7 Best DIY Dog Toilet Surfaces (Indoor or Porch Potty)

best diy dog potty surfaces
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    Some dogs don’t have a strict schedule for toilet breaks that coincide with our schedules. Annoying, right?

    If your dog needs to go to the potty but you’re stuck inside, you’ll need a DIY toilet potty surface. Luckily, we have seven options for you to choose from, and we’ll explain them right now.

    DIY doggy toilet solutions include somewhere your dog can do its business, as well as a drainage system to keep the mess minimal. They can be used inside and in small outdoor areas to keep your dog happy and housebroken.

    No matter whether you live in an apartment or house, you can create a DIY dog toilet either inside or on the porch.

    Recommended products for maintaining your DIY dog potty area:

    Grass Patch With Drainage System

    This DIY dog toilet is made from a tiered patch of grass with a drainage system placed underneath it.

    This catches all liquid waste and you can easily pick up the rest. You’ll need just a few tools for this, and some real grass of course!

    Your puppy shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this DIY surface and a real patch of grass.

    All you need to do is make a lattice of wood and add a drain to it, which is large and clean. The grass will need to be replaced often since it cannot live without the earth and the elements, so this might get costly.

    Still, the use of real grass makes it easier for dogs to understand where they need to go potty. This will leave you with fewer messes to clean up around your house!

    DIY grass surface area for dog potty

    Dog Potty Made From Mulch

    This is an incredibly intriguing idea – making a potty from mulch rather than grass. All you need to do is add a liner to your porch and put a layer of mulch down on top of it. This means that you won’t need to change any real grass, making it much easier to maintain.

    You can use any type of liner, although the DIY solution calls for a pond liner as it’s one of the more durable options. Remember that your dog will probably be trying to dig down to bury their mess. A thin liner won’t be much use here!

    Bear in mind that a non-dyed mulch is better since colorants can be digested if your dog were to eat any of the bark. These could be toxic to dogs, so sticking with natural mulch is the much safer option.

    This certainly is an interesting idea, but consider whether it will smell bad in the summer or during hot weather temperatures. You will have to switch out the mulch eventually, and this seems like it would take a lot more work than replacing grass.

    DIY dog potty porch made with mulch

    DIY Porch Potty For Extra Large Dogs

    Extra large dogs need extra large potty spaces – for obvious reasons. This DIY solution shows you exactly how to make an extra large potty space for your dog.

    Even smaller dogs might prefer a larger place to do their business thanks to not being confined. We recommend making a DIY dog potty as large as your space allows for extra comfort.

    This DIY uses fake grass rather than real grass, which is easier to clean and doesn’t need to be replaced so often.

    Bear in mind that this DIY is not for the faint of heart. It requires plenty of time and tools, so be prepared to put your all into it.

    But this added effort is not all for nothing, since the final potty is much stronger and longer lasting than a plastic alternative. You won’t need to be replacing this potty any time soon!

    The weight of this extra large dog potty is in line with a semi-permanent structure. Make sure that you don’t build it too far away from its end space.

    Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat For Dogs

    This solution is space saving, simple to use, and affordable, but can you really count this as a DIY? Still, the fact that you don’t have to build anything makes it a whole lot easier to keep your dog happy with a sufficient bathroom area.

    This bathroom tray is only 20 x 25 inches and therefore can fit both inside or on a porch. It’s great for dogs of all sizes, although larger dogs might have trouble aiming.

    The bathroom mat has a three layer system – the top being artificial grass, the second being a plastic filter, and the bottom being a tray to catch all of the liquid waste. Solid waste can be picked up from off the grass like normal.

    Since everything pools to the bottom of this bathroom mat, it will take longer to clean and smells might be more inclined to stick around. However, it’s still an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t have the time to spend making their own dog bathroom solution from scratch.

    Fresh Grass On Wheels!

    You can purchase a fresh patch of grass online and add it onto a wheelable tray to make a portable potty for dogs! This is a super easy DIY potty solution that anyone can make, and it won’t take too long either.

    All you need is a tray with wheels, some grass (either fresh or artificial), and a way to stop the tray from rolling while your dog is on it. You’ll need the tray size to coincide with the size of your dog – an extra-large dog won’t be able to fit on a tiny tray!

    You also don’t want the tray moving while your dog is trying to use it. This could confuse or even scare them, so make sure that the tray can be locked properly when it’s in the correct place.

    This is a good option if you’re only keeping your dog away from the outside for a little while. If you need a more long-term solution, one of the porch potties we’ve looked at could be more effective.

    Self-Draining Dog Porch Potty With Fake Grass

    Similar to the first potty alternative we looked at, this one uses a tiered system with a drain underneath. However, instead of using real grass, you’ll lay some artificial grass over the top of the metal lattice.

    While this might seem unhygienic, it is surprisingly easy to hose down. Plus, you don’t have to keep buying new real grass as a replacement.

    You’ll use a PVC sheet on top of the metal lattice structure to create a slope for liquid mess to run right into the drain.

    The PVC pulls all of the urine to the lowest corner of the porch potty so that the smell is as contained as possible. Spray down regularly and the smell shouldn’t be a problem! You can even decorate this potty however you like.

    Disposable Grass!

    Fresh Patch offers fresh grass delivered straight to your door through Amazon, and the shipping is super fast. You’ll be able to follow this tutorial in no time!

    Not to mention that this grass is 100% natural and almost completely maintenance free.

    You could pair this with the wheelable potty (point number 5), and you’ll be able to give your dog a space to do their business both inside and outside. You can replace the grass as much as needed for not too much money.

    Consider how long you’ll want to keep your dog using fresh patches of disposable grass. This can get costly if you’re going to be replacing it every few weeks for years to come.

    Final Thoughts

    Thanks for reading our article on seven DIY dog toilets for both indoors and porches! There are countless reasons why you might need an indoor potty solution for your dog, and we hope that at least one of the above suggestions was useful to you.

    Provided that you clean them regularly, replace the real grass as and when it is needed, and hose down the artificial grass enough, there should be no reason why you can’t use these solutions indefinitely!

    Some are definitely more permanent than others, but they’re all very effective and helpful.

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