The Benefits Of Owning A Cavapoo

The Benefits of Owning a Cavapoo
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    The Cavapoo, a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, is an incredibly popular mixed dog breed.

    They look like teddy bears, with wavy and soft coats that look incredibly snuggly. But is this the right breed for you? 

    The benefits of owning a Cavapoo include their affectionate temperament, their hypoallergenic coats, and their demeanor when it comes to training. These eager-to-please dogs are highly sociable and good for novice owners.  

    Today we’ll be looking deeper into these benefits, as well as touching on a few negatives to give you a better understanding of owning a Cavapoo. Let’s jump right in! 

    Benefits Of Owning A Cavapoo 


    One of the biggest benefits of getting a Poodle mix is that they’re hypoallergenic, and therefore good for allergy sufferers.

    Why should you suffer just because your nose can’t handle a bit of dog dander? 

    While there is no guarantee that a Cavapoo will inherit a low-shedding coat – straight-haired Cavapoos are much less likely to be hypoallergenic – it is likely that they will. 

    F1BB Cavapoos are most likely to be hypoallergenic as they have the most Poodle parentage in them. However, F1B, F2B, and F2BB Cavapoos are also likely to have a wavy or curly hypoallergenic coat. To find out more about the difference between these Cavapoo breeds check out on blog – What is an F1, F1b and F1bb Cavapoo.

    Intelligent Dogs

    Thanks to their Poodle parent, Cavapoos are highly intelligent dogs. While the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is another intelligent breed, Poodles are in a league of their own.

    In fact, they’re rated the second most intelligent breed out of 195 contenders by the American Kennel Club! 

    The Cavapoo will inherit its cleverness from both parent breeds, making them very responsive and quick learners.

    This makes training easier, as well as their eagerness to please (more on that later!). 

    Training a dog is one of the most daunting tasks of a new dog owner, so it’s understandable that this might play into deciding which breed to get.

    Thankfully, the Cavapoo makes training a joy. 

    Make sure to use positive reinforcement only as a training method, as negative reinforcement won’t go down well. Ignore their bad behaviors and reward them for their good ones.

    This is the most effective way of training a Cavapoo. 


    Cavapoos are very affectionate dogs. They enjoy cuddling up on the couch with their owner at the end of a long day, and they can be very good therapy dogs.

    It is thought that they get this trait from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who was originally kept as lap dogs by noble families. 

    If you’re looking for a companion dog, you can’t get much better than a Cavapoo. You’ll need a lot of free time to care for your Cavapoo, but this allows you to create a deeper relationship. 

    Cavapoos are excellent pets for any household, and owners often boast about the unconditional love they receive from their Cavapoo.

    Who wouldn’t want a dog who thought of them as the best thing in the world? 

    Good For Beginners

    Some dogs are simply better for novice owners than others, and this can be said for Cavapoos. They are relaxed, easygoing, and good to train – what’s not to love? 

    History has dictated that independent and assertive dogs, such as the German Shepherd, are more difficult for novice owners as they struggle to control them.

    Cavapoos are gentle and sensitive, which indicates an easier time for new dog owners

    If you are a new dog owner, you will probably be looking for a sweet, kind-natured lapdog that you can enjoy your days with.

    Welcoming a dog into your home for the first time can be challenging enough without stubborn and dominant dogs taking over. 

    If you’re worried about being walked over by your dog, a Cavapoo is an excellent choice, to begin with. You can get invaluable experience looking after a Cavapoo, not to mention a best friend! 

    Bear in mind that some Cavapoos might not be as easygoing as the majority.

    Those who have had a tougher life – perhaps from backyard breeders or abusive owners – might need additional TLC. Get a complete background of your Cavapoo before bringing them home, and always use a reputable breeder only. 

    If you’re adopting, make sure you ask about their history. All Cavapoos deserve a second chance at love, but neglected dogs need additional care. Please see our Cavapoo rescue and adoption guide.

    This might make them more difficult for novice owners. 


    Cavapoos are very social dogs, whether that’s with children, other dogs, or even strangers.

    You don’t need to worry about keeping them on a tight leash while you’re out, and they don’t need to be hidden away in another room when you have guests over. 

    Cavapoos will make friends wherever they go, which is an amazing benefit of any dog breed.

    It removes the stress you might feel over allowing them to approach others, as you know that they won’t act out. 

    As with any dog, this sociable behavior comes from proper training and early socialization.

    You’ll need to socialize them with other dogs, children, and adults during puppyhood to ensure that they mature into the friendly and sociable dogs we know they can be. 

    This trait also makes the Cavapoo an excellent emotional support or therapy dog. 

    Eager To Please Their Owners

    The Cavapoo is a loyal and loving breed, and they love nothing more than positive recognition from their owners.

    So much so, in fact, that they’ll be desperate to please you in order to make you happy. It is rare that you’ll see a Cavapoo ignoring or defying its owner. 

    This makes the Cavapoo easier to train than other dogs, as they lack the stubborn streak many others have.

    Cavapoos don’t have an issue with dominance and are more than happy to let their owners be the top dog in the house.

    Their eagerness to please is another thing that makes them good for novice owners, and you’ll rarely see a power struggle between them.

    Their willingness to do whatever you ask of them offers a more relaxed, closer bond between you which is lovely to share. 

    Drawbacks Of Owning A Cavapoo

    Ongoing Costs

    One of the biggest disadvantages of owning a Cavapoo is the ongoing costs of caring for your dog.

    Not only is this breed expensive to purchase from a reputable breeder, but you also need to consider the ongoing costs as well. 

    Cavapoos need plenty of grooming to maintain their wavy or curly coats.

    They should be taken to a professional grooming salon every six to eight weeks, and this can be expensive depending on the treatment you opt for and the location. 

    You should also consider the cost of premium kibble, sturdy toys, and vet bills.

    Cavapoos should have at least one routine checkup a year with a vet, and you should insure them to prevent any large bills should a health incident occur. 

    Ongoing costs for a Cavapoo are certainly not cheap, so you need to make sure that you can account for this before welcoming a new dog into your home. 

    Cavapoos need time and affection

    Aside from the ongoing costs, separation anxiety is one of the biggest complaints that Cavapoo owners have about them.

    This is somewhat unfair, however, as separation anxiety is one of the more common chronic canine disorders and can be found in any dog breed. 

    The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a reputation for suffering from separation anxiety, which is where the Cavapoo might inherit this from.

    Some owners have even stated that their Cavapoos went on an eating strike after being left alone for a prolonged period of time. 

    So, before welcoming a Cavapoo into your home, you must consider whether you have enough time to spend with them throughout the day.

    Cavapoos prefer an owner who can work from home rather than being at the office all day. 

    Leaving a Cavapoo home all day can leave them feeling bored, which is when they might turn to destructive behaviors.

    Cavapoos are highly intelligent and therefore need plenty of mental stimulation. If they don’t get this, they might start digging, chewing, or howling. 

    Most dogs suffer from separation anxiety – you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that likes being alone for the majority of the day – so this is something to consider when choosing any dog breed.

    If you need to be away from home for long periods of time, consider hiring a sitter to keep your Cavapoo company. 

    Grooming Needs 

    While a low-shedding coat is great news for allergy sufferers, it’s not without its drawbacks.

    Hypoallergenic coats are often double-layered, in which the shed hair gets trapped in the bottom layer to prevent it from falling out in your home. 

    If this hair is not removed by you, it can get tangled and lead to mats within their coats. Mats are painful and often need to be shaved out.

    They can pull on the skin, too, and lead to irritation and even infection. 

    To prevent this, you should brush your Cavapoo with a slicker brush every day. They’ll also need to see a groomer at least every eight weeks for the five-star treatment. 

    One thing that many dog owners forget about when it comes to grooming their pets is brushing their teeth.

    You’ll need to brush your Cavapoo’s teeth once a day to prevent periodontal disease. Check their ears for signs of pests or infections regularly, too. 

    Tendency To Bark

    Cavapoos are known for using their voices.

    They like to tell you when they see something outside that isn’t normally there, they’ll announce when someone comes to the door, or even just when they want attention. 

    Barking is a dog’s way of communicating with us, so we shouldn’t be too irritated by it. However, the excessive barking of a Cavapoo can be too much for some owners. 


    Overall, there are many benefits to owning a Cavapoo. They’re friendly and intelligent, amazing first pets, easy to train, and work well as emotional support dogs.

    There is no denying that the Cavapoo is a lovely dog to be in the presence of. 

    However, there are also a few drawbacks to owning a Cavapoo. They can suffer from separation anxiety, have high grooming requirements, and like to bark a lot.

    Their ongoing costs are high, too, so make sure you can accommodate them before welcoming a Cavapoo into your home.

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