How and where to buy a Cavapoo puppy

how and where to buy a cavapoo puppy
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    Once we had decided that a Cavapoo was the dog breed for us, we set about our search to buy one and soon discovered that whilst Cavapoo puppies are popular, they are also highly in demand.

    Whether you want to buy your Cavapoo from a recommended breeder or would prefer to adopt from a shelter, there are some key things to consider. From their ancestry to their health, here we will explain the how and where to safely buy a Cavapoo puppy.

    It is so easy to fall in love at first sight and as there is money to be made in the cute puppy market, Cavapoos are a firm favorite for puppy mills and greedy, irresponsible breeders, playing on people’s emotions. But if you do your research correctly, then there is no need to pay big bucks for your Cavapoo companion and most importantly, you can rest easy knowing its background and breed.

    Here we explain more about how and where to buy a Cavapoo puppy.

    Where can I buy a Cavapoo?

    Cavapoos are definitely dogs that are worth waiting for, so try not to rush into any snap buying decisions. Because when you start to search the web, you will find Cavapoo puppies for sale everywhere.

    From classified ads to pet stores, animal shelters and breeders, it is important that you make sure that you follow our top tips to for making the right ethical decisions and to ensure that you are not being scammed.

    Buying a Cavapoo from a recommended breeder

    The best way to ensure that you find a healthy, happy Cavapoo puppy is to find a good breeder. This is often done via word of mouth recommendation or online. Most reputable breeders will be registered with your local state and should have a license.

    You can search for registered breeders through the American Kennel Club website or other well-known sites such as Trending Breeds which show breeders by state and region. We have also put together a number of list of where to find the best breeders across America and the UK.

    Respectable breeders often have long wait lists, but do not be put off by this, as a dog is a long-term commitment.

    Upon contacting a breeder, they should ask just as many questions of you as you do of them, in order to match you with the right puppy. They should, without question have done all of the relevant health testing and be able to show you all the necessary certificates. This will help to ensure that your puppy does not carry any genetic diseases that are prone to the Cavalier Spaniel and Poodle breeds. And whilst this is not a 100% guarantee that you will receive a puppy with no health problems, it is a good way of minimizing the potential for large veterinary bills in the future.  

    Most breeders will have their own websites, so that you can check out previous testimonies and see how professional they are. They may also ask for a holding deposit but be wary of anyone asking for the full amount of money upfront.

    Having chosen your Cavapoo most recommended breeders will allow you time to get to know your puppy before you take them home. This is always a good idea as it allows you to check out the facilities and see the puppies and parents in the breeders environment.

    How to avoid buying a Cavapoo from a puppy mill

    It is difficult to distinguish professional breeders from puppy mills as they are good at replicating information.

    Always be on your guard and avoid any breeder who only seems interested in the money side of the sale. They are likely to ask for a large deposit or for you to pay the full price for your Cavapoo upfront.  

    Beware of any so called breeder who does not want you to visit their property, and instead offers to courier or ship your Cavapoo to you instead. Another red flag includes puppies that are always for sale from the same breeder.

    In order to be safe rather than sorry, we recommend putting as much effort into researching your puppy as you would into choosing a new car or paying for a luxury holiday, as it will save you money and heartbreak in the long run.

    Buying a Cavapoo through a classified ad

    Another way to find Cavapoo puppies for sale in your area is to look on your local Craigslist or in the UK a site such as Pets4homes. You may find that a person close by to you has bred their own litter or that someone is looking to rehome their Cavapoo for one reason or another.

    As always, when buying a Cavapoo you need to be aware of potential scammers and ask the same questions of them that you would a breeder and always visit the puppies at their premises. Your Cavapoo puppy should be busy, inquisitive, happy and have a calm manner about them.

    If their eyes are dull and their coat scraggly then they may not be being well looked after. By seeing them and their mum and interacting with them, will allow you to make an informed buying decision.

    Adopting a Cavapoo from a Rescue or Shelter

    Before you decide to buy a Cavapoo puppy, you may want to consider whether an adult Cavapoo might be a better fit for you. Whilst puppies are little bundles of fun, they demand a lot of time, training and effort, whereas an adult Cavapoo may already follow basic commands, be toilet trained and is likely to be less active and destructive around the home.

    If you do want to adopt a dog that is older and wiser, then animal shelters and rescue centres are often the best places to visit. Here you may find your perfect Cavapoo just waiting to be rehomed.

    Pet adoption websites such as Petfinder allow you to narrow down your search criteria to look for specific breeds of dogs in your local area. Alternatively, why not visit your local animal shelter and see if any Cavapoos catch your eye.

    It is important to note that whilst shelter dogs cost much less than a dog from a good breeder, you are unlikely to know its full background and history and it may even come with behavioral problems.

    That said, quite often all a rescue dog can make great pets when given a second chance and often only need a loving home, time and consistency to completely change their personalities.

    Other ways to buy a Cavapoo

    If you feel like you have exhausted most avenues of opportunity when looking for Cavapoo puppies to buy, then there are other ways to seek out dogs for sale – but only if you are willing to be proactive.

    • Why not post on Facebook or local selling sites stating that you are looking for a Cavapoo puppy? This allows your local community to also be your eyes and ears who can alert you if any puppies do come up for sale. Just watch out for sellers contacting you who may not be legitimate, and as always ask the relevant questions and always view your puppy and its parents beforehand.  
    • If you know you want a specific breed of dog, then contact all the local experts in your area. From vets to groomers and even dog walkers, sometimes getting a Cavapoo is not about what you know, but who you know.


    Research is the most important factor when purchasing a Cavapoo, and regardless of where you decide to acquire it from, always make sure you have a good contract with the breeder, seller, or rescue group that spells out responsibilities on both sides.

    Make sure you go into any commitment with your eyes open and not just your heart, in order to ensure that you make the best long term decision for your family and your chosen Cavapoo.

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