About Our Cavapoo

Welcome to Ourcavapoo.com, an informative guide for doodle dog owners who want to learn more about these popular Poodle-cross breeds.

Ourcavapoo.com was born out of a need to let the world know that these cute fluffy dogs can also come in a host of different sizes and varieties. In fact, did you know that there are now over 40 different doodle types? Sweet, cuddly, intelligent and low-to-non shedding, there really couldn’t be a better cross-breed.

Finding the right dog is like searching for the love of your life. The same qualities apply. You want them to look cute, have an abundance of personality and fit in well with your current lifestyle needs. This is why a doodle dog is not only an ideal housemate, but a lovable (often lickable) furry friend.

Join us on our adventures with our own Cavapoo dog Rosie, as we document and share oodles of doodle advice, training tips and tricks, grooming hacks and review the latest pooch products.

Emma & Ben
Ben, Emma and Rosie our Cavapoo.

Who are we?

Name: Emma (Co-founder, Author of OurCavapoo.com)

As a child I grew up with a plethora of pets in the house, and now with a family of my own I wanted my children to experience the highs and lows of owning a dog and having a friend for life. Having done extensive research beforehand on different breeds, I knew that a doodle dog would be the best match for us.

Rosie the Cavapoo joined us just over 2 years ago, and as someone who is never stuck for things to say – just ask my husband! – I decided to start a blog on our doodle dog journey.

Find out more as I navigate my way through puppyhood, take on the trials and tribulations of dog training, review the latest pet accessories and look at life through the eyes of these loveable Poodle-mix breeds.

Rosie even comes to work with us!

Name: Ben (Co-founder, Author of OurCavapoo.com)

“I’m not a dog person” – yes those were the exact words I uttered over 2 years ago. Having never had a dog before, I wanted Ourcavapoo.com to be a resource site for dog owners to discover the good, the bad and the ugly of owning these delightful breeds.

To be honest I was unaware of how much joy these fluffy, four-legged companions could bring, and if you look at me now, I am doodle obsessed, and Rosie is like my third child!

From knowing what to feed your doodle, to the best products to purchase or how to handle certain behavior, our informative blogs will steer you through every stage of your doodle dog’s life cycle.

Rosie Our Cavapoo

Our Dood!

Name: Rosie (Influencer of Ourcavapoo.com)

Rosie is so much more than our family pet, in fact she acts as a mental health ambassador when she visits our offices during the week. Although this cute Cavapoo can’t make heads or tails of what we do, she is incredibly good at giving out cuddles.

And, when she is not lying on the sofa, she enjoys long walks on the beach, hanging out with her doodle pals at doggy daycare, chasing balls and dreaming (about chasing balls!).

So, if you love doodle dogs as much as we do, then this is the place to be!

Rosie likes sitting on our laps in the office!

So, if you would like to get paid for your knowledge about cute Cavapoos, crazy Cockapoos, goofy Goldendoodles or lovable Labradoodles and earn a little extra to pay for your pooch, then explore our website to find out more!

Don’t forget…

Remember, we are not trained veterinarians and this site does not constitute for pet medical advice. Please note that this site is also supported by our participation in affiliate programs such as Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, designed to provide a means for us to earn commission by linking to Amazon.com and other affiliated sites. However, at Ourcavapoo.com we make it our mission to only recommend products we like or use ourselves.

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