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    Poodles are great dogs, they are incredibly loving and absolutely beautiful to look at, but there is one common misconception surrounding Poodles, and that is that their fur doesn’t require much work, right?

    Wrong! As any Poodle-owner will tell you, while these dogs’ fur might be hypo-allergenic, it is also incredibly high maintenance.

    Not only does it require regular washing, but it also needs regular conditioning and grooming to ensure that it remains in good condition.

    Unfortunately, not only is keeping their fur in good condition tedious, but so is finding the right shampoo to do the job.

    There are lots of generic dog shampoo products available, but very few have the necessary ingredients to support a Poodle’s fur. This can make maintaining your dog’s fur a difficult experience.

    But there’s no need to worry because we’ve done the hard work for you, and put together this guide to the best shampoo for Poodles to ensure you find the right shampoo for your dog. With no further ado, let’s get started.

    Best Shampoo for Poodles – Top Picks!

    Wahl 4-in-1 Calming Pet Shampoo

    Wahl USA 4-in-1 Calming Pet Shampoo for Dogs – Cleans, Conditions, Detangles, & Moisturizes with Lavender Chamomile - Pet Friendly Formula - 24 Oz - Model 820000A

    Our top pick shampoo for Poodles is the Wahl 4-in-1 Calming Pet Shampoo. This shampoo is great for one main reason and that is because it is suitable for all ages.

    With this shampoo, you no longer have to worry about using a different shampoo for your puppy to your adult dog, instead, you can use one for them all.

    As well as this, the shampoo is 4-in-1 which means that it will detangle, clean, condition and moisturize your dog’s fur all at once.

    Finally, this shampoo is great for dogs with sensitive skin, as it is pH balanced, so it is clear that this is one of the best options for Poodles.


    • Suitable for All Ages – a formula that is designed to be used with all ages makes it great if you own more than one dog of different ages
    • pH Balanced – makes it perfect for your dog’s sensitive skin as it will prevent it from growing dry and itchy
    • 4-in-1 – this shampoo cleans, conditions, detangles, and moisturizers allowing you to wash and groom your dog in one bath


    • No notable drawbacks

    TropiClean Perfect Fur Curly and Wavy Shampoo

    TropiClean Perfect Fur Detangling Dog Shampoo for Breeds with Curly & Wavy Fur | 16 oz

    Another great choice is the TropiClean Perfect Fur Curly and Wavy Shampoo. This shampoo is wonderful as it is designed for dogs with curly and wavy fur, making it perfect for Poodles.

    Additionally, this excellent shampoo is also quick drying, meaning that your dog will not stay wet for long, after they have been bathed. This is something that your Poodle will definitely thank you for.

    But above all else, this shampoo is great because it has a sensitive formula that excludes soap and parabens, leaving your dog’s coat fluffy and your dog’s skin moist. So it is clear that this is one of the best options for Poodles.


    • Perfect for Poodles – this shampoo is designed to wash and condition curly and wavy fur and also give it a lift when drying, making it great for your Poodle
    • Quick-Drying – it has a quick-drying formula, ensuring that your Poodle will not stay wet for long after it has been bathed
    • Sensitive Formula – designed without soap and parabens to ensure that your dog will not have an allergic reaction and their coat and skin will remain healthy


    • No notable drawbacks

    Paws4Pals All Natural Organic Pet Shampoo

    Paws4Pals Natural Organic Oatmeal Lavender Dog Shampoo+Conditioner-Grooming Pet Supplies Tear Free Blend Wth Aloe Vera Gel For Dry Sensitive Itchy Skin-Hypoallergenic Soap Free For Puppies Dogs & Cats

    We also love the Paws4Pals All Natural Organic Pet Shampoo. Undoubtedly, the best thing about this shampoo is that it is kind to animals in 2 ways.

    The first is that it is constructed with a sensitive formula that contains no alcohol, toxins, fragrance, or other irritants, ensuring that your dog will not have a reaction and their skin and fur will remain soft.

    The second reason is that, unlike some other options, this shampoo is not tested on animals at any point in the process, ensuring that no animals have been harmed in the making.

    If this wasn’t enough, this shampoo is also vet-recommended for sensitive skin, so this is definitely one of the best options available.


    • Vet Recommended – this type of shampoo is recommended by vets as a treatment for dogs suffering from sensitive skin, so it will be great for your Poodle
    • Sensitive Formula – contains no fragrance, toxins, alcohol, or irritants, making it perfect for Poodles who suffer from sensitive skin
    • Kind to Animals – this product is cruelty-free, so not only is it kind to your Poodle, but you can also buy it knowing that no animals were harmed in the testing process


    • Doesn’t leave a Scent – this shampoo cleans your dog’s fur but doesn’t leave it smelling fresh

    Green Groom Odor Eliminator Pet Shampoo

    Green Groom Odor Eliminator Dog Shampoo, 1 Gallon - Crafted with Odortrol, All Natural Ingredients, Antioxidant Rich, Eliminates Smelly Pet Odors, Powerful Deodorizing Formula, Professional Grade

    You should also consider the Green Groom Odor Eliminator Pet Shampoo. This shampoo is a deodorizing shampoo, which we will take a deeper look at later, but this basically means that this shampoo is guaranteed to remove any unpleasant odors from your dog’s fur.

    It also comes in a large bottle, meaning that a single purchase of this shampoo will provide you with more than enough to keep up the regular washes required for Poodle fur.

    But the best thing about this shampoo is that it is professionally used, guaranteeing a professional job from home. So this is definitely one of the best options on the market.


    • Odor Eliminating – contains odortrol which balances the molecular level of your dog’s skin and fur removing any unpleasant smells from their coat
    • Large Amount – just one bottle of this shampoo can make up to 32 gallons, as the shampoo must be diluted with water before use
    • Professionally Used – this product is a favorite worldwide among stylists and groomers, so it is great for your Poodle


    • Large Bottle – makes it difficult to handle when the bottle is full

    Lillian Ruff Berry Face and Body Wash

    Lillian Ruff Berry Blue Brightening Face and Body Wash for Dogs - Blueberry Shampoo - Remove Tear Stains, Hydrate Dry Itchy Skin, Add Shine & Luster to Coats (Berry Blue Shampoo 16oz)

    Finally, let’s not forget about the Lillian Ruff Berry Face and Body Wash. Despite its strange name, this is actually a shampoo that is great at whitening your Poodle’s fur, leaving it looking brighter than before.

    As well as this, it is also tear-free, ensuring that you can give your dog’s fur a thorough wash without upsetting their eyes in the process.

    Finally, this wonderful shampoo is also incredibly hydrating, making it the perfect choice if your dog has dry skin. With all of this considered, there’s no doubt that this is one of the best shampoos for poodles on the market.


    • Whitens and Brightens – leaves your dog’s fur not only smelling fresh but also looking brighter and whiter after just one use
    • Tear Free – sensitive formula means you don’t have to be overly cautious when cleaning around your dog’s eyes as it will cause no discomfort
    • Hydrating – designed to soothe your dog’s sensitive and uncomfortable dry skin leaving them feeling fresh and as good as new


    • Expensive – for what you are getting, the price of this shampoo is very high

    Buyer’s Guide

    With dogs that are as beautiful as Poodles, washing them regularly with a good shampoo is incredibly important. The shampoo options that we have looked at above are some of the best available, but to decide between them you might want some extra information.

    As well as maintaining your dog’s fur and keeping it soft and moist, shampoo is also designed to complete a variety of other functions.

    Due to this, you can get a variety of dog shampoos that do other things as well as cleaning your fur. Depending on the type of Poodle that you own and their skin and fur’s condition, there might be different types of shampoo that are more appropriate.

    To help you out, we’ve put together this quick guide to other functions that you might find in shampoo for Poodles. So let’s take a look at what they are.


    One property that you often find in shampoo for Poodles is anti-fungal. This can seem like a strange thing to include as the word ‘fungus’ is usually attached to mushrooms and things of this nature, but in this case, it refers to yeast.

    Just like human beings, dogs have a natural level of yeast upon their skin, and most of the time this will not cause an issue. However, Poodles are unfortunately prone to diseases that can cause this level of yeast to grow out of control which can lead to your dog experiencing regular yeast infections.

    But it is not only health conditions that can lead to a huge amount of yeast developing on your dog’s skin, this can also be influenced by spending increased time in hot environments or consuming high levels of sugar. It can also be provoked by fleas that go untreated and allergies.

    There are several signs that your dog might be experiencing an increased amount of yeast on their skin and fur, including increased scratching, excessive scraping or chewing, and licking the paws more regularly than normal. If you notice these symptoms then it is best to get your dog checked out by a vet first so that this can be diagnosed.

    But if your vet confirms that this is what is bothering your dog, then a good way to prevent the build-up of yeast on their skin is to use this type of shampoo.

    These shampoos have properties that can break down yeast on your dog’s skin which prevents it from spreading, and in turn, prevents your dog from developing uncomfortable yeast infections.


    Another common property of Poodle shampoo, perhaps one that is more common than anti-fungal shampoo, is deodorizing shampoo. It might appear odd to buy a shampoo that has deodorizing properties, as surely all shampoo will have this, but actually, they do not.

    All shampoo will be scented and will contain properties that will make your dog smell better than it did before bathing. However, most of these shampoos will only be effective on surface scents and smells, they will not tackle the cause of the more unpleasant scents. This is especially common when your poodle is a puppy.

    Dogs’ skin works differently from human skin, and one major difference is that dog skin lubricates itself. This is mainly because this lubrication, which is normally in the form of natural oils, will support and keep your Poodle’s fur in good condition.

    Unfortunately, on the odd occasion, especially when your Poodle is young, these natural oils will emit a strange odor which a regular shampoo is unable to remove.

    This is why deodorizing shampoos exist as they target these natural oils to remove the risk of unfortunate smells, and also keep your dog’s fur fresh and fluffy.

    Shedding and Dandruff

    The next type of shampoo are those that target shedding and dandruff. Despite common misconception, shedding and dandruff are two different things, and you can either get shampoos that target both simultaneously or others that either target shedding or dandruff.

    Shampoo that controls shedding is less common for Poodles as they are one of few breeds that don’t shed. This is why the Poodle is commonly bred with other popular breeds to produce allergy-friendly puppies, such as the Cockapoo, Cavapoo and the Labradoodle.

    That being said, there is one occasion where a Poodle will shed their fur, and that is female Poodles when they are in heat. But male poodles or neutered females will never experience this. So the only time that you need to invest in a shedding shampoo for your Poodle is if you have a female dog that you plan on breeding.

    Alternatively, dandruff shampoo is something that you might buy more regularly for your Poodle. While they do not shed their fur, all Poodles do shed dander, and they do this every 10 days.

    This is where the irony of Poodles being classed as ‘hypoallergenic’ comes into play, as approximately 10% of the population are allergic to the dander that comes off of a dog’s fur.

    That noted, however, Poodles do produce significantly less dander than some other common breeds. This is why dander control shampoos exist so that you can control the amount of dander that comes off of their fur, making them more hypoallergenic.

    So while you may use both shedding and dandruff shampoos on your dog, the chances of you using dandruff shampoo on your poodle is significantly higher than the chances of you using a shedding shampoo.

    Allergies and Sensitive Skin

    The final type of shampoo that you might consider using for your Poodle is a shampoo that is designed for allergies and sensitive skin. Dogs are naturally more prone to sensitive skin than human beings, why is this?

    Unlike human skin, a dog’s skin also has an additional layer of skin which is called an acid mantle. This layer of skin impacts the pH level of a dog’s skin and makes their skin less acidic than human beings.

    In general, Poodles tend to have skin with a pH level of between 6.5-7.5 on the pH scale. This means that Poodles have skin that is incredibly more sensitive than human being’s skin.

    Even though the knowledge of dogs having sensitive skin is widespread, a lot of companies produce shampoo that isn’t made for the pH balance of a dog’s skin. This can cause a dog’s skin to become dry and uncomfortable, causing the dog to scratch excessively.

    Sensitive skin shampoos and allergy shampoos work in the same way as they keep your dog’s skin hydrated ensuring that your dog’s skin remains moist and their fur remains luscious.

    So, to prevent your dog’s fur and skin from drying out and becoming uncomfortable, you should use a dog shampoo that is designed with sensitive skin in mind when you bathe your poodle.


    How often should a Poodle be bathed?

    Due to their dense and curly fur, Poodles require bathing regularly. So, you should aim to wash your Poodle at least once every 3 weeks.

    By washing their fur regularly you will be giving both their coat and their skin a refresh ensuring that it remains fresh and healthy, instead of smelly and uncomfortable.

    This then coincides with the fact that poodles require grooming once every 3-6 weeks, giving you the chance to wash and groom them in a regular pattern.

    Do Poodles need conditioner?

    While conditioner isn’t as necessary as shampoo, it is always best to condition your Poodle’s fur.

    Poodles have dense fur which requires regular washing, and this regular washing could lead to your Poodle’s fur becoming dry and unpleasant.

    Using a conditioner when you wash your dog’s fur will ensure that the hair will remain soft and moist. This will also mean that your Poodle’s coat does not tangle and knot as soft fur will not do this.

    Why do Poodles stink?

    The main reason why a Poodle might begin to smell is that they haven’t been given a bath recently.

    While some dog breeds can go months without a wash, Poodles require a bath every 3 weeks, and if you fall behind on this you might find that your furry friend begins to smell.

    However, this isn’t the only possible reason behind a smelly pooch. Additionally, skin conditions, a build-up of fluid in the anal glands, or yeast infection could be causing your dog to smell foul.


    Poodles are renowned for their cute curls and in order to keep them clean and easy to manage, you must invest in a good shampoo. If you are in the market for a good shampoo for your Poodle then our recommendations are all high quality and each bottle contains appropriate ingredients for this dog’s fur.

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