Are Cavapoos Good For First-Time Owners?

Are Cavapoos a good dog breed for first-time dog owners?
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    Cavapoos are popular dogs thanks to their looks and temperament – but are they actually a good choice for new owners? As a first-time owner, you must pick a dog correctly. There is much more to dogs than their curly coats and wet noses – some are harder to care for than others. 

    Luckily, Cavapoos are a good choice for first-time owners thanks to their intelligence, friendliness, and adaptability. They love everyone and aren’t too high maintenance so looking after them won’t be too overwhelming

    Let’s explore the pros and cons of Cavapoos so that you can get a better understanding of your potential first dog breed.

    Cavapoo Pros

    There are plenty of pros when it comes to Cavapoos – just look at that face! But what good qualities can you expect from them?


    Although Cavapoos are considered to be hypoallergenic dogs – some can still shed their hair. That said, most Cavapoos are amazing for owners who suffer from allergies. Their coats are double layered, with a wiry curly layer on top of a soft undercoat.

    The wavy or curly texture of the coat helps to keep shed hair locked in, instead of laying all over your house. 

    Low-shedding dogs are great for first-time owners who fear they might get overwhelmed by dog hair all over their house. You’ll have less cleaning to do, although it’s worth noting that this trait will require more grooming. You can either do this yourself or pay for regular professional grooming requirements. 

    Bear in mind that the low shedding trait comes from Poodle parentage, but there’s no guarantee that a puppy will grow up with them. Straight-haired Cavapoos are not low shedding. 


    Cavapoos are affectionate thanks to their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parentage. They’re extremely loving and have a reputation for being lap dogs.

    In contrast, Poodles have been kept by royalty for centuries. They aren’t harsh dogs, they always want to put their owners first.  For this reason, Cavapoos are considered companion dogs and will develop a deep bond with their owners.

    This makes a great dog for first-time owners, as affection is one of the biggest reasons why people welcome dogs into their homes in the first place. 

    Loyal To Owners 

    Cavapoos are incredibly loyal and always want to impress their owners. This closely resembles their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parentage.

    One of their main goals in life is to keep their owners happy, which is excellent for first-time owners.  Some dogs don’t care what their owners think, and this can lead to destructive behaviors. You won’t get any of this from a Cavapoo, though.

    A stern ‘no’ should be enough for this breed to learn that you don’t like something and that they shouldn’t do it again. This can save you a lot of stress. 


    Poodles are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, so Cavapoos really lucked out on the gene pool here.

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are also smart dogs, too, which makes the Cavapoo a great option for your first dog. 

    They are easy to train and pick up new skills quickly. One of the more daunting things about becoming a dog owner for the first time is the thought of training, but Cavapoos can help put your mind at ease. Along with their willingness to please you, their intelligence makes them excellent candidates. 

    For more information, please see our post on ‘Are Cavapoos easy to train?.

    Sense Of Community

    Cavapoos are getting increasingly popular every year. Many celebrities and influencers have them, so their reach is getting larger and larger. This is great news for first-time owners as there is a wide community online for Cavapoo owners. 

    Very niche dog breeds have a smaller community and therefore, it can be difficult to get help with any questions you have. And as a new pet owner, you’ll have plenty! 

    Luckily, the Cavapoo community is vast so you can get help from many experienced dog owners online. This is a great source of information and comfort for first-time owners. 

    Cavapoo Cons

    Are Cavapoos Good For First-Time Owners - Cavapoos 101

    Unfortunately, just like all other dog breeds, Cavapoos do come with some less favorable traits that might not be the best for first-time owners. 

    Separation Anxiety 

    Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety – especially dogs that are owner-focused.

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have a reputation for not faring well when left alone for long periods of time. This is often then inherited by Cavapoos. 

    Separation anxiety looks like barking, whining, destructive behaviors, and using the bathroom inside. Not all Cavapoos will suffer from this but bear in mind that it’s a possibility. You can help train your Cavapoo from an early age to deal better on their own with a crate.

    Most owners tend to not leave their dog home alone for long periods of time, though, either by cutting back their work hours or paying a sitter. 

    Although we take our Cavapoo Rosie with us nearly everywhere we go, there are some days where she has to spend time on her own. Although at first she didn’t like to be apart from us, she has learnt that having time to herself is actually ok. Check out our guide on ‘How to train your Cavapoo to be left alone‘ for tip and tricks that will help with your dogs separation anxiety.


    Cavapoos are popular dogs and therefore are getting more and more expensive.

    The average cost is as high as $2000 for a Cavapoo puppy, but some are cheaper. Beware of cheaper breeders as this might indicate that they’re irresponsible.

    Look for a breeder doing it for the right reasons and who knows everything there is to know about the parents.

    Get a detailed family history to ensure that your puppy is healthy and has been bred carefully.  Once you get your puppy home, you then need to consider the other costs. These include vet bills, insurance, food, toys, and more. 

    One expensive factor to consider is the grooming needs of your Cavapoo. Since they’re low shedding, most of the hair will be trapped within their coat. This can lead to tangles and mats which are very painful for them. 

    Cavapoos need a top-to-toe grooming routine every six to eight weeks. This can be strenuous for a first-time owner, so you might prefer to use a professional. Unfortunately, this is not cheap. 

    Exercise Needs

    Cavapoos are very smart and therefore need constant stimulation to fight off boredom.

    Poodles were once used as retriever dogs and therefore need a high level of exercise every day. Cavaliers are more laid back, though, so the exercise requirement for a Cavapoo depends on their inherited genes. 

    As a general rule, Cavapoos need one hour of exercise every day to avoid destructive behaviors due to boredom.

    This could either be one long walk or two shorter walks. Some first-time owners don’t have enough time to constantly be taking their new dog out for exercise. 


    Overall, Cavapoos are good for new pet owners as long as they have enough time to mentally and physically stimulate their dog throughout the day.

    All dogs need plenty of attention when they are puppies, so if you’re thinking about getting a dog, you need to consider how you can make time for them. 

    Cavapoos are an excellent choice, thanks to their loving personality and adaptability. They’re easy to train and hypoallergenic, so they won’t leave your house in a mess. There’s also plenty of advice online from experienced owners on how to take care of Cavapoos. 

    As long as you can pay for their grooming appointments and have enough time to calm their anxiety, a Cavapoo could be the ideal pet if you’ve never owned a dog before. Good luck!

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