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best dog bathrobes
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    It may sound silly to some, but dogs can actually benefit greatly from having their own dedicated bathrobe. A dog bathrobe can not only dry your dog slowly but surely, but can also keep your dog warm to ward off a cold or sickness on especially cold winter nights.

    In this guide, we are going to take a look at the best dog bathrobes, in addition to exploring everything you need to know about these snug garments. If you can’t wait to see which bathrobes are best for keeping your pup warm and dry, then here’s a sneak peek of our top 4 dogrobes:

    1. MBKET Dog Bathrobe Towel
    2. Periflowin Dog Drying Bathrobe Towel
    3. Derby Originals Dog Bathrobe with Hood
    4. Dozca Dog bathrobe Towel

    What is a dog bathrobe?

    A dog bathrobe is a type of clothing that functions just like a traditional bathrobe for humans. The obvious difference is that this clothing is custom-designed for dogs according to their size, breed, and fur length.

    Benefits of dog bath robes?

    The winters where we live can be harsh. Unrelenting rain inevitably leads to wet and muddy walks, and it is not uncommon for Rosie to have more baths during the winter than at any other time of the year. And whilst washing her is not a problem, due to her thick and curly Cavapoo coat, getting her warm and dry quickly can often be stressful.

    This is where using a dog bathrobe can have many benefits as they:

    • Keep your dog warm
    • Help dry your dog off more thoroughly
    • Are super absorbent and good for eliminating wet dog odors
    • Difficult to wriggle out of (unlike a traditional towel)
    • Are a great accessory to have for your dog during the winter months thanks to the warm material that enhances comfort and speeds up the drying process

    Best dog bathrobe towels 2022

    A bathrobe really is the best solution for getting your dog dry. Plus with so many different styles available, your pooch can look effortlessly stylish.

    Below we have reviewed our top picks of dog bathrobes available to buy on Amazon.

    MBKET Dog Bathrobe Towel

    This MBKET bathrobe is designed to keep your dog comfy after a bath or walk in the rain. It is made with premium, super absorbent microfiber fabric, which means your precious dog will be dry in no time. Your furniture, car, and clothing will thank you in the process.

    Easy to travel with, this soft bathrobe can be stored in your car ready for trips out or on a hanger near the backyard door. This one is also not merely a bath robe, and could be used as a coat on cold nights or in kennels to keep your pet snug, cozy, and comfortable.

    Perhaps best of all, the company has added two triangular pockets to this bathrobe for you to control your dog better whilst drying. This dog bathrobe is also quite warm and can reduce the possibility of pets catching a cold because the air conditioner is too cold, as well as on cold nights in winter.

    This dog bathrobe can also be used as a super absorbent towel, making bath time, beach trips and rainy walks less messy and more fun. It is also easy to clean as you simply fasten the velcro closure and place in a laundry bag, then put it in washer. Tumble dry low or air dry.


    • Made from double layer premium microfiber which can quickly absorb moisture without shedding hair.
    • This bathrobe is the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to dry your dog as well as remove mud, sand and grime since the robe prevents rapid cooling and also keeps your floor and car interior dry. It also works great as a drying towel.
    • There are two triangular pockets to this bathrobe for you to control the drying of your dog
    • Convenient magic tape design makes it easy to put on and take off- simply adjust the tape to the most comfortable size for your dog.
    • The robe’s collar can be turned up/down, with an adjustable neck according to your dog’s neck circumference, and will not give your dog a feeling of tightness. In addition, this tape will only fit tightly to the other side, and will not stick to other parts of the towel.


    • The measurements are not easily identified so if your dog is in between sizes, please consider going up a size for heavier dogs, and go down a size for light weight dogs.

    Periflowin Dog Drying Bathrobe Towel

    This model is also a super absorbent microfiber bathrobe/towel for your dog.

    What I like about this dog bath towel is that you can take the drying coat everywhere; after baths, beach, lake, dog park, on walks, drying after playing in the snow and rain-whatever circumstance may arise.

    This model is also quick drying and moisture absorbing when you are not able to blow-dry your dog immediately. It is made with warm and soft material, and your dog can dry itself by rolling on the carpet merrily, keeping it free from getting stiff joints and cold due to having a lingering wet body.

    Additionally, the dog drying coat is made of ultra-fine fiber material, soft and gentle for pets’ skin, and a soft pet absorbent towel can reduce the risk of your dog getting sick from wet hair, especially in winter.

    This dog bathrobe is easy to put on and take off, fastens securely, and is quick to adjust in size to fit most dogs. Designed with Magic Tape on the collar and waist, you can just pop it over your dog’s head and adjust the waist and your dog’s neck range with the hook and loop mechanism according to your dog’s size.

    When the waist and neck are wrapped, your dog can dry itself by rolling on the carpet merrily without it falling off.


    • Can absorb moisture quickly.
    • Helps you save more time to take care of your pet after taking a bath, swimming, showering or a walk on rainy days.
    • It can keep your pet warm and comfortable and allows ease for drying itself by rolling on the carpet merrily to effectively protect small dogs from the cold.
    • This bath robe is made of high quality pineapple flannel towel cloth.
    • It’s easy to take when going swimming with your dog.
    • Just pop it over your dog’s head and adjust waist and neck range with hook and loop according to your dog size and take off quickly by the magic tape.
    • These towels can be machine washed and is tumble dry compatible, as well as easily air dried or sun dried, and is designed to last.


    • Like most dog bathrobe’s, you will have to make sure of your dog’s measurements before buying.

    Derby Originals Dog Bath Robe With Hood

    Derby Originals microfiber dog bathrobe is a great option for quickly drying your dog’s fur after a bath. The luxurious microfiber material is super soft and absorbent.

    Also included is a contoured belly wrap belt that aids in keeping the robe in place while your dog finishes drying, and helps to keep water from dripping off of your dogs belly for less mess. Shoulder gussets increase the range of movement in the front legs allowing your dog to run and play while they dry off without restricted movement.

    One of the standout features is the attached hood which makes drying your pup’s head, ears, and neck easy. The hood also aids in keeping dripping water from coming off of your dog’s fur while they are shaking off or lounging after their bath.

    This robe features a hook and loop front velcro closure which makes taking the robe on and off of your dog simple. Unlike other inferior dog bathrobes made of rough materials, this design won’t irritate or mat up your dog’s fur and produces a quick-drying effect.

    Derby dog bath robes are also some of the first robes on the market to feature an expandable shoulder gusset to ensure your dog has complete and total freedom of movement while wearing this bathrobe.

    This robe is available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and X-Large to fit dogs of most sizes.


    • Designed with your dog’s comfort in mind: this deluxe dog bathrobe is made of only the highest quality and plushest microfiber and features an easy on/off design and expandable shoulder gusset for increased comfort.
    • Great for bathing, grooming, or rainy days for drying your pet off after a bath or swim, keeping them clean and comfortable after being groomed, or for warming up/drying your furry friend off after a walk.
    • Made from high-quality absorbent microfiber, this robe features a solid microfiber construction that is extremely soft to the touch and is designed to wick away and absorb the maximum amount of excess water from your dog’s coat.
    • Featuring a shoulder gusset for freedom of movement – other bathrobes can leave your dog feeling constrained, but one great thing I noticed about this bathrobe is that it is the only one on the market to feature an expandable shoulder gusset to allow your dog to walk/move freely.
    • Unique belly-drying belt design with a tie-able microfiber belt that is wider in the middle so that you can easily cover and dry your dog’s underside and prevent water from dripping off your dog’s belly after bath time.


    • Not adequate at reducing wet dog smell.

    Dozca Dog Bathrobe Towel

    DOZCA is a company that is known for looking after dogs, offering them instant attention and ensuring their retreat, affluence, and development. I have always appreciated how they are inclined to deliver an atmosphere full of affection and concern to dogs.

    This dog bathrobe is made of 100% microfiber, not only with super absorbed advantage but also with an easy on and easy adjust design to quickly resolve your wet dog problem, whether you dog has just had a bath or is just back from a long rainy walk with you.

    I also like how Dozca’s dog bathrobes come with a side pocket, which means your hands can slip inside the pockets to keep the towel in place and you then simply rub your beloved dog dry.

    The microfiber dog towel’s collar and waist is adjustable making it possible to adjust the towel to your dog’s size. The company’s dog bathrobes are also light and easy to wipe through the dog’s fur.

    This dog bathrobe ensures your dog is completely dry and provides warmth to your dog as well.


    • Available in 4 sizes and 5 colors that range from Size S – XL.
    • This dog towel comes in all sizes that most certainly will work for almost all dog breeds.
    • The robe towel with hooded design and two side pockets makes it easy to use, which means it is more convenient and easier to dry your dog from head to tail, and it has a nice handling when drying off your dog.
    • The side pockets provide a nice grip over the towel.
    • Super absorbent 300gsm microfiber dog towel that absorbs a lot of water fast which makes it dry quicker, which means your dog doesn’t have to stay wet for long and you no longer have to worry about your dog feeling cold after a shower.
    • This hood towel also covers the neck area of the dog, which makes it more easier and spacious when adjusting to fit with your dog.
    • You can wrap your dog with the towel and let it dry off.
    • Hand and machine washable.


    • The rapid cooling design features do not always work well

    Things to consider when buying your dog a bathrobe

    • Material. Always make sure the material is absorbent-otherwise it defeats the purposes of acquiring a bathrobe for your dog.
    • Drying capabilities. In addition to being absorbent, the ability for the towel/bathrobe to dry your dog quickly and effectively is also crucial.
    • Machine washable. Your bathrobe/towel will need washing after consistent wearing, so make sure the product can be placed easily into a washing machine.
    • Size. Opting for a towel that comes in multiple sizes or at least multiple sizes to fit all dog types is always a good option.
    • Color. Make sure multiple colors are available since one drab color is always boring.
    • Warranty. Although not always an option, try and select a bathrobe/towel that has a warranty.


    How do I know what size dog bath towel my dog wears?

    It is always best to measure your dog’s body thoroughly before buying any type of dog clothing. You can do this with a tape measure designed for fabrics. If you have a small dog, obviously opt for a towel that is stated to be for smaller breeds.

    Do dog bathrobes work better than a dog towel?

    Both types of products are about the same. A towel alone will not really work well to keep your dog warm, whereas a robe/towel combined can easily fill both of these requirements.

    If you want to know about alternative drying methods for your dog, check out our blog on how to dry a Cavapoo.


    Although you may feel that a towel is sufficient to dry your dog, in cold weather dogs are prone to catching chills. Therefore anything that can make the drying of your dog’s fur quicker and simpler has to be a good thing right?

    I personally like to use a bathrobe for Rosie as she is a right little shaker and will splatter our car or bathroom in seconds when wet. The great thing about these bath robes for dogs are that they fasten securely with velcro or ties, so the minute the head starts to twitch I know that she is safely cosseted inside.

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