How Can I Take Care Of My Cavapoos Eyelashes?

How to take care of a Cavapoos eyelashes
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    Eyelashes can seem like insignificant features of our faces, but they’re actually very important. Eyelashes help to keep debris and other particles out of our eyes, and they do the exact same for all dogs. 

    But why do Cavapoos have such long eyelashes? Many owners are confused about this and how to care for their Cavapoos eyelashes properly.

    Luckily, it’s quite easy to care for your Cavapoo’s eyelashes. You will need to brush them to prevent tangles and mats and trim them every six to eight weeks as they grow back. Trimming their eyelashes is easy and will only take around 15 minutes.

    Learn more about your Cavapoo’s eyelashes and how to care for them by reading on! 

    What Is The Purpose Of Long Eyelashes On Cavapoos?

    Dogs with long hair, such as the Cavapoo, have longer eyelashes to keep their coats out of their eyes. While all dogs have eyelashes to keep dirt and debris out of their eyes, some dogs need more protection from their own hair. 

    Imagine the feeling of getting an eyelash trapped in your eye – not nice, is it?! It can be irritating and even damage the eyeball. Cavapoos have higher chances of eye irritation due to their long coats, so their eyelashes are vital in keeping them comfortable and able to see. 

    While the eyelashes do a good job of protecting their eyes from their coats, you should also keep on top of your Cavapoo’s grooming to make sure the hair around their face doesn’t get too long. 

    Looking After A Cavapoo’s Eyelashes 

    The only thing you need to do to look after your Cavapoo’s eyelashes is trim them. This prevents them from getting too long and falling into their eyes.

    While their eyelashes are so long to keep their curly hair out of their eyes, if they’re not looked after, they can do the exact thing they’re supposed to prevent. 

    So, trimming eyelashes is important. The general guidance is that you should do this every six weeks, but your dog’s eyelashes might grow quicker or slower than average. So, use your better judgment to determine when you need to trim their eyelashes. 

    How Can I Take Care Of My Cavapoos Eyelashes?

    Trimming Cavapoo’s Eyelashes The Correct Way

    To trim your Cavapoo’s eyelashes, you’ll need a comb and a pair of sharp scissors. You can either use dog scissors or hairdressing scissors. Just be careful with the sharp tips of any scissors near your dog’s eyes. 

    Step 1: Secure Your Dog

    Of course, when working near your dog’s eyes, you need to ensure that your dog is secure and steady. How you keep them still will depend on how large they are. For example, small dogs can probably be held underneath one arm as you trim their eyelashes. 

    However, larger dogs might need extra security. You could enlist the help of a friend to hold your Cavapoo, or you could try a safety harness

    Step 2: Clean The Eyes

    Take a clean and damp cloth and wipe their lashes to remove any crust and debris from around the eyes. Use gentle but firm pressure to clean the lashes properly. This will separate the hair and make them easier to trim. 

    Step 3: Comb Through The Lashes

    Use a clean eyebrow comb to separate the eyelashes. Pull the comb over the lashes, starting from the base of the eyelid and ending at the tip. If the eyelashes are too resistant, go back to step two and clean them again. 

    Remember to do this slowly so that you don’t pull out too many eyelashes. However, if you do find that lots of lashes are falling out – don’t panic! This won’t cause any pain to your dog. 

    Step 4: Trim The Eyelashes

    Use your scissors to trim the outer lashes, keeping the scissors pointed down towards their nose. Never hold the scissors pointed at the eye in case your dog makes any sharp movements. 

    Speaking of moving, if you find that your Cavapoo is squirming a lot, remove the scissors away from their face and calm them down before starting again. Don’t rush trimming your dog’s eyelashes, as this can increase the risk of injury. 

    Step 5: Repeat On The Other Eye

    Once you’ve finished trimming the eyelashes on one eye, repeat on the other. Again, start at the outside corner. If the first eye was stressful for your Cavapoo, wait a few minutes before starting the next one. 

    Step 6: Finishing Touches

    Comb your Cavapoo’s newly trimmed eyelashes again. This will ensure that they’re all straight so you can easily see if there are any long hairs still. If the lashes are still longer than you’d like them to be, repeat the trimming process again.

    How Can I Take Care Of My Cavapoos Eyelashes?

    Should You Clean Your Cavapoo’s Eyelashes?

    Aside from when you’re trimming them, there’s really no need to worry about cleaning your Cavapoo’s eyelashes. They don’t get overly dirty or crusty, and this breed isn’t prone to eye infections. 

    However, if you notice that your dog’s eyelashes are particularly crusty, you can clean them with saline solution or clean water.

    Wet a clean cloth and gently wipe the base of the lashes from side to side, then from the base to tip. This should loosen the crust enough to remove it. 

    What About Tear Stains? 

    Tear stains are brown, red, or black discolorations around your Cavapoo’s eyes. They can sometimes make it look like your dog is crying, but this is actually just from their overactive tear glands. 

    To get rid of tear stains, you’ll need to get to the root of the issue. Otherwise, they will continue to come back. 

    You might also be able to prevent them by cleaning your Cavapoo’s eyes daily with warm water. Dry around the eye afterwards to prevent any leftover water from contributing to the tear stains. 

    There are also dog shampoos on the market that can help remove tear stains, but make sure you’re using one that is completely safe for use on dogs. Ask your vet if you’re concerned about using shampoo around your Cavapoo’s eyes. 

    Cavapoo Eyelash Complications

    Cavapoos can develop conditions surrounding their eyelashes, just like most dogs. Here are some of the most common ailments that your dog might experience. 


    This is a common illness among Cavapoos, and it is also hereditary. It’s worth asking your breeder if the parents have a history of Distichiasis so that you can be better prepared if your dog develops it. 

    Distichiasis is where two rows of eyelashes grow from the gland opening instead of just one. This can make it more likely that the eyelashes will irritate the eyes, increasing the chances of eye infections and more. 

    Symptoms include swelling of the eye, twitching, and pupil contractions. Some dogs will have very mild symptoms, while others might need surgery to fix the issue. 


    This is otherwise known as an ingrowing eyelash. It might be difficult to diagnose as the eyelash is hidden inside the eye, but common symptoms include excessive eye watering and tear staining. 

    Treatments include freezing the hair follicles, although recurrence is a common issue with Trichiasis. Cavapoos might be at higher risk of Trichiasis due to their longer facial hair length. 

    Ectopic Cilia

    This loosely translates to abnormal positioning of hairs. Cavapoos that suffer from Ectopic Cilia will have eyelashes growing from the wrong place on the eye. Most of these misplaced eyelashes will be seen on the upper eyelid, and they can cause irritation and ulcers in the eye. 

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are more prone to Ectopic Cilia, so Cavapoos also have a higher chance of contracting it. 

    Treatment for this ailment includes surgery and freezing the hair follicles. However, Ectopic Cilia is often a long-time illness as the hairs can grow in the wrong place at any point in a dog’s life. 


    Thanks for reading! While not all dogs require eyelash maintenance, Cavapoos often need theirs trimming. This is due to how long their eyelashes are compared to other dog breeds. 

    Cavapoos often have such long eyelashes to prevent their facial hair from falling into their eyes. This prevents irritation and eye infections.

    However, if their eyelashes are neglected and allowed to grow too long, the lashes can do what they were meant to prevent and irritate the eye themselves. 

    Luckily, trimming your Cavapoo’s eyelashes is simple enough and won’t take too long. Remember to be extra careful with scissors around your dog’s eye and always have them pointed down towards their nose. 

    Wipe a Cavapoo’s eyes daily to prevent tear stains and keep the lashes free of crust. Other than trimming the eyelashes, however, there isn’t much in the way of maintenance for them. 

    If you think your Cavapoo is suffering from eyelash complications, consult your vet as soon as possible. They will be able to diagnose and book your dog in for treatment, reducing how long they’re suffering.

    For more information on caring for your Cavapoo’s facial hair, read our guide on How to Cut a Cavapoos Face Hair.

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