Best dog crates for a Cavapoo

best dog crates for cavapoo
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    Crate or den (call it what you will), for new puppy parents these little houses provide a safe sanctuary for our Cavapoos, when they are unable to be watched by human eyes.

    Buying a crate should be a carefully considered process – after all it’s going to be your Cavapoos home within a home. From wire to wooden, plastic and even soft-sided, we guide you through the best dog crates for a Cavapoo.

    Here are our top 8 best Cavapoo dog crates:

    1. MidWest Double Door Wire Dog Crate – best wire crate for growing Cavapoo puppies
    2. New World Folding Metal Dog Crate best wire crate for cleaning
    3. Fido Studio Wooden Dog Crate – best stylish wooden dog crate
    4. Casual Home Wooden Dog Crate – best dog crate for color matching with your interiors
    5. Petmate Vari Ultra Plastic Dog Crate – best plastic dog crate for 360 degree ventilation
    6. MidWest Spree Plastic Dog Crate – best plastic dog crate for small Cavapoos
    7. EliteField Soft-Sided Dog Crate – best soft-sided dog crate for versatility
    8. Petnation Port-A-Crate – best soft-sided crate for travelling

    When it comes to dog crates, it is important to note that one size does not fit all. You want your Cavapoo to feel comfortable in a confined space and happy to climb in of their own accord. It is a safe place to visit at night, a haven to escape to when the house gets too busy and a retreat to rest in when they need time out from the constant cuddles and attention. So getting the right crate, that is big enough for your Cavapoo, is crucial.

    Our cavapoo looked very tiny in her crate to begin with!

    What size crate should I get my Cavapoo?

    Now that you have seen the benefits that crate training your Cavapoo can bring, it is important that you buy the right size and type of crate for your puppy or dog.

    Without sounding too much like ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ it needs to be large enough for your Cavapoo puppy to move around in, but small enough to feel cosseted inside. A crate that is too big may allow your puppy to start treating half of it as a place to defecate, whereas if it is too compact, then they may start to feel trapped and confined!

    As a general rule you Cavapoo should be able to turn around, stand up and comfortably lie down in their dog crate.

    Although Cavapoos are classed as a small breed of dog, they can really vary in size. The average Cavapoo usually weighs between 12 and 25 pounds when fully grown and can grow between 9-14 inches tall (depending on the type of Poodle used to breed). Therefore you may need to buy more than one crate in order to accommodate your Cavapoo puppy as it grows or invest in a dog crate with panel dividers.

    How to measure your Cavapoo for a crate

    To get the correct size of crate, you should measure:

    • The length of your Cavapoo – to do this measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail and then add on about 3-4 inches.
    • The height of your Cavapoo – you should get your dog to stand up and measure from the paws to the top of their curly crown, remembering to add on a further 3-4 inches to get the minimum height of the crate.

    Different types of dog crates available

    There are a number of different types of crate available to buy, so you should ask yourself:

    • How strong do you require the crate to be?
    • Does the dog crate need to be transported?
    • Is space for a crate an issue?
    • How easy is the dog crate to clean?
    • How much do you want to spend on your Cavapoos crate?

    The most common types of dog crates are made from either wire, wood or plastic, although there are soft-sided crates which are lightweight and portable making them great for transporting your Cavapoo around.

    If you aren’t sure which crate is best for you to buy, then take a look at our guide below.

    Why choose a wire dog crate?

    Wire crates are great for Cavapoos or puppies that may be a little anxious as they provide plenty of visibility. As Cavapoos are people dogs, the wire bars allow your canine companion to see what is going on without feeling left out or secluded.

    Another great thing about a wire crate is that they allow cooling airflow. As a Cavapoo has a thick coat they can easily overheat. In addition to this, thanks to the ample ventilation, your dogs odors can easily escape.

    Some wire crates can also be adjusted to fit your dogs size, allowing it to expand as your Cavapoo grows. A wire crate is also easier to clean than other crates as most have sliding trays at the bottom.

    If you are thinking of transporting your dog, wire crates are great as they often have horizontal and top openings and are much more lightweight. Most can be approved for airline usage too, thanks to their tough nature.

    The main issue with a wire crate is that they can be difficult for dogs who are prone to over stimulation. As these crates are open, you may need to invest in a cover, especially for use at bedtime.

    Why choose a wooden dog crate?

    Wooden crates are often designed so that they look like part of the furniture and often come in a range of colors in order to match your decor. So if you are looking for something stylish for your pet pooch, then a wooden crate is the type for you!

    Wooden crates are very sturdy which makes them a solid investment, however they are not great for casual use or if you are looking for something that can be transported around easily.

    We chose a wooden crate for our Cavapoo Rosie, and what I particularly like about it, is that ours comes with an extra storage compartment creating additional space for holding all her doggy essentials such as her toys, treats and blankets.

    The great thing about a wooden crate is that it is often more enclosed than a wire crate, providing your Cavapoo with a bit more privacy.

    Why choose a plastic dog crate?

    Plastic crates are incredibly portable and lightweight and most come with handles for lifting. As an additional bonus, they can be washed down easily without any issues. They tend to be strong and sturdy, which also qualifies them for airline use.

    Those with plastic crates say that they are a lot less noisy than wire crates and because they can be purchased in a variety of colors, they look more appealing too. It is also difficult for a dog to break out of a plastic crate, so if you have a hound who likes to scratch, chew or simply considers themselves to be a bit of a houdini, then a plastic crate will be tough to break.

    The downside of a plastic crate, especially for Cavapoos who are renowned for their fluffy coats, is that the plastic can get hot and provides limited airflow.

    Why choose a soft-sided dog crate?

    Soft-sided crates have become popular because they are essentially made from fabric and can be squashed down and transported around very easily. These are great if you regularly take short journeys with your dog to places like the park or vets as they are cheap and lightweight. They are also easy to store with most having a metal frame which can be folded away.

    The main issues with a soft-sided cate is that it is difficult to clean. This makes them unsuitable for toilet training or if you have a mucky pup. They are also not airline approved, due to their lack of strength, which can also result in them becoming damaged rather quickly.

    We have a soft-sided crate that sits in our car. It is used when we head out on dog walks or for when we need to transport Rosie around. It is a great alternative to our wooden crate, however, she is never as keen to climb in, due to the obscured visibility.

    Our guide to the best dog crates for Cavapoos

    Making sure you have the right dog crate for you and your Cavapoo is important. If you are a first time crate buyer then it is easy to be overwhelmed with the choices available. Here we provide you with a list of what we think are the best dog crates currently available to buy online.

    Best wire dog crates

    Wire crates are great for a puppy or an adult dog as they can often be adjusted to suit your Cavapoo as it grows.

    MidWest Double Door Wire Dog Crate 30-Inch

    midwest folding divider wire dog door crate

    MidWest is a very popular brand and this crate is the #1 bestseller on Amazon – and it is easy to see why! This double door dog crate is easy to set up, come with carrying handle and can fold away for storage or travelling purposes. It has convenient double doors for easy access and has roller feet to protect your floors when positioning it around your home.

    The durable design also has some great safety features such as rounded corners to prevent any injuries to you or your puppy and a heavy duty slide bolt latches to ensure that it keeps Cavapoo safely ensconced inside.

    What we really like about this wire crate, is that it comes with a divider panel, enabling you to section off an area of the crate to accommodate a growing puppy, as well as a washable plastic pan which is easy to clean should an accident occur.

    The MidWest comes with a 1-Year manufacturers warranty for added peace of mind. The 30 inch crate measures 30L x 19W x 21H and is great for medium sized dogs such as Cavapoos.


    • Great value for money
    • Available in a range of sizes
    • Great safety features – non toxic paint, rounded corners etc
    • Easy to put up and fold down


    • Slightly weaker metal than some competitors

    New World Folding Metal Wire Dog Crate 30-Inch

    new world folding metal wire dog door crate

    This crate is a fraction bigger than the MidWest dog crate measuring in at 30.5L x 19.25W x 21.5H but also comes in a variety of sizes from 24inches-48-inches depending on the size of your Cavapoo.

    Its two door design makes this crate convenient and versatile and it has an easy fold down design for storage purposes. There are a number of accessories that you can purchase such as food and water bowls should you decide to personalize your crate, although the divider panel is an additional extra too and is not included in the initial price.

    Like most wire crates it has good ventilation as well as some smart safety features including secure latches, but scores extra points for its easy-to-remove and clean plastic pan. The New World metal dog crate also comes with a 1-Year manufacturers warranty.


    • Great value for money
    • Available in a range of sizes
    • Easy to fold down


    • Tricky to assemble first time around
    • Panel divider is a paid for extra

    Best wooden dog crates

    Wooden crates are great if you are looking for a sanctuary for your dog that will effortlessly blend in with your surroundings.

    Fido Studio Dog Crate

    This is the dog crate that we purchased for our Cavapoo Rosie, and we absolutely love it. It is designed as a contemporary piece of furniture, so effortlessly blends in with the rest of the room and is the perfect compliment to our home. It is also a great space saving crate as you can not only place items on top of it, but thanks to its two door access, can be placed either lengthways or at right angles to a wall.

    On top of that there is ample room inside for Rosie to rest and the metal coated bars provide plenty of ventilation. Its double latches ensure that your Cavapoo can’t escape and with stylish extras such as a wipeable plastic tray and deep filled bed they won’t want too.

    We purchased this dog crate with the optional integrated wardrobe, so that all of Rosie’s daily toys and treats could be safely stored away within a hands reach. This wooden crate comes in two different sizes and at present Rosie still fits inside the smaller version no problem at all.


    • Available in two different sizes
    • Stylish and contemporary
    • Great for storage and for when space is at a premium


    • Expensive
    • Tricky to assemble

    Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

    casual home wooden dog crate

    What I like about this wooden dog crate by Casual Home, is that it comes in 5 sizes and a variety of colours from black to espresso and right through to white, so you can color match it to your home.

    It is similar in size to the Fido crate, but instead of metal bars it is made from a solid wood construction all over, hindering the ventilation and also the vision of your Cavapoo when they are sleeping. It is great for dogs who are already crate trained, but beware with puppies, as they may decide to chew the wood inside.


    • Available in different sizes and colours
    • Good value for money
    • Easy to assemble


    • Scratches easily
    • Chewable wooden bars

    Best plastic dog crates

    Plastic crates are great for transporting your puppy to and from places, but are not generally recommended for daily use as they are not particularly strong, lack adequate ventilation and only offer your Cavapoo limited visual ability.

    Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

    petmate ultra vari plastic dog crate

    The Petmate Vari Kennel is favoured by both veterinarians and pet care professionals because of its 360 degree ventilation openings, which give Cavapoos plenty of air and increased visibility.

    If you are someone that always on the move, then this crate would certainly suit you. It is sturdy and easy to clean and comes with tie-down holes so that it can withstand the rigors of travelling whilst keeping your dog comfortable at all times. This crate is available in a variety of different sizes and has been built to meet most airline cargo specifications.

    Another plus is that it is ideal for puppies who like to chew as it has wire vents, environmentally friendly plastic and a secure latch.


    • Available in different sizes
    • Good value for money
    • Airline approved


    • Not as aesthetically pleasing as some other crates
    • Not particularly hardwearing

    MidWest Spree Travel Pet Carrier

    midwest spree plastic plastic dog crate

    I really like this crate, but I should point out that it is really only suitable for small Cavapoos (although it is available in a few different sizes) as the largest measures only 23.55L x 15.56W x 15.04H. Therefore, if you have a miniature mix, you may need a larger size crate for your Cavapoo.

    The MidWest plastic crate comes with a built-in carrying handle, making it ideal for travelling and has an easy to open door that can be twisted in multiple directions. This crate has well ventilated sides and a wire door which allows your dog to peak outside while keeping cool.

    This crate comes in a choice of bright colors and is great value for money as well as coming with a 1-Year manufacturers guarantee.


    • Available in different sizes and colors
    • Great value for money
    • Well ventilated


    • Only suitable for small breed Cavapoos
    • Not very sturdy

    Best soft-sided dog crates

    We are big fans of soft-sided dog crates and currently have one in our car as well as one in the office. Whilst they are not used as Rosie’s main residence, these soft crates are easy to store, lightweight and comfortable for our Cavapoo when she needs to rest. We have even taken her camping in a soft-sided dog crate!

    EliteField Soft Dog Crate

    elitefield 3 door folding soft dog crate

    We have this dog crate in two different sizes and colors. Whilst Rosie is not a particularly big Cavapoo (weighing only 7Kg) the 24L x 18W x 21H is a little snug and she is not as keep to hop into it as she is the larger one (at 30 x 21W x 24H). Therefore I would check the size guide for the EliteField soft sided dog crate throughly before purchasing.

    What we love about this crate is its versatility. Thanks to its light and portable design we can pick it up and place it wherever we want and the handles make carrying it an absolute breeze. It also comes with an attached bag, so you can place all your doggy must-haves in here when heading off on a journey.

    This dog crate has three mesh doors to provide ample air flow, which can be opened and closed with a zip. The manufacturer really has thought of everything, as it also comes with a cover and bed which can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.


    • Available in different sizes and colors
    • Simple to fold away and store
    • Easy to carry
    • Comes with a variety of additional benefits including a bag and a bed


    • Not very sturdy – our Cavapoo has ripped a bit of the side with her claws

    Petnation Port-A-Crate

    petnation port-a-crate soft dog crate

    This crate is great as it is made of heavy-duty fabric which covers the steel frame and offers extra strength and support. Just like most soft-sided cates it comes with a padded handle and mesh windows, in order to make travelling with your pet as effortless as possible.

    It also has two doors for easy access and industrial strength zippers and door latches. Made from water resistant material, it is easy to clean should there be any accidents or spills.

    The Petnation Port-A-Crate is available in four different sizes and offers a pet sizing guide in order to assist you with your purchase.


    • Available in different sizes
    • Simple to fold away and store
    • Easy to carry


    • Not very sturdy

    Should I crate train my Cavapoo?

    It is important to note that a dog crate will only be accepted as a positive by your Cavapoo, providing it is the correct crate size and that they are only placed in it for short periods of time. After much research we decided to crate train Rosie from the moment we got her and to be honest, it was one of the best training decisions we ever made. It helped with her toilet training, routine and confidence and she now sleeps in it overnight from 10pm-7.30am without a whimper and often seeks it out simply to escape for some solace. If you are interested to find out more about the benefits of crating your Cavapoo, then please see our informative guide to crate training your Cavapoo.

    How to dog crate a Cavapoo

    A dog crate can make the first few months of owning a Cavapoo puppy so much easier, providing you use it as a positive training tool to begin with and never use it for ‘time out’ or punishment purposes. Remember to place plenty of toys and treats inside, so that your puppy sees the dog crate as a fun place to go and not just an extra bed. For top tips for successful crate training, please see our blog for a full guide on crate training your Cavapoo.

    What size bed does a Cavapoo need?

    There is no nicer feeling than pulling back the covers and climbing into a comfortable bed. So why shouldn’t our dogs feel pampered each night too? When it comes to picking the perfect bed for your Cavapoo, you need to ensure that it will fit the space it is intended. Therefore you will need to measure the internal dimensions of your crate in order to get a snug fit. Some crates may come with a bed included or offer it as an optional extra. Other top tips when choosing a dog bed for your Cavapoo is to ensure that it is machine washable, lightweight and affordable – as chances are it will be replaced many times throughout your dogs lifetime.


    A crate is one of the most important (and often costly) purchases you will make for your Cavapoo, so it is crucial that you consider how and when your dog is likely to use it. As Rosie uses her crate on a daily basis for sleeping, it was important to us that we not only purchased the correct size dog crate, but one that would fit in inconspicuously with the furniture.

    As it is, we have a few dog crates for different scenarios. Our soft-sided crates make the perfect den for Rosie when travelling, camping or chilling out at work, whilst her wooden crate is her home within our home where she can go to truly relax.

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