What Does a Boxerdoodle Look Like?

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    Boxerdoodles are highly sought after dogs thanks to their adorable faces and fun-loving personalities. This breed is also rather rare and therefore many people aren’t aware if they have ever seen what one looks like before.

    If you are wondering what a Boxerdoodle looks like, then wonder no more. This rare breed of dog does not conform to the usual doodle like breed, in fact, a Boxerdoodle is larger in size, has a curly, waxy or frizzy coat and wags a short yet shaggy tail.

    This dog breed is the product of when you cross a Boxer with a purebred Poodle. While the name ‘Boxerdoodle’ is quite self-explanatory, the mix of these two breeds can be difficult to imagine without assistance.

    Do Bernedoodles have strong snouts and ears with lots of long, curly fur all over them? Are they simply a smaller, fluffier version of a traditional Boxer dog? Today we’ll be looking into what a Boxerdoodle looks like so that you have to imagine no more.

    A little about the Boxerdoodle

    Before we get into the looks portion of this article, let’s first examine a Boxerdoodle’s personality and common traits.

    Separately, Poodles and Boxers are both generally well-known dogs that have distinct features and common personality traits.

    The Poodle is a hypoallergenic dog that is known for being friendly, loveable, and smart. Boxers, on the other hand, are free-spirited, fun-loving dogs that make excellent companions for people of all ages.

    These two personalities sound like they’ll mix well together, making the Boxerdoodle a great breed to have as a family pet.

    Boxerdoodles are considered to be intelligent, easy to train, and active. They’ll need lots of love and attention, as well as at least one long walk a day.

    While Boxerdoodles are friendly and social to almost every human they meet, they might fare better as a single pet in the household. Otherwise, they’ll need to be socialized properly with other pets to ensure that they don’t become territorial.

    Is the Boxerdoodle a teddy bear dog?

    So now you probably have an idea of what you think a Boxerdoodle should look like in your head. Before we found an image of this dog breed, we assumed that the Boxerdoodle would look very similar to a standard Boxer, with their strong facial features and pointed ears, but perhaps a little smaller and with longer, curly coats.

    No matter what you had in mind when you first imagined the Boxerdoodle, we can bet that it was quite far away from the truth.

    When you cross a dog with a Poodle, you’ll often find that the end result is similar to that of a teddy bear dog. A teddy bear dog is a category of dog breeds that have similar characteristics to a teddy bear. Commonly, they’ll have large round eyes, button noses, and curly fur.

    Some popular teddy bear dogs that you might have heard of are the Toy Goldendoodles, Cavapoos, Cockapoos and the Chow Chow.

    However, a Boxerdoodle doesn’t quite conform to these features, so don’t be expecting a teddy bear dog. This breed tends to be larger in size than teddy bear dogs. This is true even if you breed a Boxer with a toy or teacup Poodle, so you can’t get a Boxerdoodle that is incredibly small in size.

    With that being said, the common size of a Boxerdoodle ranges greatly. They can vary between 40 and 80 pounds with a height of 10 to 25 inches (from floor to shoulder). Female Boxerdoodles will be smaller, but if you’re adopting a puppy you won’t know how large they’ll grow until they reach maturity.

    The Look of the Boxerdoodle

    Now you know the rough size of a Boxerdoodle, but what do they actually look like? It’s important to know first that as Boxerdoodles are a mix-breed, they can vary greatly in looks. Some will hold more resemblance to a Poodle while others will be unmistakably a Boxer dog.

    Let’s take a look at some of the most notable features of the Boxerdoodle so that you know exactly what you can expect from your new puppy.

    Facial Features

    As we’ve already mentioned, each Boxerdoodle could resemble either the Boxer or Poodle more than the other, meaning it can be difficult to determine one common look for this dog breed.

    For example, the muzzle could either be shorter, similar to a Boxer or longer like a Poodle’s. As the Boxerdoodle is quite a rare breed, it can be difficult to gauge what the main consensus is.

    However, breeders will tell you that the majority of their Boxerdoodles have a Poodle-esque snout rather than resembling a Boxers’.

    The eyes are typically more similar to the Boxer; however, so you will still be able to see both parent breeds within your Boxerdoodle. Boxers tend to have darker and more raised eyes than Poodles, and this is what you’re likely to see on a mix between the two.

    The Coat

    The Boxerdoodle will have a curly or waxy coat, similar to that of a Poodle. However, the curls often won’t be as defined as that of a Poodle and you might find the appearance to look as though they have dropped out slightly. Boxerdoodle’s fur might also have a frizzy appearance instead of the clean-cut look of a Poodle.

    With that being said, it is possible that your Boxerdoodle could have a smooth, straight, and short coat if they hold more resemblance to a Boxer. This is the less common coat type for a Boxerdoodle, but it is possible and has been seen before.

    When it comes to the color of their coat, Boxerdoodles will often be one of the following colors: black, white, fawn, red, brown, or brindle. They will typically only be one color without a pattern, but this will depend on the parent dogs.

    Tail Length

    Boxers tend to have long, stiff tails that curl at the tip – provided that it hasn’t been docked by the owner. Their natural tails are quite long; however, and thin – so if your Boxerdoodle takes after the Boxer in regards to its tail, this is what you can expect to see.

    In comparison, Poodles have a shorter tail that is often very fluffy. Whether your Boxerdoodle has a fluffy tail or not will depend on their coat type, but they’re not often seen as commonly in Boxerdoodles. This is probably because owners don’t prune this breed as much as they do for Poodles.

    Boxerdoodles typically take after the Poodle in regards to their tails, so it will most likely be shorter than a Boxer’s. It will also be covered in longer fur to give it a shaggier appearance.

    Their Size

    Your Boxerdoodle will likely be smaller than a Boxer but larger than a Poodle, especially if the Poodle used was a Toy or Teacup breed.

    Boxers typically reach a weight of between 64 and 80 pounds with a height of 25 inches. Poodles, on the other hand, will reach a weight between 12 and 70 pounds with a height of 10 to 22 inches.

    As you can see, some Poodles are only slightly smaller than Boxers, but the majority will be considerably smaller depending on how they’ve been bred. Poodles are commonly bred to alter their size between toy, teacup, and standard Poodles.

    Your Boxerdoodle will fall somewhere between these two extremes, weighing between 12 and 80 pounds. More commonly; however, they won’t reach a weight of below 40 pounds. This breed can be considered a medium to large dog.

    They will also vary greatly in height between 10 and 24 inches, from shoulder to floor.

    To get a better idea of how large your dog is likely to get, you can ask the breeder to see the parent dogs before committing to the puppy. This will give you a better idea of how large they’re likely to grow as they mature.

    For example, if the parents are a toy Poodle and a small Boxer, your Boxerdoodle is likely to be on the smaller size. However, if a standard Poodle and large Boxer are the parents, you can expect a larger Boxerdoodle.

    Bear in mind that this is not a foolproof method of working out the size of your dog, but it might help you gauge an idea so that you’re not completely in the dark while waiting for your dog to reach its mature size.

    How much is a Boxerdoodle?

    If you’ve read our article and have fallen in love with the Boxerdoodle breed through your screen, you might want to consider inviting one of your own into your family. If this is the case, you can either adopt one from a shelter or purchase one from a breeder.

    Choosing the latter is the easier method as Boxerdoodles are quite rare and therefore aren’t commonly seen in shelters. However, always make sure that you are using a trusted and verified breeder to prevent your pup from being susceptible to illnesses later in their life.

    The price of any doodle breed such as a Cavapoo is currently high but as this breed of dog is rare, there are also not that many breeders out there either. This means that the price of a Boxerdoodle is likely to be higher than other dog breeds that you might have been considering.

    Breeding Boxers with other dogs can be challenging due to how complex the parent breed is. This means that the breeders need to be knowledgeable and plan the breeding season extensively. All of this planning will also increase the price of the puppy.

    Boxerdoodle prices will range from $1,200 to $1,500, and they can be much higher than this. There are many factors that will affect the asking price of this dog, so be prepared to put down a large amount of money.

    You might also have to go on a waiting list. Our advice would be to constantly be checking your local shelters in the hopes a Boxerdoodle turns up, while also being added to the waiting lists of any reputable breeders around your area.


    Overall, Boxerdoodles look like a perfect mix between a Poodle and a Boxer. They’ll have the Boxer’s eyes with a Poodle snout, and will often have a wavy or curly coat that both resembles that of the two parent breeds.

    Boxerdoodles can vary greatly in size, weight, and looks, so there isn’t a single appearance that they will all fall under. The best way to get a grasp of what your Boxerdoodle is likely to look like at maturity is to ask the breeder to see the parents before bringing your new dog home.

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