Top Hypoallergenic Dogs

top hypoallergenic dogs
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    Are you looking for the perfect dog breed for your family? There are hundreds of breeds out there, but finding the right one can be tricky.

    Dogs come in many shapes and sizes, from tiny Chihuahuas to giant Great Danes. The size of your home and lifestyle will also play a role in choosing the right breed for you.

    Hypoallergenic dogs are allergy-friendly dogs as they don’t shed much hair and therefore won’t set off any unwanted allergies. Top hypoallergenic dogs are doodle dogs, due to the curly nature of their Poodle parent coats which keeps shedding to a minimum.

    These types of dogs are incredibly popular, but which are the best in the bigger picture? Let’s look at the top hypoallergenic dogs to choose from. 

    Doodle dogs

    The doodle dog is a small, friendly dog that comes with a lot of personality. They’re great companions who love being around people.

    This makes them an ideal choice if you have children or other pets in your household.

    Doodle dogs are bred with the Poodle, which is an excellent hypoallergenic dog. This is due to how curly their coats are, which keeps shedding at bay.

    The curlier your doodle dog’s coat is, the less they’re going to shed and therefore the better they will be for allergy sufferers. 


    Goldendoodles are perhaps the top Doodle dog when it comes to their hypoallergenic qualities, as the F1b Goldendoodle barely sheds at all.

    F1 Goldendoodles are also very good, along with multigenerational Groodles. 

    F1 and F1b Goldendoodles also have a higher hypoallergenic level, meaning that any hair that is shed is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. 

    These dogs are also very intelligent, loving, and good with strangers and children. They aren’t the easiest to groom thanks to their curly coats, but that’s the price you have to pay with most hypoallergenic dogs. 

    If this doodle breed sounds right for you, check out our guide to the different Goldendoodle varieties, generations and sizes.


    Labradoodles, otherwise known as a mix between Labradors and Poodles, are also good for allergy sufferers. F1b, F2, Australian, and multigenerational Labradoodles are the best for low-shedding dogs.

    F1 Labradoodles are not the best hypoallergenic dogs, however, as they shed more than other generations. 

    Similarly, F1 Labradoodles are more commonly known to cause an allergic reaction with their shed fur. This is because contrary to the believe that all Poodle cross breeds have curly coats, a lot of Labradoodles actually have straight hair!

    On the other hand, F1b, F2, Australian, and multigenerational Labradoodles are reported to trigger allergies in very few people. 


    F1 Bernedoodles are rated the best for low shedding dogs of this breed, although F1b, F2, and other Bernedoodles are also rated excellently when it comes to this category.

    Again, all of these types of Bernedoodles are considered to have an excellent hypoallergenic rating. 

    An interesting thing about Bernedoodles is that they don’t require as much grooming as other Doodle dogs, despite being great hypoallergenic pets. 

    Although Bernedoodles do make great pets, these dogs can grow pretty big, so you need to ensure that the have enough space to accommodate these friendly, four legged giants. To find out just how big Bernedoodles can get, check out this blog!


    F1 Aussiedoodles are more likely to shed than F1b or F2 of the same breed. This is because F1 Aussiedoodles have a 50% chance of being more like the Australian Shephard rather than the Poodle.

    F1b and F2 are more likely to have the coat of a Poodle due to them being later generations. 

    All Aussiedoodles, however much they shed, are reported to have a great hypoallergenic level. This means that any hair that does shed is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction for their allergy suffering owners. 

    Aussiedoodles do tend to come with higher grooming requirements, though, so this is something to take note of in case you’re wanting a lower maintenance dog breed. 


    Cavapoos are another breed that has been bred with the Poodle to make them hypoallergenic. Like Goldendoodles, Cavapoos are also highly intelligent, loving, and easy to train.

    These dogs are also very good with children and strangers. 

    Cavapoos are often used by allergy sufferers who want a lower maintenance dog breed. Depending on how curly their hair is, they will need less grooming than others.

    Any hair that is shed should not affect allergy sufferers too much, but people with severe allergies should look for a Cavapoo with a curly coat rather than a wavy one.

    Curly coats are most commonly seen in F1b and multigenerational Cavapoos. 

    Other Hypoallergenic Dogs

    Doodle dogs are not the only breeds of dogs that can be hypoallergenic, so let’s take a look at some breeds other than Doodles that will also work well in an allergy-suffering family. 


    Malteses are a small, short haired dog that is part of the Toy Group. They are famous for their ability to get along with kids and other animals.

    Because of this, many families choose to adopt Malteses into their homes. 

    Like other Toy Groups, Malteses are generally low maintenance dogs. They are fairly easy to groom, but they will require regular brushing if their coats are not trimmed every so often. 

    Afghan Hound

    Afghan hounds are large, long haired dogs that were originally bred to hunt. However, they are now mostly kept as companions. They are friendly, loyal, and gentle dogs that make wonderful pets. 

    Because of their size and long hair, Afghan hounds can be difficult to maintain. Their hair tends to mat easily, which makes it hard to brush out regularly.

    If your Afghan hound is prone to matting, then you’ll want to keep up with his/her grooming schedule and invest in a good conditioning shampoo. 


    Basenjis are small, energetic, and playful dogs that originated in Africa. They are known for their intelligence and love of water.

    They are also excellent guard dogs and can be trained to protect their home. 

    Because of these traits, Basenjis are sometimes adopted by families looking for a high energy pet. Thanks to their short coats, Basenjis are easy to maintain and groom. Plus, they don’t shed much at all. 

    Bichon Frise

    Bichons are medium sized dogs that originate from France. They are usually white or cream colored and sometimes come with black spots. Bichons are fun loving, smart, and extremely affectionate.

    They are also good with kids and other animals, making them perfect for families. 

    This breed of dog sheds very occasionally and any hair that does shed will be caught within their undercoat. This means that they will need to be groomed frequently to stop mats.

    Still, they are excellent pets for allergy sufferers. 


    If you’re considering adopting a new hypoallergenic puppy into your household, then you may want to consider a Doodle dog.

    There are lots of different types of Doodle dogs available, including Goldendoodles, Cavapoos, Labradoodles, and more. 

    However, there are also plenty of hypoallergenic dogs that are not Doodle dogs, such as Bichon Frise, Afghan Hounds, and Maltese. 

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