How Do I Know If My Cavapoo Is Happy?

How do I know if my Cavapoo is happy?
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    Dogs can experience many human emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear, and jealousy. As dog owners, one of our main goals is to keep our dogs as happy as possible, right? 

    Most owners know when their dogs are feeling frustrated or anxious by their telltale behaviors. However, whether your dog is happy or not might be more difficult to determine. 

    Cavapoos are considered happy when they have a soft gaze, relaxed body and ears, a good appetite, behave well, and get plenty of sleep.

    They sometimes also let you know they’re happy by doing a happy dance!  

    Let’s learn more about the telltale signs of a happy Cavapoo. 

    Relaxed Posture

    Cavapoos will be relaxed when they’re happy, from their tail to their ears. They’ll often wiggle their entire body, and this is one of the most common signs that they’re happy.

    A sad dog would be slumped and rigid. 

    However, while their body will be relaxed, a happy tail will be slightly lifted away from the body. If the tail is lifted too high, though, it might be a sign of agitation or overstimulated. 

    Cavapoos have floppy ears, so they should be relaxed and placid if the dog is happy. On the other hand, ears pricked or pulled back could indicate stress in a Cavapoo. 

    Happy Faces 

    Cavapoos are known for their winning smiles. Their faces seem to pull up slightly into a smile when they’re happy, so look for their happy expression.

    Their jaws will be slack so their mouths might be slightly open. You’ll be able to see some teeth, but not in an aggressive way. Their tongues should also be relaxed. 

    However, some people confuse panting with smiling. Panting can actually be a sign of stress, which is the opposite of happiness.

    If their brows are furrowed, they might be worried or dazed. It’s rare that Cavapoos will bare their teeth, but this is a sign of aggression. 

    Soft Eyes

    Following on from the previous point, a soft look in Cavapoos eyes is a sign of happiness. They have relaxed eyelids and will blink regularly when they’re content.

    A Cavapoo’s eyes are almond-shaped, and they will hold this shape when they’re happy.  

    If they have squinted eyes or unnaturally wide eyes, they might be annoyed or scared. A Cavapoo often shows the whites of its eyes when they’re nervous or scared.

    You shouldn’t be able to see the entire way around the iris when your dog is happy. 

    Bowed Position 

    Cavapoos love to play, so it’s not uncommon to see them in a bowed position when happy. They will have their chest low to the ground with their bottoms high.

    This is a clear indication that they want you to interact with them and play. 

    If you ignore this behavior, you might see them slump and lie down instead. They’ll have their heads down like they’re sulking.

    This is because they are sad that you didn’t want to play with them. 

    Happy Yaps 

    A yapping dog is a happy one! You might be wondering how to distinguish between a yap and a normal bark.

    A yap will be higher pitched than their usual bark, and it will sound for a shorter period of time. 

    While the yap is usually a good indicator that your dog is happy, don’t just go by this alone. A yap could also mean that they aren’t feeling well or are in pain.

    Take in their posture, demeanor, and other cues to determine whether they are yapping because they’re happy, or if something is wrong. 

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    Getting Lots Of Rest 

    Adult Cavapoos can sleep up to 16 hours a day. Yes, please! If your dog is sleeping plenty throughout the day, they’re most likely happy and content.

    Dogs that are worried or nervous might not sleep as well because they are too wired to relax. 

    Again, don’t ignore a dog that’s sleeping throughout the entire day. Sleeping too much could also be a sign of illness.

    Your dog should be alert and energetic between relaxation periods. If you think that your dog is sleeping too much, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian. 

    On Best Behavior 

    Cavapoos are people pleasers, so it’s uncommon for them to act out and display bad behavior.

    So, if your dog is suddenly digging, chewing, or howling, there is probably something annoying them. Happy dogs will remain showing good behavior because they know that’s what their owners want to see. 

    Friendly Nature 

    Cavapoos are social dogs, so they love making friends with everyone. If they’re happy, a Cavapoo will try to make friends with children, other dogs, and strangers.

    They are one of the most sociable dogs, so antisocial behavior is very strange and worrying to their owners.

    If your dog is showing signs of antisocial behavior, don’t force them to be around strangers.

    Calm them down by yourself and consider reintroducing them slowly once they’re happy again. 

    Eager To Play

    Cavapoos are excitable and outgoing dogs who love to play. They’re also intelligent, so they love anything that will get their minds racing.

    A happy Cavapoo will be more than willing to play as soon as you show them a toy. 

    An unhappy or sick dog might not be as willing to play, so keep an eye out for them if you notice a change in their playfulness.

    This could be a sign of illness. However, it is possible that they’re simply tired, so don’t worry just yet. 


    Thanks for reading our article on how to tell if a Cavapoo is happy! The most obvious signs include their body language is relaxed, a smiling face, and no changes to their temperament.

    A happy Cavapoo will love to play and meet new people, and they’ll exhibit good behavior while listening to any commands you give them. 

    If you notice a change in your Cavapoo’s behavior, don’t hesitate to contact a vet for advice. A too-tired and slumped dog could be ill.

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