How to Keep your Cavapoos Coat Healthy

how to keep your cavapoo dog coat healthy
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    Wherever we go, people remark on Rosie’s fabulous curly coat. The trademark teddy bear look is what Cavapoo’s are renowned for, but managing their magnificent skin and fur takes a lot of maintenance and care.

    We all want our dog’s coats to be shiny, soft and smooth, but poor maintenance, bad quality food and inconsistent parasite control can lead to greasy, dusty, dry, fur. In order to ensure your Cavapoo’s coat remains healthy check out our top tips.

    8 top tips for keeping your Cavapoo dog coat healthy

    The look and feel of your dog’s skin and coat are often good indicators of their overall health and wellbeing. But pet allergies, poor nutrition, exposure to stress and even the seasons of the year can all have an impact on the health of our Cavapoo’s coat.

    To help maintain the health of your Cavapoo’s skin and coat here are some easy things that you can do.

    1.  Remember to regularly groom your dog

    Cavapoo’s need more than the odd comb pulled through their hair, as the poodle fur can make their coat prone to tangles and knots. A good groom can also help to keep their coat free from dirt and assists with the natural distribution of skin oils which give the coat that soft and shiny look.

    If you are finding your Cavapoo’s coat challenging to brush, then it may be that you are not grooming them regularly enough. A well-groomed coat should be relatively easy to move a brush through and there is a certain technique that you should apply. If you need advice on how to groom your Cavapoo then check out our informative blog.

    We have found with Rosie that her coat is much harder to manage in the winter months. A combination of weather and central heating means that her fur is prone to matting much more easily. Plus, when she is wearing her winter dog coat, although the hair beneath it stays nice and dry, the areas around it tend to knot.

    We use an effective paw cleaner for our Cavapoo.

    2. Don’t over bathe your Cavapoo

    We all enjoy a long country walk with our dogs, but sometimes this can lead to a smelly, muddy pup by the end of it. But unless your Cavapoo’s fur is visibly dirty, then we strongly advise that you resist the urge to wash them.

    Overbathing your dog can lead to dry and sensitive skin so we would recommend purchasing something such as a paw cleaner (see on Amazon) which can remove dirt quickly whilst keeping your house mud free.

    What will determine how often your Cavapoo needs a bath are factors such as:

    • Fur thickness – depending on how much poodle your Cavapoo has inherited, will depend on their fur type. Some Cavapoos have coats which are double layered and prone to matting.
    • Coat length – too long and it can quickly become dirty.
    • Lifestyle – outdoor or indoor living and environment your dog lives in.
    • Activity levels – some dogs are quite sedentary by nature, whereas others love nothing more than going on a long run, bounding through woods and swimming in lakes and rivers.

    Depending on the above, some owners will choose to bathe their Cavapoos 1-2 times a month, whereas others may only require a clean a few times per year. If you would like to know how to bathe your Cavapoo then please read our step by step guide.

    3. Protect your dog from the sun

    Just like us humans, overexposure to the sun is bad for your Cavapoo’s skin. If your dog has light skin and short hair, then they will be much more susceptible to sensitive skin caused from the sun’s rays.

    Quite often Cavapoo owners assume that their dogs need a short coat in summer in order to keep them cool. The advantage of getting a shorter hairstyle however is minimal, because your dog’s fur is actually what regulates their overall body temperature. In fact, on certain breeds who are not meant to have really short fur, it can put them at risk of sunburn.

    It is much safer to keep you dog inside on hot days or provide them with a bed that is in the shade.  We also invested in a dog gel cooling mat (see on Amazon) which can help provide chilled relief for Rosie.

    4. Provide your pet with a nutritious diet

    Your dog should be fed a healthy nutritional diet all year round as foods that are rich in fatty acids, oils and vitamins can often support the skin, keep the eyes gleaming and coats glowing.

    Cavapoos can be incredibly energetic so they need some serious re-fueling. A quality dog food will do just this, providing them with plenty of energy to live a happy, healthy life.

    If you are interested to know the best food to feed your Cavapoo then check out our blog, as we explain the different types of dog foods available and their overall nutritional value.

    If your dog starts to receive an unnatural diet that is high in Omega-6 fatty acids which are usually derived from high levels of cereals and vegetable proteins, then it will show in the way they look. Instead of nice glossy fur it will be dull, dry and often start to shed excessively.

    5. Make sure you use parasite control

    One of the most common causes of skin complaints for dogs is parasites and fleas as they cause persistent scratching, generally around the head, neck and tail areas, and can lead to lose hair and bald patches appearing. If your dog has a serious flea allergy, then you may also see scabs and sore areas on their skin.

    Prevention is always the best treatment for flea control, and the options can vary from flea collars to spot on treatments, shampoos or tablets.

    It is really important to treat all pets in your household at the same time, as well as your home itself, as fleas only spend around 5% of their time on your dog and the rest of their time burrowing their eggs into our soft furnishings (yuck).

    Our recent blog – how to treat your Cavapoo for fleas – explains the different types of products available to treat your dog for fleas and the hazards of an infestation.

    Lightweight water bottle to help keep your dog hydrated on walks.

    6. Make sure your dog has plenty of fluids

    I am always telling my children to drink more and make sure that they are well hydrated and the same goes for our dogs.

    A constant supply of water is really important to keep your Cavapoo cool and hydrated in order to maintain healthy skin. And although they can’t get cellulite like us, they are made up of nearly 80% water, so your average sized Cavapoo will require 1-2 liters per day to stay fit and healthy.

    Make sure that if you are on a long walk you remember to take some water for your four legged friend too. We really enjoy our family hikes of a weekend and use this nifty lightweight bottle to ensure that Rosie gets a water break too.

    7. Keep your home clean

    We all like to keep our own homes spick and span as this drastically reduces the amount of dust floating in the air. Any excess dust will soon find a place to settle and you do not want this to be in your Cavapoos coat!

    By regularly vacuuming and polishing all rugs, curtains and any other materials that may gather dust can help to keep your Cavapoos coat spotless. And don’t forget to wash their bedding weekly too – after all we all enjoy settling down to slumber in nice clean sheets.

    Nutri-Vet Supplement for Dogs.

    8. Consider using natural dog supplements

    If you find that your Cavapoos coat has lost its shine, then you may want to consider using some natural supplements.

    We recommend Nutri-Vet as it can be given daily to help with dull, dry, flaky skin. It is high in Omega 3 fatty acids and promotes shine, strength and softness whilst supporting joint health and a healthy immune system especially in active dogs.


    A happy dog is a healthy dog, and a healthy dog should have strong, shiny skin and a glossy, glowing coat. Thanks to these top tips your dog will be shaking its fur wherever it goes and be the most envied pooch in the park.


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