Cavapoo Rescue and Adoption Guide

cavapoo rescue and adoption guide
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    It’s hard to fathom why anybody could bear to part with a Cavapoo or any doodle breed, but thankfully, there are organizations across the US that provide Cavapoo rescues and adoption. In an ideal world, we would all cherish dogs no matter their pedigree, but certain breeds align better with owners and their families, and doodles are a lovable, fairly low maintenance, and moderately energetic breed.

    When looking for a Cavapoo rescue or adoption center, it may help to search for centers that specialize in all doodle breeds or poodle mixes. Although the Cavapoo is a distinctive breed, it is not as well known in the United States when compared to the UK.

    Rescue and adoption centers specialize in not just taking in unwanted doodles, but in extreme circumstances, helping provide a rehabilitative shelter for abused dogs as well. With this in mind, it is important to know that rescue and adoption centers may have thorough vetting processes in place to ensure doodles make it into loving homes.

    This article will cover all the basics you should know about Cavapoo rescues and adoption as well as a listing of rescues and adoptions in America and the UK.

    How do I find a Cavapoo rescue available for adoption?

    It’s important to know that not all rescue centers offer adoption and similarly, not all adoption centers serve as a rescue. For example, a common county animal shelter can be called an adoption service since this service is available; however, we all know the end-of-the-road fate for animals that are not successfully adopted in government-run animal shelters.

    This is why it is always important to look for the word rescue or rescues in a business name since this lets you know the animals are coming from dire situations. Many animal shelters will also allow rescues to take on as many pets as they can, which is why it is always a relief to see a large amount of no-kill rescues pop up.

    When looking to adopt, always make sure this is a service provided by the rescue, which is allowed and encouraged in most cases. A simple Google search of the breed you are looking for, followed by the words ‘rescue’ and ‘adoption’ is the best place to start looking.

    Remember – Adopting a Cavapoo is a great way to save money and improve a dog’s quality of life.

    We have compiled a list of the most reputable and Cavapoo/Doodle-specific rescues and adoptions in both the US and the UK for your convenience.

    Best Cavapoo rescues and adoptions in the United States

    Since Cavapoos are not as popular a breed in the US as they are in Europe, it is helpful to frequently check a range of rescues that specialize in doodle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Poodle breeds. One of these three types of rescues is where you are likely to find a Cavapoo.

    Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue

    Cavapoos are directly linked to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, therefore, any rescue or adoption for this breed would likely be one of the best places to search for Cavapoo rescues.

    Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue, originally founded in 1999 and incorporated in Florida in 2001, grew out of the need to rescue Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who are being kept in inhumane conditions for the sole purpose of breeding to supply puppies to pet stores and internet puppy sale sites. 

    This rescue’s purpose has since expanded to include other dogs in need, including Cavapoos since the breed is directly linked to the Cavalier. 

    This organization is comprised entirely of volunteers who assist in the rescue, transportation, rehabilitation, medical care, and placement of these gentle dogs throughout the United States and Canada. 

    Lucky Star strives to match each dog to an adoptive family where they can enjoy a happy, healthy life with the love of a family and companionship.

    Additionally, Lucky Star also actively strives to educate the public about the horror of some commercial breeding operations and the health issues so often present in purebred puppies purchased from pet stores, instead of from reputable breeders.

    Contact Information:

    Address: Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue

    P.O. Box 7054

    Carmel, CA 93921


    Cavalier Crazy Rescue

    In operation since 2010, Cavalier Crazy Rescue is dedicated to helping Cavaliers in need in Utah. All of this organization’s dogs live in foster homes, which eliminates the need for a shelter.

    All dogs are health checked for heart and knee problems, spayed or neutered, and are up to date on vaccinations, have microchips and dental checks are given when needed before they go to their new homes.

    Although this organization specializes in rescuing and rehoming Cavaliers, it doesn’t hurt to check their page for Cavapoo’s as well.

    The organization does offer adoptions for out-of-state adopters, but only if you are within driving distance of Utah. You must come to Utah to meet the dog you are interested in because the organization will not ship a dog door to door.

    If you are in the state of Utah, a home visit is required before adoption, and if you are out of state, photos of your yard are required and a home visit may take place if a volunteer is in the area. The organization will not adopt dogs to homes without a fenced yard.

    Additionally, any adoptions to families in apartments depend on the dog’s needs. This isn’t all bad news as the organization firmly believes that all adoptions are on a case-by-case basis and will work to find the right home for the dog.

    If it doesn’t work out, or you have a change of circumstances, Cavalier Crazy Rescue will always take its dogs back no questions asked.

    Adoption fees vary based on age and breed, but start from $100-$750. All adoptions include health checkups, spay/neuter, shots, dental work if required, microchips, new leash and collar, goody bag, and even a supply of dog food.

    Keep in mind that adoption fees are subject to change, and there are no guarantees that the rescue will have Cavapoos available for adoption at the time of your search.

    Contact Information:

    Email Address:

    Note: You must complete an application in order to begin the adoption process. Reach out to the rescue via email to arrange a phone interview.

    Doodle Dandy Rescue

    Cavapoos fall into the category of ‘doodles’ therefore, a rescue or adoption service that caters to this breed is likely the best place to look for a Cavapoo rescue.

    Doodle Dandy Rescue strives to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome doodle dogs in crisis, so that they are adoption-ready for safe and loving homes in the state of Texas. This popular organization strives to be a rescue leader in its community by implementing best practices in the treatment of dogs in its care. 

    In achieving their vision, DDR is committed to providing training and veterinary care to ensure the doodles they rescue have the ultimate opportunity not only to survive trauma, but thrive in their new life, and it is always a good sign to see an organization that is driven by its love of dogs and its values.

    DDR works to rescue doodle dogs from shelters and other situations where the dog is in danger or being neglected, therefore, it must be understood that if you adopt a doodle or Cavapoo from a rescue, there is the possibility that the dog may have come from a traumatic situation. 

    The dogs coming out of shelters, or that have been abandoned, are often injured, malnourished, and severely matted! By taking on a dog from here, you are giving them a new lease on life by receiving a medical assessment, treatment, and grooming as needed as well as behavioral attention as they transition from traumatized to secure. 

    Adoption decisions are primarily based on what is best for the individual dog and its needs since the organization wants to ensure its dogs are placed with families where the dog will thrive and live its best life.

    Cavapoos, like all doodle dogs, need loving homes

    Each application is reviewed against the criteria associated with each dog and meet and greets are scheduled with those who best meet the criteria. The rescue receives numerous applications for a dog, so please do not get discouraged if you are not chosen and continue to apply for other dogs. 

    Unfortunately, you must live within reasonable driving distance to the Dallas-Fort Worth area; as adoptions are decided on a case-by-case basis so be sure to address any questions you have when you contact the center.

    Contact Information:

    Email Address:




    Doodle Rescue Collective Inc.

    In operation since 2008, Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc., is a volunteer foster-based rescue comprised of a “collective” of over 800 registered volunteers nationwide.

    DRC is dedicated to the protection and rescue of doodle dogs and to providing educational resources and support services to doodle owners, aspiring owners, and enthusiasts. A wide range of doodles can be found at this rescue, and it helps to keep track of their inventory when you are seeking a Cavapoo.

    Through its programs, DRC provides refuge, safe haven, vet care, rehabilitation, transport, and quality forever homes for doodle dogs in need. The organization is also dedicated to providing support services and re-homing assistance for those needing to find new forever homes for their family pets. 

    To date, DRC has saved and placed over 4000 doodle dogs through its successful and highly regarded Rescue/Rehome Program.

    As a volunteer-based organization, DRC’s adoptable doodle dogs are housed in loving foster homes throughout the US and Canada and are cared for by dedicated and devoted volunteer families.

    The rescue works collaboratively and cooperatively with other responsible and reputable rescue organizations, shelters, animal control facilities, veterinarians, and animal care providers.

    This organization has an outstanding reputation and willingness to work together with other organizations to further facilitate their doodle dog rescue efforts. Thus ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of homeless doodles throughout North America and the world.

    What makes this rescue truly convenient is the wide reach it has across the entire North American continent. DRC does not ship dogs, but if your application is approved and all inspections and interviews have been successfully completed, you can adopt a doodle without living in a certain area.

    Only on the rare occasion when a doodle is fostered in an area of the country where it is difficult to place them, or if a particular doodle has special needs, will DRC consider transport. In those rare cases, transport costs are in addition to the adoption fee and are at the expense of the adopter.

    Contact Information:

    DRC is collected in various group pages on its website, therefore, the best way to get in touch with the organization is to sign up to the rescue on their homepage or send them a message through their Facebook page.

    Poodles and Pals

    The other half of a Cavapoo is made up from a Poodle parent, so it is also helpful to look at rescues that offer adoption of Poodles since a Cavapoo can sometimes find its way to these organizations.

    Poodles and Pals of Southern California are a small, non-profit rescue that was formed by volunteers who love and adore Poodles and Poodle mix breeds. The organization’s goal is to assist Poodles who find themselves homeless or surrendered by their owners to the program, or to help those at risk of euthanasia at local animal shelters.

    Poodles and Pals also seek to educate the public about this often misunderstood dog and the many popular doodles that are mixed with Poodles. Best of all, the organization does not discriminate against other breeds with Poodle parents, such as the Cavapoo.

    Poodles and other dogs staying with the organization’s foster families are evaluated for temperament and health. Any veterinary needs are always addressed by a veterinarian, and all dogs are spayed/neutered and updated on vaccinations prior to adoption, if not already completed by the owner.

    Poodles and Pals will also microchip each dog and sends a collar with each adoption. The organization does its best to match families with the right dog, considering their lifestyle, previous experience with dogs and with Poodles, and ensuring that they are ready to care for any of their new dog’s training and health needs.

    The organization also provides support after the adoption and will take the dog back at any time if the dog isn’t the right match for a home.

    Poodles and Pals will do a home visit prior to every adoption but are not able to travel long distances. Therefore, Poodles and Pals will only allow adoptions to those living in the Southern California counties of Western Riverside and Northern San Diego Counties.  

    Contact Information:

    Email Address:

    Mailing Address: Poodles and Pals

    PO Box 1389

    Nuevo, CA 92567    

    Best Cavapoo rescues and adoptions in the UK

    Although there are not any rescue centres dedicated to taking in Cavapoo dogs in the UK, there are many shelters and rehoming centres that are situated around the country that will take in this specific breed of dog, should one turn up on the doorstep.

    Therefore the best place to start your Cavapoo search is:

    Dog Shelters

    The three main rehoming organizations in the UK are the RSPCA, Blue Cross and the Dogs Trust. Here they take in all kinds of dogs, from puppies to seniors, miniature dogs to large, energetic dogs and a vast array of breeds including Cavapoos.

    The dogs here may have been abandoned, experienced cruelty or even born in their care. Either way, each dog comes with a story, and a personality ready-made!

    Cavapoo adoption is done via application and if successful,

    then you will be allowed to visit the shelter to interact with your chosen dog followed by a home visit. Remember that rescuing a Cavapoo is a big commitment, and whilst each centre can provide plenty of tips for settling and training your dog, it is ultimately up to you to ensure that your canine companion is well cared for.

    Whilst these are nationwide rescue centres, there are many local independent rehoming shelters situated all around the UK. It is always worth contacting them to see if they have had any Cavapoos enter their care.

    For further information, please check each dog shelters individual websites.

    Doodle Trust

    The Doodle Trust is an established and recognised charitable organisation that works without prejudice and with empathy for the rehoming of all Poodle cross dogs, which includes the Cavapoo.

    Here they take in all Poodle cross breeds and place them into foster care where they are assessed and well looked after before a new forever home is found. For this reason, a dog could be situated anyway in the UK, so if you are serious about adoption, then you must be willing to travel to see your chosen dog.

    Adoption is a two way process and each Cavapoo needs to be comfortable in your care. Therefore home assessments are carried out beforehand.

    The Doodle Trust will make sure that all dogs are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead and wormed, where necessary, before rehoming.

    If you are interested in discussing whether dog adoption may be for you, then contact the Doodle Trust using this contact form or by calling 07399 758241.

    This is a great website for people who are looking for dogs that might be available for adoption near you. These tend to be older dogs who have been put up for rehoming for one reason or another although there is a section for puppies.

    You can search by breed, so it is worth seeing if they have any Cavapoos up for adoption and then you can enquire from there.

    Doodle for rehoming

    This is a facebook page that has listing for doodle dogs that need rehoming. You need to complete a number of questions to be accepted into the group, and then an admin person will decide which dog is best for you.

    Is a Cavapoo rescue the best option?

    Rescuing or adopting any dog is always one of the most selfless and compassionate things that any dog owner can do. But there are some things to keep in mind when adopting a Cavapoo or doodle based both on the breed’s overall behavioral traits as well as traits that could be exacerbated by being rehomed constantly.

    Although Cavapoos are intelligent and somewhat independent, you will need to ensure that you have plenty of patience, time, and consistency in order to get the right message across just as you would have to do if raising the dog from the puppy stage. Like other breeds such as boxers and golden retrievers, Cavapoos and doodles are often devoted to their owners, but, sometimes this overly-loving behavior can turn into a possessive trait, and although they thrive around people and slightly older children, they do not cope well with just their own company.

    Therefore, if you work long hours or spend a lot of time away from the home, this can cause your pet pooch anxiety and even behavioral issues which can be hard to correct. This will likely include some separation anxiety that can also stem from any traumatic events in the dog’s past as well as being passed from owner to owner, shelter to shelter.

    As long as you know a bit about the potential behavior problems of a Cavapoo or doodle, as well as what to expect when adopting a rescue dog, you will be prepared for the adjustment period your dog will need to feel comfortable in its new home and with its new family.

    If you are unsure whether a Cavapoo is the right breed for you, you could consider borrowing a dog for a couple of days whilst the owner is on holiday to get a good feel for the breed. There are no plenty of websites offering these services including Borrow My Doggy.

    Things to consider before adopting a Cavapoo

    We have already talked a bit about Cavapoo and doodle behavior, but it should also be stressed that Cavapoos in particular can become prone to health issues.

    Cavapoos are prone to a range of genetic diseases affecting the brain, heart, and optical health of the breed. Additionally, Cavapoos can become emotionally attached to their owners as previously discussed, so always make sure you can devote enough time and attention especially when bringing home a rescue.


    This article has explored what you can expect when adopting a Cavapoo or doodle rescue as well as some of the most popular rescues that you can find in the United States. Rehoming a dog is a noble effort, and you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are providing a rescue dog with a well-deserved loving, and comfortable life.

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