Top 5 Best Dog Bowls for a Cavapoo

best cavapoo dog bowls
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    You may not think it is important when it comes to the types of bowls by which to provide food and water for your Cavapoo, but there are some key points to keep in mind. Since Cavapoos are a small breed, and since this breed loves to eat, it is helpful to invest in both durable and posture-friendly dog bowls for your Cavapoo. 

    Cavapoos typically need dog bowls that are slanted due to their floppy ears sometimes falling into the food or water. Bowls that also support posture and that are easy-to-clean, such as stainless steel, are also good bowls to consider investing in due to durability and convenience for your Cavapoo. 

    In this article, we will offer suggestions of the top 5 best dog bowls to consider purchasing for your Cavapoo. It is important to invest in a good food bowl, but you will also want to ensure that your Cavapoo’s water bowl has the same standout features. 

    Cavapoos can also be picky about things like food bowls, therefore, it is important to know which bowls are likely to sync best with your Cavapoos personality. With these details in mind, what features make the best dog bowl for a Cavapoo?

    Best Dog Bowls for Cavapoos and Doodles

    Pet Deluxe Double Pet Bowls (Top Pick)

    deluxe pet bowls for dogs

    Cavapoos can make a mess when they are hungry, making it hard to keep your floor clean in the area around the dog food bowls. 

    This set of dog bowls by Pet Deluxe are dishwasher-safe with food-grade silicone mats and raised edges to prevent food and water spills from the stainless steel dog bowls. With 2 sizes and 3 vibrant colors, you can choose the right size that is customized to offer the best neck support for your Cavapoo during mealtime.

    The silicone mat with a lid prevents the food bowl from skidding while your dog eats and drinks, and the raised edges keep any food or water inside without spilling. The rubber bottom and double dog bowls are separated, one for water and the other one for food, or two bowls for feeding two pets at the same time. 

    This set receives our top pick because it is convenient for outdoor use or travel as well since the stainless steel no-spill dog bowl is easily separated from the mat. This is a great food and water bowl set to start with, and you can never go wrong with stainless steel.


    • The bowls are made of high-quality stainless steel which makes them rust-resistant. Both the silicone stand and stainless steel bowl are dishwasher safe.
    • Anti-corrosion and heat resistant, this stainless steel dog bowl is durable for long-term use and healthy for your beloved pets – especially for holding hot food.
    • Easy to clean, they are detachable from silicon mat, and dishwasher safe.
    • The extra-large base of the silicone stand catches any spills so your floor stays clean and keeps bowls staying in the same place whilst your Cavapoo is eating.
    • This set of dog bowls are both non-toxic, odorless and food grade. 


    • These bowls can be prone to rust if water is left for too long.
    • Some Cavapoos may attempt to chew the mat.

    Royal Care Raised Pet Bowl for Small Dogs

    raised pet bowls for Cavapoo dogs

    Having an elevated food and water bowl, can help improve posture and dexterity in your Cavapoo and Royal Care is committed to producing high-quality and slightly elevated feeders for small dogs that are non-slip and durable. 

    Featuring a w-shaped design and 4-inch adjustable height dimensions, this food and water bowl set is easy to clean and perfect for Cavapoos from different stages of puppyhood to adulthood, which is both convenient and practical.

    The stand of the elevated dog bowls is made of high water resistance properties, including bamboo, which makes for both a durable and aesthetically pleasing decor pattern. The raised pet food bowl is easy to clean in just minutes and helps keep food temperatures better than stainless steel bowls. 

    With the 15-degree tilt angle design, the stand feeder meets the scientific perspective of small and medium dogs. This set of dog bowls can be removed and folded for storage, making them easy to carry and great for saving space. 


    • These bowls have a unique W-shaped design & can be adjusted in height.
    • Removable & foldable bowls make these great for when space is tight.
    • Designed to be non-slip & durable.
    • Easy to install & scientific design.
    • High-quality ceramic bowls & feeding station.


    • The tilt of the water bowl may not be ideal in all circumstances.
    • Can be more difficult to clean when compared to stainless steel bowls.

    Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

    slow feeder pet bowls for Cavapoo dogs

    Obesity is a high-risk health condition that can present itself within a Cavapoo. 

    Did you know? Fast-eating dogs, such as Cavapoos, are more likely to experience bloat, regurgitation, and obesity? 

    Canine bloat, aka GDV, happens when speedy eating causes excessive amounts of fluid, food, and air to fill the stomach, which can be very dangerous, and is one of the more annoying traits of the Cavapoo. Slow feeder dog bowls are designed to prevent these issues through the use of ridges and maze patterns, which slow the eating pace up to 10 times when compared to normal feeding bowls.

    These bowls aid indigestion while engaging dogs during mealtime and reducing overeating behavior. The bowls come in multiple sizes and maze patterns to suit your dog’s needs and above all, it makes feeding fun and very unique! 

    You can watch as your Cavapoo’s natural instincts kick in to scavenge and hunt for food. Whether your dog has a diet of dry, wet, or raw food, these non-slip bowls are certain to do the trick. 

    Made from BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free materials, these bowls are also top-rack dishwasher safe. Be sure to sprinkle a couple of tasty treats on top of their food to encourage foraging fun and you can even add a little water to the food and freeze in a bowl for a fun popsicle puzzle game and even longer mealtime.


    • Fun Feeder dog bowls feature meal-lengthening ridges to help slow down your Cavapoos eating time.
    • Common issues that arise in fast-eating dogs include bloating, regurgitation, and canine obesity. These bowls both challenge and engage your Cavapoo during mealtime while helping reduce overeating behavior.
    • Bowls are made to hold in food as your dog forages through the fun patterns with its non-slip base. 
    • Bowls are BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free.
    • Fun Feeders are available in multiple sizes and ridge patterns. 
    • These bowls are great for dry, wet, or raw food diets. 
    • The large/regular bowls hold up to 4 cups of dry kibble, whilst the medium/mini holds 2 cups, and the small/tiny holds 3/4 cups.


    • Your Cavapoo may react negatively to the maze blocking their food.
    • The plastic ends have somewhat sharp edges.

    TORUS Pet Water Bowl

    food and water pet bowls for Cavapoo dogs

    A good water bowl is also an important investment to keep your Cavapoo in optimal health.TORUS provides peace of mind that your pet has fresh water available all day. 

    Water is stored inside the TORUS walls and passes through a unique filter system as it automatically dispenses whenever your Cavapoo wishes to drink. Lock, fill and drink functions in addition to a variety of different sizes, makes TORUS ideal for travelling, and TORUS doesn’t require batteries.

    Cavapoos need about 1oz of water for every pound of their weight, so be sure to keep your pet hydrated all day which shouldn’t be an issue with the TORUS water bowl. Available in four modern colors, the 2-liter TORUS stores enough water for a full day’s hydration, which will come in handy if you work from home and cannot be frequently interrupted by your thirsty Cavapoo. 

    With its unique lock function, the 2-liter bowl is an excellent water reservoir for long walks or even hikes if your Cavapoo enjoys a bit of intense exercise. The low water profile and stability of the bowl also make it suitable for use during long car journeys. 

    One of the beauties of the TORUS solution is its simplicity; you can just fill the TORUS bowl until the reservoir is full and the filter is covered, and then you can replace the cap and either turn to “lock” to transport your TORUS or “flow” to let your Cavapoo start drinking.

    Water will fill the drinking well until it reaches the top of the water outlet. That is enough for your Cavapoo to lap water, but not enough for it to spill everywhere. This is one of the most convenient water bowls for dogs on the market. 


    • Active carbon filtered water for your Cavapoo, this bowl is made from BPA-free materials.
    • The thick reservoir tank of the TORUS bowl is insulated to ensure your pet’s drinking water stays cooler for longer.
    • Up to 1-liter of water inside its reservoir walls is ideal for Cavapoos.
    • Lock, fill, and drink functions make this bowl ideal for traveling. This pet water feeder is solid and doesn’t tip over. 
    • This is a go-anywhere watering solution that doesn’t require batteries or a power supply. Take TORUS with you wherever you go.
    • TORUS pet feeders are easy to clean. You can use soap, water, vinegar, or baby-bottle sanitizing products. Keep your Cavapoo feeding station dry and free from the mess.


    • A bit expensive.

    Super Design Mess-Free Slanted Dog Bowl

    mess free pet bowls for Cavapoo dogs

    Do you ever struggle with keeping a flat bowl on the floor? Do you have to keep scraping the food back to the center for your Cavapoo to eat, or constantly clean up pieces of kibble that spill out? 

    A slanted bowl like this prevents food from sticking around the bottom rim of the conventional bowl where the Cavapoo can’t reach it. 

    Another great feature of this bowl is that it enables your Cavapoo to eat easier as the bowl is on a slanted angle, aiding your pet’s digestion in the process. The bowl is made of good and durable materials and it’s very easy to clean. This bowl prevents spills and excessive straining by your dog and it’s great to keep in line with portions. 

    Cavapoos often struggle with eating everything in flat bowls and the fact that this bowl is on an angle and is raised makes it so much easier for your dog to eat. This bowl is relatively inexpensive and just the right size to contain one portion for one meal at a time for your Cavapoo. 


    • Ergonomic 15 degree tilted design makes the food concentrate on the bottom and makes your pet easy to empty the food, as well as reduces the risk of “bloat” and indigestion.
    • Dogs tend to stack food to the edge, a higher round arc design makes food not easy to overflow the edge.
    • Hard to turn over, heavy-duty stand with non-slip feet.
    • Both the melamine stand and stainless steel bowl are dishwasher safe and super easy to clean, and wipe.


    • Some people reported that the bowl is very thin.
    • Sometimes it can shift and rotate at random times.

    Buyers Guide

    Keep these important details in mind when shopping for a food and water bowl for your Cavapoo: 

    • Type of bowl. Food and water bowls come in many different shapes and sizes, therefore, as a Cavapoo is considered to be a small to medium size breed, it is important to always check that the bowl is not too high off the ground. Elevated dog bowls are great for preventing sliding, however, depending on the size of the bowl, these types of bowls may prove to be too large for a Cavapoo. Opt for a slanted food and water bowl for the best feeding and watering experience with your Cavapoo. 
    • Dog’s eating style. The amount of food that you will need to feed your Cavapoo can vary, depending on the type of food that you are feeding them. It can also be influenced by their age, level of activity, metabolism, and health. If you are ever unsure about how much food to give your Cavapoo, check the recommended feeding guidelines on the food packaging. These are based on weight and age and can be really helpful to look at to avoid putting too much food into the bowl, which the Cavapoo will likely gobble up. 
    • Slow feeders are best for overeaters. If Rosie is any indication by which to judge Cavapoos, then I can tell you that on certain days this breed loves to eat! One way to prevent overheating which can lead to obesity is to use a bowl that has a slow feeder attached. This mechanism prevents the dog from eating the food too quickly, which can lead to bloat and weight gain. Your Cavapoo may not like the mechanism at first, but his/her waistline will eventually thank you for installing a slow feeder that encourages slow and steady digestion. 


    Are ceramic or metal bowls better for dogs?

    You will likely find that metal bowls are somewhat better to use when feeding and watering your dog. A metal like stainless steel will be much easier to clean and will last a great deal longer than a product like ceramic. Additionally, stainless steel food and water bowls are also dishwasher safe and will not stain as easily as ceramic. 

    Stainless steel is also much better at keeping the temperature of the food you are feeding your Cavapoo at an optimal and safe range. The only downside with a stainless steel bowl is that some dogs do not like seeing their reflection of struggle to see the bottom.

    How can I prevent Cavapoo obesity?

    A good way to prevent your Cavapoo from gaining weight and possibly becoming obese is to monitor how much you feed the dog. Food restricting measures, such as slow feeder bowls, prevent your dog from feeling the need to gobble all of his/her food up in one sitting. 

    The type of food you feed your Cavapoo will also likely play a large role in preventing obesity. Additionally, you will need to check the food packaging of any new food that you switch to, as the amount that they need might vary. The difference is likely to be more if you are swapping between wet and dry food as the amount that they need is often very different.

    Should dogs drink out of stainless steel bowls?

    One possible drawback to stainless steel water bowls is that the water could eventually lead to rusting or even a strong metallic taste if left in the bowl for too long. One way to prevent this is to take up your Cavapoos water bowl at night and place a fresh bowl out the next morning. This will help to prevent the water from mineralizing or calcifying the steel and possibly causing rust to set in. 

    Final Thoughts

    In summary, you will likely find that a slanted dog and water bowl are likely to be the best types of bowls to purchase for your Cavapoo. Bowls that utilize mazes to engage your Cavapoos natural instincts and also provide a workout during feeding time are also a novel idea and are worth a try. 

    Stainless steel bowls are undoubtedly the easiest bowls to keep clean, and slanted bowls help improve your Cavapoos posture. Be sure to buy a matching water bowl so as not to confuse your Cavapoo during meal times. Any one of these five models should do the trick.

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