Can Maltipoos Stay At Home Alone?

can maltipoos stay at home alone
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    Maltipoos are very sociable dogs, but sometimes there is no other option but to leave them at home alone. Perhaps you’ve been called into work for an emergency, your pet sitter canceled, or you need to run to the store for more dog treats. 

    But can you leave Maltipoos home alone? 

    Maltipoos will generally be fine at home alone for a few hours as a one-off. However, since this dog thrives on social interaction, you’ll need to put some precautions in place if you need to leave them alone for multiple hours each day. 

    Let’s look into how you can prepare to leave your Maltipoo home alone.

    Why Is Leaving A Maltipoo Alone A Big Deal?

    We know what you’re thinking – you’ve seen plenty of dogs be left home alone all day without any problems. This might be true for a small percentage of dogs, but these creatures are social animals and need attention to thrive. 

    Before you think about getting a Maltipoo, you should consider whether it will fit into your lifestyle or not. 

    Here are a few potential issues that can arise from leaving your dog alone for a prolonged period of time: 

    • They’ve destroyed your furniture
    • Your house is now a toilet for dogs
    • Items are buried into the couch
    • Everything has become a snack (eg. shoes, clothing, belongings)

    These are some of the most common issues that owners report when they come back after a long day at work. 

    It is common for these behaviors to arise when your dog suffers from separation anxiety. Most Maltipoos are predisposed to this, so that’s something to bear in mind. 

    It’s also vital that your dog is housebroken before you leave them alone for many hours, otherwise, you’ll come home to a dog mess and wet floors. 

    Anxiety In Dogs When Left Alone

    One of the main reasons for destructive behaviors in left-alone dogs is due to anxiety. But how can you distinguish this from the destructive behaviors of a bored dog?

    Before telling your dog off due to taking their boredom out on your belongings, first consider whether your dog has ever shown any signs of anxiety. 

    Signs of this could be tucking in its tail, trembling, hiding, or lack of control over its bowels. 

    If any of these signs are shown before you leave the house, then it might be a good indication that your Maltipoo has anxiety about you being away from them. 

    How To Help Your Maltipoos Anxiety? 

    It’s important to note that you might not be able to fix it by yourself. Some dogs need professional help when it comes to taming their anxiety.

    However, we will now look at our number one tip on how to lessen these feelings in your Maltipoo. 

    Keep Crate Usage To A Minimum

    Some people consider crates to be beneficial to anxious dogs but imagine if you were left in a metal wire box all day. Do you think that would help or hinder your anxiety? 

    While your dog might normally love its crate, leaving them in there all day is not the answer. 

    There are actually a few big issues that can come from leaving dogs in crates for long periods of time often. 

    The first issue is where they’re going to use the bathroom. Dogs need to use the bathroom regularly, so you might be left with a mess in their crate when you get home. 

    Crates also limit mobility, which can leave your dog with serious health problems if used multiple times a week for many hours. 

    How Long Can You Leave Your Maltipoo Alone? 

    If there is no way that you can bring your Maltipoo with you on your adventures, then you will need to leave them home alone. But how long is the maximum time you can leave them? 

    There is more for you to think about when considering leaving your dog alone, but the answers to these questions will give you a good indication of how long you can leave your Maltipoo alone: 

    1. Can Your Maltipoo Get Himself Outside For Potty Breaks? 

    If your dog can let himself out of the house to use the bathroom freely, then you’ll be able to leave him for longer periods of time. 

    However, if you need to let him out and back into the house, you won’t be able to leave him for as long. You should not leave him alone without the possibility of toilet breaks every 4 to 5 hours. 

    If you’re going to be away longer than this, you should make sure that someone else can come and let your dog out for its potty breaks. 

    Bear in mind that puppies will need to be let outside every 2 hours as they have less control over their bowels. 

    2. Does Your Maltipoo Have Free Rein In The House?

    You can leave dogs for longer periods of time if they have ample room to move about. They need as much room as possible to move from room to room when they’re bored. Extra points if they can run! 

    However, if you can only leave them in their crate while you’re away, then you’ll need to be back within a couple of hours. Crates should not be used consistently for complete work days.  

    3. Have You Got Plenty Of Stimulating Toys Around For Your Maltipoo To Play With?

    Maltipoos are intelligent dogs thanks to their Poodle parentage, so they need to be kept sufficiently stimulated while you’re away. 

    This can be managed by ensuring plenty of stimulating toys are kept around the house for your dog to find while you’re gone. 

    An excellent example is a KONG toy full of treats. You can even put moistened dog kibble in it. 

    We’d recommend getting plenty of these, as well as similar toys, to keep them busy. The more they have to play with, the longer your Maltipoo should be okay on their own. 

    Plus, your items won’t get chewed and ruined! 

    4. Is Your Maltipoo’s Space Temperature Controlled?

     If you’re leaving your dog outside, then you need to consider the possibility of weather changes. Is there somewhere for them to take shelter if it suddenly starts raining or becomes super cold? 

    The same needs to be available in case the sun comes out and they need to keep in the shade to cool down. 

    A great solution for this is a dog kennel that is insulated. This can be a safe space for your dog to hide out while you’re away. 

    Alternatively, a doggy door inside the house is another good option. 

    As long as your dog can keep themselves safe during any unforeseen weather changes, you can remain away from them for longer periods of time.

    For more information, check out our blog How do I know if my dog is cold at night?

    5. Have You Left Your Maltipoo Plenty Of Food And Fresh Water?

    One of the most important things to your dog’s health (and your belongings!) is that your dog has enough food and water to see them through however long you’re going to be gone. 

    You can choose when your dog has its mealtimes (like before and after you get home), but there should always be more than enough fresh water for your dog. This is especially true for warm summers. 

    Luckily, this is simple to manage just by buying another water bowl. Without enough water, you should not leave your dog for longer than 2 hours. 

    What About Leaving Maltipoo Puppies Alone? 

    Puppies are much needier than mature dogs, so don’t think that you can leave a puppy Maltipoo alone for the same amount of time that you can leave an adult. 

    Remember that you cannot leave a Maltipoo puppy under 6 months old longer than 2 hours at a time. 

    Puppies need to stick to a strict food and crate schedule to create a routine for them. You need to be around to make sure that you can provide this food, allowing them to grow healthily. 

    If you leave them for too long without a crate schedule, you’ll add months onto the training process. 

    When in doubt, don’t leave your Maltipoo puppy at home alone. Find a pet sitter or ask a family member to help out with some of the responsibilities if you need to leave the house. 

    A Recipe For Success: Leaving Your Maltipoo At Home

    There are many ways you can successfully leave your Maltipoo at home alone. We’ve already touched upon how you can keep your dog happy and healthy while you’re gone, but what about preparing them for the time apart from you? 

    Here are a few things to keep in mind before leaving your Maltipoo home alone. 

    Tire Your Maltipoo Out!

    If you can tire your dog out before you leave the house, the chances are higher that they’ll sleep and rest for the majority of their alone time. 

    Tire them out by taking them on a sufficient walk – and don’t forget the ball to play fetch! Maltipoos need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, so keep to this recommendation to get the energy burned. 

    Another thing that you might have overlooked, however, is mental stimulation. Tiring them out mentally will help prevent them from getting too bored while you’re away. 

    Maltipoos are intelligent creatures, so make sure you play some mental games with them before you leave. This includes training, brain exercises, and hiding toys for them to sniff out and find. 

    Keep The TV On

    Televisions are quickly becoming one of the best babysitters for dogs out there, so why not hop on the trend and let your dog watch some TV while you’re out? 

    Your Maltipoo might become engrossed in a movie marathon or new TV show while you’re out. 

    YouTube also has plenty of dog-friendly videos which can keep them occupied, so consider these if your TV supports streaming YouTube through it. 

    The background noise of TV can also help alleviate the anxiety that your dog might be feeling due to your absence. 

    Hide Lots Of Treats Around The House

    Dog treat puzzles are an excellent way to keep your dog stimulated and satisfied before you get home. We’ve already mentioned the KONG toys, and these will keep your dog chewing for hours. 

    There are plenty more out there, though, such as the Outward Hound Pet Brick. This features blocks that your dog needs to move in order to unlock the treat. Dogs love this toy and it can keep them busy for a long time. 

    There are plenty of other toys on the market that will keep your dog thinking about treats rather than your absence, so make sure you have plenty. Fill them up before you leave and place them around the house for your dog to find throughout the day.

    Spend Lunchtime At Home

    If you can come home for your lunch break, then do it. This will give your dog a block of attention and enough time to relieve himself outside. Give your dog some more exercise time and mental stimulation to tire them out again before you have to head back to work. 

    This is a really nice way to break up the day and keep your Maltipoo happy. It will also remind them that you always return after leaving them, which can help their anxious feelings. 

    Look Into Pet Sitters

    Pet sitters can be a great way of keeping your dog socialized and content throughout the day. You can pay them to hang out with your dog for an hour or so, walk your dog throughout the day, or just let them outside to relieve themselves. 

    If you have any family around you that aren’t busy, you could also ask them to help. 

    Alternatively, doggy daycare is always another option. This can get expensive quickly, but it might be the best option for nervous dogs. 


    Overall, Maltipoos can be left alone for a few hours at a time before getting bored and anxious. Maltipoo puppies, on the other hand, should not be left alone longer than 2 hours at a time. 

    To keep your dog happy while you’re away, make sure that they have plenty of water, and stimulating toys, and consider putting the TV on for them. 

    When in doubt, think about hiring someone to help keep your Maltipoo company while you’re gone.

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