Cavapoo Haircuts To Take To The Groomers

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    A Cavapoo (crossbreed between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) often have very similar coats to their Poodle parentage. 

    This means that it gets matted and tangled rather easily, so your groomer appointments are going to need to be more frequent. 

    But when heading to the groomer, did you know there were more haircuts you can ask for when it comes to Cavapoos? 

    Today we’re looking at the various haircuts that you can ask your groomer to accommodate, as well as more information on how to keep your Cavapoos coat as healthy as possible

    Grooming Your Cavapoo Puppy

    You can begin grooming your Cavapoo puppy as soon as you bring them home.

    We’d actually recommend it, as this will keep their coat tangle-free, and you never know when the last time the breeder groomed them was. 

    Give their coat a quick brush every day, running your fingers through their curls to make sure that you don’t find any more tangles. 

    Tangles can quickly turn to matts, so you have to keep on top of it! 

    Be gentle while brushing them, and make sure that they don’t think your brush is a toy.

    Praise them with a treat or toy once you’re done, positively reinforcing this behavior. 

    Taking a few minutes out of the day to groom them will get them used to the idea of grooming properly, making it easier and less stressful to take them to a professional groomer. 

    You’ll also need to brush them every day to keep their coats free of matts, so this can be good practice for the future. 

    When To Take Your Cavapoo To The Groomers For The First Time

    You can take your Cavapoo to the groomers at any time, but we recommend their first haircut to be around 2 to 3 months of age.

    This will just be for a quick trim, but again, it will get them used to the idea of grooming. 

    Bear in mind that they have to get used to the car journey to the groomers, being around other dogs, shears, and blow dryers, so it is alot for a dog to take in.

    A practice run at the groomers can be beneficial for everyone. 

    The Puppy Cut (AKA Teddy Bear Cut)

    The Puppy Cut and the Teddy Bear Cut refer to the same hairstyle, and this is a cut ideal for younger Cavapoos.

    It basically means that all of the hair is cut to the same length. 

    This keeps your Cavapoo looking fluffy and cuddly, and it might be the cutest haircut of all.

    They’ll look exactly like a teddy bear, which explains the name! 

    You can ask a groomer for the Teddy Bear cut and specify how long you want it.

    The Puppy Cut is often cut to between 1 and 2 inches in length, and you can decide whether you want their hair to be longer or shorter. 

    The Puppy cut often comes with their facial hair being trimmed and blended with shaping scissors. The same can be said for their paws. 

    Cavapoo Summer Style

    Cavapoos often have thick coats that can be warm.

    This is great for the Cavapoo in the winter, but imagine wearing a thick winter coat in the height of summer! No thank you! 

    The Summer Style is the ideal haircut for Cavapoos who need to be cooled down ahead of summer.

    It is basically the same as the Teddy Bear cut, but shorter.

    Your dog’s hair will be so short that you won’t even need to worry that much about tangles or matts, so you can take a break from the incessant home grooming routine. Win-win! 

    Summer cuts are extremely popular and it is important not to let your dog overheat in summer.

    We recommend using the Summer Style cut before every summer to keep your dog cool and comfortable. 

    This style is easy to maintain, simple to wash and style, and keeps your dog happy.

    Wild And Spirited

    Some people prefer the look of an untamed Cavapoo coat, and this is called the Wild and Spirited cut.

    This is best to use in the winter when a long coat is welcomed thanks to the cold weather. 

    Cavapoos with longer coats can just have a trim, bath, and brush at the groomers, leaving their coats long and luscious.

    The groomer can trim and shape the hair around their face so that there is no hair in your dog’s eyes, but other than that, leave the hair long and looking untamed. 

    Bear in mind that your dog will need more brushing if you decide to use this haircut.

    With more hair, there is a higher likelihood that they will experience tangles and matts. 

    It’s up to you to make sure that their hair is brushed every day to avoid tangles growing unruly, causing pain and discomfort to your dog. 

    Shaving A Cavapoo

    If your dog’s hair hasn’t been looked after properly and is full of matts and tangles, your groomer might have no choice but to shave their coat off.

    This makes their coat so short that their skin is almost visible. 

    Matting can cause all kinds of skin problems, such as infections and parasites, and is often painful for the dog in the first place. 

    So, if a groomer sees lots of matts down to the skin, they will often resort to shaving their coat off. 

    Luckily, Cavapoo’s coats grow back rather quickly and therefore they shouldn’t look too strange for many weeks.

    Plus, they’ll feel much more comfortable once their matts have been removed. 

    Shaving your dog is a drastic but necessary measure when you have neglected their coat.

    Make sure that you are brushing their hair at least a few times a week to keep them free of tangles and matts. 

    Frequency Of Grooming Trips

    There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should take your dog to the groomers, but Cavapoos are known for having quick-growing coats.

    To keep on top of it, you should aim to take them to the groomers every eight to 12 weeks. 

    A good way to keep track of when it’s time to take your dog to the groomers is by tracking the hair around their eyes.

    If they are struggling to see from the hair in their eyes, it might be time to take them to the groomers. 

    Make sure that you know exactly what you want from your dog’s treatment so that the groomer can abide by your wishes. 

    You might prefer the face and tail to stay longer than the rest of their coat, and this should be translated to the groomer so they know what you want.

    They will just trim around these areas to make it look neater, as well as trimming the hair away from the dog’s eyes. 

    Let them know that you want the Teddy Bear cut, the Summer Cut, or a Shave. 

    It’s always helpful to show the groomer a picture of the cut you want for your dog so that they have a reference of exactly what you’re asking them to do.

    Print the picture out and give it to them so that they’re not working from memory. 

    Benefits To Using A Groomer

    Some people like to groom their Cavapoos at home, and this is fine as long as you are safe and know the correct techniques to correctly cut your dog’s hair.

    It also works out cheaper as you’re not paying a groomer every few weeks! 

    However, there are some undeniable benefits that come with taking your dog to a professional groomer. 

    Grooming services are put in place to make owning a dog easier. We all have busy lives, and sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day to brush them.

    Regular grooming appointments can ensure that your Cavapoos coat is still well-maintained, even when you don’t have enough time to do it. 

    Groomers are also trained professionals and therefore know exactly what they’re doing.

    They offer you a number of useful services such as nail cutting, bathing, fly control, and more. 

    They also know what to look for when looking for any health concerns surrounding your dog’s coat or skin.

    They can identify anything wrong with your Cavapoo that needs medical attention, giving you peace of mind. 


    There are many haircuts that you can ask the groomers for when taking your Cavapoo for their treatment, depending on the weather and the condition of their coat. 

    The most common cut is the Teddy Bear cut, which is where the hair is all cut to the same length.

    This makes your Cavapoo look cuddly with a full, fluffy coat, exactly like a teddy bear dog should look. 

    Other people prefer the short hair look, and this is ideal for summer.

    A longer, unruly haircut is better for winter, but make sure that you keep up with the brushing demands! 

    Taking your dog to a groomer comes with a whole host of benefits, so book their appointment today!

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