Are Cavapoos Good For Working Couples?

Are cavapoo dogs good for working couples?
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    Cavapoos are one of the most popular mixed breeds in the world, so it’s no surprise that most people looking to welcome a dog into their family will consider a Cavapoo.

    They’re smart, loyal, friendly, and trainable – what’s not to love? 

    However, no dog breed is without its drawbacks. 

    Cavapoos are not the best breed for working couples. Due to their Poodle parentage, they are intelligent and can get bored quickly. Without constant stimulation, they might resort to destructive behaviors such as chewing and digging. Cavapoos also suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for too long.

    But wait! All hope is not lost just yet. Today we’ll be looking at whether you can own a Cavapoo as a working couple. 

    Cavapoo Social Needs 

    Cavapoos are a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and as considered to be incredibly social dogs. They don’t make good watchdogs as they love to make friends wherever they go!

    Their social nature makes them wonderful companions and although they are good with strangers and other dogs, they also have their drawbacks. 

    Cavapoos want to be around their owners all day. They tend to make strong bonds with the entire family and have a fear of missing out. They don’t like being left alone while you’re at work all day, so be prepared for some angry neighbors and noise complaints if you choose to do this. 

    If you’re working longer than five or six hours at a time and both won’t be back during this time, your Cavapoo might begin to become stressed and anxious.

    This can lead to destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging, and howling. 

    Good For Working Couples? 

    We wouldn’t say that the Cavapoo’s social needs are the best for working couples. You’ll need to make sure you can get back home at least once during the working day to spend some time with your dog. 

    However, there are some exceptions to this. If you are working from home, your dog won’t be missing you as you’ll be in the house.

    They don’t often need to be in the same room 24/7 – just as long as you’re in the house, they’ll be happy. 

    You also might be able to keep your Cavapoo happy if you’re both working separate shift patterns. One of you might work mornings while the other works evenings so that one of you is always free to spend time with your dog. 

    Our Cavapoo, Rosie, suffers from separation anxiety and this has been exasperated as we got her during lockdown. She whimpers if one of the kids walk off and leave her behind, and gets incredibly distressed on the school drop off when her buddies disappear through the school gates.

    Although we both work, we are lucky enough to be able to take Rosie into the office with us, and she loves the attention from all of the staff. We also employ the services of a dog walker twice a week, to ensure that she gets plenty of dog playtime too.

    For more information on how to train your Cavapoo to be left alone, check out our informative blog.

    Cavapoo Exercise Needs

    Cavapoos are not the most athletic dogs in the world, but they’re also not keen on simply being lap dogs either.

    Their Poodle parent loves to run and burn off lots of energy, while the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent prefers to lounge in the sun. 

    Thanks to the mystery of mixed breeding, there is no way of telling whether your Cavapoo will have high energy needs or lower energy needs. This is something that you will need to work out with your dog. Simply time how long they enjoy exercising before becoming fatigued. 

    On average, the Standard Cavapoo will need around 40 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. This can be split into two shorter walks or kept as a longer one.

    They also enjoy hiking, training, and playing fetch. 

    Good For Working Couples? 

    It all depends on whether you have time before or after work to talk your dog outside for some exercise.

    Some working couples might not have enough time to take their Cavapoo on a walk for up to an hour around their work hours. 

    However, other dogs are much more athletic than Cavapoos, so many working couples find that the exercise needs of a Cavapoo are manageable. 

    Exercise can take shape in other ways, too, so don’t worry if you can’t always take your dog for a walk. Take them into the yard for a quick run around, play fetch, or offer a quick training session. Cavapoos need mental stimulation just as much as physical exercise. 

    Cavapoo Training Needs 

    Cavapoos have intelligent minds that love learning new things. They enjoy training with their owners and, thanks to their eagerness to please, they can pick up new tricks very quickly.

    Without training or mental stimulation, the Cavapoo will turn to destructive behaviors

    Make sure that you always use positive reinforcement when training a Cavapoo, as negativity might make them feel sad. They need lots of love and encouragement, and some treats won’t hurt, either! 

    Keep your training sessions short and snappy, and make sure you space them out throughout the day to stop your dog from getting bored.

    Introduce new tricks often, but don’t forget to refresh the old ones too! 

    Good For Working Couples? 

    Again, it depends on whether you have enough time to train your dog well.

    An ideal situation would see you take your Cavapoo on a walk before work and spend an hour training them after work. 

    If you’re going to be out of the house all day, make sure you leave puzzle games around the house for your dog to find. These will keep them entertained and help them stimulate their minds while you’re gone, which will reduce the likelihood of destructive behaviors. 

    For a list of the best toys for Cavapoos, please see our review guide.

    Cavapoo Grooming Needs

    One thing that many people overlook when it comes to owning a Cavapoo is their grooming needs.

    Cavapoos need to be brushed at least once every two days to remove the trapped hair from their double coats. They’ll also need a professional grooming appointment every six to eight weeks for a bath and a trim. 

    Use a slicker brush to get out all of the dead hair, using a comb around the face and over the feet.

    Trim their nails whenever you hear them clicking on the floor, as this indicates that they’re too long. Brush their teeth once a day and check their ears for pests and dirt regularly. 

    Good For Working Couples? 

    You might not think this sounds like too much hassle but bear in mind that a good brushing session could take you around an hour and a half.

    If you need to fit this in after work, along with the walk and training, you might quickly find yourself running out of time! Not to mention brushing their teeth and checking their ears.

    All of this grooming will eat into your evening, which might be too much for you when you just want to relax after work. However, again, many working couples manage to work this out by using professional grooming services more frequently than every six to eight weeks.

    If you use a high-quality groomer, you might only need to brush your dog every three or four days. 

    Just bear in mind that you should never skip a grooming session with your Cavapoo. Neglecting their coat might lead to tangles, mats, and unnecessary pain. 

    Click here for some top tips and tricks on how to groom a Cavapoo.

    Can Working Couples Own Cavapoos? 

    The answer to this question is yes! As long as you manage your time well, you can own a Cavapoo and offer them a great quality of life.

    Are Cavapoos Good For Working Couples (1)

    Here are a few things you can do to make sure you and your Cavapoo live harmoniously together while you and your partner both maintain jobs. 

    Consider A Pet Sitter Or Dog Walker

    If you’re worried about your dog being left alone for long periods of the day, you can hire a pet sitter to keep them company for a few hours a day.

    This would be a great way to split up the time they’re alone into smaller, more manageable blocks for them. Dog walkers will also socialize with your dog and help them burn some energy off. 

    If you don’t want to spend money on a dog sitter or walker, why not ask your friends and family to pop in?

    Luckily, Cavapoos are so adorable that many people won’t decline this invitation! 

    Utilize Professional Groomers

    You could book your Cavapoo in with a groomer once a week for a good brushing session, so the rest of the week, you only have to give them a quick brush.

    Just remember to book them in for a bath and trim every six to eight weeks, as bathing too frequently can lead to skin irritation.

    Enroll Them In Training Classes

    Some training classes take your dog off your hands for a few hours during the day to stimulate their minds and teach them new tricks.

    This is a great option if you have no prior experience with training dogs and have no idea where to start.

    Training gets easier over time, so hiring a trainer to get the ball rolling is a great option for working couples. 


    Thanks for reading! Overall, Cavapoos are not the best dogs for working families due to their high social needs and energy requirements.

    However, there are plenty of workarounds that you can do to keep your Cavapoo happy while you continue working. 

    There aren’t many dog breeds that would enjoy being left alone all day, so as long as you organize for someone to keep them company for a few hours throughout the day, you shouldn’t have an issue keeping a Cavapoo as a working couple.

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