Best Escape-Proof Dog Harness
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    Dog’s truly are our best friends, aren’t they? Loyal, loving, and always ready for attention and cuddles. There is nothing quite like spending time with a furry companion to brighten your day!

    I don’t know about you, but my dog loves a walk. Whether it’s a short 20-minutes around the block or a long run in a field, she’s up for it.

    What she also likes to do…is escape. I can’t tell you how many times I have bought a harness only for her to wriggle free. It’s a horrible moment when your heart sinks and you realize that you are just walking the harness whilst your dog is making a break for it somewhere in the distance.

    My biggest fear is that she will get hurt, snatched, or the absolute worst case scenario, run over by a car or truck. It makes our walks incredibly tense and no fun for either one of us. Does this sound familiar to you?

    It’s a soul-crushing feeling, isn’t it? But what if I told you there was a solution? That’s right, escape-proof dog harnesses are a thing! Guaranteed to stay firmly in place, runaway dogs will be a thing of the past!

    Best Escape-Proof Dog Harness – Top Picks!

    Today I bring you the best escape-proof dog harness that is sure to keep your furry friend safe at your side!

    Cozy Meadow Escape Proof Dog Harness

    Cozy Meadow Escape Proof Dog Harness

    Today’s top pick and the clear winner is the Cozy Meadow Dog Harness! The red harness is available in a range of sizes at an affordable price, ensuring a fantastic fit for your dog! 

    The escape-proof harness comes with adjustable shoulder and chest straps, that provide a close fit and keeps your dog firmly in the harness. The straps are easy to adjust and feature heavy-duty fabric designed to be lighter and tougher than previous harnesses. 

    The tougher fabric works to prevent ripping and keeping the most boisterous of dogs safe in their harnesses. The harness also features plastic buckles that are lightweight and comfortable. The buckles feature a quick-release function, that makes putting the harness on your dog a little easier. 

    It also has stainless metal rings that are 52% thicker and stronger than others on the market. You can have full peace of mind when using the harness, as these rings will not break or rust. Cozy Meadow also throws in a car safety seat belt, so you have support for a drive with your pup!

    The harness also includes a safety handle, which is a fantastic feature! It allows you to lift your pet in an emergency. You can remove the dog from any situation and lift them into high vehicles, which is great for dogs that struggle with jumping. 

    Cozy Meadow’s harness is safe to use too. It won’t choke your dog, even when they pull on the lead! It also features 3M of reflective elements to provide safety and visibility at night or when walking in difficult weather conditions. The reflective elements are sewn all around the harness, so your pup is protected from all angles.

    Customers loved the harness, praising its escape-proof style for their dogs and even owners of Rottweilers praised its strength and ability to keep their dog firmly at their sides.

    Some customers noted that the plastic on the clips cracked after some use, impacting their performance. Few customers reported the problem though, so you should be fine. However, cracked clips can run the risk of your dog escaping, so be sure to contact customer service if you experience any issues.

    If you are after a comfortable harness that will keep your dog firmly in place and will stand the test of time, then look no further than Cozy Meadow’s escape-proof harness!


    • Easy to put on and take off – for seamless use that avoids added stress around walk time.
    • Safe for use – non-choking pieces and reflective elements for safe use in the dark. 
    • Sturdy handle – added safety that allows you to carry pets with ease. 
    • Adjustable straps  – ensures your dog won’t escape and provides a sturdy and comfortable fit.


    • Some customers found the plastic clips cracked after some use.

    Ruffwear Web Master Multi-Use Harness

    Ruffwear Web Master Multi-Use Harness

    For those with a little more to spend, Ruffwear has a fantastic dog harness that is comfortable enough for daily use. The harness comes with three color options: red, blue, gray, and sizes range from XX-Small to Large/X-Large. 

    The lightweight harness weighs just 0.5lbs, making it perfect for dogs to wear on its own or over their rain jackets. Despite its lightweight nature, the harness features foam padded straps to provide comfort without risking any of your dog’s movements. Great for those dogs who like to run! 

    Ruffwear’s harness is designed for all-year-round use, providing a durable feel suitable for use in all weather conditions. The harness is built with high-performance materials, including anodized aluminum V-ring and webbing loop to give a leash connection that won’t break. 

    You also get fantastic levels of customization with the harness. There are five adjustment points to allow a full range of motion for your dog, and two leash clip points to ensure you can have the fit that suits you both best. 

    Safety concerns will be a thing of the past, too, with the harness! It comes with reflective trim that highlights your visibility when walking in poor conditions or the dark, ensuring that passers-by can see you coming. There is also the option of purchasing an additional beacon light that adds extra visibility and protection. 

    The snug fit of the harness ensures that your dog will remain in the harness, reducing the chance of any disappearing acts while wearing it. It’s a firm favorite with customers and one I think you are sure to love! 

    Some customers did report issues with adjusting the harness while their dogs were wearing it. They found it challenging to make significant adjustments to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, with some customers needing to remove the harness to adjust it. Few customers reported the problem, so it should not cause you issues, but it is worth mentioning. 

    If you want a reasonably priced harness that is great for your dog and provides a safe and secure fit, then look no further than Ruffwear’s harness! 


    • Reasonably priced harness – suitable for a variety of budgets. 
    • Lightweight design – won’t restrict your dogs while walking or running. 
    • Safety features – ensures that your dog is visible during night-time walks. 
    • Customized fit – adjustable features make sure that your dog is comfortable and secure within the harness.


    • Some customers found adjusting the harness difficult while the dog was wearing it.

    Icefang Tactical Dog Harness

    Icefang Tactical Dog Harness

    Are you fed up with your dog escaping no matter what you do? That is soon to be a thing of the past with Icefang’s tactical dog harness. At a reasonable price, the front leash clip harness comes in a range of colors to provide a style that suits all doodle dogs and owners.

    The harness ranges in size small to extra large and features neck and chest size ranges, so you can measure your dog to get the perfect fit. Icefang advises using these measurements rather than your dog’s weight to ensure the fit is snug and comfortable. 

    Featuring two metal buckles, the harness provides a secure grip and is perfect for even the most boisterous of dogs. It can comfortably take a load of up to 1,000lb – so perfect for large Labradoodles or Goldendoodles. The buckles are also tested with up to 250lb, making it a fantastic choice for those with larger dogs.

    The safety features ensure no pull thanks to the front clip; you better control your dog’s motions and stop any pulling attempts in their tracks. You can use the back leash clip to walk your dog as normal without any restrictions to their movements for those with no pulling concerns. The choice between the two offers an excellent level of diversity. 

    Icefang’s harness features a carry handle, too, that can be handy in any unsafe situations and ensures that you can remove your dog with ease. It’s also great for any training needs you might have. 

    Customers praised the quality of the harness, finding it a comfortable fit for larger dogs. They praised the comfort of the harness, offering a fit that won’t rub or irritate your dogs while they are wearing it. 

    Some customers did note that the metal clip broke after a few uses. They could get the harness replaced but did raise some safety concerns when using the harness near busy roads. Few customers reported the problem, so you should be okay, but be sure to test the harness before use.

    If you seek a heavy-duty harness for your larger dog, look no further than this sturdy and escape-proof harness.


    • No pull feature – keeps your dog safe on busy roads. 
    • Metal buckle – helps with load-bearing and offers a secure fit. 
    • Customizable fit – provides a snug fit that dogs will struggle to escape from.
    • Reasonably priced harness – suitable for a range of budgets.


    • Some customers reported issues with the quality of the buckle.

    Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness

    Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness

    If you are searching for an affordable and secure harness for your dog, then prepare to search no more! Didog has the perfect solution for you. Their vest harness provides a comfortable fit that your dog is sure to stay in for the duration of your walk.

    It’s a safe harness, too, so nervous walkers need not worry. The harness features no pull or chokes features, so no matter how hard your dog tries, they aren’t going anywhere and they won’t hurt themselves. The harness also features reflective strips to provide visibility of your pup during darker walking conditions. 

    Didog’s harness is lightweight, too, featuring a nylon construction that will keep your dog comfortable without restricting any of its movements.

    The straps feature fleece pads on the back and neck to provide added comfort when walking. Anyone else thinking these harnesses sound a lot more comfortable than bras? 

    The harness is straightforward to use, securing with one buckle. If your dog is a bit of a wriggler, you will still be able to get the harness on easily.

    The lightweight nature ensures that your dog can enjoy a walk as normal without feeling weighed down by a complete harness; it’s great for dogs who are a little wary of harnesses such as our Cavapoo Rosie. 

    Customers loved the comfortable fit of the harness and felt safe in the knowledge that their dog wouldn’t be hurt when using the harness. The soft padding, in particular, was enjoyed, and they found that their dog was not able to escape too – a win for many users.

    Some customers noted that some dogs, particularly larger dogs, could still pull while wearing the harness. While it was not an issue for most customers, if you have a large dog that tends to pull, it might not be the harness for you. 

    If you are after a super soft and comfortable harness for your vanishing pooches, why not try the Didog harness today?


    • Affordable  harness – suitable for virtually all budgets. 
    • Range of sizes – ensures you will get the best fit for your dog. 
    • Lightweight nylon – provides a comfortable fit and an excellent range of movement for your dog. 
    • Outstanding safety features –  ensures that your dog can’t pull or choke themselves for a safe and enjoyable walk.

    Gooby Dog Harness – Escape Proof

    Gooby Dog Harness - Escape Proof

    For small dog owners, look no further than Gooby’s escape-proof dog harness. This harness is designed to offer a comfortable yet secure fit for your dog at a reasonable price.

    The harness comes in a range of colors allowing you to get the shade that best suits your style and your dog’s complexion, of course! The harness ranges from sizes Small to Large, although it has a weight limit of 35lbs, making it unsuitable for large dogs.

    The harness features a patented design that reduces space around the back, making it harder for your dog to back away and escape!

    The unique V shape works to reduce pressure on the neck, so you can even distribute across the chest for increased safety and comfort. It also helps to reduce choking too, so your pets can enjoy a pleasant walk.

    The harness can be adjusted at four points, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit for your dog. Ensuring that there is no space around your dog’s back when the harness is on will show that you have adjusted it correctly.

    Gooby’s harness uses padded straps to provide increased comfort for your dog. They are incredibly durable, too, thanks to the webbed nylon material used.

    The lightweight neoprene material keeps your pooch comfortable and is less likely to irritate your dog than other harnesses on the market.

    Customers praised the escape-free feature of the harness, ensuring that your dog will not escape during walks. Those with nervous dogs found that it kept them in place instead of darting across busy roads. They praised its easy use and how comfortable it seemed, ensuring that their dog was comfortable and safe.

    So for those with small dogs that tend to do a runner, call off your search now and purchase the Gooby dog harness now!


    • Reasonably priced – fantastic for a range of budgets.
    • Wide range of colors – to suit your unique style! 
    • Adjustable harness – offers a customized fit that will be perfect for your dog and keep them in place.
    • Comfortable fit – padded straps keep your dog comfortable and allows for a range of movement.


    • Not suitable for larger dogs.

    Best Escape-Proof Dog Harness

    Buyer’s Guide

    Not too sure what you need from your escape-proof harness? Let our buyer’s guide help you decide! 

    Types of dog harnesses: 

    When it comes to your new dog harness, three different types will work to keep your dog firmly in place and stop their Houdini style escape.

    Let’s take a closer look at these types to help you narrow your choice today.

    Tightening harness: 

    Tightening harnesses should be used with the utmost caution, as they can cause pain to your dog. These harnesses work by adding pressure and tightening when the dog pulls, making it uncomfortable for the dog, thus discouraging the behavior. You must ensure that the pull is slight to avoid causing any pain to your dog. 

    A tightening harness is not often used, but it can be worth the consideration for some owners. When deciding whether a tightening harness is the one for you and your dog, be sure to consider the size of your dog, its training, your lifestyle, and any issues your dog might have. 

    It’s not an option many dog owners like to consider due to the risk of pain. Check out the other two types of harnesses available as these may suit you and your doodle better!

    Front-clip harness: 

    A front-clip harness attaches the lead at the center of the chest and is an excellent choice if your dog tends to pull on the leash.

    You get more control as an owner when using a front clip harness, giving you the chance to redirect your dog and re-clip when the dog escapes. 

    For those whose dogs have extensive behavior issues, these harnesses might not be ideal. There is room for slack in a front-clip harness that can be problematic for some dogs.

    It’s worth considering the individual needs and any behavioral issues your dog has before purchasing your harness. 

    Back-clip harness: 

    A back clip harness features a ring on the dog’s back that the lead will be clipped to. It’s a popular choice, especially with smaller dogs. We have this style for our dog Rosie, as she hates anything going over her head.

    Owners find that their dogs walk easily on these harnesses with little objection. However, if you are still training your dog, or they tend to pull a lot, it might not be the harness for you. A back-clip harness is not designed to discourage pulling and result in the owner being dragged on time.

    It’s worth considering how often your dog pulls when selecting a back clip harness. 


    When selecting a harness for your dog, be sure to consider the material of it too. After all, you still want your dog to be comfortable, don’t you? Ideally, you will want a comfortable material and will move with the dog while keeping your dog in the harness. 

    It sounds like a lot to ask for, doesn’t it? But trust me, these harnesses are out there! It’s also worth considering the environment that you walk your dog in when purchasing your harness. For example, if you walk in typically muddy areas, should you opt for a wipe-clean harness or a waterproof material.

    It’s also worth considering harnesses that come with a fleece lining, which can help when walking your dogs in colder weather, especially small dogs or those with thin coats of fur that don’t keep them very warm. The material of your dog’s harness is an essential factor to consider. 

    Size matters?

    The size of your dog’s harness, especially if they are prone to escaping, is an essential factor to consider! Each harness will have a different size guide depending on the brand, and you must use this. 

    You want the harness to be tight but not so tight that it is uncomfortable and restrictive for your dog, like their collar. I like to move two fingers around the harness where it’s fitted to the dog and for it to do up without any difficulties. 

    It might be a process of trial and error to find the size that best fits your dog, so keep an eye out for harnesses that offer free returns.

    When selecting the size of your harness, it’s worth considering whether you will be using the harness over any coat or wet suit your dog might wear and also once groomed, how this effects the size of your dog. In the space of 8 weeks, Rosie can go from looking like a preened Poodle to a shaggy highland cow .

    If this is the case, you might need to size up to ensure that there will be plenty of room for the extra layer of either fur or material and your dog. 


    Get your last-minute queries answered here!

    Is it safe to leave a harness on your dog all the time?

    Generally, this is something I would advise against. It can be uncomfortable for your dog to be wearing a harness at all times, especially if it does not fit correctly.

    Think about how you would feel having something strapped to you at all times. With doodle type breeds, it can also cause the fur to mat and tangle underneath.

    During walks, wearing a harness for the full duration is perfectly safe. Just be sure to remove any wet harnesses as these can cause skin irritations or infections if left on for too long.

    Can a dog wear a harness and collar at the same time?

    They can indeed! Your dog’s harness will not come into contact with the collar allowing you to leave it on during dog walks.

    It’s always best to keep the collar on, as it will have a tag containing all your pet’s vital information. It’s handy when your dog goes missing and saves the hassle of removing your dog’s collar. 


    Finding the right harness for your dog is essential as it will change the way in which you walk together. It took many attempts to find the right style and fit for our Cavapoo, but now that we have, we have the same harness in a variety of different colors. This is not only a style statement, but means that we can throw one in the wash and always know that we have another to use.

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