Top 4 Best Cavapoo Breeders in Pennsylvania

Best Cavapoo Breeders in Pennsylvania
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    Pennsylvania is one of the oldest and most historical states in America with a population of firm dog lovers of virtually every breed imaginable. Cavapoos and other doodle breeds enjoy a great deal of popularity throughout the state, and all regions have breeders that may come across Cavapoos and sell them along with other breeds of doodles. There are a few reputable Cavapoo breeders in Pennsylvania along with other doodle breeds.

    If you are looking for top Cavapoo breeders in Pennsylvania, then you may want to expand your research to look at breeders of different doodle breeds too. Breeders such as LaPark Cavaliers and Sadie’s Doodles all specialize in Cavapoo puppies and frequently have Cavapoo litters for sale.

    In this guide, we will offer useful information and contact details for 4 of the best Cavapoo breeders in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. Be sure to check each breeder’s website to ensure they have Cavapoo puppies available, and if you are in doubt on how to approach the task of finding a reputable breeder, be sure to check out our frequently asked questions on buying a Cavapoo puppy. 

    Best Cavapoo Breeders in Pennsylvania

    The first three breeders listed frequently sell Cavapoos, and Lancaster Puppies is a wholesale corporation in the Pennsylvania area that advertises Cavapoos from reputable and registered breeders. If you are ever in doubt, please contact the breeders and sellers through the contact information below with all questions or concerns. 

    LaPark Cavaliers

    LaPark Cavaliers is a family-run business offering Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies for sale in the Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware tri-state area. Raising puppies is their main hobby, and all of their dogs are brought up in the heart of their family and are well socialized, happy, and confident. 

    This breeder believes that Cavaliers and Cavapoos are wonderful little dogs, and maintaining the special gift they possess is very important to their overall breeding philosophy.

    LaPark Cavaliers is located on a beautiful two-acre Victorian property in the heart of a beautiful Lancaster County farming estate. All of their dogs, both parents, and puppies, are allowed to roam freely around the estate and experience the countryside in tandem with comfortable and happy home lives. LaPark Cavaliers have been breeding Cavaliers and Cavapoos for 15 years, and most of their customers are repeat or referrals.

    With this passion in mind, the breeder will only place puppies in homes that they see fit to ensure that everyone is happy. All dogs available for purchase are social and well-behaved, in addition to being comfortable around people both inside and outside of the family home. This Cavapoo breeder is looking for loving puppy parents and will travel within a reasonable distance, to bring each dog to you. 

    Additionally, the breeders will ship, under shipping guidelines, for you to get your new puppy. If you want your Cavapoo to be comfortable during a flight, the breeder also works with a flight nanny who will fly with the puppy in the cabin to anywhere in the continental US. Or, the breeder will also meet you at Philadelphia International Airport with your puppy if you wish to fly with your puppy personally.

    Best of all, all puppies come with a health guarantee, shots, and are dewormed.  Non-refundable deposits are accepted to hold a puppy from a litter at 7 days of age, and birth announcements will be posted on the available puppies page.

    When it comes to both reputation and extra care for all puppies available for purchase, LaPark Cavaliers is one of the top breeders in the state and comes highly recommended.

    Contact Information:


    Phone: 717-471-9999

    Address: 25 Leacock Road, Paradise, PA 17562


    A good breeder will want the best home for their Cavapoo puppies

    Sadie’s Doodles

    Sadie’s Doodles is another great breeder in Pennsylvania as they are a family that loves dogs, and has owned and bred doodles for over 15 years. Ever since their first litter of golden retriever puppies was born in May of 2008, Sadie’s Doodles has been committed to ensuring that all successive doodle breeds and varieties (including Cavapoos) have been bred in accordance with AKC registration guidelines and authentic breed protocols. 

    Sadie’s Doodles absolutely loves connecting their well-loved puppies with wonderful families and has been raising golden retriever puppies exclusively until just recently when they added the Goldendoodle line. All of their puppies, regardless of the breed, are bred to be loyal, intelligent, affectionate, and low to non-shedding – thus often helping to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions in many owners. 

    With this in mind, there can not be a guarantee as to the amount of, or lack of, shedding an individual coat type may end up producing, especially with Cavapoos (read more here).

    Regardless, the breeder stresses that they have put a lot of research and thought into providing very high-quality doodle puppies. There is no available information on the possibility of shipping, but reach out to the breeder directly if you have any questions. 

    Contact Information:

    Phone: 717-368-0244

    Contact form


    AA Ridgewood Kennels II

    Ridgewood Kennels started breeding nearly 50 years ago, with two Poodles and a room at the back of their childhood home with a litter of surprise puppies. The breeders decided it would be a fun hobby, which later turned into a sideline, before a full kennel and store with two locations serving the state of Pennsylvania. 

    Ridgewood Kennels specializes in small dog breeds, due to fewer health problems, as they are more concerned with the health of the puppy than whether or not they will do well in the show ring. All purebred Ridgewood puppies are registered with the American Canine Association (ACA) and all of their partner Kennels are state-licensed and inspected, as well as USDA approved. 

    All partner kennels have achieved the top status of being a five-star kennel awarded by the American Canine Association which ensures breed authenticity and breeder integrity. 

    All puppies are sent home with all seven of their immunizations already completed, as well as two de-wormings. In fact, this breeder is so confident in the health of their puppies’, that each puppy is also sent home with a written lifetime warranty. Through further research, I found that Ridgewood Kennels is the only wholesale breeder in Pennsylvania that offers a full, written, lifetime warranty. 

    The breeder does not ship their puppies under any circumstance, so you will have to visit or reside in Pennsylvania to purchase a puppy from one of their two locations in the state. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your puppy, the breeder asks that all puppies be returned to the site of purchase. This breeder has a full page of available puppies including a few adorable Cockapoos.

    Be sure to check the available puppy page frequently for Cavapoos. 

    Contact Information:

    Phone: 610-873-7045

    Fax: 717-407-5431

    Address: Ridgewood Kennels, 5015 Lincoln Highway, Kinzers, PA 17535



    Lancaster Puppies

    At Lancaster Puppies, this wholesale online advertiser strives to connect people with puppies. The company provides an advertising service for puppy buyers to find puppy sellers, and a means to contact them directly. The business doesn’t sell or raise puppies themselves and they don’t house them; this is a reputable listing that only connects buyers with breeders of registered breeds, including Cavapoos.

    The business offers a convenient way to pair puppies with their future owners, and a space to advertise puppies for sale. The goal of Lancaster Puppies is to keep puppy finding simple and to get buyers and sellers together smoothly. 

    The business provides information about breeds across the site and promotes the well-being of dogs to the best of their ability. Additionally, stud dog services and puppy-related items for puppy owners and caretakers are also provided to complete the range of services.

    The staff continuously scans the listings on the site for fraudulent content and scams, and once they are notified of a dishonest seller, they investigate, pull the ads, and ban the advertisers if necessary. Above all, your satisfaction and the health and safety of the puppies are the company’s top priority. 

    When you find a puppy on Lancaster Puppies, you can personally visit the breeder from whom you are buying before you complete the purchase to ensure that the puppy comes from a loving, caring home. This may not be an ideal avenue for all potential buyers, but the service provided does help to narrow a search if you are looking for a purebred Cavapoo.

    Contact Information:

    Contact form





    Final Thoughts

    There you have it, a list of the best and most reputable breeders and businesses that produce and sell purebred Cavapoo puppies in the state of Pennsylvania. Make sure you check back to each business or breeder if no Cavapoos are available at the moment. Each seller has been vetted to ensure that only registered Cavapoos are being sold, and in the case of Lancaster Puppies, only reputable breeders are listed after a vetting process. 

    Always make sure each breeder provides applicable paperwork to confirm the pedigree of your Cavapoo.

    For more information on Cavapoo breeders located throughout the United States, take a look at the following blog guides.

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