What is a Saint Bernard Poodle mix?

what is a saint bernard poodle mix
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    As two of the most sought-after dog breeds in the world, Poodles and St. Bernards are loved by pet owners around the world. But what is a Saint Bernard Poodle Mix?

    A Saint Bernard Poodle is a designer crossbreed between a Poodle and a St. Bernard, often called a Saint Berdoodle. This beautiful breed is cherished by owners who admire the intelligence of the Poodle but also the loyal and hardworking nature of the St. Bernard.

    Hypoallergenic, a Saint Berdoodle looks like an adorable teddy bear. But there is much more to the Saint Berdoodle than their looks and size – even though these gentle giants can grow to be rather large.

    Let’s look at this adorable Saint Bernard Poodle mix and all of its charming characteristics that make the Saint Berdoodle a favorite breed for families despite its potentially large size. For of all we will look at the parent breeds.

    Poodles: One of the smartest dog breeds

    With its signature curly Poodle coat that is famously hypoallergenic, the Poodle reigns supreme as one of the most adorable and recognizable breeds around the world.

    As one of the brightest and easiest to train dogs, the American Kennel Club calls the Poodle a “true aristocrat” among breeds and acknowledges them as dogs that love to water-retrieve.

    This agile breed comes in three sizes: Miniature Poodle, Toy Poodle and Standard Poodle, and all retain the characteristic athletic build and curly coat. Perfect as pets, the Poodle loves to be around people and its adaptable personality works well for owners since this breed is highly trainable as well as being an excellent companion for owners and their children.

    Like a lot of other breeds, ear infections can be an issue for the Poodle. Many times the ear infection is caused by allergies or excessive moisture in the ear due to the natural floppy shape of the Poodle ear although regular attention to ear health can prevent or catch this common health issue for the Poodle.

    The main distinguishing characteristics of a Poodle are:

    • curly, low-allergen coat in either black, white or apricot
    • athletic body with a square build
    • an upright carriage that appears as an air of distinction
    • high intelligence
    • can be shy

    Saint Bernard: the European rescue dog

    Long recognized the world over as a reliable rescue breed that hails from the mountainous regions of Europe, in reality, the Saint Bernard is a working breed that comes from the Western Alps of Italy and Switzerland.

    Saint Bernards earned their name as rescue dogs for the hospice at the Great St. Bernard Pass situated on the Italian-Swiss border. The hospice was run by an Italian monk named Bernard of Menthon, and this diligent breed was prized for its ability to seek and find the distressed of this mountainous and often snowy region of Europe.

    Often called “nanny dogs,” Saint Bernards are excellent with children and will patiently watch over their charges or family.

    A Saint Bernard can also reach an astonishing size, weighing up to 150 pounds for the largest of the breed!

    This gentle giant is easily recognizable for its size but also it’s coloring, which is brown and white with occasional black patches marking its thick fur coat. As a large dog, the Saint Bernard’s lifespan is usually 8-10 years, and it grows to its full size fairly quickly.

    Due to Saint Bernard’s fast growth rate and ultimate size, the breed tends to have hip dysplasia, which is common in larger dogs.

    This gorgeous breed is well-known for the following distinguishing characteristics:

    • red and white or mahogany and brindle with white coloring, and either may have black shading around ears and face
    • thick, muscular body
    • huge head featuring a short muzzle and a wrinkled brow, giving the breed a friendly look
    • kind-hearted and eager to please nature makes them easily trainable

    Saint Berdoodle: A mix of Saint Bernard and Poodle

    Pet owners love designer mixed breeds, since they can combine the most desirable traits of each dog. The qualities that Saint Bernard owners prize most are related to the demeanor of this gentle breed as well as the Saint Bernard’s people-pleasing, loveable nature.

    The large size of the Saint Bernard (of up to 150 pounds) makes mixed breeds like the Saint Berdoodle a striking dog by any standards. But the Saint Berdoodle is also known to be very protective, making it an ideal pet for many families.

    The Saint Berdoodle puppy is a fast grower, and this puppy will start off life much larger than most unless the Poodle parent is smaller than a Standard Poodle size. The protective nature and genial personality of a Saint Berdoodle also can be visible early on with mixed breeds like the Poodle and Saint Bernard cross.

    The beautiful coat of the Saint Bernard is often characteristic in a Saint Berdoodle puppy as well, but since not all mixed breeds are 50% equally from purebred parents, the Saint Berdoodle may favor the Poodle parent coat more than the Saint Bernard parent coat, depending on the combination of parentage.

    A Saint Berdoodle is also a blend of a Poodle parent. Many qualities that are desirable from Poodles can be seen in dog breeds like a Saint Bernard Poodle mix, including the intelligence and a low-allergen coat typical of Poodles.

    Prized for its lithe, muscular body, Poodles are strong swimmers with seemingly boundless energy. Combining these desirable Poodle traits into a Saint Berdoodle mix can somewhat increase the energy level that the much larger Saint Bernard brings to a Saint Bernard Poodle mix.

    But a Saint Berdoodle mix also benefits from the fact that the Poodle was bred initially to be a water dog in Europe, often being used in duck hunting.

    Since a Saint Bernard does not have an affinity for water or water rescue in its disposition, combining these two breeds into a Saint Berdoodle produces a water-loving dog that is less bulky than the Saint Bernard pure breed, but still carries the desire to rescue and protect in its genes.

    A Saint Berdoodle that inherits the Poodle’s slighter build also produces a much more agile dog than the huge Saint Bernard pure breed.

    Here we look at Saint Berdoodle traits in more detail!

    Saint Bernard Poodle mix sizes

    The ideal Saint Berdoodle is one that combines a full-sized dog of each breed, but every combination of a dog produced in a Saint Bernard Poodle mix can end up in a loveable, gorgeous pup. One interesting combination is the Miniature Saint Berdoodle.

    In order to result in this type of Saint Berdoodle, a smaller St. Bernard can be bred with a Miniature Poodle. Many female Saint’s are much smaller than their male counterparts, making for a potentially smaller-sized Saint Berdoodle litter.

    However, a Miniature Saint Berdoodle is not always guaranteed in this type of match since any Saint Berdoodle might carry the traits of all parentage unless both parents are verified pureblood breeds.

    Everyone loves the Saint Berdoodle

    One of the most appealing factors in dog breeders creating this uniquely stunning dog is that uniting the huge Saint with the whip-smart Poodle inevitably results in a Saint Berdoodle that loves its owners and is highly trainable.

    A Saint Berdoodle is undoubtedly one of the easiest dogs to train since the Saint is well-known as a breed that not only wants to please its human, but also has a genteel, helpful nature about it. In fact, during the earliest historical records of this breed, the St. Bernard is described as actually going out to rescue and help stranded travelers on its own rather than being trained to do so. A Saint Berdoodle today is likely to also exhibit this same cooperative and caring spirit as a result.

    Dog owners also desire a pet that is responsive to training, and a Saint Berdoodle has this trait in spades since both parentage lines characteristically are easily trainable.

    But a Saint Berdoodle has the benefit of being compassionate, as well since this unique breed is not only ready to lend a hand at any time and but also capable of knowing what to do. Owners of a Saint Berdoodle say that this breed’s desire to be the center of attention and love of affection makes the ideal family pet.

    As a highly protective dog, the Saint Berdoodle is perfect for families as well since its nature combined with a potentially staggering size enhances its ability to guard and protect family members. Other than the rapid growth to the large size of the Saint Berdoodle, children are generally safe around this breed.

    However, the Saint Berdoodle should be watched carefully when young children are around. Naturally gregarious Saint Berdoodle puppies that have not yet been trained to be gentle might be too rambunctious around little kids if not monitored.

    A Saint Bernard Poodle mix dog

    Saint Bernard Poodle mix: Gentle giants

    Every designer dog species is carefully bred to include the most loved traits of both species, and the Saint Berdoodle is no exception.

    Owners of this breed enjoy the beautiful coat colors and markings that Saints are known for but also adore the low-allergen coats that Poodles bring to the combination.

    Dog owners desire a pet that will blend into a family as well as provide a humorous, easy-going personality in a pet, and the Saint Berdoodle breed fits that bill perfectly. A gentle, smart dog is also highly desirable for all potential dog owners since breeds with these characteristics can often be trusted around the family as well as other dogs.

    For pet lovers that are looking for a unique dog breed to bring into their family, the St. Berdoodle is a wonderful option since it is such an affable, bright companion. When looking for the perfect pet companion, many potential dog owners try to choose a dog that is trainable but also has a cheerful personality, and the St. Berdoodle certainly fits that description.

    Since this mixed breed can also be bred to be on the smaller side, those who love Saints but not the overwhelming size they might grow into, the mix of the Poodle in this breed creates a more manageable sized dog for many. With the brains and brawn of both breeds combined together to create the St. Berdoodle, dog lovers around the world have become enchanted with this uniquely charming canine.


    St. Berdoodles are excellent pets. Every breed of dog, whether purebred or designer, can be a perfect pet for the right owner, and St. Berdoodles are no exception.

    For dog lovers that can handle a larger canine and all that comes with feeding, training, providing a comfortable home, and loving a huge dog, the St. Berdoodle can be a wonderful addition to the family.

    The marked intelligence and low-allergen coat of this breed is another hallmark that potential pet owners may consider when thinking about bringing a St. Berdoodle into their home, and while both of these are excellent qualities in a pet, dog owners should know that a smart dog takes a little extra care and attention to keep them safe and out of trouble.

    But for the right home and informed dog lover, the St. Berdoodle can bring companionship, attentiveness, and love to the home wrapped up in a gorgeous but huge furry package.

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