Australian Labradoodle 101: Everything You Need To Know – Breed, Coat, Size & Weight, Personality

australian labradoodle guide and facts
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    If you consider a Labradoodle and an Australian Labradoodle to be the same thing, then you would be one of the masses that think this. However, contrary to popular belief, these two breeds are not the exact same. 

    The Australian Labradoodle should also not be confused with the Aussiedoodle. Confusing, right?

    In this article we’re looking at everything you need to know about the Australian Labradoodle.

    Australian Labradoodle Breeding History

    The Australian Labradoodle is a hybrid breed that has been bred for multiple generations. Often another breed would have been introduced throughout this process, so there are plenty of gene pools for the puppy to take from. 

    Australian Labradoodles were first bred to create a breed of dog that was more predictable with consistent traits. 

    There are four main parental breeds used to create an Australian Labradoodle – Irish Water Spaniel, Curly Coat Retriever, English Cocker Spaniel, and American Cocker Spaniel. 

    It is most common that the English or American Cocker Spaniel will be the third parentage to be added to the mix. Irish Water Spaniels and Curly Coat Retrievers are almost always involved when breeding Australian Labradoodles. 

    An Australian Labradoodle needs its pedigree to have a mix of Labrador Retriever, Poodle, and either English or American Cocker Spaniel breeds. Alternatively, it needs to have more than four preceding generations of Labradoodle come before it. 

    Australian Labradoodle Looks

    The Australian Labradoodle has plenty of different color potentials, so they can look vastly different from one another. The most common colors that you’ll see on an Australian Labradoodle are:

    • Lavender
    • Cream
    • White
    • Parti
    • Apricot
    • Black
    • Merle
    • Chocolate
    • Silver

    One amazing fact about Australian Labradoodles is that they can change color over time. For example, an apricot puppy might grow into a red adult. Colors can either fade or grow darker as the Australian Labradoodle ages. 

    Australian Labradoodle Coat Type

    Due to the multiple generations of breeding that these dogs need to go through, Australian Labradoodles have a low shedding coat and therefore can be considered hypoallergenic. This makes them ideal for owners with allergies. 

    There are three types of coat that an Australian Labradoodle can have – Fleece, Wool, or Hair. Let’s take a look at these now.

    Fleece Coats 

    This first type of coat is soft, lightweight, and silky smooth. It will either be straight or wavy and is often low shedding.

    Wool Coats 

    Wool coats on an Australian Labradoodle will feel like cotton and resemble the wool of a lamb. It is coarse in feeling and loosely curled. This coat requires more maintenance and daily brushing, but it is hypoallergenic. 

    Hair Coats

    These coats are straight or wavy and have a coarse feeling. This hair falls out the easiest, so is the least allergy-friendly. It is also described as having a doggy smell. 

    The coat on an Australian Labradoodle will depend on its generation. F1 Australian Labradoodles (first generation) often have wavy or curly coats that grow to a length between 3 and 5 inches. 

    F1b Australian Labradoodles (second generation) will have curlier coats that can grow to a length between 3 and 5 inches. These require higher maintenance than F1 Australian Labradoodle coats. 

    Subsequent generations of Australian Labradoodles will be either waxy or straight and therefore will need moderate to high maintenance, rather than very high needs. 

    Australian Labradoodle Size And Weight

    There are three sizes of Australian Labradoodle – Standard, Medium, and Miniature. The size of your Australian Labradoodle will depend on its parentage.

    Standard Australian Labradoodle 

    This size Australian Labradoodle is the largest, with a height between 21 and 24 inches. They will be fully grown between 12.5 and 16 months old and will weigh between 50 and 70 pounds. 

    Medium Australian Labradoodle 

    The Medium Australian Labradoodle measures 17 to 20 inches tall with an average weight of between 30 and 50 pounds. They should be fully grown by the age of 11 to 13 months.

    Miniature Australian Labradoodle

    Finally, the smallest of the Australian Labradoodles measures between 13 and 16 inches and weighs between 15 and 30 pounds. They will be their mature size between 11 and 13 months of age. 

    Male Australian Labradoodles tend to be larger than females, so bear that in mind if you’re worried about the size your puppy will grow to. 

    Australian Labradoodle Personality

    Australian Labradoodles are known for being relatively calm and mature. This can certainly be said when you compare them to their Labradoodle counterparts! Still, don’t think that this means that they’re not fun to be around – these lively dogs will bring lots of laughter to your life. 

    Australian Labradoodles are loving, loyal, and great with everyone. They’re also intelligent and yet gentle, so they’re excellent as therapy dogs. 

    These dogs are so clever, in fact, that they are infamous for outsmarting their owners. You cannot get one up on these pesky dogs! 

    Their brilliant minds mean that you need to provide them with continual stimulation so that they don’t get bored. Make sure that you give them plenty of stimulation and attention throughout the day. 

    Daily exercise is also essential, so set aside 60 minutes per day to take them on a walk. Doodles also love swimming, so taking them anywhere that they can get wet is a plus! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it normal for Australian Labradoodles to change color? 

    Yes! It is normal for Australian Labradoodles to see either their coat fade or get darker as they mature. That’s one of the best things about these dogs! 

    Are Labradoodles from Australia different from Labradoodles bred in other parts of the world?

    Yes, Australian Labradoodles are different from normal Labradoodles. The former is a multigenerational breed, with parentage of Irish Water Spaniel, Curly Coat Retriever, and English Cocker Spaniel or American Cocker Spaniel.

    Labradoodles from around the world, however, are traditionally only Labradors bred with Poodles. This means that while the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle are quite similar, they are two completely different breeds. 


    Australian Labradoodles are different from normal Labradoodles that we know and love, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t just as friendly and enjoyable! 

    These dogs come in a variety of sizes and colors, with three coat types to choose from. Bear in mind that the curlier the coat is, the more hypoallergenic it is. Be mindful that this means the dog will be in higher demand and therefore more expensive. Plus, you’ll have more maintenance requirements to deal with. 

    These dogs need plenty of exercise and stimulation thanks to their intelligence – otherwise, you might find that they start to learn destructive behaviors. 

    Australian Labradoodles are energetic, fun, loving, and loyal creatures and they’re a great choice for any family!

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