Best Dog Food for Toy Poodles

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    If you are the lucky parent of a Toy Poodle or are planning on bringing these special pooches into your life, you must know their health requirements to keep them fit and energized.

    Toy Poodles are an intelligent, active, and very social breed that bring happiness into the lives of all owners.

    Toy Poodles do require regular exercise and grooming to keep their bones, joints, and coat healthy. However, without a balanced, nutritious diet, your beloved little pet’s health can deteriorate.

    That said, every dog is different so you need to create a particular lifestyle for your furry best friend.

    You should always keep a close eye on your Toy Poodle’s weight as any weight gain or loss could be a concern. Changing food immediately is not always recommended as your pooch won’t adapt to this change very quickly.

    However, good dog food including calcium, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, carbohydrates, and the right amount of fats, can prevent possible problems in your dog’s lifestyle and health.

    To ensure your beloved Toy Poodle has the best possible nutrition, we have researched the best 5 foods for this breed, so you can decide which one you think suits your particular pup.

    Keep reading to find a list of 5 food items that are supremely healthy and nutritious for your furry best friend.

    Best Dog Food for Toy Poodles – Top Picks!

    Royal Canin Poodle Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food

    Royal Canin Poodle Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food, 10 lb bag

    Every dog is unique and requires specific nutritional requirements. This is what Royal Canin dog food base their ingredients on and this Poodle Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food is ideal for your Toy Poodle.

    This food comes kibble shaped so your pooch can chew down easily while keeping their jaws very strong and healthy. Containing high-quality nutrients, Royal Canin dog food supports vitality and healthy aging, so your Toy Poodle can grow up properly with the risk of health issues later on in life kept at a minimum.

    There are precise protein levels included in this food’s recipe to support your Poodle’s hair growth, maintain their digestive health, and balance their metabolic rate.

    Royal Canin Poodle Adult Dry Food is enriched with antioxidants and omega 3s to help support your dog against possible allergies and you will see an improvement in their coat as it becomes shinier over time.

    The health of your dog’s teeth is of utmost importance and this is why this food has a calcium formula that helps the oral health of your pooch and helps them maintain their body weight.


    • Enriched with fatty acids and omega 3 – Helps fight off allergies that can be found in Toy Poodles and improves the shiny nature of their coat
    • Helps dental health – A calcium formula promotes good oral health for stronger teeth and gums
    • Maintains metabolic rate – Helps your Poodle maintain a healthy weight at all times


    • Quite a lot of fat – Some customers have reported that there is too much fat in this food for their dogs, but this can depend on your pet’s size

    Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

    Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin, Adult 1-6, Small & Mini Breeds Stomach & Skin Sensitivity Support, Dry Dog Food, Chicken Recipe, 15 lb Bag

    Here is a dry kibble dog food for smaller breeds of adult dogs. It is vital you choose top-quality dog food as your Poodle will spend most of their lives on this particular diet.

    Finding dog food that is specifically made for your breed of dog can be tough, but Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food is designed for dogs just like your Toy Poodle.

    The kibble size of Hill’s Science dry dog food is ideal for smaller dogs such as Toy Poodles as it is easy to chew down on as well as delicious. This food is particularly good if your dog suffers from a sensitive stomach or skin conditions. Unfortunately, these are common issues with Toy Poodles.

    Many Poodles suffer from itchiness because of their hypoallergenic coat which can be caused by dander and dirt becoming stuck in their fur.

    Hill’s Science dog food contains fatty acids which give your Poodle’s coat a wonderful shine and decreases allergies. Also included are added prebiotic fibers to help regulate and maintain your pet’s digestive health.


    • Helps maintain your dog’s gut health – Prebiotic fibers help your Toy Poodle’s digestive system and reduces the risks of stomach upsets
    • Small kibble pieces – Ideal for smaller dogs as it is easier to chew on while strengthening their jaws
    • Promotes a very shiny coat – Your Poodle’s fur will never look so shiny and will be competition worthy


    • Includes chicken – This can aggravate some skin conditions in Toy Poodles so be sure your pooch can eat this safely

    CESAR Classics Adult Wet Dog Food Variety Pack

    CESAR Classics Adult Wet Dog Food Variety Pack - Poultry 3.5 oz. (Pack of 24) (1)

    Next up is a variety pack of dog food in which your Toy Poodle can choose from 15 different delicious flavors.

    Caesar Classic Adult Wet Dog Food comes in small-sized metal trays which are ideal and easy to eat out of for smaller dogs like yours. These dishes will be wiped clean every time so no food is wasted.

    Many Toy Poodles can suffer from allergies brought on by some ingredients in food such as grains. Fortunately, Cesar Classics Wet Dog Food contains no grains and uses meat as the first ingredient.

    This means your Toy Poodle will be getting the highest quality ingredients with a perfect amount of protein. To keep your Poodle healthy and happy, these tasty meals include lots of vitamins and minerals, so that your dog can live a long, fruitful life.

    Variety packs are a great way of weaning your dog onto new foods, as you can see which meals they prefer most. Although this is dry food and dogs generally prefer wet food types, Cesar Adult Dog Food can be a great topper to the wet food variety.


    • No grains or filler ingredients – Limits the chances of your Toy Poodle suffering an allergic reaction or stomach problem
    • Huge variety of flavors – Allows you to find out which flavor your pooch likes the most
    • Excellent value for money – You will save money by buying a variety pack of different flavors compared to buying packs separately


    • Includes by-products – Some of the ingredients could cause allergies so make sure you read the recipe first to see if it is safe for your dog’s digestion

    Eukanuba Fit Body Weight Control Small Breed Dry Dog Food

    Eukanuba Fit Body Weight Control Small Breed Dry Dog Food, 15 lb

    Eukanuba Fit Body Weight Control Dog Food does exactly what it says on the bag. Your Toy Poodle will benefit by maintaining an ideal weight and keeping its body in a very healthy condition.

    It’s important your Poodle has a high-quality source of protein in their diet to keep their energy levels up. This is why Eukanuba uses real chicken as the first ingredient as chicken contains omega 6 which promotes healthy skin and helps your pup achieve a soft, silky coat.

    Chicken is also jam-packed with glucosamine to support your poodle’s joints and bone health. This is especially important as they grow older and are more at risk from joint problems.

    Your dog’s fat metabolism will be boosted thanks to optimal levels of L-carnitine, therefore supporting an active lifestyle. This will also ensure your pup maintains a healthy body weight and stays lean for longer.


    • Optimal levels of vitamin E and DHA – These work together to help support your dog’s brain, retinal, and central nervous system’s function
    • Easily digestible – Helps relieve upset stomachs with dogs that have sensitive digestive systems
    • Supports joint health and lean muscles – Ingredients ensure your pup’s bones and joints stay healthy for longer, especially as they grow older


    • Some ingredients may not be suitable for sensitive dogs – Some dogs may suffer from diarrhea and stomach upsets

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Small Breed Dry Dog Food

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food, Supports High Energy Needs, Made with Natural Ingredients, Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, 15-lb. Bag

    There is no doubt that you want your dog’s food to be rich in protein, omega fatty acids, and glucosamine. These all help your Toy Poodle maintain a healthy body as well as an active lifestyle.

    Thankfully, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dry Dog Food contains all of these and more so your dog can enjoy tasty, nutritious meals for a healthy lifestyle.

    The first ingredient in the Life Protection Formula is deboned chicken. We were pleased to see this because deboned chicken has a high moisture content, which is very easy for Toy Poodles and smaller breeds to digest.

    There is no shortage when it comes to high-quality protein in this food. Your pooch will be fuelled with the best quality protein which contains nutrients to support healthy bones and joints.

    Your Poodle will benefit from Menhaden fish meal which is a reliable source of omega 3 fatty acids and amino acids. These will increase your dog’s immunity, support the condition of their skin, and help their coat become shinier and softer.

    If your pup also sheds a lot or has dandruff, Blue Buffalo’s Dry Dog food will reduce these and relieve any hot spots and scratches.


    • Supports skin and coat health – Recipe is jam-packed with flaxseed, a great source of omega 6 fatty acids that supports immune function, growth, and reproduction
    • Includes easily digestible proteins – Deboned chicken in the ingredients has a high moisture content for easy digestion reducing the risk of an upset stomach
    • Contains L-carnitine – Ensure excellent fat metabolism and lean muscle development


    • Packaging can be poor – Some customers have received an open bag resulting in inedible food
    • Not many flavors – Some dogs are picky eaters and the limited flavors may not be favored by some

    Buyer’s Guide

    Your Toy Poodle needs to have a high-quality, balanced diet to keep them happy as well as help their mental and physical growth.

    Here are a few considerations that can help you find the best nutritious meal for your loveable Toy Poodle.


    Unfortunately, Toy Poodles are prone to suffering from an array of different health conditions including diabetes, pancreatitis, and Cushing’s disease.

    Thankfully, a healthy and balanced diet can keep your pooch happy and healthy without getting any of these illnesses. Of course, some illnesses are unavoidable but a balanced diet always limits the chances.

    As long as your Toy Poodle has the right amount of healthy nutrients in their diet, they should lead active, healthy, and happy lifestyles for a long time.

    High-quality Sources of Fats

    Your Toy Poodle may be small but they still require high-quality fats to pack them with energy. As you can see from many of the food’s ingredients above, chicken plays a vital role.

    This is because one of the best sources of good fats is chicken fat. This provides excellent levels of energy as well as supporting healthy organs and immune system functions.


    High-quality proteins are just as important when keeping your little friend fit, energetic, active, and happy. Your Toy Poodle’s digestive system and tiny teeth will thank you for the benefits these proteins can provide.

    The best high-quality proteins to look out for are real chicken, turkey, and lamb. These contain all of the 10 essential amino acids that your little pup needs to stay healthy and strong.


    Always make sure your dog’s food has highly digestible carbohydrates. The most easily digestible carbs for small dogs are considered to be grains such as brown rice and oatmeal so look out for this in the ingredients.

    However, always make sure your Poodle isn’t allergic to any carbohydrate sources found in the recipe as this can cause digestive problems and skin allergies. If this is the case, you can always try grain-free or gluten-free foods.


    Fiber in the diet is critical for all dogs. However, you must make sure your furry best mate has the right amount and it is the right kind of fiber for their breed.

    Otherwise, they could suffer from digestive problems or allergies. Proper fibers help keep your pup’s gastrointestinal system running smoothly and healthily.

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Having the correct amount of vitamins and minerals in your dog’s diet is very important. Most dog food companies add vitamins and minerals to the food after it has been cooked.

    This is to make up for any nutrients that have been lost during the cooking process. Check the ingredients to see if a particular dog food has sufficient levels of vitamins and minerals for your furry friend.


    It goes without saying but water is essential in your dog’s diet. Your Toy Poodle should always have easy access to fresh, clean water.

    The only time this may not be true is if the vet has informed you to keep water away from them due to an illness or if they are being house trained overnight as a puppy.

    Wet dog food tends to have more water in its formula but this isn’t enough for a daily intake so always ensure your dog is well hydrated.

    Calorie Count

    The calorie count is crucial when feeding your tiny pup. Toy Poodles may be small but they are very active. Eating the right amount of calories can have huge effects on their energy so you mustn’t overfeed or underfeed them.

    The number of calories they eat depends on their size and weight. Toy Poodles typically weigh around 6 to 9-pounds and require a daily intake of 300 calories. This is an average number though and can vary depending on your dog’s weight. It can also depend on how active your pup is.

    If your Poodle is very active, they will need more calories to give them enough energy. If they like to sit on the couch all day and watch the world go by, it may be best to feed them fewer calories to limit the chances of obesity.


    Should my Toy Poodle eat dry or canned food?

    Your Toy Poodle can eat dry and canned dog food safely. Canned food can help prevent bloat in Standard Poodles and Toy Poodles certainly love the taste of canned food.

    Canned food tends to contain more water but isn’t as beneficial for your dog’s teeth and jaw as they bite down on dry dog food. Kibble is always a great choice for your Poodle too.

    What foods are Toy Poodles allergic to?

    Different Poodles suffer from certain allergies but most are very sensitive, especially when it comes to their stomachs.

    As every Poodle is different, we can’t show you a list of ingredients that must be avoided as some will be fine for one and bad for another.

    However, there are some foods that many Toy Poodles and other Poodles are intolerant of or allergic. These are grains such as wheat and dairy, soy, and corn.

    Of course, your Toy Poodle may not be allergic to any of these but there is always a risk that they may suffer from some kind of reaction when being fed so keep this in mind.

    Should my Toy Poodle eat a grain-free diet?

    Your furry doggo can eat either grain-free or grain-inclusive foods. There is no evidence suggesting that grain-free dog food is better for your pup than foods including grains.

    Your Toy Poodle is unlike a wolf, believe it or not, so they can digest starches but if your pup shows signs of a food allergy to grains, you should avoid this ingredient from then on.


    Toy Poodles generally remain under 10lbs, and therefore require a totally different diet to their fellow Poodle chums. It is important that whether you decide to choose a wet or dry based dog food, that the health benefits that it provides is right for both now and into the future.

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