Should I Employ A Dog Walker For My Cavapoo?

Should I Employ A Dog Walker For My Cavapoo?
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    If you’ve recently welcomed a Cavapoo into your family, or are thinking about adopting one, it pays to be prepared. One thing you might not have considered is how much exercise this breed needs. 

    Cavapoos are prone to separation anxiety, so hiring a dog walker can ensure they get enough attention and exercise throughout the day. Cavapoos are also active dogs, despite their small size. They need between 45 and 60 minutes of exercise a day, often broken into two or more outdoor sessions.

    Dog walkers are useful for busy professionals who don’t always have time to keep up with their Cavapoo’s energy demands.

    A bored Cavapoo can spell trouble for your belongings, so a dog walker can be a good option for many. 

    But is it the right option for you? Let’s find out.

    Cavapoos And Their Energy Requirements

    Cavapoos are often considered good for busy families with hectic schedules. They’re known for being adaptable, unlike some breeds that thrive on routine.

    They’re loyal, eager to please, and happy to do anything – as long as they’re spending time with their owners. 

    Cavapoos grow to between 9 and 14 inches tall, weighing between 12 and 25 pounds. They tend to be good with children and other pets, and love meeting new people. 

    But what about their energy levels? Well, these differ depending on the Cavapoo’s age, size, and health. However, the majority of Cavapoos will need between 45 and 60 minutes of exercise a day. 

    Exercise doesn’t always need to be high-intensity, but can also include playtime and walks. 

    Cavapoos also need plenty of socialization time throughout the day to make sure they don’t get bored or lonely. 

    Benefits Of Employing A Dog Walker

    Should I Employ A Dog Walker For My Cavapoo

    There are plenty of benefits to hiring a dog walker to look after your Cavapoo while you’re out or at work.

    These can be useful to both you and your dog, so it’s worth considering a dog walker if you think the following will make your lives easier. 

    Let’s check out the benefits. 

    Cavapoos Are Sociable Beings

    Cavapoos are one of the most sociable breeds, which makes them ideal companions for families with children and other pets.

    However, they’re also loyal pets to single households. They enjoy meeting new people when out and about, so doggy parks are one of their favorite places.

    So, if you keep them home all day alone while you’re out and about,  it’s likely that your Cavapoo will get lonely. This can lead to loud barking and whining, which might annoy your neighbors. 

    Cavapoos can suffer from separation anxiety, so it’s best not to leave them home alone for long hours every day.

    Hiring a dog walker can make sure your Cavapoo has some company to break up the time you’re gone. 

    Your Belongings Will Thank You

    Cavapoos are intelligent dogs and therefore can get bored quickly. Boredom will then lead to destructive behaviors, such as chewing, digging, and going to the bathroom inside.

    If you want to spare your belongings from being chewed by your Cavapoo, a dog walker could be an ideal solution. 

    Dog walkers can tire your dog out so that they sleep or relax for the rest of the time you’re away from home. This gives your Cavapoo less time to destroy any of your things. 

    It’s also been known for Cavapoos to eat things that smell like their owners when they’re away from them.

    This is due to their separation anxiety. We recommend leaving nothing that might smell like you where your dog can reach it. 

    You’ll Have More Time For Yourself

    Paying someone else to walk your Cavapoo frees up the time you’d originally spend doing this, so you can spend it on yourself.

    Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility, so sometimes you need to focus on yourself instead. 

    This benefit is especially true if you work long hours and don’t have much time in the evenings.

    If you only have a couple of hours between work and going to sleep, the last thing you might want to do is take your Cavapoo for a walk! 

    This is a very popular reason for hiring a dog walker. 

    Added Bonus Of Training

    Most dog walkers have experience with training dogs and will naturally do it while taking them for a walk.

    Your Cavapoo might learn new tricks or practice their old ones with a dog walker, which takes the pressure off you to spend lots of time training them around work, too. 

    Not all dog walkers will train your Cavapoo, but it’s worth asking potential candidates if this is something they’d do. 

    Cavapoos are very intelligent dogs so they need training daily. This keeps their minds working and their boredom levels down.

    If you don’t have time to train your dog, look for a dog walker who also offers this service. 

    Keeps Your Dog Happy And Healthy

    Exercise is vital for Cavapoos, and dogs in general. It helps maintain their weight and stops them from getting bored.

    If left untreated, boredom can even lead to depression in some animals. Cavapoos love to run and play, so if a higher weight stops them from being able to do this, they might slip into doggy depression. 

    Of course, no one wants this for their pet. If hiring a dog walker will help your Cavapoo get enough exercise throughout the day to remain happy and healthy, then they’re more than worth it. 

    Alternatives To Hiring A Dog Walker

    Should I Employ A Dog Walker For My Cavapoo

    If you don’t want to hire a dog walker for whatever reason, there are some alternative options.

    However, remember that your Cavapoo will still need enough exercise throughout the day, so you will need to take them on a walk before and after work, and train them. 

    Leave Out Mentally Stimulating Toys

    Cavapoos can get bored quickly, so leaving mentally stimulating toys throughout the house is a good way to prevent boredom from settling in.

    Treat-based toys are particularly effective as your Cavapoo won’t stop until they’ve eaten their reward!

    Enlist The Help Of Friends And Family

    If you have friends and family close by that wouldn’t mind spending an hour or two with your Cavapoo, use this to your advantage! And who could say no to that adorable face? 

    Take Your Dog With You!

    As we said earlier, Cavapoos are some of the most adaptable dogs out there. They’re happy as long as they’re with you and well-fed, so why not take them with you?

    If you’re going out to run errands or meet a friend, they can tag along. They might even be able to come to work with you! 

    Final Thoughts

    So, should you hire a dog walker? The answer is yes – if you don’t have enough time to give your Cavapoo enough exercise and playtime throughout the day, you should absolutely hire a dog walker. 

    A dog walker can give all of their attention to your Cavapoo, so they won’t get lonely or bored. They’ll also be able to work on their training skills, socialization, and exercise levels. 

    There are many benefits to hiring a dog walker, but you can also take them with you or ask your friends and family to dog sit for you.

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