Understanding The Temperament Of A Cavapoo

Understanding the Temperament of a Cavapoo
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    The Cavapoo, a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle, is an extremely popular dog breed. They might be designer dogs, but they’re also kind and very sociable.

    Many owners consider them a joy to be around. So, it’s no surprise that this breed is in such high demand! 

    But will the temperament of a Cavapoo live up to its reputation? 

    Cavapoos are well-mannered, eager to please, and friendly. They love making new friends with strangers, dogs, and children, and they have bundles of energy, however, they also enjoy a nice cuddle with their owner at the end of the day. 

    There are many benefits to owning a Cavapoo, and our guide aims to help you learn everything there is to know about their temperament before you welcome one into your home.

    We’ll also look at the pros and cons of owning a Cavapoo, and more. 

    Let’s get started!

    More About The Cavapoo

    Before we get into the personality of this fluffy breed, let’s quickly run through some important information about the Cavapoo.

    They’re the offspring of a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and they can also be referred to as Cavoodles, Cavapoodles, or Cavadoos. 

    They are small to medium-sized dogs, although they could be smaller depending on whether a Toy or Miniature Poodle is used in breeding. 

    They are low-shedding dogs thanks to their Poodle heritage, so they’re excellent for allergy sufferers.

    They’ll need at least one hour of exercise every day, although this could be reduced due to shorter legs or a lazier temperament. 

    On average, the lifespan of a Cavapoo is between 10 and 15 years. They are highly intelligent, thanks to their Poodle parent, and adaptable.

    Not only that, but they look adorable, too with fluffy coats and button noses. 

    Cavapoo Temperament and Personality

    Now let’s break down the temperament of a Cavapoo. We all know that they’re lovable and sweet-natured dogs, but what does this actually mean?

    Will they work well within your family? Let’s find out. 

    Social Needs

    Cavapoos are very social dogs and they love making friends.

    You never have to worry about people coming over and keeping your dog away from them – your Cavapoo will be the life of the party. 

    They enjoy the attention and will revel in any that they can get. You might even see them acting up to get more attention when they’re bored. 

    Due to their sociable nature, Cavapoos make excellent dogs for large families. They’re good with children and other pets, provided that they’ve been properly socialized from an early age.

    They’re also great in single households, too. 


    Cavapoos love playing games. They need lots of mental stimulation thanks to their intelligence, and playing is a good way to achieve this need.

    They love playing fetch, working on puzzle toys, and roughhousing with their owners. For information of the best toys for Cavapoos, see our review guide!

    They can play for hours, which is why they work so well in households with children. The kids and dog can tire each other out while you enjoy the show they put on! 

    After a long day of playing around, the Cavapoo then enjoys a cuddle with its owner on the couch.

    There’s never a dull moment with a Cavapoo in the house, and they’re bound to liven up your life in the best way possible! 


    Thanks to their Poodle parent, Cavapoos are very intelligent. They pick up on commands quicker than other dog breeds and can retain more information.

    They might be able to perform better in intelligence and agility training because of this trait. 

    A Cavapoo’s intelligence means that they are happiest when their minds are working. They’ll love to work on treat puzzles, mentally stimulating toys, and training.

    Owners without enough time to help stimulate and challenge their Cavapoo might find that their dogs get bored and sad. 


    Due to their easygoing nature, Cavapoos are more adaptable than some other breeds.

    Many believe that this trait is from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, as this is the more adaptable of the two parent breeds. 

    As the Poodle parent makes the Cavapoo smaller than a Spaniel, this also adds to their adaptability.

    You wouldn’t be able to keep a Spaniel in an apartment, but you might be able to with a Cavapoo due to its smaller size and lower energy requirements. 

    With that being said, Cavapoos will always be happiest in a house with a yard for them to run around in. 

    Cavapoos can also adapt to different living conditions, such as families and single-person households. Because of their easygoing nature, Cavapoos have been proven to be excellent first dogs for novice owners. 


    Cavapoos are very sensitive dogs. They’re friendly and outgoing during the day, but they’re also gentle and nurturing.

    Their sensitivity is one of the main reasons why many are now starting to use them as emotional support dogs and therapy dogs. 

    Cavapoos tend to be more clued into their owner’s emotions and can tell when something isn’t right.

    It’s common for them to come for a cuddle when you’re feeling down and need some support. 

    Ability To Form Bonds

    Cavapoos use their sensitivity to create lifelong bonds with their owners. They’ll form a strong attachment to the people around them thanks to their sociable nature and friendliness. 

    Cavapoos don’t just settle for one strong bond, though.

    Some dogs become attached to one member of the household more than others, but Cavapoos like to form these bonds with everyone they see regularly. They might even form a strong connection with a stranger! 

    Again, this is one of the many reasons why Cavapoos are so great for families with children. The Cavapoo and child will create a best-friend relationship that will last into adulthood.

    There’s nothing that can compare to watching a dog and a child grow up together.

    Energy Levels

    Cavapoos have high energy levels. They’ll need around one hour of exercise a day, plus time to play throughout the day.

    They tend to have bursts of energy throughout the day and only settle once the family has begun relaxing. 

    The best owners for Cavapoos are either large families where someone is always around to settle their restlessness or single-person households who work from home or who will be around for most of the day. 

    Cavapoos love spending time with their owners, so they won’t mind following you around when running errands or working.

    As long as they’re with you and not bored, they’re happy to watch you do your thing! 

    Dealing With Separation 

    One of the most commonly asked questions about any dog breed is whether they can be left alone or not.

    It’s impossible to take your dog everywhere with you all the time, so you’ll need to leave them home alone sooner or later. 

    Cavapoos aren’t great dogs for owners who will be gone for multiple hours at a time. They are sociable and intelligent, so isolation can be boring and anxiety-provoking.

    Cavapoos are notorious for developing separation anxiety although you can train them to be left alone

    Leaving your Cavapoo for too long can lead to them acting out. You might need to enlist the help of a dog sitter if you work out of the house a lot. 


    Cavapoos don’t have an issue with dominance. They are eager to please, so they’re happy to give their owners the title of Top Dog in the household.

    Other dog breeds, such as the Husky, prefer to be the dominant force and need to be trained to succumb to their owners. 

    However, Cavapoos will most likely allow you to tell them what to do without a fuss.

    As long as you use positive reinforcement without shouting at them or getting frustrated, they’re happy to work as a team or follow your lead. 

    This is another reason why Cavapoos are considered good dogs for first-time owners. 

    Bad Behaviors

    Despite these dogs generally being a joy to live with, they’re not exempt from being naughty. They can exhibit bad behaviors, although they don’t make a habit of doing so unprovoked. 

    Due to these dogs being very clever and needing lots of mental stimulation, boredom can elicit destructive behaviors from them.

    These include howling, digging, chewing, and more.

    These behaviors aren’t always shown, and can often be trained away.

    Most Cavapoos won’t show these behaviors unless they’re desperately bored or have been left alone for a long time and are therefore suffering from separation anxiety. 

    Do Cavapoos Bark A Lot? 

    Cavapoos aren’t known for barking. They might announce someone approaching from outside or yap to get your attention, but they’re usually not excessive barkers.

    This makes them good family pets for those who don’t like loud noises. 

    However, there are some exceptions for Cavapoos barking. Some may be more vocal than others depending on how much they have been socialized.

    A dog that has been well-socialized from a young age may bark less than one who has missed out on this vital piece of training. 

    This is due to the fact that socialization invites the Cavapoo to meet lots of dogs and humans when they’re at an impressionable age.

    This makes them more comfortable with others, making them less likely to bark at others as they mature. 

    Cavapoos can also bark when they’re alone and anxious. If you leave them alone for a prolonged period of time, don’t be surprised if you get a noise complaint from a neighbor! 

    Some dogs are simply more talkative than others. Remember that barking is a dog’s method of communication.

    While it might be annoying to us, Cavapoos rarely bark to be irritating. They’re usually barking to tell us something they find important or interesting. To find out more, read our blog – Do Cavapoos bark?

    Are Cavapoos Calm Dogs? 

    The answer to whether Cavapoos are calm or not depends on many factors, such as their parents, their temperament, how much they’ve been socialized, and their age. 

    If a Cavapoo’s parents are energetic and lively, then it’s more likely that they will follow the same path.

    However, if their parents are more relaxed, your Cavapoo might be this way, too. 

    Some dogs are simply more energetic than others. While the Cavapoo generally loves exercise and getting outdoors, some prefer to be couch potatoes.

    Each dog is different, so some might be calmer than others. 

    Cavapoos who have been well socialized from an early age might be calmer than dogs that are still learning about others around them.

    Unsocialized dogs might be more prone to jumping up at strangers and acting excitable when they meet new people. 

    Finally, puppies are bound to be more energetic than a senior Cavapoo. Adult dogs also have more energy than seniors. 

    So, are Cavapoos calm dogs? This depends on a number of factors and each dog is different, so there’s no way of knowing until you observe your own dog.

    However, there is nothing to suggest that Cavapoos are too energetic. This is not a common complaint among Cavapoo owners. 

    Pros And Cons Of Owning A Cavapoo

    Now let’s look at the pros and cons of choosing a Cavapoo as your pet. 


    There are many benefits of owning a Cavapoo – just ask the many owners who make up the Cavapoos online presence!

    This ties into the first pro, which is that there is always someone to ask when you have a question about your dog. 

    There are plenty of local Cavapoo groups on social media that you can join and connect with other owners.

    Many here will be more experienced than you, so you can get free advice and tips for being the best Cavapoo owner! 

    Cavapoos are incredibly affectionate and loving. They make excellent companions and even emotional support dogs, which is a great benefit.

    One of the biggest benefits of Cavapoos is their hypoallergenic coats. These dogs aren’t just adorable, but they’re also suitable for allergy sufferers.

    Don’t let allergies stop you from making an unbreakable bond with a Cavapoo! 

    Cavapoos are also good for first-time owners and they’re very eager to please their owners. They’re friendly and intelligent, and relatively easy to train. 


    While we might want to believe that Cavapoos can do no wrong, there are some complaints owners have about this dog breed.

    The first is their tendency to suffer from separation anxiety. This can be limiting for owners who want to leave the house often without their dogs. 

    Another disadvantage of this breed is the cost of grooming. They need a professional grooming appointment at least once every six to eight weeks to keep their coats lovely and healthy.

    While your dog definitely deserves to be pampered, the cost of grooming quickly adds up. 

    Another con is that Cavapoo puppies are expensive. You can expect to see a Cavapoo puppy cost between $1,600 and $2,000.

    This is due to the sheer popularity of the breed, as well as the popularity of their parent breeds. 

    While you might be able to find a cheaper price online for Cavapoos, beware of backyard breeders. Only opt for a reputable breeder when choosing a puppy. 


    Thanks for reading our guide on understanding the temperament of a Cavapoo! 

    These dogs are sociable and outgoing with plenty of energy and lots of love to give their owners.

    They’re very intelligent and often a pleasure to train thanks to how eager they are to please their owners. 

    Cavapoos tend to suffer from separation anxiety and therefore shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time.

    This might cause issues for busy people, so beware of this before welcoming one into your family. 

    Cavapoos need early socialization to ensure that they live up to their friendly natures.

    They aren’t aggressive, but they might have a tendency to bark or become excitable around strangers without proper training.

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