Best dog food for a Cavapoo

what is the best dog food for a cavapoo
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    One of the most important decisions you will make as a dog owner (apart from naming them), is deciding what food to feed your dog.  So as excited first time Cavapoo owners we had a couple of bags of her favourite puppy food sitting unopened in the cupboard awaiting her arrival.

    Whether it’s kibble or wet food, the best dog food for a Cavapoo is one that is nutritious and tasty and contributes towards their overall wellbeing. Factors that effect what you feed your Cavapoo will include pregnancy, age, weight and health.

    Cavapoos are renowned for having sensitive stomachs and very discerning tastes, so can be incredibly picky when it comes to feeding time. Having fussy eating children myself, I am well versed in watching small individuals turn their noses up at every little morsel, so I was determined not to be beaten by a dog. This is why I did extensive research on the topic of best food for Cavapoos.

    So, if you are looking for the best food for your Cavapoo take a look below, as we explain the different types of dog foods available and their overall nutritional value. Just for reference, the dog food that we decided upon for our puppy was Purina PRP Plan Puppy, which is available to buy on Amazon and in all good pet stores.

    Best food for a Cavapoo

    If you look in any pet store or supermarket you will find the shelves stacked with different types of dog food. From dry kibble to wet food, complete meals to balanced diets and organic to natural dog – it’s so easy to become overwhelmed with dog food options.

    Dogs have always predominantly been carnivores, and although they can survive by eating other types of food such as grains or vegetables, they are unlikely to thrive on a diet that does not contain a large proportion of meat. After all, like most animals, if they are solely fed vegetables, corn and other grains, then your pup is likely to poop a lot more.

    Therefore, in order to keep your Cavapoo fit and healthy (whilst ensuring that you maintain a good supply of unused poo bags), you want to pick a dog food that contains a high percentage of meat as well as all the necessary minerals and vitamins that your dog needs.

    Should I feed my Cavapoo kibble or wet food?

    Getting the right diet for your dog is really important. You want to ensure that you are feeding them the correct things whilst also motivating them to enjoy mealtimes.

    Cavapoos can be incredibly energetic so they need some serious refuelling. A quality dog food will do just this, providing them with plenty of energy to live a happy, healthy life. Plus, when you find the right dog food for your Cavapoo, it can have extra benefits including helping to keep their eyes gleaming and the coats glowing.

    What is dog Kibble?

    Kibble is essentially dog food that has had all its ingredients crushed together and shaped into pellets – a bit like a biscuit.

    Comprising of meat, grains, vegetables and other materials, kibble can be a great nutritional source for your beloved pooch. You just need to make sure that you get the correct size kibble for your Cavapoo, as they need to be able to chew and digest the pieces safely. For this reason, we recommend puppy kibble or small breed, depending on the age of your Cavapoo.

    There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the most nutritious bag of kibble for your dog. Make sure that you carefully read the list of ingredients on the back to ensure that there isn’t an overabundance of preservatives and fillers.

    According to regulations, a food that declares itself as being a particular meat variety such as beef, chicken, or turkey, has to contain at least 70% of the meat stated on the label. But be careful. If the label says, “Beef dinner” or “Chicken platter” or anything slightly ambiguous, although it might sound appealing, it often means that the kibble only has 10% of the stated meat.  And, if the bag says, “with beef”, this often means that it is the not the main ingredient and can have a little as 3% of actual meat in the overall meal. The rest will simply be filler to bulk out the food.

    Advertisers are renowned for using creative licenses to promote products. Many may promise that your kibble will offer your Cavapoo a complete and balanced diet, but it is only by looking at the labels will you be able to believe the hype. All ingredients must be listed in order of importance and therefore the first ingredient is the largest and most important part of the meal.

    Pros for feeding your Cavapoo Kibble

    A good dog kibble will be packed full of meat, protein and vitamins and can provide a balanced diet for your Cavapoo. In addition to this, another benefit of dried kibble is that it can help to cleanse their teeth. Thanks to its rough texture and crunchiness, it effortlessly removes plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth and gums.

    Kibble can be relatively inexpensive and has a long shelf life, allowing you to take advantage of bulk buying and promotional deals.

    What is wet dog food?

    Wet dog foods, such as Cesar which is sold on Amazon come in trays, tins and pouches and are made up of blended ingredients that have been cooked at extremely high temperatures before being vacuum sealed into their containers. The heat sterilises the food to ensure that it has a long shelf life without the need for any artificial additives.

    Wet foods naturally contain more water than dry kibble. Some people prefer this as it gives them reassurance that their dogs are getting plenty of fluids in their food even if they are not big water drinkers. The high water content does, however, mean that you need to feed a larger quantity of wet food and this can make it an expensive option.

    When looking at wet food, remember that similar labelling guidelines apply and pay particular attention to the ingredients and their listing order.

    purina puppy kibble
    We feed our Cavapoo puppy Purina Small Breed which we also add hot water to.

    Pros of feeding your Cavapoo wet food

    There are many benefits to selecting wet food for your Cavapoo, but the biggest one is probably taste. Wet food tends to be fuller in flavor than dried kibble which makes it more appealing to picky eaters.

    Wet food also often contains fresher ingredients and is easier to swallow and digest than dry kibble food. It does however tend to be a little more expensive and needs to be refrigerated which makes buying in large quantities difficult.

    Keeping your Cavapoo fit and healthy

    There are other forms of dog food including raw meat and fresh food which are becoming increasingly popular with Cavapoo owners. Regardless of which type of food you choose to feed your dog, the best way to ensure a long, healthy life is to provide them with a nutritional diet which should include:

    • Proteins: These are needed for wound repair and encouraging healthy tissue in muscles, bones, skin and hair. When feeding your dog, protein usually comes from meat and fish and these can be easily digested.
    • Carbohydrates: Carbs provide your dog with energy. However, too many carbohydrates can lead to weight gain. Therefore, you want to invest in a quality dog food that has a balanced level of carbohydrates to provide your dog with enough fuel without piling on the pounds.
    • Minerals: Minerals are required for all sorts of functions that your dog needs to survive. Calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium are just a few of the important minerals that you need to look for. However, keep in mind that, like carbs, minerals when eaten in excess can be harmful to your Cavapoo, so make sure it is well portioned out.

    If you are interested to find out more about dog nutrition, then take a look at our post on essential dietary tips for dogs.

    How much food should you give a Cavapoo puppy?

    Most brands of dog food are clearly marketed for specific dogs. This can be large or small breed and puppies or adults. Make sure you pick the right food for your Cavapoo depending on its weight and age. Larger dogs will have different nutritional requirements than those needed for smaller dogs and vice versa.

    When it is time to pick up your Cavapoo puppy, your breeder will have already started weaning them on a specific type and brand. Therefore, you puppy will be used to eating a certain food and their tiny tummies happy to digest it. Make sure you continue to use the same food for a while, even if it is not one that you want to consider long term, as it takes a while for a puppy to be able to transition over on to something new.

    Puppies up to the age of four months old, normally eat 4 times a day. Try feeding your puppy at strict intervals as this will help you manage the toilet training process. Again, your breeder should be able to debrief you on the times of feeding and you can then adapt these slowly to suit both your needs.

    As your Cavapoo continues to grow and mature, you can start feeding them larger quantities but reduce the number to twice a day.

    Just remember to always follow the guidelines on the back of the individual packets of dog food, as these will vary.

    For recommendations on the best way to serve your pups food, see our post on the top 5 best bowls for a Cavapoo


    As a mum of two girls, I am used to mealtimes being a bit of a battle, and it is not unusual to find me cooking different variations of the same meal. However, with the imminent arrival of our Cavapoo pup, I have a feeling it may be Rosie that rules the roost at teatime.

    After all we may think that it is us doggy parents making these crucial decisions, but it is actually our beloved Cavapoos who happily let us know which foods they do and don’t like the best.

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