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    Goldendoodles are some of the best companions anyone can have. Their lovable natures and energy-filled personalities make them ideal family pets.

    However, keeping a Goldendoodle fresh and clean is a big task due to their thick coats that can get easily matted.

    Goldendoodles get dirty very easily, for some reason they just love rolling around in dirt and grass, picking up all sorts of grime onto their coats. But bathing your Goldendoodle too much can cause them to have dry and irritated skin which can be very uncomfortable for them.

    So you’ve got to either let them stay dirty and smelly to avoid overbathing, or risk them developing irritated skin when you wash them too frequently.

    Well thankfully, those aren’t the only options. You shouldn’t have to compromise on your dog’s comfort just to keep them clean, and thanks to shampoos for Goldendoodles, you won’t have to. 

    There are dog shampoos out there that are just perfect for the thick fur of our Goldendoodle pals. They’re formulated specifically to help keep them clean whilst avoiding irritating their skin. 

    We’ve done all the research necessary to bring you this best shampoo for Goldendoodles article today. 

    Best Shampoo For Goldendoodle

    HoneyDew Lavender Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

    HoneyDew Lavender Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

    Our top pick for the best shampoo for Goldendoodles is the HoneyDew Lavender Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, which is a firm favorite amongst doodle owners. The shampoo is suitable for both golden pups and fully-grown Goldendoodles. 

    The formula is pH balanced and free from sulfates, so it is gentle on your Goldendoodle’s skin and won’t cause any irritation for them. 

    If your Goldendoodle suffers from dry, itchy, or flaky skin then this shampoo will be able to soothe and nourish any areas that may be affected. 

    The shampoo won’t cause your dog any distress if it gets in their eyes due to the gentle formulation – however, we always recommend trying to keep as much lather out of the eyes as possible.

    This shampoo is cruelty-free and vegan, which is always a bonus, and is made out of recyclable materials, so once you’re done with the bottle you can put it in your recycling. 

    You won’t be able to get enough of your Goldendoodle thanks to the gorgeous lavender fragrance that is left on your dog’s fur after their bath. The scent is not too powerful but is definitely detectable when cuddling up with your pooch. 

    The formulation will keep your Goldendoodle feeling super soft thanks to the nourishing ingredients and will leave their coat looking as shiny as it can be, for these curly-haired creatures. 


    • pH balanced and free from sulfates
    • Lovely lavender fragrance
    • Soothes itchy and dry skin 
    • Makes fur nice and soft
    • Won’t irritate your dog’s eyes
    • Hypoallergenic


    • The small bottle will only last a handful of washes on larger Goldendoodles

    Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo for Dogs

    Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Steak

    This coconut lime verbena scented pet shampoo by Wahl, is ideal for moisturizing dry skin, cleaning dirty coats & itch relief. The formulation is both shampoo and conditioner so you can clean and hydrate your dog’s fur in just one wash. 

    The shampoo is made in the USA and meets and exceeds all the health and standards regulations. The formula is pH balanced, free of any alcohol, and free of parabens, and is gentle and safe enough to use on any dog’s fur. 

    This Wahl has a higher concentration of coconut agent so you don’t have to use as much as you would for other dog shampoo’s, meaning your 24oz goes further.

    A small palm full should be sufficient to clean your whole doodle and can be worked up easily to create a good lather to get deep into their fur for thorough clean. Despite the rich formula, the shampoo is easy to rinse out and won’t cling to your dog’s fur. 

    The shampoo is designed for dogs who have allergies and won’t cause any reactions for them. 


    • Made in the USA
    • Itch relief formula soothes dog’s skin
    • Concentrated formula so you won’t have to use as much
    • 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner for extra convenience
    • pH balanced and free from parabens
    • Contains natural ingredients


    • Some customers have noted irritation on puppy Goldendoodles

    Burt’s Bees Natural Shampoo for Dogs

    Burt's Bees Natural Shampoo for Dogs

    Burt’s Bees are known for their natural products suited for both humans and animals, so it’s no surprise that their natural shampoo for dogs has found a place on our list of favorites.

    The natural formulation cleans, soothes, softens and conditions your Goldendoodle’s dry skin and coat in just minutes. Despite being a great candidate for nourishment, the formulation doesn’t work well at leaving your doodle’s coat looking shiny. 

    The shampoo is made from the highest quality natural ingredients including colloidal oatmeal, honey, and beeswax for sensitive skin.

    This mild tearless shampoo from Burt’s Bees is pH balanced especially for all dogs and puppies.

    The product has been approved and recommended by veterinarians and is 100% free of fragrances, sulfates, colorants, and any harsh chemicals which would upset your dog’s skin. 

    The scent of this shampoo is not overly powerful but still manages to leave your dog smelling fresh. If you’re after a strongly scented shampoo then this Burt’s Bees when will not be for you. 


    • Approved by vets
    • Natural Ingredients
    • High-quality Oatmeal
    • Smells nice
    • Honey retains moisture of Goldendoodle’s fur


    • Won’t bring out the shine in Goldendoodle’s coat

    K9 Pro Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

    CANIDAE All Life Stages, Premium Dry Dog Food with Whole Grains

    The K9 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is formulated and developed by veterinarians to help soothe dry, itchy and sensitive skin. It’s a 2-in-1 formula so you won’t have to wash and rinse twice, which is especially good if you’ve got Goldendoodles who hate being bathed. 

    This all-natural, soap-free shampoo contains the highest quality oatmeal and aloe vera to help moisturize your Goldendoodle without irritating sensitive skin. 

    It’s formulated with liposome technology which adheres to the surface of your Goldendoodle and penetrates through the skin, which helps the ingredients get to the areas where they’ll be most effective. 

    The K9 shampoo is made in the USA and is manufactured in a top-rated CGMP facility using only the highest quality ingredients, which your pooch will love. 

    The shampoo will be able to control odors and also leave your doodle smelling fresh with the melon and cucumber essences within the formula. 

    K9 Pro also offers a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee, so if you feel as if the shampoo doesn’t do its job, or your Goldendoodle doesn’t get on well with it, then you can get a full refund for your inconvenience. 


    • Controls odor
    • Soothes dry and irritated skin
    • Gentle on the skin
    • Inoffensive light smell
    • Designed by vets


    • Doesn’t add much shine to your dog’s coat
    • Bottles are quite small 

    Healthy Breeds Dog Oatmeal Shampoo With Aloe For Goldendoodle

    Healthy Breeds Dog Oatmeal Shampoo With Aloe For Goldendoodle

    The Healthy Breeds Oatmeal Shampoo is formulated and designed specifically with Goldendoodles in mind. The formula provides relief for itchy, scaling, and sensitive skin and is suitable for dogs with allergies. 

    The hypoallergenic formula is more than safe to use with topical flea control treatments to help keep your dog fresh and clean.

    A little goes a long way with this shampoo, so you won’t have to pile on loads of product to get a good lather on your dog’s coat, so the 16oz bottle will be able to last you a while.

    The shampoo is pH balanced and soap-free and will help restore natural moisture and emollients in your golden’s skin and coat. 

    The scent of the Healthy Breeds Shampoo is inoffensive but is noticeable when you are washing your pooch. However, once the shampoo has been rinsed out, it’s hard to smell it on your dog’s fur and sometimes you’ll need two lots of shampooing to get rid of strong, unpleasant smells on your dog’s fur. 


    • Designed specifically for Goldendoodles
    • Soothes dry and itchy skin
    • Gentle formulation
    • Contains aloe to add moisture
    • Scent is inoffensive


    • Scent will not deodorize your Goldendoodle
    • Dog’s may not like the scent of the shampoo

    Buyer’s Guide

    Thick Coats

    If you like to keep your Goldendoodle’s coat fairly long then you’ll want to find a shampoo that is effective enough to clean both the hair and the skin.

    Shampoos with quality formulas are the best for achieving a thorough clean and will be able to leave the skin feeling moisturized, whilst also getting rid of dirt and smells from the coat. 

    Sensitive Skin

    Goldendoodles are prone to getting dirty very quickly, which results in them needing more frequent bathes than other breeds.

    Regular bathing can dry out your dog’s skin and can cause irritation, so finding a shampoo that will soothe their skin and won’t irritate even more, is so important. 

    Goldendoodles fur coats also don’t shed as much as other breeds, which makes them more prone to attracting parasites like fleas which can cause irritation and discomfort for them. 

    Opt for shampoos that are formulated for sensitive skin or are hypoallergenic, this way it’ll nourish your dog’s skin whilst still being able to clean it properly. Key ingredients in these sorts of shampoos are oatmeal, lavender, aloe vera, and coconut. 

    Avoid shampoos that contain artificial ingredients, parabens, or sulfates as these will be too strong on your dog’s fur and cause irritation and possible skin conditions. 


    If your Goldendoodle’s skin feels dry and you can see skin flaking off, then a moisturizing shampoo will be best for them. They’ll need something that can nourish the skin and retain moisture to stop the flaking.

    The key ingredients for dry Goldendoodle fur are normally oatmeal and aloe vera. Most shampoos for moisturizing skin are catered for dogs with sensitive skin as well. 

    The Ultimate Goldendoodle Bathing Routine

    If you want to keep your Goldendoodle’s coat in tip-top condition then follow our ultimate Goldendoodle bathing routine.

    Besides regular grooming from a professional, your doodle will need a proper bath every six weeks or so to stay clean and smelling lovely. 

    1. Before bathing your Goldendoodle, brush through their hair thoroughly and try to get rid of as much matting and knots as possible as this will make it easier to brush when it’s clean.
    1. Place a towel on a heated radiator to warm up before you run their bath. 
    1. Use warm water to bathe your dog, cold water is not very comfortable for them and water that is too hot can burn their skin.
    1. Pick one of the shampoos from our list and then pour a line of your preferred shampoo from the ears down to the tail of your Goldendoodle. 
    1. Massage the shampoo gently to your dog’s coat, trying to work up a lather. Don’t be too rough as this will cause the hair to matt more and make it more difficult to brush out after the bath. 
    1. Rinse out using a shower head or pouring jug, ensuring all the shampoo is removed and there is no lather stuck underneath thick clumps of fur. 
    1. If your Goldendoodle is especially smelly or dirty, you can go in again with another shampoo to make sure they are thoroughly clean.
    1. Remove your beloved pooch from the bath and place them on to a towel to make sure water doesn’t drip everywhere.
    1. Pat down with your warm towel, avoid rubbing as this will cause the fur to dangle more. You can keep drying your Goldendoodle with a towel, use a hairdryer on a warm mode or let them air dry if you wish.
    1. Once your Goldendoodle is completely dry, go in with a brush to get out the tangles. Make sure not to pull on their fur when brushing and keep going over tougher areas until they’re tangle-free.


    What is the best shampoo for Goldendoodle?

    The best shampoos for Goldendoodles are:

    HoneyDew Lavender Oatmeal Dog Shampoo
    Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo for Dogs
    Burt’s Bees Natural Shampoo for Dogs 
    Healthy Breeds Dog Oatmeal Shampoo With Aloe For Goldendoodle
    K9 Pro Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner 

    How often should you bathe a Goldendoodle?

    You should aim to bathe your Goldendoodle once a month to every 3 months, depending on how dirty and smelly they get.

    Washing your Goldendoodle too frequently can dry their skin out and cause flaking.

    Can you use human shampoo on a Goldendoodle?

    No, you should never use human shampoo to wash your Goldendoodle. Human shampoos have a different pH balance from regular dog shampoo.

    Human shampoos are too acidic and will disrupt the pH balance of your dog’s skin which can lead to them being more prone to parasites and bacteria.

    How do I maintain my Goldendoodle’s hair?

    Goldendoodles should be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks. If your Goldendoodle has a long coat then you should brush them every day to prevent matting.

    Regular brushing, appropriate grooming and maintenance, will keep your Goldendoodle’s hair in good condition.

    Why do Goldendoodles stink?

    If a Goldendoodle’s fur is not properly maintained or is improperly cleaned, then dirt and odors can get stuck in their thick coats and cause them to smell.

    Goldendoodles like all other dogs can also develop ear infections, dental issues and eye infections, which can cause them to smell.

    If your Goldendoodle is very gassy, then it could be an issue with their diet or if they’ve eaten something they shouldn’t have whilst out on a walk.

    How can I make my Goldendoodle smell better?

    Appropriate bathing and grooming of your Goldendoodle will keep them as fresh as possible.

    For some reason, Goldendoodles just love playing in the dirt, so they’ll need frequent rinses and bathes to get all the excess off.

    Keeping on top of ear cleaning and teeth brushing will help them smell nicer too. If your dog’s skin is not sensitive to scents, you could invest in a doggie perfume that you can spray occasionally on them.

    Does Goldendoodle’s hair keep growing?

    Yes, a Goldendoodle’s coat will continue to grow even when you cut it. If you cut off all your Goldendoodle’s hair then it’ll take around 3 months until it fully grows back again.

    To keep your Goldendoodle’s hair as clean and tidy as possible, you shouldn’t let their hair grow too long. 

    How do I keep my Goldendoodle hair from matting?

    Keeping on top of your Goldendoodle’s brushing routine will prevent the hair from matting. If your dog has long fur then you’ll need to brush them every day.

    If you’re finding it difficult to brush your dog’s fur, then you should use a moisturizing or detangling spray to help you get rid of tough matting.

    How do you make a Goldendoodle fluffy?

    Trying to achieve the fluffed look on your Goldendoodle may require time and patience.

    Once you’ve washed your dog, you should pat them dry with a towel and not rub them. Then brush them out with a slicker brush.

    You should blow dry your Goldendoodle’s hair upwards with a brush in one area at a time. Do not brush your dog’s fur downwards afterwards, as that’ll eradicate all the work that you’ve done. 

    Why is my Goldendoodle shedding so much?

    All Goldendoodles will shed because they have inherited their shedding genes from the golden retriever.

    Goldendoodles are prone to shedding more in the warmer months as they begin to lose their winter coat. If your Goldendoodle is abnormally shedding then it could be down to issues with their diet, any medication they’re on, stress, bad hygiene, or infections.

    If you’re worried about how much your dog is shedding, take them to a vet for a consultation. 

    Can I groom my Goldendoodle myself?

    There is no problem with bathing and brushing your Goldendoodle regularly, however, shaving, cutting fur and clipping nails require professional grooming training and should only be done by a professional.

    A professional dog groomer will also know the specific grooming requirements for your particular breed. 

    How short should I cut my Goldendoodle’s hair?

    If you want to have fewer visits to the groomers, then requesting a shorter cut for your dog will allow you to go longer between appointments.

    Most Goldendoodle owners request a teddy bear cut all over their dog, which keeps them looking cute but also comfortable and maintainable for both dog and owner.

    When do Goldendoodles puppies lose their puppy coat?

    Goldendoodle puppies will begin to shed their coats at around six months old and the process can take several months before they’ve developed their thicker adult coat. 

    Do Goldendoodles coats change color?

    Yes, it’s very common for Goldendoodles coats to get lighter as they get older, especially for lighter to medium golden dogs.


    There is nothing worse than a stinky dog, walking muddy paws around your home. But when it comes to bathing this grorgeous golden breed, you need time, patience and a really good shampoo!

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