How far can a Cavapoo walk?

how far can cavapoos walk
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    Cavapoos are a bundle of energy and excitement. And whilst they love going to the park, playing with doggy friends, swimming in river and canals and heading out on hikes, it is important to understand that their short legs may soon tire. 

    How far can a Cavapoo walk? Physical activity is an important part of owning a dog, but their age, health and abilities often determine how far they can walk. Adult Cavapoos can cover large distances, providing they have the strength and stamina to walk safely.

    Here we explain more.

    Can Cavapoos go for long walks?

    Cavapoos have short legs and so tend to have to spend a lot of energy walking, which can potentially lead to them burning themselves out if walked too much.

    But how much is too much and how long is too long when it comes to walking your Cavapoo?

    Cavapoos require a moderate amount of exercise and ideally this should be spread out throughout the week. They should be given the freedom to run around, explore and let off energy but they should also be given adequate time to rest, relax and recuperate. Because when it comes to walking your dog, it is all about balance and ability.

    As long as your Cavapoo has been trained over time to walk long distances and at a comfortable pace for them, then they will adore exploring the great outdoors with you. But remember, that this is a gradual thing and you can’t expect your Cavapoo to cover great distances right away.

    Cavapoo puppies that are unused to walking, should be started off with a number of short walks (no more than 5 minutes at a time). As your dog starts to grow in both age and confidence, you can gradually increase the time and distance they cover with each walk.

    Adult Cavapoo dogs that are in excess of 11+years, can still stroll great distances but at a much slower pace, depending on the condition of their health. Some older dogs may start to suffer with joint pain and arthritis so you should be careful about where, when and for how long you walk your elderly dog.

    How often can my Cavapoo walk per day?

    Just like the question of how far can a Cavapoo walk, how often you walk them really depends on the age and fitness of the dog.

    Although a fully grown adult Cavapoo can enjoy two walks of around 30 minutes in total a day, for some owners they may find that their dogs’ prefer just one walk a day or a couple of longer walks a week with a day off in between.

    We are a family of walkers, (in fact it was one of the reasons we decided to get a dog), and it is not unusual for us to take our Cavapoo Rosie out on a 6 mile hike, 2-3 times a week. She adores this, especially as on a weekday whilst we are working she can curl up in our office and get some much needed R&R.

    That said, a minimum of around 20-30 minutes exercise everyday is required in order to ensure that you meet your Cavapoo needs and that they are kept in optimal health both physically and mentally. This can be a combination of indoor or backyard play as well as walks outside.

    A Cavapoo puppy should have multiple shorter periods of activity, with most experts suggesting 5 minutes of walking for every month of age, up to two times per day.

    Therefore for a Cavapoo puppy this equates too:

    • 3 Months Old = 15 Minutes (Twice a day)
    • 6 Months Old = 30 Minutes (Twice a day)
    • 9 Months Old = 45 Minutes (Twice a day)

    If you are interested to find out more on just how much exercise is good for your Cavapoo check out our blog on How often should I walk my Cavapoo.

    When can my Cavapoo puppy go for its first walk?

    Cavapoo puppies can go for a walk outside once they have had their final set of shots and vaccinations. But bear in mind that most vets will ask you to wait a further week or two after the last injection to ensure that the immunisations have taken effect.

    In the meantime, we recommend practising walking with your Cavapoo puppy being on the leash in your backyard as it will get them used to the feeling of being led.

    Once your Cavapoo has been given the all clear then they should be ready to go for short walks with you. As your dog’s age will limit where you can go, we recommend that you stay local so that they get to know the sight and smells of your area.

    Dogs love exercise and aren’t great at telling us when they are tired. But do try to limit walk time together as you don’t want to overdo it whilst their little joints are still growing and cause premature arthritis.

    The idea is to make sure they get exercise every day to gradually built up strength and stamina so that your dogs exercise routine can eventually get longer.

    Can Cavapoos hike?

    This question was of particular interest to us as we are seriously considering a hiking holiday later this year and were in two minds whether or not it would be suitable for our Cavapoo Rosie.

    If your dog is new to hiking,then it is better to start with a variety of shorter walks on different terrains before jumping right in with a long distance trek. Just like with humans, it takes time for your dog to build up enough strength and stamina to safely ramble with you, without the worry of strains or injury – especially if they are walking on uneven ground.

    You should always check that the route is dog-friendly in advance of setting off. This will help when it comes to knowing the best places to let your dog off the leash and of any potential hazards coming up such as livestock, roads or steep inclines.

    It is also good to seek advice from your vet if you are doing something out of the norm such as climbing a mountain with your Cavapoo, as they can offer advice on things such as parasite cover – especially if you are taking them somewhere that is renowned for ticks, fleas or mosquitoes.

    As walking long distances is not new for our Cavapoo, and providing we incorporate plenty of rest days for her, we have decided to take Rosie with us on our hiking adventure.

    The benefits of walking a Cavapoo

    There is nothing better for clearing the cobwebs away than stretching your legs and enjoying a dose of fresh air. Walking provides time for some mental stimulation as well as offering a plethora of physical benefits for both canines and humans alike.

    Health benefits of walking for dogs of all ages include:

    • An energy burning activity that can help with weight control – obesity can be linked to osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance. It is estimated that about 50% of dogs in the United States are overweight and 25-30% of dogs are obese.
    • Joint health – encourages mobility and improves overall joint function.
    • Urinary health – regular walking helps regulate the digestive tract, prevents urine infections and provides your dog with a routine trip to empty their bowels.
    • Stops destructive behavior – If your dog is not stimulated enough during the day, then it can lead to destructive behavior such as chewing, barking and urinating in the house.

    Health benefits of walking for dog owners include:

    • Improved cardiovascular fitness – In 2020 Americas obesity rate stood at 42.4 percent with the UK not far behind at around 30%. Walking is a great great form of exercise with many studies promoting dog walking as a great way to combat the current obesity situation.
    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Stronger bones and muscles – like any form of exercise constant repetition and movement helps to strengthen and tone over time.
    • Decreases stress – walking is known to be a therapeutic form of exercise, so it makes sense that having a dog by your side – with their joyful enthusiasm and desire for fun – enhances the experience for all.

    The benefits of other exercise and training?

    Whilst dog walking is a great source of exercise for everyone and can be great fun, there will be times when you simply can’t get outside for a long stroll and have to make do with a quick whizz around the block or a play outdoors.

    But do not underestimate the benefits of combining different exercise options such as tug of wars, playing fetch, enjoying free play or even swimming, for your Cavapoo. Not only will playing with dog toys stop them from getting bored of the same routine, but by adding mental stimulation into their day will help to keep them on their claws!

    Another form of exercise that is great for your dog is agility. Not only does it help prepare your pooch for longer walks by building up muscle strength, but it enables you to teach your dog how to walk on different types of terrain such as balance bars. Running through tunnels helps them cope better with enclosed spaces and the sharing the experience of conquering an agility course together is great for bonding.

    Practicing some agility with our Cavapoo Rosie

    What do I need to walk my Cavapoo?

    Regardless of where you are walking your dog, or how far you are likely to go, you need to ensure that you are adequately prepared with all your dog walking essentials.

    Dog Leash

    The best dog leash is one that is durable and strong and will provide your dog freedom of movement whilst enabling you to keep them closely under your control. You may even require more than one type depending on the types of walking you will be doing. But, regardless of whether you choose nylon or leather, standard or retractable, you need to make sure that it is functional and fits your dogs correctly. For more information on the best retractable leashes for a Cavapoo, check out our recent reviews.

    Dog Harness

    Not everyone wants to use a harness for their dog, but for the types of walking we do, a harness offers our Cavapoo the most flexibility. Not only is it easy to clip on and off but with its neon coloring, it makes finding Rosie a breeze when she sneaks off into the bushes. A harness with a handle can also be good for those who are hiking as it is offers a convenient way to lift your dog over obstacles or in and out of cars. If you are unsure of which one to buy, then read our informative guide to the best escape-proof dog harnesses for recommendations for your Cavapoo.

    Dog Treats

    Whether you use them for energy, bribery or as a reward; if you are exercising your dog then we strongly recommend that you have a bag full of healthy treats at the ready. There are lots of different snack options for your dog on the market, but we particularly like ‘nudges‘, or rather Rosie does!

    Dog water bottle

    It is really important that we keep hydrated when exercising and the same goes for our dogs. And whilst most dogs would happily drink from a muddy puddle or lake, they may contain bacteria and toxins which could be harmful for our four legged friends. This is why it is so important to have fresh water to hand to give to your dog. We use this lightweight and convenient water bottlewhen we are out and about as it is compact, does not leak and allows any leftover water to be reused.

    Dog Poop bags

    We all know the saying ‘what goes in, must come out’, which means us responsible owners have to deal with the doogy poo. This is why as an owner it is really important to have a poo bag or two to hand. I have them literally stuffed in every coat pocket and in every handbag I own. I personally recommend the Earth Rated Dog Poop bags as they are super strong and have a lovely lavender scent to mask any strong odors.

    Dog winter coat

    Dogs feel the cold, just like we do, so it is important that we make sure that our Cavapoos are protected from the elements with a nice warm coat – especially when we walk them in winter. Offering an extra layer of protection, why not check out our guide to the best winter coats for Cavapoos?

    Dog carrier

    Cavapoos are a small to medium size breed of dog, so are relatively easy to scoop up and carry. What is great about a dog carrier is that it can not only hold all your doggy essentials, but it is the perfect place to put your dog should your Cavapoo get tired.

    Dog backpack

    If you feel that you have too much stuff of your own to carry, then why not get your canine companion to carry his or her own gear? With their very own rucksac, your dog really can be the leader of the pack whilst out walking, hiking or camping. We particularly like the look of this dog saddle bag, but there are plenty of others on the market.

    How to know when your Cavapoo is tired of walking

    Since Cavapoos quite often don’t know when to slow down, it’s good to learn the signs that indicate your dog needs a rest. These include:

    • Panting – If after a break and some rehydration, your dog continues to pant then it probable that they are out of breath and done walking for the day.
    • Slowing of pace – (or completely stopping in our Cavapoo’s case), indicates that your dog is waning and may need to rest their legs. If your dog is fatigued, then you should slow your pace or pick them up to allow them to chill out.
    • Wobbly on legs – If your Cavapoo looks unstable on their feet, then stop immediately and rest. You should check that they are not dehydrated or suffering from hypothermia or heatstroke.
    • Limping – Dogs limp for a variety of reasons with one of the most common being a sign of pain or overuse. If your dog starts to limp, and there is no obvious cause of injuries or cracks in their pads, then try and let you dog rest as much as possible.

    Can weather effect walking my Cavapoo?

    Although you can walk your Cavapoo at any time of the year, you should be mindful of the elements that your are exposing your dog too.

    In winter your dog will need to be wrapped up warm as small family dogs, such as Cavapoos, feel the cold. If you need some inspiration for best winter dog coats for Cavapoos then we have a compiled a tried and tested recommended list.

    When it comes to summer, it’s not just overheating that we need to be mindful of with our dogs, but their paws too. Although their pads are more robust than human feet they can still burn on a scorching hot day.

    Prolonged contact between paw and pavement is unavoidable when you want to walk your dog, but during the height of summer you should only venture out when the temperature drops and it is safe to do so. If you live in a hot climate, consider putting dog shoes onto your Cavapoo to avoid sunburnt or heat burned paws.


    If you are into walking long distances, then providing your dog is happy and healthy then there is no reason why your Cavapoo can’t accompany you. Just make sure that your dog has built up their stamina before attempting a hike and that you set off well prepared.

    Most Cavapoos have boundless energy and are able to walk or even run long distances by your side. Just remember to allow for plenty of rests en-route and plan some down days post exercise.

    See our post on running with your cavapoo!

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