Best Cavapoo Dog Halloween Costumes

best halloween dog costumes
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    We all like a good excuse to put on some fancy dress and Halloween provides the perfect occasion. If you don’t want your four-legged friend to miss out on fright night, then why not dress them up in some of the best Halloween costumes available.

    From the spooky to the outright scary there are plenty of Halloween costumes designed especially for dogs. So let your Cavapoo get involved in the celebrations this year, as we guide you through the best Halloween fancy dress-ups for dogs.

    From silly spiders to scary skeletons and pretty pumpkins, whether you want your Cavapoo to look truly terrifying or downright adorable, the 31st October is all about having some family fun.

    Here is our guide to the best Cavapoo Halloween costumes, available to buy this year.

    Best Dog Halloween costumes

    We should probably start by saying that whilst most dogs enjoy being part of the celebrations, there are some dogs who may find it all a bit too overwhelming. If your dog is not keen on wearing a costume, then you should look for other ways in which to include them.

    For those dogs who love the attention that an eye-catching costume brings, you can’t go wrong with any of the fancy dress items that we have selected below. Just make sure that you measure your Cavapoo around the collar, chest and from their neck to their tail, before ordering online.

    Cavapoo Bat Costume

    With Halloween coming up, make sure you purchase these cute bat wings early as they are sure to be “flying” off the shelves. For those who are looking for an accessory rather than a full-blown costume, these wings are the perfect accompaniment for your dog.

    Soft and lightweight, the felt material maintains its shape and is so comfortable to wear that your Cavapoo will not even notice it’s sporting them. Although these bat wings come in a variety of sizes, the velcro design around the neck and the chest make this Halloween costume simple to put on and easy to adjust.

    Spider Costume

    Many of us are arachnophobes, but rather than sending children screaming on Halloween night, this giant spider costume is sure to turn small screeches to shrieks of laughter.

    This eye-catching spider costume comes with 8 vivid furry legs which wrap around your dog’s back and blood-red eyes, to give it a realistic look. It is made from breathable felt fabric that is plush yet sturdy, whilst the texture is lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

    Skeleton Costume

    If you want to shake those Halloween bones, then this scary skeleton costume will work a treat! And what is great about this two-piece dog costume, is that the bones even glow in the dark.

    Featuring a spooky skeleton design on the back, this fitted outfit comes with a matching hat that has holes for the ears and fastens securely under the chin. Made from machine-washable cotton this easy-care costume is available in a number of sizes to fit a variety of different breeds of dogs.

    Beetlejuice costume

    Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Say it three times and your gorgeous Cavapoo will suddenly appear in this crazy Halloween dress up.

    This costume includes a wild wig, striped jacket with velcro attached dickie bow, and sleeves that cover your dog’s front legs. They really will steal the show of any pet parade when they step out wearing this freaky outfit this fright night.

    Chucky costume

    Based on the classic 1988 horror movie, this creepy outfit is positively terrifying. With its padded half coat and hood is a comfy fit for your dog and comes with a red wig, reminiscent of the evil doll. Plus, with its wobbly arm and foam knife when your dog comes running in joy, others will be screaming in terror.

    If you have small children, then this costume is probably best kept til they are safely tucked up in bed, but if you want to freak your friends and family out – it is a fabulous choice.

    Pumpkin Costume

    From the frightening to the cute, this pumpkin Halloween outfit is simply adorable.With its black, Jack-O-Lantern face on the back and adjustable pumpkin dog hat with green “stem” on top, this corduroy suit will keep your pet warm and people smiling wherever they go.

    So let your Cavapoo join your family celebrations and feel the festive atmosphere together!

    Best cute Cavapoo costumes

    Whilst Halloween presents the perfect excuse to dress your dog up, there are some costumes that deserve being worn all year round. Take these cute dress ups for example:

    Rubies Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

    Given that a Cavapoo actually looks a little like an Ewok, this costume is a no-brainer. This officially licensed Star Wars costume is customed made and of the highest quality polyester.

    Your little Ewok can just step into its cute brown top before stepping out in style. It also comes with a hooded headpiece with fluffy ears and a cowl neck top that can be adjusted to size. So why not turn your cuddly monster in a fierce warrior thanks to this adorable costume?

    Star Wars BB-8 Costume

    Celebrate a new age of droid when you put your dog in this BB-8 costume! Cleverly designed and absolutely hilarious, this fun suit turns your furry little friend into everyone’s favorite new addition to the Star Wars saga!

    Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise, this step-in stuffed printed suit, is made of high-quality materials and is perfect for Halloween or movie screenings! It also comes with a headpiece and drawstring with ear holes, to help it stay put when your pet is plodding.


    As you can see, there is no need to forget your best friend this Halloween, with costumes and accessories designed just for them, even your dog can join in on the fun!

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