Top 4 Best Cavapoo Breeders in Ohio

Best Cavapoo Breeders in Ohio

Ohio is a midwestern state in the United States known for its wide-ranging industries and distinct mid-western culture and attractions. Cavapoos and other doodle breeds enjoy a great deal of popularity throughout the state, and all regions of the state have breeders that may come across Cavapoos from other breeders and sell them along with other breeds of doodles. 

If you are looking for top Cavapoo breeders in Ohio, then you may want to expand your research to look at breeders of different doodle breeds too. Breeders such as Premier Pups and Sunrise Pups all specialize in Cavapoo puppies and frequently have Cavapoo litters for sale.

In this guide, we will offer useful information and contact details for 4 of the best Cavapoo breeders in the state of Ohio in the United States. Be sure to check each breeder’s website to ensure they have Cavapoo puppies available, and if you are in doubt on how to approach the task of finding a reputable breeder, be sure to check out our frequently asked questions on buying a Cavapoo puppy. 

Best Cavapoo Breeders in Ohio

The first two breeders listed regularly breed and sell authentic Cavapoo puppies. Premier Pup and Sunrise Pups are reputable retailers that contract with Cavapoo breeders to acquire, care for, and sell Cavapoo puppies. 

Briarthorn Cavachon Designer Puppy Breeder

Briarthorn Designer Cavachons, a family Cavachon breeder, located near Akron, Ohio are Cavachon breeders who know their responsibilities go beyond the birth of Cavachon puppies. They love their puppies and it shows in their personalities and disposition. This breeder’s puppies live in their home and are interacted with on an hourly basis. 

The breeders at Briarthorn Designer Cavachons, have their puppies sleeping through the night (6-7 hrs), have potty training basics, and have them crate trained. Their puppies know their crate as a place to retreat or nap during the day and will learn to use it as their bed at night. 

This breeder’s Cavachon puppies are very well taken care of and know their routines; the only thing you have to do when you bring your new Cavachon puppy home from Briarthorn is to allow them time to adapt to a new environment and new forever owners. 

The puppies at Briarthorn are adopted out at $1650 and up, and all you have to do is contact them once you have selected a puppy from their available puppies list to discuss a deposit or make arrangements. 

Contact Information: 

Address: Briarthorn Cavachon Designer Puppy Breeder, P.O Box 8374, Kent, Ohio, 44240

Phone Number: 330-787-2696


Mid-Ohio Cavapoos

Another great private breeder to consider in the state of Ohio is Mid-Ohio Cavapoos, who is a premier breeder of Cavapoos and King Charles Cavaliers. This family of 6 operates Mid-Ohio Cavapoos on their 20-acre property located in the hills of central Ohio, near the town of Baltic. They take pride in the quality breeding stock they use to breed out top-notch puppies.

This breeder features Cavapoos on a random basis and suggests that interested buyers frequently check the Cavapoo puppy page on their website to check for availability. 

Contact Information:

Email address:

Phone: 330-600-8656

Cavapoo puppies are the cutest of dogs, but you must always make sure that you buy from a reputable breeder.

Premier Pups

Premier Pups is a wholesale doodle breed puppy seller that currently works with all USDA and state-licensed breeders. Every breeder that they represent is one that they have a personal working relationship with. This means that they hand-pick each puppy that is sold and personally verify the breeding standards and conditions. 

Through their continued growth and strong reception, Premier Pups has developed a streamlined tracking system to ensure that all breeding stock is continually monitored for hereditary and congenital disorders. This seller does not deal with any third-party brokers and they care deeply about where their puppies come from. An increased effort is made to partner with breeders whose practices emphasize quality, care, and responsibility. 

Premier Pups frequently sells Cavapoos, and if you are interested in inquiring about shipping, the seller asks that inquiries are made by contacting them to discuss the option further. 

Contact Information: 

Address: Premier Pups, 13298 Miller Road, Johnstown, OH 43031

Phone: 740-809-3074




Sunrise Pups

Sunrise Pups, a place for those who love puppies and dogs, is committed to connecting puppies and families. The business stresses that they are the connection between responsible breeders and homes all over the country, and they hold themselves and breeders to the highest standard and aim to improve the life of every pup, breeder, and owner who joins their community. 

Sunrise Pups has a zero-tolerance policy for puppy mills and substandard breeding practices. With them, you will know the source from which your puppy was born and raised, unlike pet stores, recuses, and shelters. Their pups are raised with love and care from their amazing community. 

Additionally, the seller requires comprehensive screening for all breeders who want to be a part of their community, making sure they meet USDA, ODA, and the business’s own high standards. Sunrise pups visit each of their breeders weekly to monitor the health and wellness of each puppy and do so with skilled and licensed veterinarians to do a head-to-toe examination.

This seller frequently sells Cavapoos so always check the available puppies list which will have a special section for the breed. 

Contact Information:

Address: Sunrise Pups, 2600 Fisher Road, Columbus, OH 43204 

Phone: 614-285-4870

What Are the Rules and Regulations for Owning a Dog in Ohio?

Ohio takes the personal care and humane treatments of puppies and dogs very seriously. Abuse, neglect, and abandonment of dogs are punishable with fines and even prosecution, therefore, you can always expect to find dogs well-cared for in Ohio. 

All dogs are required to be on a leash when in public or in a non-fenced yard. Additionally, all dogs are required to be registered and to wear a tag that confirms registration at all times or a fee will be imposed on the owner. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, this list of the best and most reputable breeders and businesses that produce and sell purebred Cavapoo puppies in the state of Ohio represents the most comprehensive options available. Make sure you check back to each business or breeder if no Cavapoos are available at the moment. 

Each seller has been vetted to ensure that only registered Cavapoos are being sold. Always make sure each breeder provides applicable paperwork to confirm the pedigree of your Cavapoo.

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