Why Do Cavapoos Sleep On Their Back?

why do cavapoos sleep on their back?
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    Dogs love to get themselves into all sorts of precarious positions, and most are hilarious.

    Spotting your Cavapoo laying on its back, four legs dangling in the air, teeth bared in relaxation rather than aggression. It’s cute! 

    There are several reasons why your Cavapoo is sleeping on its back, including regulating its body temperature throughout its nap. They might also find it the most comfortable position, and feel safe enough around you to put themselves in this vulnerable position. 

    Today we’re exploring why your Cavapoo might be sleeping on its back. 

    Back Sleeping – Is It Comfortable? 

    Why do cavapoos sleep on their back

    While we might not consider sleeping with our limbs in the air the most comfortable, some dogs simply prefer this to alternative positions. 

    The most common way you’ll see a dog sleep is curled in a ball, which can be rather confining. This can then raise their body temperature, making them even more uncomfortable.

    Your Cavapoo might have to take a break from sleeping and walk around to loosen its limbs after a long nap in a curled position. 

    So, some Cavapoos might try the back sleeping position instead. If they enjoy it, they’ll make an effort to sleep the same way again! 

    Cavapoos are very intelligent, and they won’t put themselves into an uncomfortable position voluntarily.

    Don’t worry – if they can get in and out of this position on their own, they’re capable of making themselves comfortable for sleep. 

    Back Sleeping Is Good For Regulating Body Temperature

    You might notice your Cavapoo sleeping on its back more often during the summer.

    Cavapoos have thick coats and are prone to not shedding, so it makes sense that they’ll get warmed quicker as the weather changes! 

    If you’re yet to get their hair cut for the warmer weather, you might find them sleeping on their backs. 

    The layer of hair on their stomach is considerably thinner than that of the rest of their body, so baring their stomachs is a good way to keep cool.

    Dogs also only have sweat glands on their paws, so having them up in the air is another way to cool down.

    If you’re worried about your Cavapoo overheating in the warm weather, make sure to keep on top of their grooming appointments and book them in for a summer style! 

    Why Do Back Sleeping Dogs Look So Strange? 

    If you’re seeing your Cavapoo sleep on its back for the first time, you might think that they look weird or concerning.

    However, as we’ve explained, there is often a perfectly normal reason why your dog is exhibiting this behavior. 

    So why are we all so perplexed when our dogs change their sleeping positions? 

    The most likely reason behind this is that we have simply never seen it before in any dog. In the wild, dogs did not sleep on their backs.

    They are also unlikely to ever sleep on their backs when outside. They will most likely adopt the common curled position. 

    This is because sleeping on their backs leaves them in a vulnerable position. This is a big no-no in the wild, as predators can easily attack them in this position.

    If your Cavapoo is sleeping on its back, take it as a positive sign that they feel comfortable enough around to sleep in such a vulnerable way. 

    Should You Encourage Your Cavapoo To Sleep In A Certain Way? 

    Why Do Cavapoos Sleep On Their Back

    Cavapoos are intelligent dogs that know what’s best for them. If they feel comfortable sleeping on their back, then there should be no reason to deter them from doing so. 

    In fact, the traditional sleeping position that we associate with many dogs (curled up in a ball) is actually the worst position they could sleep in for a good night’s sleep. 

    While it offers the most protection from predators by covering its face, throat, limbs, and vital organs, it forces the dog to remain tense.

    This allows them to get to their feet instantly if they hear an impending threat, but it also stops them from relaxing enough to drift into the REM stage of sleep. 

    This might make your Cavapoo less rested, more prone to wake-ups, and more irritable. They also might need more frequent naps throughout the day, increasing the chances of waking you up during the night. 

    So, you should encourage your dog to sleep however they feel comfortable. Trying to force them into another position might make them stressed and on edge before bedtime. 

    What To Do If You Find Your Dog Sleeping On Their Back

    The most important thing to do when finding your Cavapoo sleeping on their back is to leave them alone.

    They might have felt comfortable enough to get into that position in the first place, but while they’re asleep, their instincts will have likely kicked in. 

    Waking a sleeping dog isn’t usually a problem when they feel like they can protect themselves.

    However, if they’re testing out the vulnerable back sleeping position for the first time, an unexpected wake-up might trigger a defensive response. 

    This can lead to stress in your Cavapoo, as well as you. They might become aggressive upon waking before they realize you’re not a threat. 

    So, if you see your Cavapoo sleeping on its back, just leave them to it. Let them rest and wake up on their own, as this will solidify their belief that back sleeping is safe in their controlled environment. 

    Final Thoughts

    Cavapoos can sleep on their backs for a variety of reasons. The most common is that it is simply more comfortable than any other sleeping position.

    They also might be trying to cool down in the warmer weather, as the fur is thinnest on their stomachs. 

    Back sleeping is fine for the majority of dogs. As long as your Cavapoo can get out of the position, they should be free to sleep however they want.

    Just be mindful not to wake them up when so much of their body is exposed.

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