What Is A Pugapoo?

What Is A Pugapoo?
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    If you’re considering welcoming a dog into your home, the sheer number of breeds to choose from can be daunting. 

    You might have heard of a Pugapoo, which is a crossbreed between a Pug and a Poodle. These dogs are energetic, loving, silly, and intelligent. They’d make excellent companions and family dogs

    Today we’re learning everything there is to know about Pugapoos. Let’s get started.

    Is There Such Thing As A Pugapoo?

    Yes, Pugapoos are very real dogs. They have been bred between Pugs and Poodles for decades. 

    Hybrid dogs have been common for a long time now, and the exact origins of the Pugapoo are unknown.

    There isn’t a sole creditor for the first breeding of these two dogs, either. So, we don’t know whether the first Pugapoo came from a breeder, kennel, or somewhere else. 

    The Pugapoos parents, though, are some that we know much more about. Let’s dive into the origins of Poodles and Pugs. 

    Poodle Origins

    Poodles were first bred in the 15th century or possibly even earlier. This was in Germany, but Poodles were quickly claimed by France for their beauty and intelligence.

    It was originally bred to be a water dog, but as soon as it became popularized among the rest of the world, it was promoted to lapdog. 

    Poodles are incredibly smart, hypoallergenic, and quick learners.

    Pug Origins

    The Pug was originally bred in China with roots dating as far back as 400 BC. They were bred as companion pets for only the most wealthy families and were a sign of good fortune.

    They were also given as gifts to royalty. It wasn’t until the 16th century that Pugs were brought over to Britain and bred as companion dogs. 

    Pugs are small but mighty creatures, loving, friendly, and loyal. 

    Pugapoo Quick Facts

    Let’s run through a few facts that you might be interested in knowing about Pugapoos. For starters, they can weigh anywhere between 10 to 30 pounds.

    This is because they can grow to be larger depending on the type of Poodle used to breed them. 

    For example, a Pugapoo bred from a Pug and a Toy Poodle will be smaller in size and weight than a Pugapoo bred from a Pug and a Miniature Poodle. 

    Likewise, the height of a Pugapoo can vary between 8 and 15 inches. 

    The lifespan of a Pugapoo can vary between 12 and 14 years, but this will depend on a number of factors including the breeder you choose and the health of your puppy’s parents.

    We’ll talk more about this later! 

    Pugapoos are ideal for families with children, busy professionals, and seniors.

    They can also live in apartments or houses without gardens thanks to their lower energy requirements. However, they will still prefer a yard if there’s one available. 

    Pugapoos are playful, friendly, great with children and other pets, and intelligent. They’re a great dog breed to welcome into your home. 

    Pugapoo Appearance

    Pugapoos can often vary in looks due to the differences in the appearance of the two parent breeds. However, the majority of Pugapoos have a moderate snout, droopy ears, and slim bodies. 

    The coat can either be curly, from the Poodle parentage or straight, from the Pug parentage.

    There are several colors that the coat could be, including white, black, or apricot. Again, this will depend on the inherited genes. 

    Pugapoos tails can either be straight or curly. 

    As you can see, there is plenty of variation between these puppies!

    However, the majority of Pugapoos seen on breeding sites have curly coats around their faces, with a short snout like a Pug. They have short legs and a winning smile! 

    What Are The Traits Of A Pugapoo?

    Since the Pugapoo is a crossbreed, it can be difficult to know for certain what its temperament will be like.

    Will they develop more of a Poodle temperament, which is high energy and intelligence, or will they take after their Pug parentage, loving and outgoing nature?

    Pugs and Poodles do share some traits, however, so the chances are they will be friendly, outgoing, and affectionate. 

    Pugapoos are barkers since both Pugs and Poodles are known for being watchdogs.

    This shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as you train out the excessive barking as soon as possible. However, we might consider sending your neighbors an apology gift should the barking get out of control! 

    Pugapoos have a great temperament and can get along with other cats and dogs well. Just make sure that you give them plenty of socialization before they’re four months old. 

    Between the ages of birth and 16 weeks, dogs are incredibly receptive and are still learning about their world. What you do in this time can help or hinder them for the rest of their lives. 

    No pressure! 

    You need to take your Pugapoo puppy to plenty of places so that they can experience different sounds, people, experiences, pets, and more.

    You can also take them to puppy classes (as long as they’re up to date with their vaccinations). 

    You can also start training your dog at home before their vaccinations are complete, with strangers and new pets. 

    Barking is one of the biggest behaviors to train out of your dog, and it can be quite difficult to do so.

    Just remember that bark is a form of communication, not always bad behavior. You can never train a dog to be completely silent, as it’s not healthy for them. 

    Poodles are some of the most intelligent dogs out there, and Pugapoos might inherit some of this genius. This is great, as it makes your dog easier to train. However, it also means that they can get bored quickly. 

    Without mental stimulation, a Pugapoo might get bored enough to chew your belongings.

    If you don’t want your furniture ruined, make sure that you keep enough mental stimulation toys and games out for your puppy to find. 

    As Pugapoos are much smaller and shorter than Poodles, they won’t need as much physical exercise.

    This makes them good pets for busy professionals and families who don’t have time to go on hours of walks every day.

    Are Pugapoos Healthy?

    Are Pugapoos Healthy

    No matter the breed, all dogs are at risk for developing health issues.

    You could use the best breeder and your dog might still get ill, while litters from poor breeders might be perfectly healthy throughout their entire lives. 

    Despite this, we always recommend that you choose a breeder that will give you a health guarantee on your dog.

    Also stay away from breeders that tell you that their puppies are being isolated due to health concerns, or that claim their dogs are 100% healthy. 

    You’ll be able to tell a reputable breeder from a mile away as they will be completely honest with you about their puppies and their health concerns. There are certain instances that occur during a Pugapoo’s line, due to inherited genes from their parentage. 

    Not all health issues are detectable during the puppy stage, so it can be tricky to determine whether your puppy is going to grow into these ailments or not.

    Because of this, you should choose the most reputable breeder you can find. 

    Reputable breeders will screen their dogs for genetic disease, make sure that they’re all up to date with vaccinations, and more.

    If you’re still concerned, you can ask about the parents and grandparents of your puppy to determine what age they died. This might give you an insight into how long your Pugapoo will live. 

    Possible Health Concerns For Pugapoos

    For the most part, Pugapoos tend to be a healthy dog breed.

    Crossbred dogs are less likely to develop ailments that purebred dogs are predisposed to since their gene pool is larger from two breeds rather than just one. 

    However, this does not mean that Pugapoos are not prone to certain diseases. Some of the most common ailments to see in Pugapoos are as follows: 

    • Eye problems
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Hip dysplasia
    • Allergies 
    • Obesity

    Obesity is one of the common issues that any dog breed can face, and it is one of the main reasons why a dog’s lifespan is shortened.

    Make sure that you keep your Pugapoo at the correct weight with enough exercise and the right amount of food. 

    How Much Exercise Does A Pugapoo Need?

    Pugapoos are short-legged small dogs that don’t need too much exercise to be able to wear them out. They’ll need a daily walk of around 30 minutes, but this does not need to be full of vigorous exercise. 

    Pugapoos are gentle and playful, so they’ll enjoy playing with the family in a local park. Take a ball and throw it for your dog to retrieve for you.

    Once they’re tired out, head back home and make sure that they have a lovely fresh bowl of water on offer. 

    Grooming Your Pugapoo

    Pugapoo grooming needs will depend on the dog’s coat. This will depend on the genes they’ve inherited from their parents.

    Since Poodles have curly coats that shed very lightly, this will need much different grooming requirements than a Pug’s straight coat that sheds plenty. 

    You can determine what type of coat your dog has quite easily. If it is curly and coarse, it is likely that they have inherited a Poodle coat.

    However, if their coat is smooth and straight, it is more likely to be that of a Pug. 

    Curly Poodle coats need professional grooming every four to six weeks, with regular brushing in between.

    You can professionally groom your own dog if you’d prefer, just remember to brush their teeth, clean their ears, and trim their nails. 

    Curly coats are much easier to leave to become unruly, so grooming is essential. It is easier to groom this type of coat when it is kept short, so consider trimming their coat regularly too. 

    Otherwise, it might turn matted and painful for your dog. If the mats got too large, there is a  chance that your Pugapoo would need to be shaved anyway. 

    Mats can also lead to painful skin irritation and infections, so grooming is essential. 

    Pug coats, which are short and straight, won’t need as much grooming as Poodle coats.

    Just make sure to give them a quick brush every day to prevent tangles. This type of coat is often so fine, though, that you’ll barely find any mats within it. 

    No matter what coat your Pugapoo has, its ears need to be kept clean and dry.

    Use a professional solution to gently wipe their ears on a regular basis. You can ask your veterinarian for more advice on this as they will know how to tailor it to your individual dog. 

    Nails will be kept short to an extent through regular walks, but as Pugapoos aren’t the most active, they will need to be trimmed every now and then.

    To ensure that they don’t get too long to the point of pain, we’d recommend trimming them every one to two weeks. 

    Smaller dogs are prone to periodontal diseases, so it is vital that you brush your Pugapoo’s teeth with dog-approved toothpaste. Again, ask your veterinarian for more advice on this.      

    Training Your Pugapoo

    Thanks to its Poodle parentage, Pugapoos tend to be incredibly intelligent dogs that are very easy to train. They can respond to many commands and quickly pick up new tricks, keen to impress their owners. 

    However, it is worth noting that Pugs do tend to have a stubborn side, and this might have been passed down to your Pugapoo.

    If your dog has this stubbornness, it might attempt to test your patience by not following your commands. 

    Most of the time you can use food-based training to override this stubborn streak. 

    If your Pugapoo is hesitant to follow your commands, it is likely that they have learned the command and simply doesn’t want to follow the rules.

    This is not a case of them being difficult to train – it is an issue with their ability to follow orders. 

    A yummy snack should snap them right out of this. 

    Are Pugapoo Puppies Different From Adults? 

    There is no standard appearance or temperament for a Pugapoo, so litters from the same parents can vary a lot.

    This is true for both their appearance and their temperament, and both of these things are likely to change as the puppy grows into an adult. 

    Puppies will be more playful, harder to train, and likely more vocal than adult dogs. This could be because you are not able to train the behaviors out of them yet. 

    It is possible for a Pugapoo to look completely different as an adult. Some Pugapoo puppies are born with straight coats but grow into straight-coated adults, and vice versa.       

    It is also wise to only purchase from a reputable breeder that has had their dogs screened for health issues to put your mind at ease.

    Train your puppy and socialize them as soon as possible to prevent any negative behaviors from being learned. 

    Similar Dog Breeds To Pugapoos

    If you like the idea of a Pugapoo but are unsure whether this is the perfect breed for you, we have listed a few breeds here for you to research to see if they’d make a better fit. 


    Pugs are most like the Pugapoo since it is their parent breed. Pugs are one of the most beloved small dog breeds out there, with their square body and short snout.

    Their coats are either tan or black, and their short tails curl. 

    Pugs are loving and affectionate, and they’re fun to be around. Pugs are always getting into some trouble, which can be hilarious – provided that it’s not ruining your house.

    Aside from being a goof, Pugs are also stubborn which can cause a few problems when it comes to training.


    Another very similar breed to the Pugapoo is the Poodle, which is the national dog of France. It is an incredibly popular dog all over the world thanks to its high intelligence and athletic level. 

    Poodles have curly coats that can be apricot, white, black, brown, red, or gray. They’ll need to be professionally groomed every few weeks. 

    Poodles are elegant but also require lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Without this, they might be bored enough to tear your house up. 

    Boston Terriers      

    The Boston Terrier is another breed often compared to the Pugapoo. Originating in the United States, these dogs have short snouts and wide round eyes, and a coat shaped like a tuxedo. 

    These dogs are most often brindle, black, or seal. These dogs are gentle and affectionate with everyone, and they’re also very easy to train.

    While they may not look like a Pugapoo, the Boston Terrier has a very similar temperament. 

    Popular Names For Pugapoos

    If you’re planning on getting a Pugapoo, you’ll need a stellar name to accompany them! Here are some of the most popular names for Pugapoos right now: 

    • Coco
    • Max
    • Oliver
    • Charlie
    • Lucy
    • Otis
    • Lola
    • Daisy
    • Bella
    • Frank         
    • Doug
    • Sprout
    • Biscuit
    • Angel
    • Lottie
    • Pip                                          

    Famous Pugapoos

    There are no famous Pugapoos currently, as this is still a rather rare breed to see out in public. However, its parent breeds are much more popular and therefore have been seen in the media. 

    Famous people who have owned Pugs include Paris Hilton, Gerard Butler, Hugh Laurie, Kelly Osbourne, and James Taylor.

    Doug the Pug is also a very famous internet personality known for their reaction pictures and presence in memes. 

    Celebrities owning Poodles include Barbra Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Bob Hope, Rihanna, Marilyn Monroe, Walt Disney, and Winston Churchill. 


    Thanks for reading our article all about Pugapoos! This breed is a mix between Pugs and Poodles and is one of the most loving dogs out there.

    It is super intelligent and therefore easy to train, but the stubborn streak from its Pug parentage can cause some issues during training. 

    These small dogs range from 10 to 30 pounds and between 8 to 15 inches in height. They can inherit both personality and appearance from either their parent breeds, so every Pugapoo is different! 

    One thing is for sure, though – these loving dogs make a fine addition to any household.

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