Do Cavapoos Like To Cuddle?

cavapoos do like to cuddle
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    The relationship between dogs and cuddling and showing affection to their owners is mysterious. Since Cavapoos are such high-energy dogs (especially as puppies), there can be instances where they want to run and play instead of staying calm during a cuddle. So with this in mind, do Cavapoos like to cuddle?

    For the most part, a Cavapoo loves to cuddle with its owners. Cavapoos are not exclusively solitary-minded dogs and enjoy the affectation and affirmation that cuddling provides them. Cuddling for a Cavapoo is a sign of validation and affection from its owner, but cuddling with a Cavapoo is best observed when the dog is restful.

    Cavapoos love mental stimulation but they also love sharing affection with their family. We notice both of these behaviors with Rosie, and this is why we typically wait until she is resting or relaxed before we dive in for a loving cuddle.

    But there are also instances where it depends on a Cavapoos surrounding environment that indicates whether or not they prefer to cuddle, as well as some genetic traits from their biological parents to consider. Read on to find out more.

    Are all dogs affectionate?

    Throughout history, dogs have taken on the mantle of being known as a person’s best friend, and this is certainly a true statement. Even reserved and stoic dogs or even hunting and yes, attack dogs, show a certain type of affection to their owners.

    Science has confirmed that there are verifiable traits that show how dogs show affection for humans, but much still remains unknown on why canines are drawn to humans and vice-versa. This goes for dogs both large and small, temperamental and docile.

    Even if you raise a family of dogs where parents and puppies co-exist, both generations will still show more affection to their human owners than to each other. With this in mind, dogs are certainly affectionate to their owners, and this goes for Cavapoos as well.

    Are Cavapoos cuddly?

    Cavapoos are very smart, which makes them easy to train and they have a gentle nature and upbeat demeanor, meaning that they are always eager to please.

    This makes a Cavapoo (or Cavoodle) ideal for busy families with children, seniors, and even singles because Cavapoos are generally adaptable to most lifestyles – but you will need to put the time in with them, and this includes cuddling.

    Cavapoo puppies are also energetic and boisterous which can put some potential owners off, but rest assured this behavior soon settles down as the dog gets older. With Rosie, we observed that she was very energetic as a puppy but there was a nice trade-off when she settled down and burned off her energy, and this was the time when she loved to cuddle most.

    If you are a potential owner who has a hectic lifestyle, or someone who spends a lot of time out of the house, then we would probably advise against getting a Cavapoo. This breed of dog needs a lot of attention and this is where cuddling comes into focus.

    If a Cavapoo does not directly come to you for affection, then it is best to read your dog’s mood as best as you can to see if they would be receptive to cuddling. In our experience, we have always found Rosie to be receptive to cuddles when she is tired, sleeping or simply laying on her mat, chewing on her chew toy.

    All experiences can differ but we can certainly confirm that Cavapoos do like cuddling and Rosie gets more than her fair share in our house as the kids are constantly pawing at her! But it is worth exploring the temperament of their parents to see if there is any evidence that backs up this delightful trait.

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a highly affectionate breed of dog that is perfectly content with cuddling as much as its owners will allow. In fact it is safe to say that this breed is a lap dog.

    Furthermore, this can also be witnessed in how this breed is relatively low-maintenance when it comes to strangers; after some initial barking, a Cavalier will become receptive to a person almost immediately and start commanding a belly rub! This is why Cavalier King Charles Spaniels do not make great guard dogs.

    This is a large reason why this breed is a perfect companion dog for therapy of any form. Cavaliers provide companionship and cuddly comfort to those who are ill, recovering from physical or mental trauma, and indeed, perfect companions for the elderly either living on their own or in retirement communities.


    The Poodle is a bit more of a temperamental dog breed when compared to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but they do still enjoy cuddling. Poodle temperament varies largely across the type of Poodle in question.

    If your Cavapoo’s Poodle parent is a standard Poodle, which is almost never the case, then this breed is slightly more reserved and a bit moody, but toy Poodles (such as Rosie) or miniature Poodles are the standard breeds of Poodle known for being a Cavapoo parent.

    Both toy Poodles and miniatures are affectionate, but are indeed a bit more energetic and preoccupied than the behavior seen in a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

    This can easily explain a mixture of the two traits that you get with a Cavapoo. A Cavapoo dog loves to cuddle but there are times when they are preoccupied and for that reason it’s best to wait until they have expelled some energy.

    What is the best time to cuddle with a Cavapoo?

    With this in mind, if you like to cuddle with your Cavapoo, when is the best time?

    Well, when a Cavapoo is playing, especially if you have a Cavapoo puppy, it is best to let them enjoy themselves first. Every puppy has excited moments (often referred to as the zoomies), but Cavapoos are naturally energetic and excitable dogs.

    Most Cavapoos should start to calm down and want to cuddle all the time once they have passed adolescence, although this can take up to 2 years. Rosie has always been exceptionally cuddly and at just 1yrs of age, she fights for her space on the sofa, spread out across everyones lap.

    If your Cavapoo puppy gets constant attention for being hyperactive then they are unlikely to wind down as they love to show off for their favorite people. Therefore this behavior can continue into adulthood.

    So remember to let your Cavapoo expel all their energy before you go in for a cuddle, but most of the time, they will show affection even if they are preoccupied.

    Like any dog breed, let alone a Cavapoo with their adorable floppy ears and teddy bear appearance, it is hard to resist going in for a cuddle during sleep. Cavapoos are receptive to cuddling if you awaken them with affection. They enjoy cuddling in the lap but will settle for laying their head across your leg or arm if that is all that’s available.

    Our Cavapoo gets constant cuddles

    A Cavapoo is also a family dog, so you can rest assured that they will show the same affection through cuddling with grown-ups, kids, and sometimes, even other animals.

    Does a Cavapoo let you know if they do not wish to cuddle?

    All dog breeds have different ways of expressing if they wish to be left alone. Most of the time, this is likely if they are occupied with a task, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, or exploring.

    If a dog is feeling ill (for example with ear infections), they will also let you know they appreciate your affection but they have no energy to cuddle due to the illness.

    The Cavapoo is a dog breed that rarely acts out, meaning you generally do not have to worry about this breed snapping at you or worse, biting you. If your dog doesn’t wish to cuddle, they may lick your hand and then go right back to sleep or, they may just simply look up and acknowledge you.

    In the most extreme circumstances, your Cavapoo may growl, snap or bark at you, but you can train your dog to not accept that this behavior is okay, but respecting their wishes is also important and should be observed.

    Are Cavapoos clingy?

    By nature, most doodles are clingy dog breeds. But clinginess can be very well-observed in the Cavapoo due in large part to the companion characteristics of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

    So if you enjoy your dog being in your orbit a great deal, this breed can certainly fulfil that.

    Beyond genetics, there may be some reasons why your dog is overly clingy if you feel that perhaps they are. One reason could be that you are showing your dog a bit too much affection. Yes, spoiling a dog is a very real phenomenon, and the Cavapoo can easily become spoiled.

    Dogs can adapt to their owner’s behavior and this adaptation pleases them because they feel that this best mimics the lifestyle of their owner. If you are a bit busy in your daily life, your dog may become more anxious and adaptable to exercising and experiencing their surroundings much more.

    Alternatively, if you live a quieter type of life, your Cavapoo may become a bit clingier because they are lacking both mental and physical stimulation.

    If you feel that your dog is too clingy, teach them how to enjoy and appreciate their own space and free time; encourage your dog that it is okay to explore the house or find enjoyment with their toys and do not shower them with affection all hours of the day and night.

    But it is important to remember that this breed is very attached to its owners, and clinginess is just a way in which a Cavapoo expresses its love and devotion to its owner.

    There is nothing wrong with your dog following your every step – Rosie even follows us to the toilet – but if this doesn’t agree with you, you can encourage your dog to enjoy their own free time. Just remember to give them affection and attention each and every day.

    Are Cavapoos lap dogs?

    This breed is certainly a lap dog. The Cavapoo loves to be with its owners, and it can be said that they view themselves rightfully as another member of your family or as your companion.

    Both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the toy or miniature Poodle also fall into this definition.

    The term lap dog comes from the fact that most small dogs enjoy sharing in the company of their owners, and will jump in their lap freely and happily to cuddle and spend time with you. Due to this breed’s high intelligence, you can also expect your Cavapoo to mimic your behaviors, and walk where you walk and sit where you sit.

    With this in mind, Cavapoos are not overly submissive dogs; they will certainly let you know that they expect to be cuddled and have the most dynamic and inquisitive of personalities.

    No matter where we are, our Cavapoo always has time for cuddles!

    What is a cuddle Cavapoo?

    When asking the question do Cavapoos like to cuddle, there is a reason that the term ‘cuddle Cavapoo’ is popular. But this breed of Cavapoo is a less well-known but certainly an affectionate breed.

    The Cuddle Cavapoo is the mixture between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a standard Poodle. They are characteristically larger than a regular Cavapoo and have a longer snout which is indicative of the standard Poodle parent.

    This breed gets the term Cuddle Cavapoo due to their larger size that makes them easier to hold and cuddle. The personality and temperament of this breed are indicative of the companion traits of the Cavalier and the more nuanced, individualistic traits of the standard Poodle.

    This breed is also a bit more protective of their owners even when there is no threat. This is a great breed of Cavapoo to consider if you wish to have a slightly larger dog in the breed variations.


    Do Cavapoos get separation anxiety?

    All dogs can experience separation anxiety. For most dogs, this is most exhibited during the puppy and early adult stages, and practically any dog that is put into a rescue or frequently rehomed goes through anxiety.

    Since Cavapoos are affectionate and enjoy cuddling, the sudden absence of their owners, be it going to the grocery store or worse, spending days or weeks in a kennel during a vacation, can cause a Cavapoo to develop this mental trauma.

    Thankfully, there are techniques and behavioral modifications that you can take to train your Cavapoo to become accustomed to being left alone and to overcome separation anxiety.

    Are Cavapoos temperamental?

    All dogs can be said to be temperamental in some respects, but when it comes to the Cavapoo, showing signs of a disagreeable temperament is very rare. This is due, in large, to the affectionate temperament seen with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the toy or miniature Poodle.

    If your dog is showing a disagreeable temperament, it is likely the result of some lack of needs that they are not receiving.

    It could be that you are feeding your dog enough or you are not allowing them to get enough exercise throughout the day. Additionally, this breed can become temperamental if they do not have enough space.

    Cavapoos truly appreciate having enough space to run and roam if they wish to do so, therefore, this is likely not a good breed to consider if you live in a small apartment.

    Are dogs cuddly when they get older?

    As a dog ages, it’s energy levels start to slow down and they become a bit more sedentary which is entirely common.

    This doesn’t always mean that they are overly cuddly, as they prefer to sleep a lot longer during the day with only intermediate bursts of energy.

    When older dogs are sleeping, especially older Cavapoos, you will likely find that they enjoy cuddling but they may not like being picked up and handled as much. Therefore, older dogs are cuddly if they are sleeping near their owners and certainly cuddly if they are next to you on a sofa or in your bed.

    Final Thoughts

    So, do Cavapoos like to cuddle? You can rest assured that a Cavapoo loves to cuddle as much as you will allow. There are instances where your dog will be preoccupied, certainly when they are playing or expelling energy, and it is therefore best to wait until they are not playing to go in for a cuddle.

    Rosie loves to cuddle all hours of the day and night but there are certain times that she enjoys doing her own thing and spending some time with herself. Essentially, it is best to judge your dog’s mood and current activity to determine if they prefer to cuddle or not.

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