How Often Should You Groom Your Goldendoodle?

How Often Should You Groom Your Goldendoodle?
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    Goldendoodles are known for two things – their amazing personality, and their coats. They are graced with thick, soft coats that are just divine. 

    As a Goldendoodle owner, it is your responsibility to keep on top of your Goldendoodle’s grooming needs.

    Luckily, their fluffy coats aren’t as intimidating as they first seem. The grooming needs of a Goldendoodle are quite straightforward.

    Let’s look at how you can maintain your Goldendoodle’s coat

    Taking Your Goldendoodle To A Groomer

    Professional grooming services are accessible to anyone who doesn’t know how to deal with their dog’s coat.

    How often you take your dog to the groomer depends on how you want them to look. 

    Some owners prefer their Goldendoodle to have a clean and tidy coat, while others prefer a wild and untamed look. 

    If you’re going for the former, you’ll need to take your dog to the groomers more frequently than if you were going for the former. 

    Even if you do want the wild and spirited look, you should aim to take your Goldendoodle to the groomer at least twice a year.

    This keeps their coats manageable and clean and allows the groomer to find any issues that your dog might have with their skin or coat. 

    If you’re only going to take them twice a year, the best time is at the beginning and end of summer. This keeps their coats shorter for the warmest months, therefore keeping them cooler. 

    If you’re a fan of the shorter coat on a Goldendoodle, take them to the groomer every six to eight weeks. This gives them enough time for their coats to grow out slightly without turning too unmanageable. 

    Groomers will deep clean your dog’s coat and make sure that there are no health concerns regarding it.

    They will also cut your dog’s hair professionally, trim its face, and cut its nails. 

    With a five-star treatment like that, we bet your Goldendoodle would like to go every single week! 

    Maintain Your Goldendoodle’s Coat At Home

    Between groomer visits, you can maintain your Goldendoodle’s coat at home.

    You might even prefer to do all of your dog’s grooming at home – and this costs less, too! 

    Goldendoodles don’t need bathing more than once a month, unless they get super dirty or start smelling. This is because too much bathing can dry out your dog’s skin, causing it to itch and create dander. 

    This might also affect its coat, causing it to shed more and leave them with hairless spots. 

    Make sure that you brush your Goldendoodle before and after a bath to ensure that there are no tangles in their coat. This will help you wash every hair and leave them with a better clean. 

    Goldendoodles often only need brushing once or twice a week, although this frequency might alter depending on your dog’s hair type. 

    Brushing more frequently can lead to a shinier and tidy coat, and it is sometimes necessary when your dog has a curlier coat. 

    When you’re grooming your Goldendoodle at home, make sure that you trim the hair above its eyes so that they can see, as well as around its snout to avoid food getting stuck there. 

    Take them for a walk every single day to keep them healthy, which can help their coat remain in top condition. This will keep their nails short too, preventing you from having to cut them so frequently. 

    Goldendoodle Coats

    There are plenty of different types of Goldendoodle coats, ranging from curly to flat.

    Curly-haired Goldendoodles get their genes from their Poodle parentage, while straight-haired Goldendoodles get more of their genes from their Golden Retriever parentage. 

    Even if two parents have straight hair, their offspring might still carry the curly hair gene. 

    The most common types of Goldendoodle coats are curly, wavy, and straight.

    Curly coats are the most common in earlier generations of Goldendoodle as this is where the Poodle genes are most prominent. 

    The most common type of coat for a Goldendoodle is wavy, and these have moderate grooming needs. 

    Curly-haired Goldendoodles will need more frequent grooming, as their compacted coats can get tangled easier than straight hair. 

    Alternatively, straight-haired Goldendoodles need the least grooming since they don’t have as many kinks to get knotted together. 


    Goldendoodles should be taken to the groomers at least twice a year, but more frequently if you want them to have a tidier look.

    A grooming session every six to eight weeks will make sure that their coats are kept short and manageable. 

    You can also groom them at home by bathing them once a month, brushing them a couple of times a week, and keeping them happy and healthy. 

    Curly-haired Goldendoodles are going to need more frequent grooming since they have more hair to get matted and tangled.

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