Why Do Cavapoos Like To Dig?

Why do cavapoos like digging?
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    If you’ve noticed that your Cavapoo enjoys digging, you might wonder why they suddenly have a fascination with ruining any flooring they come across.

    Digging is often considered a bad behavior as it can damage floors and get them all dirty. 

    There are many reasons why Cavapoos enjoy digging. It is instinctual behavior, can cure boredom, offers cooling effects, and gives them a sense of freedom. Cavapoos are very intelligent and get bored easily, which might boost their digging instinct

    Digging is natural, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. Today we’ll be looking at why Cavapoos like to dig so much as well as tips on how you can get them to stop. 

    Possible Reasons For Dogs Digging

    There are four main reasons why your Cavapoo might be digging that we’ll look at today. 

    1. Natural Instincts 

    Many dogs have been selectively bred to dig. These dogs were traditionally used for hunting animals that liked to bury within the earth, like rabbits or foxes.

    Despite dogs not often being used for these purposes anymore, they still inherit their ancestors’ natural instincts to dig. 

    Cavapoos have never been used for their digging skills, nor has the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or the Poodle.

    However, it is possible that your dog has seen others digging and picked up the instinct from them. 

    They might also just have the natural instinct themselves. 

    2. Curing Boredom 

    Cavapoos are highly intelligent dogs and therefore get bored easily. If there is no mental and physical stimulation around for them to get stuck into, they’ll get their paws stuck into the floor. 

    Many dogs turn to destructive behaviors when they’re bored because they provide some light entertainment. They might simply enjoy digging! 

    If you’re not careful and allow your Cavapoo to indulge in the act of digging, they might find that they enjoy playing in the dirt and continue.

    This could extend to within the house, where you’ll find ruined rugs, carpets, and hardwood floors. 

    3. Cooling Effects

    Cavapoos are covered in a thick layer of fur, so it’s no surprise that they get hot every now and then! Even with their shorter coats from the groomers, Cavapoos still get extremely hot. Most of them know that the underground is cooler, so they might start digging to escape the warm day. 

    Don’t worry – it’s unlikely that your dog will ever get to dig a hole big enough for them to relax underground!

    But if your dog has started randomly showing this destructive behavior and it’s particularly warm outside, this could be the reason. 

    Likewise, some dogs like to dig in their beds in an attempt to get all cosy and warm!

    4. Feeling Free

    Some dogs are so independent that they crave the feeling of being free. They long to know what else is out there in the world, and they’ll start digging to try and get closer to it. 

    If this is the reason why your dog is digging, you’ll probably be able to see them digging along the fenceline or near doors. 

    For most, digging is destructive and annoying to owners, but you should be worried if your Cavapoo is digging to gain freedom. Cavapoo are normally very loyal to their owners, so something must be wrong if they’re digging to get away. 

    Is It Safe For Cavapoos to Dig? 

    For the most part, dog digging is not something to be overly concerned about. Yes, it is annoying and can leave you paying for damages, but it normally isn’t a threat to their health or well-being. 

    However, the reason why your dog is digging might be a cause for concern. 

    For example, if your Cavapoo is digging because they’re bored, prolonged lack of stimulation can lead to doggy depression, anxiety, and lack of movement.

    This can then lead to obesity which opens the door to a number of dangerous health conditions. 

    Another example is if your dog is digging for freedom. Digging underneath a fence could lead to them getting stuck underneath the fence. They could also injure themselves against sharp materials. 

    If they do get out of your yard, they could get lost and injured without any help. 

    So, while it is not dangerous for your Cavapoo to dig per se, you should take a closer look as to why they’re exhibiting this behavior. 

    How To Stop Your Cavapoo Digging

    Now let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to implement to prevent your Cavapoo from digging.

    Bear in mind that digging might not be an easy habit for your dog to break. You might have to train them for a few weeks before you see a change in their behavior. 

    1. Stimulation Central! 

    One of the most important things you can do to stop your dog from digging is to make sure that they’re always mentally and physically stimulated.

    This includes taking them on a long walk every single day, or two shorter walks to break it up. 

    You should also make sure that you’re playing with your dog enough to keep them entertained. They shouldn’t be relaxing all day long – they need to move and use their brains! 

    If you need to go out, make sure you leave plenty of mentally stimulating toys to keep them busy. Think interactive toys, treat cages, and more. For a rundown on our top dog toys, check out our blog on the best toys for Cavapoos.

    2. Take Them On New Adventures

    If your Cavapoo is seeking freedom, taking them on a new walk could be the answer.

    Take them to a large park and allow them to explore, throwing toys for them to chase and retrieve. Or take them on a hike where they can run ahead of you and get out lots of energy! 

    This offers them a sense of adventure and excitement, and they’ll hopefully return home exhausted but happy. This should hopefully keep them from digging around your fence to escape. 

    3. Offer Them A Shaded Spot Away From Heat

    If your dog is digging during particularly warm weather, try offering them a shaded space away from the sunlight. Set up a quiet area for them to chill and relax on their own.

    You might want to add a cooling mat and plenty of bowls of cool water to keep them hydrated. 

    Whenever possible, keep your Cavapoo indoors during super hot weather.

    You should also consider taking them to the groomer for a haircut if they have a very curly coat. Giving them new ways to cool down should be enough to stop them from digging. 


    Thanks for reading our article on why Cavapoos like to dig! There are four main reasons for this, with the most common being it’s their natural instinct or they’re bored.

    Cavapoos are extremely intelligent and will turn to destructive behaviors when they’re not being given enough stimulation. 

    Other reasons could be that they want to cool themselves down or they want to feel free.

    Figuring out why your Cavapoo is digging in the first place is a great way to determine how you can get them to stop. 

    Digging isn’t usually a cause for concern in dogs, but the reason behind it might be worrying. If your Cavapoo has suddenly taken up digging out of the blue, you should investigate the trigger as soon as possible. 

    You can learn more about different Cavapoo behaviors in our other blogs:

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