What To Consider When Choosing A Cavapoo Breeder

What to consider when choosing a cavapoo breeder
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    Have you chosen to welcome a Cavapoo puppy into your home?

    Congratulations, we hope that you have a wonderful time navigating this new journey! Cavapoos are very popular dogs thanks to their temperament and intelligence and their cute teddy bear looks don’t hurt, either! 

    One of the biggest things dog owners overlook is how to choose a reputable breeder. But what to consider when choosing a reputable breeder? Key things a trusted breeder will provide you with is information on both parents, be honest about any health concerns, and have the correct certifications and experience.

    Choosing a trusted breeder will prevent you from having to deal with unexpected health issues in the long run. They’ll have screened the parents for any concerns before breeding them, giving you a healthier dog overall. 

    Let’s learn about how to choose the correct Cavapoo breeder. 

    What Makes A Reputable Cavapoo Breeder? 

    There are a few distinct differences between a trusted breeder and a backyard breeder.

    While not all backyard breeders are untrustworthy, they are unlikely to have as much experience or knowledge of the parents or breeding as a whole. 

    Here are a few pointers that indicate a reputable breeder. 

    Meet The Parents

    Reputable breeders should be open to giving you a tour of their breeding facilities, as well as offering the chance to meet the parents of your potential puppy.

    They might only have access to the mother, but they should also have plenty of information on the father, too. 

    You’ll be able to see all of the areas where the dogs play, eat, and rest. These areas should be clean and well-maintained. There should be no foul odor and plenty of exercise areas.

    Dogs shouldn’t be kept in crates for long periods of time, either. 

    Smaller, reputable breeders might even keep their dogs inside their homes. 

    When we found our breeder for Rosie, it was during lockdown. However, we still did our due diligence and asked for paperwork on both parents, rang the owner of the Poodle Sire to confirm details and made sure we FaceTimed the breeder to see Rosie at different times of the day.

    Share The Love

    Trusted breeders should be running a loving, attentive breeding business.

    It shouldn’t be churning out high volumes of puppies – it shouldn’t resemble a puppy mill. Instead, the breeder should treat each of their dogs (puppies included) like family. 

    Reputable breeders should be kind and friendly to both other humans and dogs. They should be able to socialize with you and encourage you to do the same to the puppies.

    Their puppies will then return this sentiment, being friendly and well-socialized. 

    Practice Responsible Breeding

    A reputable breeder will always use responsible practices to avoid genetic illnesses becoming an issue in the future.

    Purebred dogs are more likely to suffer from health issues as they are often overbred. Mixed breeds will have fewer health issues, but they still need to be mated responsibly to avoid this as much as possible. 

    Whenever appropriate, the breeder should offer you documentation of the parents and even grandparents so that you can see if there is anything worrying with the puppies.

    This documentation should include screenings for hereditary issues. Some of the most common include joint dysplasia, heart conditions, and eye issues. 

    Ask Plenty Of Questions

    A trusted breeder should know enough about the dogs they are breeding to answer any questions you might have about the puppies.

    This could include questions about temperament, exercise needs, the best food, health issues, mature size, and more. 

    Welcoming a dog into your home is a big deal, so you need to get as much information on them as possible. If a breeder can’t help you with this, then they might not be reputable enough for you to purchase from. 

    For a list of helpful questions to ask when buying a Cavapoo puppy, check out our blog.

    How Can I Trust A Cavapoo Breeder? 

    The best way to develop trust in a breeder is to ask them for references from happy clients.

    Trusted breeders should have sold other puppies to many other homes, and their clients should have no issue with leaving a wonderful review. 

    A breeder that won’t let you see their references, or who doesn’t have any positive reviews to boast about, might not have these for a reason. 

    You can ask family members and friends about who they went to when choosing a dog, or you could ask an online community.

    Cavapoo owners have a large online presence; you can often find one on social media around your area. Ask members for recommendations on breeders to get real experiences. 

    You might even get a feel for which breeders you should stay away from, too.

    Doing your own research will also help you to choose a trusted breeder.

    Consider multiple breeders rather than just one, and ask them for any qualifications or certifications they have in regard to breeding.

    Ask them how many years of experience they have, how many dogs they have bred, and why they do it. 

    Bear in mind that the more dogs a breeder has sold doesn’t always correlate with a trusted breeder.

    Some breeders will sell more puppies at once, having less time to care for and look after them, just to make more money. 

    You should find a breeder that has enough experience in breeding over many years rather than just looking at how many puppies they have bred. 

    How To Tell If You Will Be Scammed By A Dog Breeder?

    Puppy scamming isn’t a new thing, but the number of fake advertisements online is on the rise. These adverts might feature copied descriptions or images, cheap prices, or ambiguous information.

    These breeders might be looking to take your money without giving you a dog, or they might be trying to sell you a different dog breed to the one you’re looking for. 

    For example, Cavapoos are very popular dogs, and breeders might try to sell other fluffy dogs that aren’t Cavapoos at all. The worst part?

    You won’t realize until your dog has reached maturity. You might have paid much more than you should have for another breed. 

    So, how can you be sure that a dog breeder is not scamming you? Here are a few things to think about

    1. If a breeder doesn’t offer a phone number to call them on, they might be a scammer. Scammers prefer to work through emails, whereas reputable breeders will be more willing to call you or even video chat. 
    2. Ask the breeder to meet at least one of the parents of the puppy. You’ll be able to make sure that at least one of the parents is the correct breed and make sure that they’re healthy and cared for. 
    3. Make sure that you see any relevant documentation for the parents, regarding their health issues and genetic predispositions. Scammers won’t be able to offer this, or they might claim that their puppies are completely healthy.

    Scamming dog breeders will often offer lower prices than other breeders to entice you to their ad. Don’t fall for this!

    While we all love a bargain, reputable breeders charge more for Cavapoos because of the extra work, tests, and love they give their puppies. This is often why Cavapoos are considered an expensive breed.

    Scammers will offer lower prices as they haven’t done the necessary tests and screenings. They might not have followed responsible breeding practices, either. Cavapoos cost at least $1,000 – anyone offering a lower price will be doing it for suspicious reasoning. 

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    Thanks for reading our guide on what to consider when choosing a Cavapoo breeder! Cavapoos are very popular dogs, so it’s no surprise that new breeders are always popping up.

    But how can you know whether you’re choosing a trustworthy breeder or not? 

    A reputable breeder will be friendly and willing to answer any questions you have. They will have documentation to show you about the parents and be accommodating to your preferences.

    Make sure you look around the breeding facilities they use to make sure they are clean and humane. 

    A good way to find a trusted breeder is to ask for recommendations and read reviews. Don’t ignore negative reviews and hope for the best – this is asking for trouble.

    Also, don’t get sucked into the tempting low prices, as this is a good way for scammers to trap their victims. 

    For more information on how and where to buy a Cavapoo, please read our informative guide!

    Good luck!

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