Questions to ask when buying a Cavapoo puppy

what to ask when buying a cavapoo
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    In order to ensure that your furbaby arrives happy, healthy, and content it is important that you purchase them from a reputable home. The only way you will be able to do this is by asking the right questions upfront and viewing the puppy in person before agreeing to buy them. Failure to do so could see you being scammed or result in your cute Cavapoo becoming poorly and sick.

    Buying a Cavapoo is a big investment both emotionally and financially and so it is important to do some detective work to assess both the dog and the breeder. Here we list the most important questions to ask when buying your Cavapoo puppy.

    Things to consider when contacting a Cavapoo breeder

    Before you even get to the stage of contacting a breeder or seller, you must ensure that you have done your research on the breed so that you have some idea of what the puppy will look like, potential health issues and the differences in temperament.

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    The first interaction with a breeder usually involves a telephone call or email, where you will have the opportunity to ask some general questions. You should not be made to feel like time is of the essence and the conversation should flow as a two way interview with the primary concern being for the health and welfare of the puppy.

    If you get a bad vibe or feel like your questions are not being answered fully, then it may be best to seek out alternative places to purchase your puppy. As demand for Cavapoo dogs increase, so do the number of puppy mills (or farms as they are called in the UK), looking to exploit these cute puppies purely for money.

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    Top questions to ask when buying a Cavapoo puppy

    Below we list the most important questions that you should ask a breeder beforehand in order to determine whether your puppy is coming from a good home, is physically fit and well and whether its temperament is well matched to your family setup. So make sure to take notes on the following:

    Have both parents been health certified?

    This is really important as Cavapoos can be prone to a number of hereditary health issues passed down from their parents. This includes hip problems, heart diseases and eye disorders. By checking the health certificates of both parents will not necessarily guarantee that your puppy will be illness free but could flag up any potential issues.

    Ask to view the puppies parents?

    Although you may not be able to visit the puppy with its dad, it is essential that you see it alongside its mother. This will allow you to assess the mums health and temperament and see how she interacts with her litter and vice versa. Most good breeders will also supply you with the contact details for the puppies father so that you can make contact and check that you are happy with the lineage.

    Are the puppies well socialised?

    This was a big concern of mine, as we have held off getting a dog until our children were old enough to respect it. That said, I wanted to choose a puppy that had been bought up in a family environment and was used to children, pets, and general household noise. Most modern breeders will ensure that each puppy has plenty of interaction with people and their puppy siblings before they are sold.

    When is the puppy available to take home?

    The optimal age for a Cavapoo puppy to leave its mother is between 8-12 weeks. Any time before this, and the puppy may not have been weaned efficiently which could affect its future development. Leave it too long, and you could end up with a puppy with separation anxieties.

    Will the puppies come wormed and vaccinated?

    A good breeder should ensure that their puppies have had their first vaccinations (around the 8 weeks mark) before they are rehomed. They should also routinely deworm and deflea them for you whilst in their care and have a vaccination card to hand over to you. That said, you will need to continue worming them every 2 weeks until your Cavapoo puppy is 12 weeks old. After this they will need to be treated once a month until they are 6 months old and then at least every three months for life after that. Your puppy will also need to be vaccinated at around 12 weeks in order for them to then be able to venture out.

    Check out their breeding history

    Whether it is their first rodeo or they have been breeding Cavapoo’s for centuries you need to feel confident that your breeder knows exactly how to look after a litter of puppies and the health risks associated with it. Some may be members of a breeding or kennel club, in which case you should seek out a recommendation. Another way to check out their breeding history is to contact previous puppy buyers and ask them for references.

    Will they give you a healthy guarantee?

    Any good Cavapoo breeder should offer a health guarantee in case the puppy develops a life threatening condition within the first few weeks of their life. We sincerely hope this does not happen, but if for any reason it does, your breeder should be willing to refund you the cost.

    What food is your puppy currently being fed?

    Puppies have delicate tummies, so it is important that you keep your puppy on the same food as they were weaned on for the first couple of weeks that they are in your care. Your breeder should inform you in advance of the brand they are being bought up on, whilst others may even supply you with a bag. It is then up to you to decide what suits your dog best and gradually start to introduce it into their daily diet. Be warned, Cavapoos can be incredibly fussy eaters and what gets devoured one day may get sniffed at the next.

    Have any of the puppies been poorly?

    Newborn puppies are incredibly fragile when they first enter the world and it is not unusual for them to become unwell with urinary and ear infections being the most common. These are easily treated but your breeder should inform you of any problems and any medication they received.

    Will there be a contract?

    Most reputable breeders will provide you with a contract of sale. This state the responsibilities expected by both parties and proof of ownership for your records. Occasionally a breeder may stipulate that your Cavapoo dog must be spayed or neutered, but this should always be discussed upfront before purchasing.

    Will there be any future contact?

    Most breeders are keen to hear how the puppy is settling in at home and likewise, it may be important for you to keep in contact with them for the first few weeks, should anything out of the ordinary arise.

    Finally, you should be prepared for the breeder to ask you lots of questions too. Afterall they want to make sure that their puppies are going to a good home.


    Where you buy your puppy from is one of the most important decisions that you will make. The information you receive from the above questions should go a long way towards reassuring you that your puppy is likely to be a healthy dog who will grow up as a calm, obedient, long-lived Cavapoo.

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