Things to buy for a Cavapoo puppy

things to buy a cavapoo puppy
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    Like all new additions to the family, getting a puppy brings excitement, anxiety, and above all plenty of preparation. When you decide to take on caring for a Cavapoo you will need to invest in some basic puppy paraphernalia to ensure a successful transition into your home.

    Before bringing your Cavapoo puppy home, there are some essential items that you should purchase. From necessities such as food and bedding to toys to play with and treats to reward, we list the best things to buy for your Cavapoo puppy.

    It really is important to make sure that you have everything your dog could possibly need to hand before you are distracted by their arrival – and that includes making sure that your home is ready and set up especially for them.

    Puppies require a lot of care and attention, so we have made a checklist of things to buy to give you a head start in preparing for your new arrival.

    Puppy essentials

    Good things come to those who wait, and whilst we have wanted a Cavapoo for what feels like eternity, getting one during the COVID-19 crisis has made for interesting timing. As we unable to visit the shops, we have spent our time scouring the internet and getting clued up on the best puppy products available online.

    With so much to choose from we have compiled a list of essentials – and they are all just a click away.

    Puppy food and drink checklist

    Small puppies tend to eat, drink and sleep the day away, only rousing for a boisterous play or a walk in the park. And, as Cavapoos are notorious for being fussy eaters it is really important that you start making the right food choices for them, straight away.

    • Dog food – To start with, your new four-legged friend will need to eat three to four times a day. A good breeder should provide you with puppy food on collection, or at the very least inform you of what they have been weaned on. We would strongly recommend that you get plenty of food in ready for their arrival. Even if you are not keen on the brand selected, it is important that you introduce any new dog food gradually, so as not to upset their digestive system. A growing pup needs food that is specially formulated for their developmental stage and weight. Puppies in particular need certain nutrients to help them grow strong bones and muscles, to feed their developing brains, and to build up their immune systems. Watch out for dog food that is high in calories and instead choose those that are low in carbohydrates yet rich in protein.
    • Food and water bowls – Your puppy will require two dog bowls. One for their food (which should only be filled at mealtimes), and another for their drink. It is important that your puppy has access to fresh water at all times and we advise that you invest in ceramic dog bowls – these can be bought on Amazon. These dog bowls are the best as they have steep, straight sides, keep water cool and are difficult for your puppy’s paws to tip over.

    Puppy beds and bedding checklist

    We all dream of a good night’s sleep, and the last thing you want is for your dog to disrupt your slumber.

    Just like a newborn, puppies need to learn how to sleep through the night. Whilst some may feel cosseted in a crate in the kitchen, others may prefer to nap next to your bed on curl up on a blanket in the corridor. All you can do is make sure that you provide a comfortable place for them to feel safe and relaxed.

    • Crate – Puppies should have a secure, cozy, clean space for them to sleep both day and night. Our plan has always been to crate train our Cavapoo in order to provide her with a place to escape, a haven to relax and somewhere we can put her when we are unable to supervise her. We have also been told that crate training assists with the toilet training process – so we will keep you posted on that! For more information check out our review guide to the best crates for Cavapoos.
    • Puppy bedding – Who doesn’t enjoy that feeling of falling into fresh bedding and deep pillows? In order for your puppy to sleep well it is important to have a comfortable bed for them to curl up in. It is always best to make sure that it comes with a washable cover in case of accidents and ensure that it isn’t stuffed full of lining that your puppy could potentially shred.

    indoor puppy training essentials

    Puppy training essentials checklist

    Puppies have very short attention spans, however, Cavapoos are incredibly intelligent. You can expect a puppy to learn simple obedience commands such as sit, stay and down from as young as 8 weeks old – especially if they are tempted with toys and rewarded with treats.

    • Dog toys – It is good to bond with your dog through playing, and balls and toys offer ample opportunity. But with so many on the market it is important that you chose an age appropriate, sturdy yet fun toy for your dog. Puppy Kong’s that can be thrown around and rope toys that can be pulled are always firm favorites. Teething puppies have an intrinsic need to bite and chew and if you don’t have an adequate supply of dog chew toys on hand, then shoes and furniture become the next best thing. If you would like to know the best toys for Cavapoos (tried and tested), check out our honest review.
    • Treats – Anyone with small children will know just how powerful a small snack or treat can be. The highlight of your puppy’s day, a tasty titbit will make training easier and helps to reinforce good behavior. However, remember that a little treat goes a long way, and try not to overdo them as they are often high in hidden calories. Take a look at all the different puppy treats that Amazon have available.
    • Puppy training pads – If you value your flooring and carpets, then you are likely to make toilet training a priority. There are mixed messages about whether you should teach puppies to pee in a specific place indoors such as on a pad or whether it simply encourages them to piddle in the house. Either way it can be a useful tool if you are not around all day to supervise your puppy. There are so many on the market, but you can’t go wrong with the BV Pet Potty Pads from Amazon.
    • Cleaning supplies – Have you ever heard the phrase mucky pup? If not, it might be about to become part of your vocabulary. From little “accident” puddles to scattered food debris, puppies are messy so make sure you have plenty of cleaning supplies on hand. Fast acting cleansers which are designated as being dog friendly are a good way to ensure your pet is protected, whilst helping to remove bad odors.

    outdoor puppy training essentials

    Puppy outdoor essentials checklist

    It is important to note that dogs aren’t born knowing how to walk on a leash. Therefore, training them with a lead and collar as early as possible is an essential socialization skill for both owner and puppy.

    • Training leash – You should never take your dog out without it being on a leash. This must have item should not only be worn for safety reasons but in some public spaces it is a legal requirement to have your dog on a lead. The best type of lead for a puppy is one that does not feel too heavy. It should also be kept relatively short so that you can have complete control. If you are looking for recommendations, seek our guide to the best retractable leashes for Cavapoos.
    • Collar – The secret to getting your dog used to wearing a collar is to buy one that fits your puppy now. It should be lightweight and snug enough that your dog can’t pull it off, yet large enough for you to place 2-3 fingers underneath. Resist the temptation to buy one they will grow into and accept that your puppy is likely to need a number of new collars as the grow bigger. All dogs should be microchipped at 8 weeks of age, but it is still a good idea to have a tag on their collar with a contact address.
    • Harness – Dog harnesses are becoming increasingly popular among dog lovers. They are particularly good for puppies as they don’t put any stress on your dog’s neck or exercise control by choking them when they pull. Depending on the type of Cavapoo you get, may mean that you have to shop around to find extra small, adjustable harnesses that fit and that are specially designed for growing puppies. Our Cavapoo has gone through many a harness in our search from something that is comfortable, stylish and practical. So to save you the bother and save you some bucks, find out which harnesses are best for Cavapoos.

    cavapoo puppy training pads

    Puppy grooming essentials

    There is no denying it, whilst your Cavapoo may look incredibly cute, puppies can pong. As this breed of dog is renowned for its curly coat it is important that your puppy learns the art of being pampered early on.

    • Puppy shampoo – After a roll around or a march through the mud, your puppy will certainly be in need of a bath. When selecting a shampoo for your puppy it is important to pick one that is aimed at young dogs as puppies have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by the harsh nature of most cleansers. Therefore, gentle puppy shampoo that is rich in vitamins will help keep their coats beautifully clean and healthy – and most of them smell divine too.
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste – Whilst dog kibbles and chews are recommended to help clean teeth, Cavapoos can be prone to suffer from periodontal disease. In order to prevent the onset of any tooth decay and the buildup of plaque, you should brush their teeth regularly. The best puppy toothbrushes to buy are those with long handles and soft bristles. Only use canine friendly toothpaste and pick a flavor that you think your dog will enjoy such as chicken, bacon or beef.
    • Puppy brush – Your Cavapoo will require quite a bit of time spent on coat maintenance as their fur is thick, wavy and easily tangles. You should brush your puppy every few days using a simple two-sided brush such as this one sold on Amazon. The metal side should be used for getting out minor knots, while the soft side will smooth and style the coat. Make sure you brush your puppy from early on, to allow them to get them used to being groomed.  When the fur becomes unmanageable it is always advisable to take your Cavapoo to a professional groomer. Here your puppy will receive a good trim every few months which will help to keep their coat in tip-top condition.
    • Nail trimmers – It is also good to invest in a pair of good dog nail trimmers as it can be super uncomfortable for your furry friend when they get too long. Just make sure that they are the right size, as if they are too small, they may not clip well, yet too big and they could cause an accident.

    Finally, last on the list but by no means the least important, is the requirement for puppy health insurance. Although the temptation may be to put it off whilst you have a fit and healthy pup, taking out a comprehensive insurance policy from the start could save you thousands in the future. For more information into the complexities of dog insurance and the best plan to purchase for your Cavapoo, read our guide to puppy insurance.

    Most Cavapoo breeders will provide your with a few weeks free insurance when you purchase your puppy, but if not, add this to your puppy essentials list so that it is already in place for the day you finally get to bring your pup home.


    So there you have it – our guide to puppy essentials. Online shops are bursting with gadgets and gizmos for puppies and dogs, but not all of it is a necessity. As long as your puppy has the key items listed above and is welcomed into your home with plenty of love and enthusiasm then your new Cavapoo won’t want for anything more.

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