Corgipoo Dog Breed Info: Corgi Poodle Mix

corgipoo dog breed facts and history
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    The Corgipoo, otherwise known as the Corgidoodle, is a crossbreed between a Welsh Corgi and a Miniature Poodle.

    Poodles are a popular breed to use when creating a new hybrid species, as their intelligence, disposition, and hypoallergenic coat are all attractive qualities in dogs.

    The Welsh Corgi also has highly desired features, making the Corgipoo an instantly popular breed.

    Let’s learn more about this beautiful breed.

    Corgipoo Breeding History

    The Corgipoo is a modern breed that has only been around for a few decades. This means that we do not know much about its breeding history – as there hasn’t been much to report on.

    Still, the good news is that you can learn a lot from the breed history of a dog’s parents.

    Poodle History

    Poodles are a descendant of European water dogs, and they have since worked as circus dogs, duck hunters, and truffle discoverers. These dogs originated in Germany and are now the national dog of France.

    These dogs are bred in three sizes – Standard, Toy, and Miniature. Poodles are considered elegant, intelligent, and highly sought after.

    Welsh Corgi History

    Corgis are so popular due to their presence in folklore and history. Children’s stories show that the Corgi was a companion for the fairies, who then gave the Corgi to anyone who needed protection in their home.

    Corgis can also be seen in history dating back to the Viking era. The Welsh Corgi is two breeds rolled into one – the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

    Corgis have been a part of the Royal Family since 1933 thanks to Queen Elizabeth II’s love of the breed.

    Corgipoo Appearance

    This breed is a small hybrid bred between a Miniature Poodle and the Welsh Corgi. Due to both of its parents being small dogs already, you can expect this breed to stand at around 10 to 12 inches tall. They’ll commonly weigh between 12 and 28 pounds.

    The Corgipoo has a rounded head with large eyes which are almost always brown. Their noses are average-sized compared to their muzzles and are dark and round.

    Corgipoos have strong and sturdy bodies, but short. This comes as no surprise when looking at the average Welsh Corgi’s build.

    You can expect a Corgipoo to look more like a Welsh Corgi when it comes to their build, but with the soft and shaggy coat of a Poodle.

    Corgipoo Coat

    There are many color possibilities that a Corgipoo can have, including black, brown, gray, cream, and white. The coat length is slightly longer than medium-length, but not too long. It will also be dense, much like a Poodle’s coat.

    Since it is mixed between the Poodle’s curly coat and a Welsh Corgi’s straight coat, you can expect the Corgipoo to have a wavy texture to its coat.

    Corgipoo Personality

    The Corgipoo is a high-energy companion dog that is incredibly loyal and affectionate to its family. They are great around adults, children, other animals, and strangers. Bear in mind that they do not like being left alone for too long – this can induce separation anxiety.

    The Corgipoo is a quick-adjusting dog that settles well around other animals and new faces but introduce it with caution just in case. The same goes for kids – while Corgipoos are good around children, make sure that the children are not engaging in rough play with them.

    Corgipoos need daily exercise to provide them with enough stimulation throughout the day. Make sure that they also have plenty of toys at home that can stimulate them, otherwise, they will quickly grow bored.

    These playful dogs are also relatively easy to train. Even though Welsh Corgis are very stubborn, the easygoing traits of the Poodle make the Corgipoo much easier to train than its parent.

    Corgipoo Maintenance

    Since Poodles are hypoallergenic, Corgipoos also have this trait. This means that they shed very little hair. Bear in mind that this is only the case if the dog’s coat resembles a Poodle rather than a Welsh Corgi.

    If your Corgipoo has a more similar coat to the Welsh Corgi, then it might not be hypoallergenic. This means that shedding will increase.

    Medium to long hair on a Corgipoo will need brushing once a day to prevent matts and tangles.

    To keep up with your dog’s maintenance needs, you’ll need:

    You will also need to clean their ears often with a solution recommended by a vet. Brush their teeth at least twice a week to avoid dental problems, too.

    Corgipoos have high energy levels and will need moderate exercise needs, meaning that they will need daily exercise.

    This dog breed is intelligent and eager to impress its owners, so they’re usually easy to train. However, this high level of intelligence also means that they need plenty of stimulation to keep them happy, otherwise bad behaviors might begin to develop.

    Corgipoo Exercise Needs

    Your Corgipoo needs to have a moderate level of exercise every day. A backyard is highly recommended when bringing one of these dogs home, as they need to get their energy out consistently throughout the day.

    Still, Corgipoos enjoy the company of their owners so don’t leave your dog unattended in the backyard.

    Corgipoos also don’t like being left alone for long periods of time, so bring them along whenever you can. Outings will stimulate their minds and keep them happy.

    The recommended walk mileage per week is 8 miles, and the recommended activity time per day is 60 minutes.

    Bad behaviors that can come from under-stimulation include chewing, biting, barking, and scratching. To avoid these, make sure that your dog is left with plenty of toys to keep him entertained while you’re gone.

    Corgipoo Health Concerns

    There are not too many health concerns to be worried about when it comes to Corgipoos, as their hybrid status tends to breed out the major health concerns that their parents come with.

    Just like any dog, there is a chance that a Corgipoo can develop any health concern, no matter its breed. Still, choosing a reputable breeder will hopefully prevent your dog from suffering too much in its later life.

    Here is a list of the major concerns when it comes to Corgipoos health:

    And here is a list of minor Corgipoo health concerns:

    • Cataracts
    • Patellar Luxation
    • Von Willebrand’s Disease
    • Glaucoma
    • Hypothyroidism

    As you can see, Corgipoos are often diagnosed with eye health issues as well as issues of the joints. It is imperative that you keep an eye out for any issues that might show your dog’s eyesight decreasing.

    This could be them bumping into furniture, not following the direction of a thrown toy, or simply not being as active as they used to be.

    At the first sign of a symptom, take your dog to the vet to be checked out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and catching a diagnosis early will hopefully prevent your vet bill from growing too high, as well.


    We hope that you have learned everything you need to know about the lovely breed that is the Corgipoo. A hybrid between a Welsh Corgi and a Poodle, the Corgipoo is a loving and intelligent dog that will fit into any family dynamic.

    These dogs require moderate to high activity levels and shouldn’t be left alone for too long. Make sure that you invest in some highly stimulating toys that will keep them busy while you are away from them so that they don’t turn to destructive behaviors.

    With an average height of 10 to 12 inches and a weight of 12 to 28 pounds, the Corgipoo is a small and loving dog that will make an excellent companion.

    Thanks to their Poodle parentage, they’re also very easy to train!

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