How much sleep does a Cavapoo need?

how much sleep does a cavapoo need
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    I am not a betting person, but if I was, I would lay money on the fact that whilst you are reading this, your Cavapoo is curled up fast asleep. This is because most dogs require between 9-14 hours of sleep in every 24-hour period.

    Age and lifestyle have an effect on how much sleep your Cavapoo needs. Most dogs require between 9-14 hours of sleep a day, although puppies on average need 18-20 hours in order to recharge their energy, ready for another day.

    But why do our dogs need so much sleep and how important is it that our Cavapoos get the right amount of rest for their age?

    How important is it for a dog to sleep?

    Just like humans, when dogs do not get enough sleep, they can experience anxiety, become irritable and often find it more difficult to concentrate. Afterall a good night’s slumber allows our dogs the chance to process their day, make memories, consolidate their learning, rest their bodies, build new cells and awake feeling totally refreshed.

    Sleep is a really important part of any dog’s day, be it a puppy who is constantly learning new things or an older dog who is using up all their energy in order to bounce around. But if they are not being given the opportunity to sleep or are placed in an environment that is too stimulating for them, then you will soon notice bad behaviour creeping in.

    How much sleep does your dog need?

    Just like humans, all dog’s sleeping patterns will vary, depending on certain factors such as:

    • Age
    • Breed
    • Environment

    It often comes as a shock to new puppy parents when they get their bouncing ball of fluff home, only to find that for the majority of the day, all they want to do is sleep!

    Puppies are like babies, and in order to physically develop, process new lessons and understand our grown-up world takes a lot of energy for our dogs. Therefore, it is not unusual for most puppies to need up to 18 hours of sleep a day. Failure to allow them to rest fully, can result in more nipping, biting and an over abundant attack of the zoomies.

    Even adult dogs require plenty of sleep averaging between 12 and 14 hours of shut eye per day. You may think this sounds a lot, but wild or feral dogs also spend their days snoozing, only waking properly to play and hunt for food.

    It stands to reason, that the larger the dog breed, the longer it needs to nap. This is why dogs such as Dobermans need slightly more sleep than their considerably smaller canine companions, such as Cavapoos, as they need far more energy to play and run around.

    If your dog has an active lifestyle or spends large amounts of it day having to concentrate (such as guide or police dogs), then chances are it probably won’t have the same opportunities to nap.

    Rosie likes her sleep!

    When will my puppy sleep through the night?

    Most puppies will find their first few nights away from their mum daunting, so it is really important that you do not put too much pressure on each other when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

    Another thing to remember is that most puppies are not physically capable of going for long periods of time without relieving themselves, and therefore, they will require a sleep schedule. If you do decide to crate train your Cavapoo like we did, then this may make it easier to toilet and sleep train, as most dogs tend not to defecate in their safe space.

    You can expect your puppy to sleep for six to ten hours a night and by around 16 weeks of age, most will have adapted and learnt how to sleep through the night. Time, consistency and plenty of reassurance will mean, that overtime, their ‘bedtime’ can start to coincide with yours.

    If you would like more information on crate training your Cavapoo, please check out our blog for top tips and advice.

    Do dogs sleep all night?

    It is not unusual for me to fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow, much to my husband’s annoyance who has flitted on and off with insomnia for many years. Luckily, our Cavapoo Rosie has no problems clocking up most of her sleep during the twilight hours too.

    This is because although dogs are naturally crepuscular (meaning that in the wild they are at their most active at dawn and dusk), most choose to follow the sleeping patterns of their owners.

    It is a well-known fact that we often suffer a bad night’s sleep if we are feeling stressed or anxious. Conversely, according to research carried out in Hungary in 2017, our dogs are much more likely to fall asleep quicker having undergone a stressful or negative experience. The theory behind this is that our furry friends are using sleep in order to separate themselves from the trauma of the day.

    Although dogs in general tend to have similar sleep cycles to us, the amount of time they spend in REM is 50% less. REM is the period when the brain is at its most active and dreams are most likely to occur. You have probably seen your Cavapoo when they are in REM sleep, as you will have noticed their bodies trembling, paws tapping and even their eyelids twitching.

    As dogs tend to doze off whenever they want, often out of boredom, it is not unusual for them to wake suddenly and jump to alertness. As a result, dogs require more total sleep to compensate for their lost REM.

    Although most dogs (with a little bit of training) appear to sleep through the night, they tend to nap on and off for short bursts of time.

    Top tips for helping your Cavapoo to sleep better

    For most dog owners we want to see our Cavapoos sleeping at constant times throughout both day and night. This shows that our dogs are healthy, happy and content in their home environment. In order to aid this, we should ensure that our dogs:

    • Exercise – this should always be based on your Cavapoos age, but most dogs will benefit from one or more walks a day. Afterall a physically tired dog is more likely to want to rest.
    • Enjoy mental stimulation – in addition to plenty of physical activity, we want to try and tire out our dog’s brains. Brain games or simple scent work are great activities to include alongside daily walks.
    • Are away from distractions – Cavapoos are people pleasers and are often on high alert for a cuddle. Therefore, if you want your dog to rest, try placing them in a room on their own where they can not be disturbed. Block out all stimuli through either covering windows or playing calming music in order to drown out the sounds of any background noise.
    • Can relax in a comfortable environment – Just like us humans, each dog is different and whilst one may enjoy fluffed up cushions and snuggly blankets, another may prefer a towel on a hard wooden floor. To find out what your Cavapoo finds comfortable, you should offer them a choice of sleeping areas to see which they prefer. Our Cavapoo has an incredibly curly coat and so is quite content without any covers at all.
    • Are left alone – We have all heard the saying ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ and this is something that we should instill with our children. Dogs need a place to go where they will not be bothered. This is not only for their own welfare but for the safety of our kids. Although most Cavapoos are incredibly sweet natured, all dogs are unpredictable – especially when suddenly disturbed.
    • Have regular nap times – in these modern times we all lead such hectic lifestyles, which can occasionally lead to our dogs missing out the opportunity to enjoy a daytime nap. Especially in lockdown with the family all our home, our Cavapoo has been reveling in the constant attention. It is really important therefore that you set aside specific times of the day when your dog can rest.

    Changes in your Cavapoos sleeping pattern

    Your dog should be a serial napper, but if you notice that your Cavapoos sleeping behaviour seems to have changed then there could be several reasons why. These include:

    • Change in diet
    • Ageing
    • Health problems

    If you notice a change or are worried about any abnormalities with your Cavapoos sleep, then please consult your veterinarian who will advise you further and check if the problem is more severe.

    It could just be a case of changing their feed, adding in a vitamin supplement such as these multivitamin chews (see on Amazon), or try increasing their mental stimulation with some brain games such as this dog puzzle (see on Amazon).


    We all long for a good night’s sleep, and the same goes for our canine companions, who will spend at least half of their day snoozing. And if you can’t beat them, join them, by taking the opportunity to enjoy a cuddle and some shut eye with your Cavapoo on the sofa!

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