The 2 Absolute BEST Brushes for Goldendoodles

The 2 Absolute BEST Brushes for Goldendoodles
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    As a Goldendoodle parent, you will already know just how important your Goldendoodle’s grooming routine is to ensure that their coat remains in the best condition.

    If you don’t take the time to regularly groom your Goldendoodle, their fur becomes unruly and matted quickly, and you will end up with a large bill from the dog groomers if they have to be shaved!

    In this article, I will give you a better idea of the best brushes for Goldendoodles, so you’re fully equipped to tackle your dog’s coat. After all, they deserve the best!

    Keep reading to find out more.

    If you have a Goldendoodle, it is important to have the proper brushes, combs, and other grooming tools for their coat type to ensure that you keep their coat in the best condition possible.

    That being said, daily brushing is absolutely essential when it comes to owning a Goldendoodle, as they are especially prone to hair matting. Not only does hair matting mean a lot more effort for you to take care of your dog’s coat, but it can also cause a lot of problems and discomfort for your Goldendoodle if you leave it to its own devices without treatment.

    The inevitable result of not brushing your Goldendoodle regularly is a hefty groomer’s bill, so it’s important to stay on top of it no matter how much effort it feels!

    Check out the 2 absolute BEST brushes for Goldendoodles below:

    BEST Brushes for Goldendoodles

    1. Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush

    Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush

    The Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush for Grooming is made for professional groomers!

    This premium dog slicker grooming brush has a cushioned pad that retracts the soft and scratch free pins to grasp tangles and knots.

    Fluff, detangle and style with one tool! This grooming brush is perfect for use with Poodles, Goldendoodles, and Labradoodles because of its ability to remove tangles and mats with ease.


    • GroomGrip rubber coating – The unique rubber coating is great for using in the bath to prevent the brush from slipping in your hands and its ergonomic handle will help prevent brushing fatigue.
    • Long pins – This brush is able to penetrate deep into longer coats with its long pins, making it easier to glide through your Goldendoodle’s fur for your convenience!
    • Multiple sizes to choose from – This brush is available in three sizes to fit your breed and size of dog.


    • One customer noted that they had trouble with the handle of this particular grooming brush.

    That being said, if you need a cheaper alternative, we’ve got you covered:

    Cheaper Alternative: Paw Brothers Slicker Dog and Cat Grooming Brush

    Paw Brothers Slicker Dog and Cat Grooming Brush for Professional Pet Groomers

    The Paw Brothers Slicker Dog and Cat Grooming Brush for Professional Pet Groomers is made with stainless steel extra long pins that penetrate deep into your dog’s coat.

    Brush with ease! This grooming brush is specifically designed for medium to large dogs with long thick or double coated hair that can become unruly.

    This grooming brush is made to be professional quality for an affordable price, so you can keep your Goldendoodle’s coat in the best condition possible hassle-free!


    • Non-slip grips – The grips on this professional brush are comfortable and non-slip, making it easier for you to groom your pooch.
    • Affordable – Paw Brothers was founded on a single mission: To provide exceptional pet grooming supplies at affordable prices that are excellent value for money.
    • Flat slickers – This brush features flat slickers with rounded corners that will not catch your pup’s fur or cause any discomfort as you groom them.


    • One customer found that the bristles on this particular brush weren’t as effective as other brushes that they’d tried.

    2. Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

    Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

    The Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush is designed to be lightweight and is made from light beech wood to reduce hand fatigue.

    The polished bristles allow for gentle brushing and prevent your pup from experiencing any discomfort whilst you are grooming them.

    This grooming brush is strong and durable, yet flexible enough to detangle the coat and allows for the most comfortable brushing experience for your pooch.


    • Easy to use – This brush glides through your dog’s coat with ease to make the brushing experience hassle-free for everyone involved!
    • Versatile – This grooming brush is great for a variety of breeds and hair types.
    • Safe – The polished bristles allow for gentle brushing and prevents you from causing injury to your dog’s coat or skin!


    • One customer claimed that this particular grooming brush didn’t untangle their dog’s fur as well as they had hoped.

    Again, if you’re on the hunt for a dupe for the brush above, here is a great alternative:

    Cheaper Alternative: Mars Professional Grooming Brush for Dogs and Cats

    Mars Professional Grooming Brush for Dogs and Cats

    The Mars Professional Grooming Brush for Dogs and Cats is a durable grooming brush that is designed to last for years to come!

    This grooming brush features a soft rubber pad for flexibility, ensuring that your dog’s fur and skin are never being scratched or pulled during the grooming process.

    The Mars pin brush has 1-inch stainless steel pins that penetrate deeply into the coat.


    • Demagnetized pins – To decrease static, this grooming brush features demagnetized pins for a smooth brushing experience.
    • Flexible – The superior pad design allows the pins to rotate with tangles, reducing any discomfort that your dog may experience.
    • Good quality – This brush is made with a birch wood handle and stainless steel pins that are durable and built to last!


    • One customer noted that they had to wait longer than they were expecting when ordering this particular grooming brush.

    How often should you brush your Goldendoodle?

    A lot of people are unaware of the maintenance it takes to maintain a Goldendoodle’s coat properly. As these dogs have a dense, double coat that is highly prone to matting and becoming dirty quickly, they require a lot of grooming.

    In order to stay on top of your grooming game, you need to make sure that you’re brushing your Goldendoodle every day. Yes, you read that correctly – every day!

    If you want to keep your Goldendoodle’s coat long, generally speaking, you will need to spend 30 to 45 minutes brushing your doodle’s coat every day if your dog is on the larger side.

    However, that being said, if you prefer to send them to a groomer to be trimmed, you will need to do so every six weeks which can cost anywhere between $100-$150 depending on the rates where you live.

    It is fundamental that you keep on top of brushing your Goldendoodle, as their coats can become unruly and matted incredibly quickly.

    This can not only lead to discomfort for your pup but will inevitably result in an expensive trip to the groomers to sort their coat out.

    That being said, if you’re considering adopting or buying a Goldendoodle, always make sure that you are aware of the upkeep that their coats take and make sure that you are prepared and have enough time to take care of it.

    How often should Goldendoodles be bathed?

    Although you’ll need to dedicate a fair amount of time to grooming and brushing your Goldendoodle, it isn’t recommended that you bathe them more than around once a month unless they’re super dirty on occasion.

    This is because excessive bathing can lead to dry skin, which can cause itching and irritation for your pup.

    That being said, you’ll only want to give them a bath once every month or so. Besides, with all that brushing you’ll be doing, you’ll be glad to have a relief from bath time. Trust me!

    If you are looking for a good shampoo to use on your dog, check out our guide to the Best Shampoo for Goldendoodles.


    We all consider a dog bed, bowl, leash and collar essentials items when getting a new dog, but if you have a Goldendoodle, then a sturdy brush that is up to tackling a thick, curly coat is an absolute must!

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