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    Goldendoodle fur can be a little tricky to care for. It isn’t quite as dense and curly as the fur of a Poodle. But it’s definitely not as soft and smooth as the fur of a Golden Retriever.

    That said Golden Retriever fur is hardly perfect either. It is often incredibly thick and tough. This, combined with the beautiful Poodle curls, can make brushing a tricky business.

    A standard dog fur brush won’t quite do the job when it comes to this type of fur. You’re going to need something a little specialist. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself with sore arms as you try to tug a normal brush through your Goldendoodle’s fur.

    But, don’t worry, we’ve found the best brushes available for Goldendoodle fur. So take a look at our guide to the best brushes to work through that beautiful but difficult fur.

    Best Brush for Goldendoodle – Top Picks!

    Sick of the malting dog hair gathering on your couch and need that brush ASAP? No problem, because ‘hair’s’ our top pick for the best brush for Goldendoodles.

    FURminator Slicker Brush

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    Our top pick for the best brush for Goldendoodles is the Slicker Brush from FURminator. It is ideal for pulling through tangles, knots, and matted fur. But it won’t cause your doodle any distress or discomfort. This is perfect for the beautiful but tough fur of a Goldendoodle.

    Furminator brushes have become pretty popular in recent years. They might look pretty standard, but there are a few little tweaks in these brushes that make them perfect for Goldendoodle fur.

    One of these tweaks is the slightly slanted bristles. The angle of these brushes are perfect for thick curls. Especially if those curls are often caught in knots.

    The angled bristles will put a little more power into the brushing, without you having to be any more forceful. This is ideal if you regularly have to detangle your doodle’s fur and they don’t like the feeling of being brushed.

    The wide trapezium shape of this brush is also very practical. It will allow you to cover more space, so you can be much more efficient. This means the process will be over with as soon as possible whilst allowing you to add more strength to the process without having to be forceful.

    The wideness of this brush means that you will be able to gather up more fur in one fell swoop, allowing you to brush through with more strength. 


    • Designed for curly fur – This brush will specifically work through knotted and matted curls. 
    • Large width – This makes the brushing much more efficient and so much quicker.
    • Adds Shine – Will make tough curls look sleek and shiny.


    • Slightly more expensive than other options.

    K&K Pet Grooming Gloves

    K&K Pet Grooming Gloves for Goldendoodle dogs

    A pair of gloves might not be what you expected to see when looking for a dog fur brush. But, you definitely need to give these gloves a chance. These gloves are very simple but genius as they allow you to groom and pet your Goldendoodle at the same time.

    Some dogs truly hate being groomed. If your dog’s fur is prone to becoming tangled and matted (this is often the case if you have a doodle who enjoys getting muddy and being in water), then brushing can sometimes hurt. This can make your dog fearful of grooming.

    Brushing then becomes a difficult chore for both you and your doodle. These gloves allow you to groom your doodle without them even realizing it. 

    If your doodle is prone to biting and playing when you try to brush them, then these gloves are also ideal. They are made from a durable silicone that is comfortable to wear and durable enough to stop them from becoming damaged.

    One drawback of these gloves is that the bristles are also made from silicone. This is fine for very soft curls and everyday brushing, but for tougher fur, they might not be strong enough.

    So when you need to work out some deeper knots, you might have to invest in a different brush. That said, if you regularly groom your dog with these gloves, the chances of fur becoming matted and tangled are much lower.


    • Groom while petting – Your dog will just think that you’re petting them.
    • Affordable  – These gloves, while impressive, are more affordable than some simpler brushes.
    • Durable – Made from medical grade silicone, so will be safe from any playful claws or teeth.


    • Short, soft bristles – Not ideal for big knots or matts.

    Sharper Image Dog Brush Pet Grooming Tools

    Sharper Image Dog Brush for Goldendoodle dogs

    This product is essentially two brushes in one. You will be able to pull through any knots with the tough pins before smoothing the fur out and get rid of any loose hairs with the softer bristles.

    With this brush, we recommend that you start with the tougher bristles before moving on to the softer ones once the fur is tangle free.

    But the good news is that the tougher bristles can do more than just pull through thick fur. Each bristle has a rounded tip that can help make your Goldendoodle’s fur sleek and shiny. This is because the rounded tips help the natural oils in your dog’s skin and hair to be evenly distributed.

    You might hear “oil” and assume this means “dirty” and think that your Goldendoodle needs a good bath. But, just like with human hair, the oil in your Goldendoodle’s fur is actually very good for it as it contains plenty of nutrients. 

    This brush is the perfect option if you have other dogs with different types of fur. This brush can be used for almost every fur type and breed, which means that you won’t have to buy a brush for every one of your pooches. 

    Despite the fact that this brush looks similar to other much smaller versions, this is a pretty sizeable brush. Its full length is 9” and 5 of those inches are the handle, making it the perfect accessory for thick doodle fur.

    You will be able to keep a strong grip on the brush as you work through your Goldendoodle’s curls and this is further helped by the rubber grip and ergonomic style of the handle.


    • Double-Sided – One side for tangles and one side for smoothing.
    • Can be used for multiple fur types  – This can even be useful as your dog’s fur changes with age.
    • Super affordable  – Two brushes for less than one.


    • Slightly Larger Than Average – This can make working out deep knots and matted fur more difficult.

    Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool

    Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool for Goldendoodle dogs

    This tool might look a little intense. But when you also look at your Goldendoodle’s fur, it’s definitely a more understandable option. This is the sort of brush you need to invest in if your Goldendoodle has really tough fur. 

    This brush, or “grooming tool” as is a more accurate name, is great for working out tangles and matted fur. It is definitely for those days when your doodle comes bounding up to you covered in mud and twigs. This is a post-walk, post-bath grooming brush.

    Rather than bristles, this brush has slightly sharpened blades instead of bristles. But don’t let that put you off. This isn’t an everyday brush and your Goldendoodle will not thank you if you rock up with one of these for every grooming session.

    But it is absolutely safe to use. Think of this as you would a body scrub versus a body wash. It’s a bit tougher and isn’t always the most comfortable, but it’s necessary once in a while and most definitely worth the use.

    With these blades, the ergonomic non-slip handle is a very useful feature. You won’t have to worry about keeping hold of this brush as you try to tug it through your doodle’s matted curls.


    • Blades Instead of Bristles – This brush is specifically designed for working through tough fur that hasn’t been groomed in a while.
    • Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle – So you won’t be struggling to stay in control as your doodle wriggles beneath you.
    • 2-in-1 Head – The blades are situated on either side of the head. This will allow you to keep a smooth and consistent motion.


    • Slightly More Expensive Than Average – But this is not an average dog brush. It is specially designed for poorly maintained fur.

    Hertzko Slicker Brush

    Hertzko Slicker Brush for Goldendoodle dogs

    This brush is great for getting right down into the depths of your Goldendoodle’s curls. But while that might sound like a long process, the size and shape of this brush means that you can do it easily. 

    This brush has a large rectangle of tough bristles that will be easy to pull through even the toughest fur, although it might be slightly too large for working out matted fur.

    A great unique feature of this brush is that the bristles are retractable and so with the press of a button the bristles are hidden inside the brush head. This is a useful gadget when it comes to storage.

    But the best bit about this retractable brush is that it leaves the fur behind, so you can easily wipe away the hair. This means no more time spent trying to detangle fur from dog and a brush…genius!

    The handle of this brush is also ergonomically designed and features rubber grips on either side plus a thumb rest at the top of the handle. This will give you a great grip as you try to work through those curls. 

    This brush is best-suited for regular and everyday use. It will be good for getting deep into the fur and brushing it through to remove loose hairs, but isn’t ideal for matted fur.


    • Retractable Bristles – Easily wipe away removed fur.
    • Wide Brush Head – Cover large sections quickly and efficiently.
    • Tough Bristles – Great for working through tangles.


    • Wider Than Average Brush Head – This will make it a little difficult for working out tough patches of matted fur.

    Best Brush for Goldendoodle

    Buyers’ Guide

    Different Types of Dog Brushes

    As you will have noticed from the range of options available, there seem to be as many types of dog fur brushes as there are human hairbrushes. This isn’t exactly the case, but, there is a huge amount of variation when it comes to dog fur textures, length, and density.

    To clear up the confusion, here’s our guide to the most common types of dog brushes.

    Double-Sided Brushes

    Double-sided brushes are really great for curly Goldendoodle fur. Because of the thickness of the individual hairs, it can sometimes be difficult to get through the curls. The side with hard metal bristles are perfect for working through knots and tangles.

    But, once you have worked through the knots and tangles, you can use the dense and soft side to add some shine. This side will help the curls find their shape again. They will also calm down any frizz that might have occurred when you were working on the tangles. 

    Scraping Combs

    Scraping combs are very common, but they aren’t the best option for Goldendoodle fur. Scraping combs are best suited to short, bristly fur.

    With Goldendoodle fur, these combs will only brush through the fur superficially. They won’t be able to get deep enough into the fur to do any real work.

    They can be used to smooth out the fur after it has been detangled though, so, if you don’t mind buying more than one brush, this could be a good option for the perfect end result. 

    Grooming Gloves

    Grooming gloves might seem a little weird when you first see them, but once you consider how they work, they are actually genius.

    If you have ever groomed a dog before, then you will know that even the most docile pooch can become an absolute terror when they need brushing.

    Some dogs, once they begin to recognize the brush, will run a mile as soon as they glimpse it. Others will think that you’re playing and try to bite and bat the brush.

    These gloves allow you to pet your dog while also grooming them. These are fantastic as your dog will enjoy the feeling and will have no idea that this is a chore. It will also be more fun for you.

    Rather than trying to wrangle your Goldendoodle to run a brush through their thick curls, you can gently stroke them as they lay calming next to you.

    These are a win-win for everybody. 

    How to Groom a Goldendoodle

    Goldendoodles have incredibly beautiful fur. But it can be pretty difficult to care for. This is especially true if you have an active Goldendoodle who keeps getting their fur matted and tangled. 

    The best way to care for Goldendoodle fur is to regularly groom it. Some owners recommend grooming at least once a day. This might seem excessive, but just think of how often you brush your own hair! And suddenly it doesn’t seem like very much at all. 

    Goldendoodles have both an undercoat and an overcoat and both of these need to be groomed regularly. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to invest in a good quality brush. If you buy something cheap with bristles that are too soft, you will only be smoothing out the very top layer of fur.

    This might make your Goldendoodle look as though they have smooth, tidy fur. But underneath this layer, the fur will be tangled and matted. This is unhealthy for your Goldendoodle. Tangled and matted fur is also very difficult to clean. 


    How do you brush a Goldendoodle?

    Due to their thick fur, Goldendoodles need to be groomed in a specific way. It’s a fair bit of effort to brush a Goldendoodle, so it’s best to work in sections.

    Starting at the base of your first section, push the hair above up and away from you. Then, take the brush and begin brushing from the bottom of the hairs and then down toward you. Keep doing this until the fur becomes fluffier and easier to brush through. Then move onto the next section.

    If you find some matted fur, you need to brush it out slightly differently. Hold the base of the fur in your hand so that it is loose between the root and your hand.

    Then, press the matted fur against your palm and brush it until it comes free. Make sure you don’t pull too hard and don’t let go of the slack fur, otherwise you risk pulling the fur and hurting your doodle.

    If you come across some tangles, then you need to work them out slightly differently. Matted fur needs to come off completely (you can cut it out if it’s too big to brush). But tangles will include a lot of fur that is still attached to your dog’s skin so remember to always be slightly gentler with this fur.

    Are you supposed to brush a Goldendoodle?

    Yes! Absolutely!

    It’s so important to regularly brush your Goldendoodle’s fur. Long fur can become matted and tangled very easily. This will gradually get worse and be more difficult for you to groom later on.

    But matted and tangled fur can also tug at your dog’s skin. This will be very uncomfortable and even painful.


    The key to giving your Goldendoodle a daily groom is to have the right tools and equipment. A good brush that is suited to their fur type, will not only make brushing feel a breeze but will leave them with gleaming, lustrous locks.

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