Top tips for working from home with your dog

how to work from home with your dog
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    Thanks to the dreaded COVID, it appears that most people’s home and work lives have started to merge into one, as more and more people are having to work remotely. Whilst working from home comes with a host of benefits, when your co-worker is an excitable Cavapoo dog there are also a new set of challenges!

    Working remotely with your dog may sound idyllic but it is not without its problems. A dog or puppy can make it difficult to concentrate during the day and often requires constant attention. Here are our top tips on how to work from home successfully with your dog.

    Owning a dog is costly, so it is important that many of us work to be able to provide our pooches with the care they require. If you are working from home, however, it is important that you enforce some ground rules to prevent bad habits setting in.

    Working remotely at home with your dog

    We all know that owning a dog is good for our health and can decrease stress levels, but when you are together all the time, it can be overwhelming for both owner and dog. Nurturing the need for constant attention can inadvertently create neediness and anxiety issues long term for your dog.

    This is why it is so important that you stick to a structured routine so that your dog understands the difference between work and playtime.

    Afterall an owner being home all the time may be comforting for your dog, but it is important that the same calm state is replicated when you need to leave the house.

    Top tips for working from home with your dog or puppy

    Having worked from home with our Cavapoo Rosie since she was a puppy, here is what we have learnt:

    • Start off the day by walking your dog. A breath of fresh air often puts everyone in a good mood and is great for motivation. It should also tire your dog out a little and give you some much-needed space away from them in which to work. You should also add in a midday and afternoon break for your dog so that they can go to the toilet and enjoy some mental stimulation.
    • If you have space, try to keep your work area off-limits to your dog. As nice as it sounds to be working with a dog curled up at your feet or asleep on your lap, the reality will be somewhat different.
    • Whether your dog has a bed in your office or in another room, when you are working it is important to teach them where they should be resting so that you can get things done. Try to train and install a word that your dog will begin to recognize for when you need them to calm down. For more information on how to train your Cavapoo, read our informative guide.
    • Remember to puppy/dog proof your home. Since I have been working from home with Rosie, she has managed to chew her way through two laptop leads! By making sure that your dog does not have access to any areas that could cause them harm will make it much easier for you to relax.
    • Close blinds and curtains to ensure that your furry friend is not distracted by any outside activity. If its noise that sets them off, why not play some calming music.
    • Make sure that your dog has plenty of treats, puzzles and space to keep themselves amused. This should stop them from bothering you for attention.
    • Give yourself regular breaks and make it all about your Cavapoo. Enjoy the experience of bonding with your dog and let go of the mental tie of your desk and emails – even if it is just for 10 minutes at a time.
    • Get the whole family involved so that when the kids come back from school, let them run off steam with the dog in the backyard or park whilst you tick off some vital things from your list.

    Homeworking brings many rewards for your dog and you can provide great company for one another. This amazing bond can also help boost creativity and productivity, so it is important that you take those moments to give your new ‘supervisor’ a little belly rub, during your working day.

    How to keep your dog calm when on a call

    Whether it is telephone or zoom call, you need to be able to sit uninterrupted. But cue your cute puppy wandering into shot, pawing at your leg or worse still barking for attention. Trust me…we have all been there!

    In order to prevent any special guest appearances, we strongly recommend that you shut your furry friend away for a while with something that is sure to distract them. This could be a favorite treat such as a chew or dental stick or even better, an interactive toy. Without their eyes boring into your head, you can sit back and tackle the job at hand.

    How we work from home with our Cavapoo

    Cavapoos do not handle being on their own very well as they are incredibly social dogs. We are in a fortunate position in that we can take Rosie to our pet-friendly office or work from home as we choose.

    We have, however, taken the conscious decision to have one-day dog free. This is not because we do not enjoy our furry employees’ company, but more to ensure that she does not start to rely solely on us and start to develop some kind of separation anxiety.

    Therefore, each week she gets a duvet day, where she is allowed to stay in bed, relax with her cuddly toys and indulge in a few of her favorite treats. I only work part-time hours and before either of us know it, I am back through the door with a Cavapoo curled back up on my lap. Utter bliss.

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