Top 4 Cavapoo Breeders in California

cavapoo breeders in california
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    California is one of the most popular states in America when it comes to owning and breeding designer dogs. Cavapoos and other doodle breeds enjoy a great deal of popularity along the West Coast, and all regions of California have breeders that may come across Cavapoos from other breeders and sell them along with other breeds of doodles. In terms of Cavapoo breeders solely, there are a few options to consider in the state. 

    If you are looking for top Cavapoo breeders in California, then you may want to expand your research to look at breeders of different doodle breeds too. Breeders such as The Puppy Spot and Silicon Valley Goldendoodles all specialize in Cavapoo puppies and frequently have Cavapoo litters for sale.

    In this guide, we will offer useful information and contact details for 4 of the best Cavapoo breeders in the state of California in the United States. Be sure to check each breeder’s website to ensure they have Cavapoo puppies available, and if you are in doubt on how to approach the task of finding a reputable breeder, be sure to check out our frequently asked questions on buying a Cavapoo puppy. 

    Best Cavapoo Breeders in California

    Not all breeders listed below sell Cavapoos exclusively, but there are some businesses that have full-blooded Cavapoos along with other top doodle breeds. 

    cavapoo puppies in california
    Cavapoo puppies are so cute it’s no wonder they are so in demand! Make sure you check out the websites of these Californian breeders regularly for details of their next litters.

    The PuppySpot

    PuppySpot is a service committed to helping responsible breeders place their puppies with caring individuals and families in Los Angeles and San Francisco. But, more than just a service, PuppySpot is a community of dog lovers whose mission is to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes. 

    The PuppySpot brand, with puppies at the center, is rooted in the belief that dogs should be celebrated, and owners deserve to experience trust, confidence, and transparency when searching for their new companions. With a screened and vetted network of responsible breeders, PuppySpot makes fetching your new best friend a simple and enjoyable experience. PuppySpot uses a personalized approach that caters to the needs of those in search of a new furry friend as well as the breeders who are looking for their puppies’ forever homes. 

    Each breeder within the PuppySpot community is held to the highest standards, with health and safety for all dogs (not just puppies) as top priorities. Following a comprehensive, proprietary screening process, less than 10 percent of breeders who begin the PuppySpot review process are invited to join the exclusive community, thereby ensuring that both puppies and new owners receive a premium experience that is seamless and quality-driven. 

    PuppySpot is a great place to find Cavapoo puppies and is highly reputable since breeders use the quality service to sell their breeds without having to worry about their own advertising. 

    Contact Information:

    Phone: (855)-430-7488



    Windy Hill Doodles

    At Windy Hill Doodles, its breeders are first and foremost devoted to the health and well-being of all their dogs: sires, dams, and puppies. Located in the rolling hills of California’s eastern Stanislaus County, this business ensures puppies come from well cared for and loving parents. Here every puppy is shown individual love and attention to ensure that when they leave, they’re incredibly personable, sociable, and ready to become a loved and adored addition to your family. 

    All puppies are backed by Windy Hill Doodles’ health guarantee and have been groomed, vaccinated, and in all other ways carefully checked and cared for by veterinary staff. In addition to their regular physical exercise – from daily outdoor time and interaction with their fellow playmates to social health – every puppy (including Cavapoos) come with a peace of mind that they will be in great health for years to come.

    Windy Hill Doodles has beautiful, healthy, well-socialized puppies to choose from, so be sure to check and keep track of their available litters to see when Cavapoo puppies are available for purchase in 2021. 

    Contact Information:

    Phone: (209)-573-0418

    Address: P.O. Box 678

    Waterford, CA 95386



    Silicon Valley Goldendoodles

    Silicon valley Goldendoodles was started as a hobby out of a passion for the breed and has grown into a labor of love with a strong emphasis on natural rearing. These breeders are a group of dog-loving families, with a close relationship, sharing the same passion: raising up the healthiest and happiest puppies. Their puppies’ health and happiness are their top priority, and thanks to daily “hands-on” care with each puppy and its parents, they are confident they can provide you with a happy, healthy puppy. 

    They now produce a variety of doodle breeds, including Cavapoos, and all puppies are bred for excellent health and temperament and raised by families that are licensed and inspected.

    Each puppy is given a complete physical and vet check by a vet before being sold. The business frequently has Cavapoos, so be sure to check their available puppies list frequently. Silicon Valley Goldendoodles offers a fully refundable deposit as they want families to get a great dog that is a good fit for your family. 

    Delivery is available for a fee of $400 but only within the state of California. 

    Contact Information:




    Lipscomb Doodles

    Lipscomb Doodles is a small family breeder of Goldendoodles and Cavapoos and is located in Redding, CA. These breeders currently raise multi-generational puppies and are committed to providing quality, happy, healthy, socialized puppies. They strive to produce puppies with the very best temperaments, personalities, health, and overall conditions to ensure that each doodle breed is ready to adapt to its forever home. 

    All of their puppies come with a one-year health guarantee, vet- checks, first shots, and are dewormed on a regular basis. Extra care is taken in breeding to create the best puppies and thorough socialization is given after they are born. All of Lipscomb Doodles’ puppies are raised in their home with 4 children and on a 3-acre property. This breeder will take great care in matching you with the right puppy.

    Contact Information:

    Phone: (530)-604-2412



    Final Thoughts

    There you have it, a list of the best and most reputable breeders and businesses that produce and sell purebred Cavapoo puppies in the state of California. Make sure you check back to each business or breeder if no Cavapoos are available at the moment. Each seller has been vetted to ensure that only registered Cavapoos are being sold. 

    Always make sure each breeder provides applicable paperwork to confirm the pedigree of your Cavapoo. 

    Finally, if you live in another state of The United States, then please check out our other blog on reputable Cavapoo breeders on the East Coast of America.

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