Get That Perfect Doodle Haircut From The Groomers Every Time

Short hair is more comfortable for Doodles than longer hair, as it's cooler, easier to see, and hair doesn’t get so dirty. It’s easier to see their features, so you can admire their true beauty. These dogs are highly sought after! We want to see them properly. Grooming between groomer’s visits is easier, such as brushing. There is less hair to get tangled, and baths take less time. Shorter hair makes Doodles look like puppies. So, you’re getting the best of both worlds - a puppy-like dog without all of the shoe biting (hopefully!).
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    “How do you get your Doodle’s coat to look so perfect all the time?”. This is a common question that we are constantly asked when it comes to our Doodle dogs.

    We can’t blame them, Rosie does look incredibly smart. And that is because of what we ask for at the groomers. 

    Doodles are incredibly cuddly and fluffy dogs, but it takes the perfect amount of grooming to achieve the look, and it can be challenging to keep up with.

    Not only do you have to groom them at home, but you’ll also need to take them to regular grooming appointments.

    Taking your dog to the groomers can be stressful and worrying for owners – what if you don’t like the haircut? 

    Today we’re looking at how to ask the groomer for the perfect Doodle haircut every single time.

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    Is Cutting Doodle Coats Super Short The Way To Go? 

    We always ask for a short haircut for our Doodle, and there are a few reasons why we do this. These are: 

    • Short hair is more comfortable for Doodles than longer hair, as it’s cooler, makes it easier for them to see, and it means that their hair doesn’t get so dirty.
    • It’s easier to see their features, so you can admire their true beauty. These dogs are highly sought after! We want to see them properly.
    • Grooming between groomer’s visits is easier, such as brushing. There is less hair to get tangled, and baths take less time.
    • Shorter hair makes Doodles look like puppies. So, you’re getting the best of both worlds – a puppy-like dog without all of the shoe biting (hopefully!).

    There is nothing wrong with Doodle dogs with longer hair. If you prefer the wild and spirited look, then go for it!

    This is just not what has normally been considered the ‘perfect’ Doodle dog look, and therefore not something we would ask for at the groomers.

    Plus, long hair on Doodles means more tangles and matts, longer bathing sessions, and harder upkeep.

    If you have the time and effort to put into a longer Doodle haircut, then great! We just find that the shorter hair is much easier to live with and keeps our Doodles happier. 

    Finding A Groomer You Trust

    When thinking about the perfect Doodle dog haircut, the first thing you need to do is to find a groomer that you trust. This will instantly take most of the anxiety away from taking your dog for its routine haircut. 

    A groomer you trust will make achieving the right look and style you are picturing much easier. 

    Look for great reviews and many referrals from happy customers, instead of choosing one that is closest to your house. While you might have a groomer just up the street, one 30 minutes away might be much better for your Doodle. 

    Schedule the appointments over the weekend and make a day of it, exploring the new area while you wait for your dog to be pampered. This way, your dog gets a perfect haircut and you get to have a nice day out. Win-win! 

    For Rosie, we went on recommendations and couldn’t be happier with our groomer – we have even recommended her to friends and family as she is so fantastic.

    Referrals That You Trust

    Asking someone who already has a Doodle dog where they get their grooming done is always the best way to find a trusted groomer. 

    Remember, Doodle dogs have specific needs when it comes to grooming! You need a groomer that understands these demands and that can take them on. 

    Do you know anyone with a Doodle dog that you can ask for a referral?

    Make sure that you get the name of the individual groomer that they use so that you can request an appointment with the same person. 

    If you don’t know anyone local with a Doodle, turn to the internet. This is the second best place to get referrals, as it houses thousands of reviews from all of the potential groomers around your area. They generally have lots of photo’s of dog’s they groom as a showcase of their work.

    Facebook groups are another great way to get referrals, and sometimes even house better, more in-depth reviews!

    There will often be Facebook groups for dog owners in your area (bonus point if it’s a Doodle-specific group!) that you can ask for groomer recommendations.

    You could also search the group for previous posts about groomers, and find what answers other members had received when they posted the original question.

    Take A Print Out Of The Haircut You Want

    If you want a specific haircut from a groomer, your best bet is to take a picture of the exact haircut and show them on the day. This minimizes the likelihood of your Doodle coming out of its spa day with the incorrect haircut. 

    While taking a picture on your phone can be more helpful than no picture at all, the desired haircut can sometimes be forgotten.

    Groomers have a lot of clients – they can’t memorize everyone’s images! So, we find it much more beneficial to print out a picture that we want and give it to the groomer to keep.

    Get That Perfect Doodle Haircut From The Groomers Every Time

    Print out a few pictures of different Doodles from various angles and give them to the groomer for inspiration. 

    Make sure that the dog you’ve chosen to model the haircut has the same type of fur as your dog.

    If your dog has super curly Doodle hair, then a straight-haired Doodle’s haircut might not be attainable, and it won’t look the same on your dog. 

    You can ask to have the printed pictures back after your visit, too, in case you want to use them next time.

    Or, you could take pictures of your own dog’s haircut now that it is exactly what you wanted!

    Be Specific In Your Language

    Showing the groomer a picture is excellent, but you’ll also need to explain your desired outcome as well.

    This is the tricky part for most Doodle owners, because your language has to match up to the picture you’ve just shown them. 

    Our first tip is to repeat yourself. Don’t be afraid of saying the same thing in a different way, to make sure that you are conveying yourself correctly

    The groomer will understand what you’re saying, and what’s most important by how much you are repeating yourself. 

    Be specific and descriptive, and talk about the entire cut rather than just an overview. Let’s look at an example. 

    Example Doodle Haircut Request

    • Don’t use an electric razor on the body. Use an all-over scissor cut instead. This means using scissors for the entire haircut. 


    • Use one length all over the cut – between ½ and 1 inch.
    • Some groomers like to leave the hair on the legs longer than the rest of the body. Ask the groomer to make this the same length as the rest of the body. 
    • Ask for a ‘sanitary’ on the private parts, and shave around the entire area. 
    • Cut the tail to be shorter, rather than leaving it thick and bushy. 


    • We like the facial hair to be super short, and it keeps our Doodle happy,too. 
    • Trim hair around the eyes so that no hair is falling into the eyes. 
    • Keep the top of the head short so that the hair is not parting in the middle. 
    • Trim around the ears, keeping the hair fuller and not stringy. Ask for them to look like puppy ears. Ask for the hair on the inside to be trimmed as well. 
    • Ask for the groomer NOT to scoop out the eyes. This means to not shave around the eyes – you want them to use scissors. Tell them that you want all of the hair gone from around their eyes so that none of it is impeding their vision. However, this should not be done with a razor. 
    • Trim the bridge of the nose with scissors, don’t shave it. 
    • Cut the beard short! This stops it from getting messy or dirty often. 
    • Remove the mustache, too. The hair on the snout should be so short that it stands up instead of drooping down. The hair on the snout should all be the same length, in other words. 
    • Trim the cheeks so they are a similar length to the nose. 

    As you can see, there are plenty of notes to give your groomer!

    Feel free to print out this list and give it to them along with some pictures – adding anything else you want to request, too! 

    Give Feedback And Adjustments

    Bear in mind that, when your Doodle first comes out of the groomers, their hair will be freshly blow dried. This gives the fur a smoother look instead of the shaggy appearance that most Doodle owners love.

    So, don’t freak out when you first see them after their grooming appointment. 

    Their fur should return to its normal shagginess in a few days, so try to look at the shape of the cut rather than the overall look and texture. 

    Make sure to give your groomer feedback on how you like the cut. Most will ask you if there’s anything you want to be adjusted or anything that they could do better next time.

    Take them up on this if you spot something wrong with the cut! 

    If you say no initially but then spot a few things that you want to fix for the next appointment, write these things down so that you can tell the groomer about them on your next visit. 

    We would always suggest tipping well when it comes to your groomer. It is a service, and they do much more than just a haircut, so tip them generously!

    This will also help to build a better relationship with them, and they’ll be more willing to abide by all of your requests in the future.

    Don’t Be Afraid To Switch Groomers

    If you’ve gone to groomers with lots of great reviews and referrals, but are still not happy with the service, then don’t be afraid to switch! Find another with good reviews and try there. 

    We would suggest trying the groomer for a few sessions before giving up on them completely, so that you have enough time to work together to see if you can make the haircut work. 

    Get That Perfect Doodle Haircut From The Groomers Every Time

    If not, though – cut your losses and find a new groomer. There are plenty more out there for you to try! 

    Have Fun With The Haircut! 

    Remember, just like any human haircut, that Doodle hair grows back.

    Don’t be afraid to get adventurous with the cut and experiment.

    Ask for shorter hair in some places and longer hair in others, and see which results you like the best. 

    Even if you don’t like a cut or you’ve asked for their hair too short in some places, remember that it grows back!

    Doodle hair grows back faster than human hair, so you’ll only have to deal with the too-short haircut for a few weeks. 

    You could even do this yourself between professional grooming sessions so that you have a better idea of what you want to ask for next time! 

    Make sure that you get yourself some professional-grade scissors and clippers, and go to town!

    Just be mindful not to harm your dog, and research how to cut a dog’s coat first. We have lots of guides on how to groom different types of Doodles so take a look below:

    Additional Tips And Tricks

    Before we leave you to find your new favorite groomer, let us leave you with a few final tips to make sure that you feel confident and happy going into your appointment. 

    Start Your Grooming Appointments ASAP

    Begin taking your Doodle to the groomers as soon as possible, from a young age.

    This helps them to get used to the environment. It’s full of shavers, blow dryers, and barking dogs, so it can be a lot for a dog to get used to! 

    The last thing you want is for your Doodle to be nervous or stressed when going to their grooming appointment.

    This can lead to a skittish dog and therefore an uneven haircut. Plus, we want our dogs to be happy at all times, right? 

    You can take puppies to the groomers as soon as you bring them home. They might be too small for a haircut, but they can have other treatments like a bath and a nail trim, which can be helpful for getting them used to being away from you and pampered. 

    Doodles can get their first haircut from around six months old, so you have plenty of time to get them used to the environment. 

    Take Care Of Your Doodle Between Grooming Sessions

    A Doodle will often need a grooming appointment every six to 10 weeks, and during this time, their hair can get a little more unruly as it grows back.

    You can trim it yourself with some hair-cutting scissors to keep your dog looking neat and tidy. 

    If you’re not keen on doing this yourself, then you can leave the hair to grow out until your next appointment.

    However, always remember to brush their hair at least a few times a week to avoid any tangles or matts. 

    Groomers might be forced to shave your dog if matts become too unruly, so we need to keep on top of them!

    Brushing tangles out should be enough to avoid matts from taking over. 

    You should also brush your Doodle’s teeth regularly between grooming appointments to keep up with their dental hygiene.

    If you are unsure what to buy, then check out our Top 5 toothbrushes for Doodles.

    Make sure that you’re also taking them on regular walks to keep their nails nice and short. 


    We hope that this article has helped you feel more confident about finding a groomer for your Doodle, and how to ask for the perfect Doodle cut. 

    Make sure that you’re using the best groomer you can find, take pictures and notes with you, and be specific with your language. 

    Remember to give feedback and make adjustments wherever you see fit and have fun with the haircut!

    Keep tipping to build a great relationship with your groomer, and look forward to seeing your gorgeous pup after their pampering!

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