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best brushes for a cavapoo
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    When grooming a Cavapoo, it is important to invest in a brush that will keep tangles and mats from forming and not feel rough on your Cavapoo’s skin. Cavapoo’s are half poodles, therefore, their fur is predisposed to clumping easily if regular brushing is not practiced.

    A two-sided brush is one of the best types of brushes to consider since it features one metal side for detangling clumps and a smoother side for brushing and smoothing.

    But there are many different types of brushes to consider for your Cavapoo, and this guide will explore some of the best on the market today as well as some frequently asked questions about brushing your Cavapoo’s coat. Read on to find the right brush for your Cavapoo.

    Best Brush for Grooming Your Cavapoo – Top Picks!

    There are many types of brushes and combs to choose from when grooming your Cavapoo. A metal comb or brush responds well to a Cavapoo’s coat that tends to clump or mat easily, but a slicker brush utilizes the same material with prioritization of comfort and safety for your Cavapoo’s coat.

    Whichever you choose to use, these products represent some of the best on the market for at-home Cavapoo grooming.

    Best Metal Combs

    Piepea Pet Comb, Stainless Steel Teeth Comb for Dogs

    Piepea Pet Comb, Stainless Steel Teeth Comb for Dogs

    This pet comb by Piepea is a high-quality static-free stainless steel tooth comb that is strong enough to ensure both durability and reusability for years to come. The ergonomic designed anti-slip handle is both comfortable and easy to hold.

    You can comfortably and safely use the rounded teeth to gently massage your Cavapoo’s coat and even gently press into the skin to facilitate fur growth. This comb features a 2-in-1 design with wide teeth for fluffy hair and narrow teeth for fine hair.

    A great choice for all breeds that can be used for both long-haired and short-haired breeds.


    • High-quality static-free stainless steel teeth
    • Ergonomic designed anti-slip handle, comfortable and easy to hold.
    • Great value for money


    • Stainless steel combs may not be comfortable for all dogs

    Best Pin Brushes

    The Doodle Brush

    Doodle brush for cavapoos

    The Doodle Brush has been designed specifically for grooming Labradoodles and other Poodle-crosses. Traditional slicker brushes tend to snag and pull, but The Doodle Brush head is flexible and the long, curved pins glide through the coat making light work of tangles and matting.

    When one side has filled up with hair, simply switch over to the other side. Once both sides are full, use a comb to remove the hair, and you’re ready to start brushing again. The Doodle Brush will help you to maintain a beautiful, tangle-free coat at your desired length.

    For easy and hassle-free doodle grooming, this is the brush that makes a great go-to tool for dog owners and for Cavapoo grooming.


    • Long, curved pins glide through tangles and matting
    • Less snagging than traditional slicker brushes
    • A flexible head makes the brushing process more comfortable
    • Ideal for Labradoodles and other Poodle-crosses


    • Pin brushes are great for brushing but not as great for mats and tangles

    LilPals Double-Sided Dog Comb

    Double side comb for cavapoo dogs

    What’s so great about Li’l Pals dog grooming brushes and grooming tools is that they are safe and easy to use; it’s a simple pin and bristle brush that glides easily over a dog’s skin to help keep their coat de-matted. For maximum effect, always brush in the direction of hair growth, from head to tail and then down the legs. Use flowing strokes, separating the hair as needed.

    To fluff the coat, brush against the direction of hair growth. For coats with mats or tangles, use a comb to detangle the hair prior to brushing. Starting at the head, move toward the tail, then down the legs using long strokes that follow the direction of hair growth.

    Be sure to use this brush frequently to help enhance the coat’s natural luster, reduce shedding and encourage a healthy coat.


    • Features a pad of flexible wire pins that contour to her body for efficient grooming.
    • Quickly and easily detangles fur, removes loose hair, and smooths the coat.
    • Plastic tips on each bristle prevent irritation of her soft, sensitive skin.
    • Regular brushing massages the skin to stimulate the production of natural oils and distributes them evenly for a shiny, healthy coat.
    • At 4.9 inches in length, this little brush is scaled down to the perfect proportions for petite pups.


    • The handle is a bit short

    Brushing our Cavapoo with a self cleaning slicker brush.

    Best Slicker Brushes

    Chris Christensen – Big G Slicker Brush

    Big G Slicker Brush for Cavapoos

    The Big G Slicker Brush by Chris Christensen is a great brush to consider because it has long pins to penetrate deep into longer coats. Even though Cavapoo’s do not have the long coats that this brush was designed for, the power of the bristles is too strong to overlook.

    This brush features a special pin bend to create lift and movement and to pick up more coat stretching from the skin to the length of the fur. This is aided by a flexible cushion that is gentle but also durable enough to pull out any mats or tangles on your dog’s coat.

    Best of all, there is an extra-long ergonomic handle for reducing arm and hand fatigue. This grooming tool is a bit pricey but the cost is well worth the investment to take care of any issues that may arise with your dog’s coat.


    • Fluffs curly, cottony coats and the fluff and shape heads, topline, and legs of many breeds
    • Works through dense coats all the way to the root
    • Removes thick undesirable undercoat in many breeds


    • Expensive
    • The handle is prone to frequent wear and tear with prolonged use

    Show Tech Slicker Brush

    Show Tech Slicker Brush for Cavapoos

    The Show Tech Slicker Brush makes speedy work of brushing out thick coats. The angled, extra-long, pins penetrate thick coats faster and deeper. The pins are super strong yet supple enough to quickly and easily brush out heavy coats without causing damage.

    The brush measures approximately 4 inches by 7 inches and the pin sizes are just long enough to untangle clumped hair or simply smooth out your Cavapoo’s coat. This brush is lightweight and ergonomic with a curved head for easy access to hard-to-reach areas.

    Like the previous product, this is a grooming tool that is prized by professional groomers, and the quality and durability of the product are worth the investment if you are seeking a capable Cavapoo brush that will last long.


    • Long, curved pins glide through tangles and matting
    • Less snagging than traditional slicker brushes
    • A flexible head makes the brushing process more comfortable


    • The plastic handle is prone to breaking after prolonged use

    The Pet Portal’s Premium Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

    The Pet Portal's Premium Self Cleaning Cavapoo Slicker Brush

    Having a self-cleaning brush is a convenience that truly comes in handy when daily brushes are required. This brush by The Pet Portal handles all varieties of Cavapoos with the thickest coats to short, thin hair and any combination of the two. The convenient release button allows your pet’s fur to be quickly swiped out of the brush.

    This brush is perfect for a Cavapoo with sensitive skin due to the comfortable handle for a painless grooming process. This brush takes only about 5 seconds to clean due to the slicker brushes’ incredibly convenient self-cleaning feature. Simply push the button, wipe, and the brush will be as good as new.

    Give this brush if you are looking for a way to make Cavapoo brush cleaning a quicker and easier process.


    • The pet slicker brush effectively remove mats, tangles, dirt, and loose fur
    • It is made with your pet’s comfort and enjoyment in mind
    • Durable and professional-grade Cavapoo brush
    • Self-cleaning


    • Not as effective for brushing a Cavapoo’s undercoat

    Professional Slicker Brush for Dogs By GoPets

    Professional Slicker Brush for Dogs By GoPets

    To get all the mats and loose hair out of your pet’s fur, you need a brush that will take care of all the underlying problems that cause mats and tangles. The GoPets Slicker Brush gently removes loose hair, eliminates tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt. It works great on Cavapoo’s of all sizes and different hair types.

    This brush is gentle, easy, and produces fast results. With a high bristle density of fine bent wires, this slicker brush penetrates deep into the coat and grooms the undercoat as well without scratching your pet’s skin. It grooms and massages for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation, and leaves your pet’s coat soft and shiny. It also helps with deshedding by pulling loose fur out of the undercoat to get your Cavapoo’s shedding problems under control.


    • Designed with a comfortable silicone gel grip handle that won’t slip which prevents hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your pet. 
    • High-density pins are great for deshedding, dematting, and detangling
    • Brushes your pet’s coat into a beautiful shine without damaging the topcoat


    • Some customers report discomfort when holding the button to brush their dog

    The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

    The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

    This effective and self-cleaning brush by Hertzco grooms and massages for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation effectively. Even after the first use with this handy and comfortable tool, you will notice that your pet’s hair is much sleeker, and this makes this product one of the best on the market when it comes to either standard brushing and preventing tangles.

    This tool is also great for deshedding since the comb side of the tool can penetrate deep against the skin without causing undue harm or irritation to your doodle. The Fine Deshedder reaches deep beneath your doodle’s topcoat to gently remove loose undercoat fur, while on the other side, the Coarse Comb detangles hair and removes mats and knots. 


    • The bristles are fine bent wires designed to penetrate deep into the coat
    • When you’re done brushing your pet, simply click the button and the bristles retract back into the brush
    • Easy to remove all the hair from the brush so it’s ready for the next use.


    • The brush head has been reported to loosen with increased use
    Example brushes we use for our Cavapoo including a combo brush like this one (see on Amazon).


    How do you brush a Cavapoo?

    There is no real right or wrong way to brush a Cavapoo, but if you want to achieve that classic Cavapoo teddy bear look, remember to brush small sections at a time and if your Cavapoo has a double-layered coat, remember to separate the top from bottom.
    Start at the head and work your way down the body remembering to do the legs and tummy. Make your sweeps gentle and controlled as brushing too vigorously may upset your dog.
    If you are finding your Cavapoos coat challenging to brush, then it may be that you are not grooming them regularly enough. A well-groomed coat should be relatively easy to move a brush through.

    How often should you brush a cavapoo?

    We try and brush Rosie every day, but a good rule of thumb to follow is to at least brush your Cavapoo every other day. This will greatly help in preventing tangles and mats in the fur. Brushing your Cavapoo immediately following a bath is also a great method as this will make it easier to remove any tangles or knots that may have recently formed.

    What’s the best brush for a cavapoo puppy?

    For Cavapoo puppies, using a slicker brush or a two-sided comb is ideal. Extra care and gentleness need to be applied to ultra-sensitive puppy fur, and these brush types maximize safety while not diminishing effectiveness in preventing matting.

    How do I stop my doodle matting?

    The best way to stop matting is to regularly brush your doodle at least every other day. Professional grooming is also a great way to prevent matting. Regular bathing and brushing of your doodle will promote healthy skin and fur and keep tangles from forming due to the thick and coarse hair that doodles grow.

    Does a slicker brush hurt a dog’s coat during dog grooming?

    A slicker brush will only hurt a dog’s coat during the grooming process if you apply too much pressure or force to the skin. Additionally, pulling tangles or clumps too hard can also cause pain to a dog’s skin, therefore, extra care should be taken to prevent this.


    The coat of a Cavapoo represents one of the biggest challenges when it comes to this adorable breed. Shorter hair may make less of a mess with shedding, but a Cavapoo’s coat easily mats and this requires frequent brushing to prevent.

    All of the featured products in this guide work well to prevents tangles and mats with your Cavapoo, and also to keep your dog’s coat looking shiny and beautiful. You don’t have to be a professional groomer to use these products and daily use will have your Cavapoo looking and feeling their absolute best.

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