What Makes Cavapoos Unique?

What makes a cavapoo unique?
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    Cavapoos are lovely dogs that are quickly gaining in popularity. So, what’s so special about them? 

    There are many things unique about the Cavapoo that make them attractive to potential owners. They’re sociable, family-orientated, adaptable, full of energy, and sensitive to their owner’s emotions. 

    One could argue that every dog breed is unique.

    But the Cavapoo is unique from both parent breeds in the best ways possible. They inherit the best traits from the Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to make a beautiful dog. 

    Today we’re looking at 12 fun facts about the Cavapoo that makes them so unique. 

    1. Cavapoo’s Temperament 

    Cavapoos are well known for their lovely personalities. They are friendly and family-orientated, making friends easily but always remaining loyal to their owners.

    They are both gentle and playful, and they make excellent companions for all types of families. 

    The way that a Cavapoo can form such strong bonds with humans is unique, as many other dog breeds fail to create such a close connection.

    Cavapoos are people-orientated dogs and will do anything to please their owners. 

    Cavapoos are excellent around children and even get along well with other pets. 

    They love chasing things as both parent breeds are hunters, so they might enjoy chasing smaller animals like birds.

    They have plenty of energy to burn off throughout the day, so they’re good for active households. 

    Some Cavapoos are calmer than others, and they’ll also mellow out as they age.

    However, they’re not considered high maintenance in terms of personality, making them a good option for first-time owners

    2. They Have Lots Of Different Names

    The Cavapoo has lots of wonderful names to go by, such as Cavoodle, Cadoodle, and Cavadoodle.

    There are plenty of nicknames to use for this breed – combine the two names and come up with your own! 

    No matter what you decide to call this dog breed, each nickname is as cute as the last. This is a true testament to how sweet the Cavapoo is as a companion dog. 

    3. Their Unique History

    Cavapoos are from a noble and regal background. 

    The Poodle was originally bred as a water dog to retrieve fowl for hunters. However, they were quickly taken by noble families as companion dogs.

    They were considered regal dogs, often seen in family portraits. 

    The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was first bred by Romans and used as a lap dog for noble soldiers.

    It’s said that King Charles the 1st loved these dogs so much that the breed was named after him. 

    Cavapoos are unique to many designer breeds, as they weren’t a part of the designer dog breeding boom of the 90s in North America.

    The majority of mixed breeds were created during this time in the US when breeders started to make more breeds with fewer genetic health issues. 

    The Cavapoo was first bred in Australia during the 1990s after the success of the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle.

    They quickly became one of Australia’s most beloved dogs, despite the fact that they were a designer breed. 

    4. There’s A Lack Of Breed Standards

    Most purebreds will have a breed standard that you can use to get a good idea of the individual breed.

    However, Cavapoos are different in that they can take after either parent breed in every aspect of their look and personality. 

    The Cavapoo can be smaller, following in the footsteps of its Poodle parent, or larger like a Cavalier.

    What’s even more interesting is that you won’t be able to tell your dog’s adult size when they’re still puppies – it’s anyone’s guess how large or small they’ll be at maturity! 

    No matter the size, though, you’ll always get a fluffy, huggable teddy bear dog to dote on for many years to come.

    We love that their inherited genetics are a mystery until they reach adulthood! 

    5. Cavapoos And Their Multi Colored Coats! 

    Cavapoos come in lots of different colors depending on their parents and the genes they inherited.

    While many mixed breeds are confined to a limited number of coat colors, Cavapoos can be gold, black, white, cream, or chestnut. 

    Some even have tri-colored coats of black, white, and tan. However, it’s most common to see them have a mixture of one dominant color and white accents. 

    Speaking of coats, how unusual is it to find a dog that can inherit three types of coat? Here are the three types of coat that your Cavapoo could inherit: 


    Hair feels very wiry and thick, and it’s a low-shedding coat. However, it sheds more than the other two types because this coat tends to be the most straight.

    Due to the lack of curls, hair gets tangled the least and therefore requires less grooming. 


    Wool is the curliest Cavapoo coat and has a strong resemblance to the Poodle coat. The curls are tightly wound and therefore trap the most shed hair.

    This makes a wool coat the best for allergy sufferers, but these dogs need the most frequent grooming. 


    Fleece coats are somewhere in the middle of hair and wool. They are full of loose waves, which is the most common look for Cavapoos.

    This coat tends to look the most unruly and therefore needs a lot of brushing. The waves aren’t as effective at trapping shed hair, so a fleece coat is less hypoallergenic than a wool coat.

    For more information about Cavapoo fur, check out our blog on ‘Do all Cavapoos have curly coats?

    6. One Of The Most Adaptable Dog Breeds

    The Cavapoo is smaller than its parent breeds and a small dog in general.

    This means that they can adapt to a number of modern living arrangements with ease, while other larger dogs might struggle. 

    For example, Cavapoos can live in an apartment without a yard. However, it’s not recommended that you keep a German Shepherd in such a small space due to its size. 

    Cavapoos can live anywhere provided that they get enough outdoor exercise each day. This can be a brisk walk, playing fetch at the park, or another form of energetic exercise.

    A Cavapoos’ adaptability is one of the many things that makes them so unique. 

    7. They Make Excellent Therapy Dogs

    One amazing thing about Cavapoos is their ability to sense any change in their owner’s emotions.

    These dogs are incredibly sensitive and, thanks to their people-orientated nature, they can pick up on even the smallest change in demeanor. 

    This makes them excellent emotional support or therapy dogs. They have helped countless adults and children to deal with their well-being and balance their emotions.

    Many dogs don’t have this ability, which is what makes the Cavapoo so unique! 

    8. Cavapoos Have Surprisingly Long Life Expectancies

    The life expectancy of a Cavapoo is between 10 and 14 years. This is longer than both parent breeds, most likely due to their smaller size and fewer health risks. 

    Almost all mixed-breed dogs suffer from fewer health risks than their purebred parents.

    This is because the offspring only has a 50% chance of inheriting the parent’s genetics instead of the full 100%. Because of this, Cavapoos are considered to be healthy dogs. 

    However, this breed takes it one step further and develops hybrid vigor. This is where two unrelated purebred dogs, that don’t suffer any of the same common health ailments, breed.

    The offspring has many health benefits, one of which is a longer lifespan. 

    Bear in mind that once two Cavapoos are bred together, much of this hybrid vigor is taken away.

    That’s why reputable breeders are recommended to ensure that you get the healthiest dog possible. 

    Still, hybrid vigor is relatively rare to see in many dog breeds, so the fact that the Cavapoo can have this is very impressive. 

    Cavapoos are not immune to health problems however, and you should always ensure that you consult a vet if you are worried about your furry friend.

    9. Cavapoos Love Their Food! 

    Cavapoos love to eat anything you put in front of them. They’re not picky, which is great for owners who don’t want to spend weeks trying to find food that their dog will actually eat.

    What Makes Cavapoos Unique (1)

    However, it does also mean that Cavapoos are known for gaining weight quickly. 

    While you can maintain their weight by monitoring their treats and food intake, this can also mean that they are more likely to swallow things that aren’t food.

    Food lovers are also quick eaters, so make sure that there’s nothing ingestible for them to swallow. 

    To make sure that your dog is not eating more than it should be, maintain a 90/10 split for food and treats.

    Take the number of calories your Cavapoo should be eating and split that into 90% and 10%.

    Make sure that you don’t give them more than 90% of their calories in food, and 10% of their calories in treats. 

    For more information on Dog Nutrition, see our Essential Dietary Guide.

    10. Lap Dogs At Heart

    Despite what some might think, Cavapoos don’t enjoy being outside as much as their parent breeds.

    While they enjoy playing outside a few times a day, they’ll ultimately prefer being inside with their owners.

    They love a cuddle and can stay wrapped up warm for hours. 

    Due to their smaller size, Cavapoos are also not suited to extreme temperatures.

    During the coldest and warmest days, you should keep your dog inside as much as possible. 

    Cavapoos love to follow their owners around, so they’ll love to be included in any family activity that’s going on.

    Remember that, while they enjoy exercise time in short bursts, Cavapoos need plenty of relaxation time with their favorite person. 

    11. Cavapoos Have An Amazing Online Community

    Many dog breeds cannot say that they are well-known across the internet, but Cavapoos can!

    There are so many social media pages and groups dedicated to Cavapoos that you’ll never feel alone as an owner! 

    These groups are designed to help new Cavapoo owners transition into the world of owning a dog. They’re very helpful and often cover certain geographic areas.

    You might even be able to find a local Cavapoo group to meet up with for walks. 

    Cavapoos also have a reputation for being social media stars. You can find many famous Cavapoos on Instagram, and there’s even a page (Cavapoo World) that features new Cavapoos every day.

    Everyone loves these dogs, and their social media presence is unlike any other dog breed! 

    12. Moonlighting As A Service Dog – Cavapoos Can Do It All! 

    Despite their small size, Cavapoos can actually work well as service dogs.

    They might not be the first choice for heavy-lifting jobs, but they can fulfill roles such as PTSD dogs, depression dogs, trauma dogs, and therapy dogs. These jobs are just as important – some might even say more so. 

    Cavapoos are intelligent, easy to train, eager to please, and sensitive. These are all qualities that you’d need in an emotional service dog, making them the ideal candidate. 

    While these dogs might love to relax all day rather than work, they also love being around their owners and helping wherever they can.

    Again, this makes them good working dogs as they’re happy to take on the challenge to improve the lives of their owners. This selflessness is unique from many other dog breeds. 


    Thanks for reading our article on what makes a Cavapoo so unique! These dogs are popular due to their small size, adorable look, and infectious personality.

    However, there is so much more to them than just these things. 

    The Cavapoo is an attentive dog that is much more clued into its owner’s emotions than other dog breeds are.

    They make good working dogs as they love to please their owners and will do anything to do just that. 

    Cavapoos are also generally healthier than their parents, with a longer lifespan and fewer health issues.

    They have developed hybrid vigor through breeding two unrelated dog breeds, leaving you with fewer vet bills and stress. 

    Cavapoos are also very popular online and have an amazing online presence. You’ll never feel alone when you’re in the Cavapoo online community! 

    We hope that this article has given you some more insight into these amazing dogs, and maybe even convince you to welcome one into your own family!

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