. 

4. They’re Waiting For Your Command 

Cavapoos are eager to please dogs and are highly intelligent. They love training, but they’ll often wait for your command before taking the reins themselves.

This is probably because they don’t want to be told off. 

For example, when you first arrive at the dog park, they might sit and stare at you until you tell them it’s okay to run and play.

They don’t want to disappoint you, so it’s better to wait for your command. 

5. They’re Trying To Communicate

Cavapoos are great at explaining things through their eyes. They’re very expressive, which can really help their owners understand what they’re trying to say. 

If they’ve learned that they get what they want when they look at you in a certain way, your Cavapoo might start staring at you until you give them what they’re asking for.

Take a look around and see if you can find anything obvious that they want you to do for them. 

6. They’re Confused

Cavapoos might stare at you because they don’t understand what you’re trying to say. While these dogs are clever and quick learners, they all have to start somewhere!

Since we don’t speak the same language as dogs, it might take them a while to understand what you’re trying to say. 

They might be staring because they want you to explain what you want from them again, or they’re trying to collect enough information to learn what you’ve asked them to do. 

Quite often when confused, your Cavapoo may stare at you and tilt their head to one side in an inquisitive manner!

7. They’re Asking For Food Or Toys

If your dog is hungry or bored, it might be staring at you to ask you for food or toys.

Why Does My Cavapoo Stare At Me (1)

They’ll often sit near their toys or food bowl to give you a better chance of understanding what they’re asking for.

They might pair their staring with a whine to get you to properly acknowledge their request. 

8. They’re Making Sure You’re Protecting Them While Vulnerable

Cavapoos often stare at their owners when they’re in a vulnerable position, such as when using the toilet because they want to make sure you’re protecting them.

This is a primal behavior that has stemmed from their undomesticated days.

While it is very unlikely that anything will attack your dog while they’re using the toilet in your yard, they’ll still stare at you to feel reassured and safe. 

9. They’re Feeling Aggressive

Cavapoos aren’t often aggressive dogs, but there might be something wrong that is making them feel annoyed.

Common causes of aggression in dogs include illness, pain, stress, and depression. If you think your Cavapoo is aggressive, try to calm them down with lots of love and affection.

Don’t retaliate with anger, as this might lead to a showdown between you both! 

Just because a Cavapoo is staring at you out of aggression, it doesn’t mean that they are planning on harming you.

They might be asking you to help them calm down with their eyes. 

10. They’re Experiencing Cognitive Dysfunction

Finally, cognitive dysfunction is a possible cause of staring at you, particularly in older dogs.

If they’re struggling to remember and understand things that they used to, they might stare at you in confusion while they try to work everything out.

You can ask your vet for advice on how to deal with cognitive dysfunction in Cavapoos. 


Thanks for reading! There are many reasons why your Cavapoo might be staring at you.

Most of these reasons aren’t malicious – they’re simply trying to communicate with you or learn more about their surroundings. 

They might also stare at you because they love you and want to express that.

Another reason could be that they want to make sure you’re ready to protect them if any danger strikes while they’re in a vulnerable position. 

In rare cases, Cavapoos might stare at you in aggression. If this happens, don’t panic and try to calm them down gently.

Once they feel safe and secure again, they should settle down and stop staring.

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Emma Jones

Emma is the proud owner of Rosie, an F1 Cavapoo. She enjoys writing about what it's like to own a Cavapoo and hopes that you learn more about this breed of dog with her how to guides and tips.

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