3 Best Eye Patches for Small Dog

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    Small dogs, such as Cavapoos, are inquisitive by nature and this sometimes means that they can find themselves getting into tricky situations! Whether they’ve dived down a hole or they’ve run at full speed into a bush, their big attitudes don’t quite seem to realize that their little bodies can get easily injured.

    Most minor injuries can be treated with a bandage or by placing a plastic collar around their neck, preventing them from getting to their wound. But, when a small dog, like a doodle, accidentally injures their eye, your treatment options can become quite difficult. 

    There is a solution though, and it comes in the form of an eye patch. That’s right, just like a human, your doodle dog may need an eye patch if they’ve suffered from an eye injury. 

    But where do you even start when it comes to finding an eye patch that’s suitable for a dog? Don’t panic! We have the answer. Below, you’ll find a list of the three best eye patches for small dogs.

    1. AKOAK Adjustable Eye Patch
    2. FCAROLYN Silk Eye Patch
    3. See Worthy Occlusion Eye Patches

    You’ll also find a ton of information on what to look out for when buying one, as well as the kind of situations that your dog may need an eye patch for. 

    Best Eye Patch for Small Dog

    AKOAK Adjustable Eye Patch

    AKOAK Adjustable Eye Patch

    The AKOAK Adjustable Eye Patch is made from high-quality, breathable cotton. This means that it won’t press into your dog’s delicate skin around their eye area while they wear it, keeping things as comfortable as possible.

    It also allows air to get to the wound for healing and stops moisture and warmth from building up, reducing the risk of an infection setting in. 

    The strap is fully adjustable, so you’ll be able to secure it around your dog’s head without causing any discomfort. The strap is also made of a soft, stretchy fabric so there’s no need to worry about it digging into their skin. 

    Another fantastic thing about this eye patch is that it is cupped rather than flat. This allows it to mold better to the shape of the eye area, rather than sitting flat against the face. In turn, no pressure is placed on this delicate area and everything is kept comfortable and secure. 


    • Soft and breathable – the cotton construction keeps things as comfortable as possible for your dog, while allowing air to pass through to the wound
    • Adjustable strap – allows you to create a safe, secure fit without causing your dog any discomfort
    • Cup-shaped patch – doesn’t sit flat against the eye area or place pressure against the wound


    • Elastic can become loose after a while – some people found that, over time, the elastic in the strap started to slacken. However, if you’re only using it once, this isn’t a huge problem.

    FCAROLYN Silk Eye Patch

    FCAROLYN Silk Eye Patch

    Made from 100% top-quality natural silk, this Silk Eye Patch from FCAROLYN will keep your dog’s eye protected without creating any discomfort. It also features silk on all sides of the patch, so it’ll be soft against their eye and the surrounding skin.

    The eye patch is stuffed with a soft cotton filling that provides extra cushioning and helps to protect the eye from any accidental impact. So, even if you catch your dog scratching it, the protective cushioning will stop them from causing any aggravation to the wound.

    It also features a fully adjustable strap that can be extended from 13-inches to 25-inches, allowing you to create a secure fit. Meanwhile, the overall size of 2.3-inches x 3.1-inches makes it perfectly sized for a smaller dog’s eyes.

    Another excellent feature this eye patch has to offer is that it creates a strong barrier and doesn’t allow any light to leak in. This is ideal if your vet has advised you not to let any sunlight reach the wound.


    • Super-soft – made from silk that sits softly against the skin and minimizes discomfort.
    • Cotton padding – cushions the eye and protects it from accidental impact and scratching.
    • Adjustable strap – can be extended from 13-inches to 25-inches for a customized fit.
    • Light-proof – creates a strong barrier against light around the eye.


    • No firm edge – while this is good for creating a softer, more comfortable experience for your dog, it does mean that it may slightly move out of place after a while. However, the adjustable head strap will help to keep it as secure as possible.

    See Worthy Occlusion Eye Patches

    See Worthy Occlusion Eye Patches for Doodles

    If you’re concerned that your dog will be able to remove an eye patch that has a strap, then these Occlusion Eye Patches from See Worthy could be the perfect solution. They feature a gentle adhesive and work a bit like a band-aid.

    Simply remove the backing and place the patch over your dog’s eye. It’ll stick firmly in place, but it won’t be painful to remove when it needs changing. They also don’t leave any sticky residue behind. 

    They are made from highly breathable materials too, allowing air to pass through to the wound while still protecting it from dirt and debris. This also stops it from becoming too warm or moist, which can create a potential breeding ground for bacteria. 

    Another fantastic thing about these patches is that they are hypoallergenic and latex-free, so they are suitable for any small doodle dog that suffers from a skin condition. Each pack contains 48 patches too, so they are ideal if you need to change your dog’s eye dressing daily. 


    • Strap-free – secures around the eye using a gentle adhesive that doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue
    • Made from breathable materials – allows air to get to the wound and prevents bacteria from growing
    • Hypoallergenic and latex-free – perfect for any dog that suffers from a skin condition
    • 48 patches in each box – ideal if you need to change the dressing daily


    • May fall off when wet – this means you may have to keep your dog on the leash when walking and make sure their dressed eye doesn’t come into contact with water

    Reasons Why a Small Dog Might Need an Eye Patch

    There are a few reasons why your small doodle dog might need to wear an eye patch. Most of the time, it will be because they’ve somehow managed to injure themselves and the eye patch will help to keep the wound protected while it heals.

    However, there are a few medical conditions that covering one of your dog’s eyes may help to cure. These include:

    • Conjunctivitis 
    • Glaucoma
    • Cherry Eye
    • Dry Eyes
    • Corneal Injury
    • Blepharitis

    Doodle dogs are prone to a number of different eye problems and all of these conditions will be diagnosed by a veterinarian. They may recommend the use of an eye patch as part of the treatment. 

    A dog may also need to wear an eye patch if they’ve had one eye surgically removed. This could be due to injury, disease, or a hereditary condition. In this case, the dog will only need to wear the eye patch until the surgical wound has healed and the final checks have been made by a veterinarian. A dog with a missing eye will not need to wear an eye patch for the rest of their life. 

    One of the most important things to remember when it comes to finding an eye patch for a small dog is that you must never use an eye patch that came with a costume. It might seem like a sensible idea at first, but the eye patch will more than likely be made from cheap plastic. This will dig into your dog’s delicate skin and potentially cause them a lot of pain. 

    Costume eye patches aren’t breathable, either. This means that no air is able to reach the wound and, as a result, there’s a much higher chance of infection setting in. 

    Buyer’s Guide

    Even though it might seem like finding an eye patch for a small dog (like a doodle) is a simple enough task, there are some very important things you need to consider.

    You’re treating an injury or medical condition at the end of the day and, if you get things wrong, you could end up causing your dog more harm than good. 

    Below, you’ll find a list of key points that you need to pay attention to when you’re choosing the best eye patch for your dog. Take the time to do this and you can help ensure they have a safe and speedy recovery. 


    The first thing you need to do is look at what sort of material the eye patch is made from. It should be thick enough to stop any dirt or debris from getting into the eye, but still breathable enough to allow air to flow through. 

    Cotton is one of the best options for this. It’s also soft so it won’t dig into the skin and cause your dog discomfort.

    Some eye patches are designed to cover both eyes, and these are usually made from sturdy plastic materials. These are also a good choice for stopping anything from getting into your dog’s eyes and they’ll also allow you to keep a close eye on the wound throughout the day. 

    The only thing you’ll need to remember if you choose these, however, is that you’ll have to remove them a couple of times a day so that air can get to the wound. 

    Head Strap

    The next thing you need to think about is how you’re planning to secure the eye patch to your dog’s head. You have a couple of options here. 

    The first, and most popular, way of keeping the eye patch in place is to use an adjustable head strap. This will allow you to create a secure fit that your dog will find difficult to undo, but it won’t create any discomfort around their head. 

    The other option is to go with an adhesive eye patch. These work a bit like a band-aid, securing the eye patch to the eye area with a gentle adhesive. This is the best course of action to take if you think your dog will still manage to remove an eye patch with a head strap. 

    Depending on your Doodle’s coat type, if it is particularly curly then you may struggle to get these patches to fix in place.

    Patch Shape

    This is something that is quite easy to overlook, but the shape of the eye patch is something that you need to pay close attention to. The best eye patch for a small dog will be cup-shaped and create a dome over the eye rather than sit flat against it. 

    There are two reasons why you don’t want a flat eye patch. The first is that it will sit right next to the wound and this means it can dig into it when your dog moves. It will also dig into the delicate skin that surrounds the eye and create discomfort. 

    The other reason why you shouldn’t use a flat eye patch is that it doesn’t allow for any air to pass through. Allowing air to get to a wound while keeping it protected from dirt and debris is essential in the healing process. 

    Hypoallergenic / Latex-Free

    Finally, if your dog suffers from a skin allergy, it’s best to choose an eye patch that is hypoallergenic and latex-free. This will ensure that they are comfortable while their wound heals and it will stop them from scratching at it as their skin reacts.

    What kind of eye patch can a dog use?

    The best kind of eye patch for a dog will be breathable, made of a soft material, and feature a head strap or gentle adhesive that helps to keep it in place. Each of the eye patches we’ve listed above is ideal for any dog that has injured their eye or is suffering from an eye condition. 

    Final Thoughts

    As you can see, keeping your dog’s eyes protected is easier than you might think. All you need to do is make sure that you’ve chosen an appropriate eye patch. This will stop your dog from aggravating the wound and allow it to heal properly. 

    The only things you need to make sure of are that your chosen eye patch is made from a suitable material, that it’s easy to secure without creating discomfort, and that it doesn’t fit flat against the eye. Each of the eye patches we’ve listed above fulfills these criteria, and will keep your dog’s eye well protected.

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